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To recruit Guile, enter the bar next to Lisa's Shop. He's currently sulking in a corner on the left. Staring at the wall. (...) Ah well. Talk to him to realize that... he is quite drunk. *sweatdrop* Ask for his help, and Guile enigmatically joined your party! Blah blah blah. Don't worry about whatever he's looking for, cause it's not your problem. He'll automatically acquire it somehow later on without you actually needing to do anything except survive Viper Manor. Now you need a boat. Good thing we found Korcha earlier, huh? Go find him again! (he's in the same place he was earlier) Talk to the fortune-teller again on the way, and it's obvious that Guile was telling the truth about the bet. And hee, Guile floats. ^~__~^ No wonder people kept speculating that Guile is Magus from Chrono Trigger. Both have long purple hair and float along the ground. However, Magus isn't a drunk magician, so... ^<__<^;; Korcha's still bitching about not knowing how to get to the Manor, but Guile, of course, knows the way, so off you go! (after you pay Korcha 100g, anyway...)

Viper Manor Bluffs

How bout not forgetting to equip your new weapons and armor? And elements? (hey, don't feel bad... I always do ^x__o^ ) ... and have you noticed just how much Guile's grid sucks? Bah. Anyway.

Start climbing. Whoops, you've been spotted! Hallelujah, it's rainin... boulders?! I guess that's what passes for hail around here ^O__o^;; Don't worry about the chests you see along the way, you can come back later to get them, when there aren't a bunch of frickin boulders being thrown at yer head (and yeah, I include a section on this area later on in the walkthrough so don't worry). Hey, guess what, the most important thing right now is staying alive, because for every boulder that hits you, you lose 10HP (like I said earlier, you could die on the bluffs without even getting attacked by an enemy. Believe me, it's happened to me (only once, mind you!)). So just ignore the chests for now, and here's the direct route for getting up the bluffs in the shortest amount of time: Climb up, then stand directly under the waterspout until the water stops. Now climb up quickly. If the water knocks you down, just try again. Choose the middle ladder-thingy (the one with the hole in it), then choose the right one. Climb up it until you reach the waterspout, then climb down that short part on your left, go under the archway, and climb up the left one. *whew* You've made it! And your HP's probably threateningly close to nil! (I got two rocks! ^;__;^ ) And now you have to fight this guy?! Dammit... hopefully, you've been curing yourself at least every two battles with the enemies on the bluffs, or at least have some healing elements allocated.

Mini-Boss: Acacia Private (2)
Attacks: StormBlow (tech)

... ehhhhhh... I guess they made these two a boss battle, cause they think you'll be almost dead by the time you get up here. And if yer not, whee!

... "Darn"? *snickers* ... and where the heck did he get that boulder from? Hammerspace?? And now some bird-man finishes him off for you. Oh, don't thank him just yet, he's your second boss battle on the Bluffs, along with his two buddies. Just heal now, please? OK, go for it!

Boss: King Moaman, Blue Moaman, Red Moaman
Innate: King Moaman:
Black, Blue Moaman: Blue, Red Moaman: Red
Attacks: King Moaman: TurboSword (triple tech), TwinTurbo (triple tech), Gravitonne (single); Blue Moaman: IceSword (tech), Ice Lance, Nimble, Cure; Red Moaman: FlameSword (tech), MagmaBomb (single), Strengthen

Take out the Blue Moaman first, since he uses Cure, although you might wanna try to steal an IceLance from him. You could steal a MagmaBom from the Red Moaman instead, or copper from King Moaman. Anyway, since apparently all of King Moaman's techs are triple techs, once the Blue Moaman is down Kingy over there can't use his techs anymore. However, his Gravitonne does a hefty amount of damage, especially to Serge (even when defending), so don't underestimate him just cause his cronies are gone. ... OK, you know what? These enemies have the coolest enemy techs in the game. ^o__o^;;

And I'd forgotten just how cool King Moaman's deathscene is. ^~____~^ You might get a Gravitonne (lv3 black) and/or an IceBlast (lv4 blue, woo!) after the fight. Jump over the wall, and Kid suggests you wait there til nightfall...

Vipers and Poison

Dream of a Shore Bordering Another World

Nothing Has Changed But Everything!

Rockin' Bard Superstar

The Hero