Hey guys! So, we're finally back. For those wondering, the wonderful people who were hosting me before got bought out by a much worse company. So first there was a problem renewing my domain because although they had bought the company apparently domain ownership did not automatically get transferred over to them, so my domain was still technically owned by a company that no longer existed. This went on for several months. Then the new company didn't have any hosting plans with the space/bandwith that SoS.net requires, so I had to find a new place, but when I found a new place and tried to transfer the domain over turns out that nobody had actually bothered to transfer the domain from the now-dead company even though I was told they had. So I had to wait, and then from there I had to wait another 30 or 60 days to transfer from them to the new place and by then like an entire year had passed. ^o__o^;;

BUT. LONG STORY SHORT. Shades of Silence is back! I was hoping to have two brand-new completed walkthroughs up for you guys but real life also gets in the way so you get like 60% of the Persona 4 walkthrough and maybe 80% of the Nightfall walkthrough. But they are up so feel free to check them out by clicking ENTER below!