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You get this ending by just whaling on the Time Devourer instead of using the Chrono Cross. Once you throw enough damage at her, she curls up into a ball and retreats back into the darkness of time. Then the credits start to play. Boo, lame.


Instead of just beating on the Time Devourer, allocate the Chrono Cross (it makes it a whole lot easier if you put the CC in one of your lv1 grid slots) and then cast elements in this order: yellow, red, green, blue, black, white, Chrono Cross. If the Time Devourer casts something while you're casting that doesn't follow this order, you'll have to start over. It's a lot easier if you wait for her to cast a yellow first. Blah blah, more info on defeating the boss on the last page of the walkthrough. But anyway. After you defeat her this way, the Time Devourer dissolves into dust and Schala is freed. Schala and/or Kid has one last message for you, whether Kid was in your party or not, and whoever else was in your party says their goodbyes. Schala/Kid says that your memory will be erased of all of the events since the beginning of the game, but that she will find you, wherever you may be. You wind up on Opassa Beach, mumbling some nonsense or other about Terra Tower and FATE while Leena shakes you awake. Apparently, time has rewound to just after you met Leena on Opassa Beach. Seems Leena is still as bitchy as usual... The diary from the game's intro makes another appearance, with one last entry... by Schala. And then the credits roll. But wait for it... something at the end of the credits! :o)