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Locations for all of the elements will be added in the next revision (hey, this is a long-ass game, gimme a break here!). However, locations for the *Summons (including instructions on how to trap them) are in the Trapping *Summons section of this walkthrough, linked to at the top of this page. All elements in the game (except the Chrono Cross) are listed below in their respective sections. Also, the element colours in the table below are listed next to their opposite colour (i.e., green is opposite to yellow, so green elements hurt a yellow-innate character/enemy the most, etc., etc.). The Chrono Cross is listed on this page, at the bottom. Consumable means that once you use that element, it disappears from yer grid and inventory. The good news is, you can allocate up to five of that element in one grid slot. Also, when I say "character must be innate _______," then you can only allocate that element to a character of the same innate as that element. The use of elements in battle is explained in the How to Play section of this walkthrough (linked in the menu at the top).

Blue Elements
Red Elements
Green Elements
Yellow Elements
White Elements
Black Elements

ChronoCross: Long lost Element of 7th color attribute. After defeating FATE, take Steena to the Divine Dragon Falls in Another World (the waterfall located between Fossil Valley and the Hydra Marshes). Place the Tear of Love and the Tear of Hate on the two stands, and you get the Chrono Cross.