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New Game+

This plays exactly like any old game, cept you've kept all of your weapons (cept the Mastermune and Einlanzers) and elements (cept the *Summons) from yer last game. You also have two new items (listed in the Special Items section of this walkthrough). Just play through like you usually would, cept now you can speed things up (R2 to speed up, L2 to slow down) and kill things very easily. When you get to the end of your dream sequence and wake up, you find the Time Egg in your hands. ... which you apparently don't find strange at all... ^@__@^;;

Apart from that, there's also different endings you can get if you kill the final form of the Time Devourer at different points in the storyline (this is what the Time Egg is actually for. Just go to the beach and use the purple wormhole to get to the boss). The different endings you can get are listed on the Endings page linked at the top of this page.

You can also defeat Radius in Arni right after you wake up if you really want to (although it still might be difficult). It doesn't get you anything but it is kinda fun. :op Also, you can finally feed the dragons in the Viper Manor stable 100 times using the Time Shifter, although it'll only get you an iron vest, so meh.

And the last thing you can do in a New Game+ is open that mysterious door in the back of the Bend of Time. Don't know what I'm talking about? I guess you didn't feel like exploring that place before. Go to the Bend of Time (when you have a boat, of course) and run all the way left past all of the pillars of light. There's a door there that if you tried to open it during your first run through would be locked and the red monster near the entrance of the area would tell you that the time for that door to open hasn't come yet. In a New Game+ it does open, and you get to fight three characters that should be very familiar to you if you've played Chrono Trigger. You might want to either take Sprigg with you for this, or equip the Forget-Me-Not Pot, since one of these enemies' forms is involved in her triple tech Z-Slash with Serge and Kid. Anyway, here's the strategy:

The Three Mystics: Ozzie, Flea, and Slash
Innate: Ozzie: Green, Flea: Red, Slash: Blue
Attacks: Ozzie: MaxDefense (def. up, all Mystics), OmegaGreen, Tornado, OmegaBlack; Flea: TheStare (confusion and damage, all party), Volcano, OmegaRed, OmegaYellow; Slash: WindSlash (single enemy attack), DashSlash (like Dash&Slash or Dash&Gash), OmegaBlue, IceBerg, OmegaWhite

OK, so, for those of you who are sitting here staring blankly at the screen and wondering just who the heck these three jokers are, these are Ozzie, Flea, and Slash, from Chrono Trigger. They were Magus' top three henchmen before Magus went all rogue and tried to summon Lavos in order to kill Lavos. And yeah, those boss pictures are their official artworks from Chrono Trigger.

Anyway, Flea's tech TheStare is really friggin obnoxious, especially since it always hits your entire party with confusion, and at this point your party is probably uber, so the chances of one of your party members killing off the other two is pretty high (happened to me once ^T__T^;; ). Soooo... KILL FLEA. I mean, I suppose if you toss on a bunch of Red Brooches (if you have that many) it'll nullify the confusion part... but it's still the only tech they've got that is all-party (yes, I know they are capable of doing the Omega attacks but from all the times I've fought them so far they have never been all-party). So yeah, make Flea your first target. Ozzie's MaxDefense tech makes it so all physical attacks against the Mystics fail, however Flea does his (yes, in Chrono Trigger it's established that Flea is a he) tech much more frequently than Ozzie does (in fact, I defeated them once without Ozzie doing his at all) so take out Ozzie second, and then you can concentrate on Slash. Unless you got really unlucky (i.e., Ozzie cast MaxDefense right off the bat and then they pummelled you with everything they've got while you spend what few grid levels you had activated by healing) you can defeat these guys within five or so rounds.


Basically, you can continue a different saved game with all of the elements (minus summons), weapons (cept plot-relevant ones), armour, and crafting materials you had in the game you just finished. Cool, huh? :oD So, say, you saved your game before recruiting Nikki/Guile/Pierre, in two slots, and finished the game on only one of those slots, you could do a Continue+ on the other slot and breeze through Viper Manor with rainbow weapons. :op

Also, the same door in the Bend of Time that I mentioned in the New Game+ is also open in Continue+ games.