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Head to Opassa Beach. Go forward to find the green wormhole, and use the Astral Amulet. Once back in Home World, go to Arni and talk to the poems girl again. She'll give you the Book of Poems. Leave Arni, and head to the Hydra Marshes all the way to the right on the world map.

Hydra Marshes -- Home World

Bring Greco along for this. The guy at the entrance will now let you by (if you tried to come here before, he kicked you out). ... poisonous monsters my left big toenail! He should see the ones in the other marshes. Go to the right, and in the pool there is a sunken chest on the right containing a Feather. Now head to the left, past the guy wandering around. ACK! A GHOST! ^.__.^ Anyway. There's a bone in the chest over there. Head offscreen left and climb the fungii. ... ewww. And ack again! A Wingapede flies overhead, scaring your party members. Collect the Brace from the chest and keep going up.

Oh man I hate these guys. Target the original Beeba, or if not he'll keep on calling more Beebas to help him, which is baaad. ... you'll notice they have human skulls on their parasols... ^.__.^ When you win, he gives you the Beeba Flute. One of your party members will then suggest you blow it there. Give them a weird look, and keep going. SAVE YOUR GAME!!! See the chest and the Beeba in the back? Answer that you're "Strong as Mr. Universe," (if he's asleep then just wait a bit) and use the same technique on this one as the last Beeba. You recieve a Bushbasher. Continue right to reach a large platform. Here is where you can use the Beeba Flute (you need to stand in the middle of the platform to do this), but be prepared to fight the Wingapede ("make Wingapede be good Wingapede" my ass...).

Mini-Boss: Wingapede
Innate: Green
Attacks: PoisonGas (all-party or one person only), AcidicGas (all-party or one person only), Tornado

Pummel it with a bunch of yellow elements and watch your HP very carefully. Sometimes this guy does Tornado (lv 6 green all-party), which is absolutely ridiculous here and almost 100% surely guaranteed to kill your entire party in one go, but if you keep your HP at max then maybe one of you will survive. ^O__o^;; But him casting Tornado is really rare (as in, I've fought this guy at least 25 times now and only had this happen once), so I wouldn't worry about it too much. Plus, you just saved so... *shrugs*

Nope, you don't even get a star. ^-__-^ When it dies, the acid in its body deteriorates the platform. Step onto the cracked area in the middle, regardless of what anybody else has to say about it. Whee! Now this is funny... land on the Pentapus' head, knocking it out. *snickers* Go down to the bottom of the screen. Equip Greco (if he's in yer party) with protective gear like helmets and kneepads, and anything that keeps HP high, like the Silver Earring. Open the chest, equip the RecoverAll if you don't already have one equipped, and inspect the cage containing Razzly the "fairiii appetizer" (or you could just climb up the stairs in the back and skip the Pentapus fight, but then Razzly will be eaten... ya big meanie ^;__;^ ... then again, if you do that, you can come back and jump on the Pentapus' head over... and over... and over again. :oD ... but waaaaah, Razzlyyyyyyyy.... ^;____;^ ).

Boss: Pentapus
Innate: Blue
Attacks: Hexahitter (tech), Whop (tech)

This can be a very hard fight. Power Greco up first, and milk him for all he's worth. As soon as he's up to at least lv. three, have him hit the Pentapus with the best element in that slot. Now just keep hitting it with everything you've got! You can't run away from this battle, even if you try. Whatever you do, don't let the field effect turn all blue, cause then her attacks'll be hell... her Hexahitter is a real pain. You'll need to heal at some point, but wait until pretty much everybody's low on HP (but not in the red), and have Serge power up to whatever level you've got RecoverAll equipped (weak attacks please), and cast that.

... ewwwww, grey squid... *makes a face* And... whaaaaa?? All that, and no star? /fistshake ^>__<^ After the battle, free Razzly, and Razzly joined your partee-hee! Now, you have two choices here. Either you put Razzly into your party now, which is very helpful vs all of the yellow-innate dwarves, and the yellow-innate boss coming up, OR you keep her OUT of your party so you can get her lv 7 tech later on (i.e., you CANNOT get her lv 7 tech if you put her into your party before the end of this walkthrough page). If you recruited NeoFio earlier, you have another green-innate character you can use instead of Razzly. If you do use either of those two in your party now, the same applies for them now as it did for Greco in the last battle: equip her with defensive items. Climb up the ladder-thing in the back, grab the AeroSaucer, and go north. ... you wanna know what I wanna know? Why the hell hasn't Guile's grid grown since his recruitment? Why does he suuuuuuuck like thaaaaaaaat?? ^>_______<^ Anyway. Dodge Quaffids, or just fight them, whatever you want. You can reallocate the Cures back into your grid now. Also, remember that Bushbasher you got earlier? Equip it on Razzly if you're using her (or whatever green-innate char you might be using), and any other Bushbashers you may have recieved along the way. SAVE YOUR GAME AT THE RECORD OF FATE, WILLYA? See the dwarves cajoling over there? Go poke them with a stick.

Boss: DaffyDwarf (3), DaggyDwarf (2), Dwarf
Innate: Yellow
Attacks: Hi-HoChorus (all-party triple tech), Hi-HoWarcry (tech), ElectroJolt

Worst idea in the world: having both NeoFio and Razzly in yer party for either this or the next fight. ^x__x^ The dwarves immediately do their devastating Hi-HoChorus. Have all your characters kill them off one by one. Keep one eye on your party's HP, especially Razzly's. Get Serge to kill off one dwarf with two medium hits and one low, then have him kill another one with Bushbasher on level three. Now there are only 3 left. They'll probably hit you with the Hi-HoChorus again. Get Razzly to kill another dwarf (she might not be able to completely kill him, but close enough). When they're down to two, they can't do Hi-HoChorus anymore, but there's always Hi-HoWarcry (same thing, but only against one party member). Razzly should be up to full power, and have her hit one of them with Raz-Star. There should be only one left, or at least one and an almost-dead one. They should be no problem, since the worst they'll do is ElectroJolt.

After the battle, the dwarf chief runs off. Go back to the SP and save your game, then go back to where you just fought the mob of dwarves. Go a bit to the right and you'll be where I am in the screenshot on the right here. There's actually a hidden path through the mold or whatever, so follow the bright green line on the screenshot to come out into the small pool of water there. At the top left end of this little pool is a sunken chest that is really hard to notice, but trust me, it's there. Spam X around there to open it and get a Medicine (consumable blue, cures blue status effects). Now, follow that dwarf! He curses you out for being a destructive human and summons the Hydra!

Boss: Hydra
Innate: Yellow
Attacks: PutridOdor (tech, all-party damage), WaveOfFear (tech, all-party defense down), SpiritsUp (tech, defense up for self)

Power Serge up, then power up Razzly, and hit the Hydra with Raz-Star. Then have Serge hit it with Bushbasher, and do the same with your other party member. If the Hydra's not sagging yet, have Serge do Dash&Slash. Make sure to watch your HP, especially Razzly. After the thing starts sagging, just do whatever.

After the fight, inspect the body, and Razzly says that the Hydra was pregnant, so therefore the forest will not die. ... and Serge is apparently drowning himself. ^@__@^ When you leave the area, you notice that all the dwarves have left the forest. The scene then shifts back to near the entrance of the marshes (lost yet?). You can go back to collect anything you've missed, but there's not much there (Cure, Antidote, and a hidden empty chest (actually, if you opened this chest before defeating the Hydra, you'd find an Ointment inside. Oh, and if you were wondering, it's where you found Skelly's Good Backbone in Another World).

Head to Opassa Beach, use the Astral Amulet at the green wormhole, and show the Book of Poems to the "poems" chick in Arni. She won't accept the book, but... she gives you a Rainbow Shell! Booyah! Return to Termina and talk to Korcha to return to Guldove.

Guldove -- Another World

Talk to Doc, then give him the Hydra Humour. He runs off to make the antidote. The scene then shifts, and Doc tells you she's doing much better and wants to talk to you. Afterwards, your party explains the whole situation to Doc (ahaha, poor poor indignant Poshul). During the night, little Mel (Korcha's sister) comes in and steals all of Kid's elements. In the morning, Kid asks you if you're just going to go back home. ... doesn't really matter what you answer, cause you ain't gettin out of this one that easily. :op ... and what the heck is Korcha doing? He got a bug on his head? ^O__o^ Whether or not you took off all the elements from her grid before, Serge still says no. Heh. Choose to go look for Mel, so you can recruit her later. .... nyani?! Talk to the nurse for some interesting info... man, that's weird. Enter the bar and talk to Orlha. Seems Mel hasn't been there. Go to the dragon shrines and talk to the guard. Mel hasn't been there either. Korcha suggests to go to the residential tower. Head towards there, and Mel appears from behind the element shop. She spots you and runs off towards the residential tower. Kid then gets her elements back, unless you took them off before, then you already had them, and just need to reallocate them to Kid). Now you're ready to head back to Termina with Korcha.

Termina -- Another World

If you talk to him, Korcha tells you that yer on yer own now. Go to the entrance of Termina. Glenn is talking to Delilah the flowerlady again. He tells her that the General and the rest of the Dragoons have headed to Fort Dragonia, but he was left behind to take care of Riddel. Kid tells you that you should head to Fort Dragonia, which catches Glenn's attention. He also recognizes both Kid and you. Kid gets an attitude with him, and his temper rises. ... hee, he looks funny. Delilah stops him by telling him that his brother would never lose his temper like that (boy, does he hate it when you compare him to Dario...). He gets a little madder, then calms down and gives you a word of advice, to head to a small island north and east of Termina, and that he will find his own way into the Fort. ... next section!

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