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You can choose a custom frame in the menu under Customize, Window Frame, Custom. You have some frames since the beginning of the game, but you can find more throughout the game. Now with pictures! The descriptions shall stay cause I'm annoying like that. :op Here they are, listed in the order you can get them.

Arnian Wood: Wood, from Arni. Dark brown planks make up the background, and the borders are made of four entwined branches. The cursor is a spinning green leaf.

Acquired: In options from the start

Simple Line: White text on a black background, with a white border.

Acquired: In options from the start

Iron Plate: Light grey text on an iron-like surface.

Acquired: In options from the start

  • Shellfish: Very colourful and intricate design for the border, semi-transparent background, white text, and the cursor is similar to the border.

    Acquired: Found near the beginning of the game, in Home Arni, in the Elements lady's cart (she gives it to you for free).

  • Tea For Three: Gold and brown style, very linear border, like an actual picture frame, navy and dark brown background, white text, and the cursor is a lamp (like a genie's lamp).

    Acquired: Before infiltrating General Viper's mansion, enter Termina in Home World and inspect the shadows to the left of General Viper's statue to find a guy trying to stay out of the sun. Answer "Understood!" and he'll give you the frame.

  • Skullduggery: Just like it sounds, it's a border made out of skulls. Mottled black background with a chomping, glowing-red-eyed skull as a cursor.

    Acquired: When trying to recruit Nikki, you have to feed the Quaffid blocking the way with a monster. There are three monsters you can feed him. If you feed him the red monster, he will shrink, give you this frame, and run the hell away. (*Note: It is possible to get this frame without recruiting Nikki, I just mentioned him cause his recruitment will prevent you from getting this frame if you feed the Quaffid any monster other than the red one, and none of the other Viper Manor Entry dudes you recruit involve this Quaffid)

  • Tropical Paradise: Woodsy-type brown background with a very tropical border, with bright green leaves, and red and pink flowers. The cursor is also a rotating red flower.

    Acquired: Choose not to rescue Kid after she gets poisoned in Viper Manor, then talk to Korcha. After making a scene in front of Macha, she joins your party and gives you the frame.

  • Porre's Furnace: Brown background, gold metal-type border, and the cursor is a glowing ember.

    Acquired: After waking up in Guldove, go explore the deserted Viper Manor. Enter the library, then go behind the Prophet's desk and find the secret door leading down. Talk to the Beach Bum there to get this frame.

  • Infrared Vision: Looks like the Simple Line frame, cept with a grey background and a red border.

    Acquired: Go to Fossil Valley in Home World and open the chest behind the large dragon skull.

  • Our Favourite Martian: Red and blue border, like UFO lights, with grey UFO's on each corner, black background, and the cursor is a little bouncing Starky.

    Acquired: Defeat MegaStarky, catch him, put him in your party, leave the top of Sky Dragon Isle, come back, and talk to the guy wandering around up there.

  • Monster Mouth: Just like the name says, it's a green monster's mouth with a lot of teeth.

    Acquired: Get turned into a cat by Sneff, then enter the kitchen on the S.S. Zelbess and talk to the cat there.

  • Valencian Cloth: Bright orange frame with blue cloth-type background.

    Acquired: Take a party of all demi-humans to Another World's Marbule before waking up the dragon and talk to the white-and-blue guy who throws rocks at humans. This can only be done while you are Lynx.

  • Quill and Papyrus: Very self-explanatory. The entire thing is a roll of papyrus, with rolled-up bits on either side, and a spinning quill (you know, the feather-thing people used to write with) as a cursor.

    Acquired: Can only be done if you did the Marbule possessed sidequest. After Marbule is restored, and you're Serge again, go into the large cavern where the Black Dragon would generally be and talk to Toma twice to get this frame.

  • Snakes and Orbs: Doesn't really have snakes OR orbs... yellow-orange border with a grey-ish brown background, and a purple circle as a cursor.

    Acquired: Go to Another World's Gaea's Navel, go left, up the tree, fight the dumb Prehysteric who got himself stuck up there, and he drops this frame after the fight.

  • Guldovian Stitch: Looks like a purple and red stitched quilt.

    Acquired: If you did everything you needed to do to recruit Mel (i.e., chose to save Kid and chose to chase after Mel after Kid is cured), take Kid along with you when you recruit her (after first landing in Terra Tower), and Mel will give you this frame.