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Keep . : Shades of Silence : . free!

So... you chose the Marilyn Manson lookalike, eh? Well lucky you, you get the angsty rocker with no family although they actually do exist (ooh, more confusion ^@__@^ ). Return to the main street in termina and head all the way over to the left. See the pink/purple staircase leading up? Go there, and you end up aboard the Magical Dreamers' ship. Go into the room on the lower deck, since the one upstairs is blocked off. Heh, the back-up dancers are twins, and their names are Yu and Mi. ... get it? You and Me? *falls over laughing* Heh, sorry, short attention span, easily amused. :oD Talk to the guy in the back, and he tells you that Nikki is missing. Miki walks in, and recruits you to help her find him. Answer "OK, rock on!" and she bolts out the door. Well, like she said before, he's somewhere in the Shadow Forest. ... toldCHA he'd be a pain in the ass. And now you have to go find the silly bounder. Oh joy. Follow that scantily-clad chick! (i.e., leave Termina :op )

Shadow Forest

How bout not forgettin to equip your new weapons and armour? And elements? (hey, don't feel bad... I always do :op ) OK, go right to the end of the map, and enter the forest. If you tried to come here before, you know that there were knights in here (just like Miki said) that kick you out in two seconds. ... apparently, Miki distracted them with her, er... assets...

Skip the first part of the Shadow Forest... there's nothin in there anyway. (watch out for that Bulb jumping around, though. Man, do I hate those things... they jump on your head!!). Haha, Leena bitch-slapped that thing good. :oD Oh, by the way, Kid's lv. 3 tech Pilfer will steal stuff from enemies, which is good, but not when you think it's an attack tech and try to use it as one *sweatdrop* I did that once, and I thought I was gonna die.

In this next section, go up the little ledge on the right, fight the Bulb, and get the AeroSaucer out of the chest. By the way, there are Dodos lurking in this forest. Sometimes the Bulbs will bring one along. Also, sometimes you might win a Bushbasher (lv. 3 green). Yay! Continue along the path to find Nikki serenading the green monster (uh, attempting to, at least...). He gives up, sees you, and runs off. Get the chest in the bottom-left corner containing an Uplift, then, follow that girl! ... er, guy! When you get to the next area, Nikki's being attacked by a bunch of Cassowaries (stupid bunny-eagle-people).

Mini-Boss: Cassowary (3)
Innate: Yellow
Attacks: Uplift

Bah, stupid things, harrassing that poor semi-man... They're really easy to beat, though, so whatever. And yes, you do get a star for this.

... OK... nary a thank you for saving his life?! Ah well, you're gonna have to follow him, cause a stupid sleeping Quaffid is blocking the path. Take the upper branch of this semi-circle thing you're standing on to get down, then go south and right to get into the water, and follow Nikki into the cave. Talk to him, and Kid yells at him. He ignores her, reads a notebook, then asks to join you because he thinks his sister's inside Viper Manor. Eh, go figure. Answer "Sure," and Nikki joined your band. He offers to sing you a song (haha, eh... no). Blah de blah blah. Don't worry if you don't get it, cause that's what I'm here fer. You leave the cave to avoid his song. Switch him in if you want, although he's got the same innate as Leena. Now, go back inside the cave, open the chest to get the Aroma Pouch, re-read the notebook, then pick up Skelly's Angry Scapula!

OK, now for the annoying part: waking up that stupid Quaffid. It's actually not as hard as the notebook (and Nikki) makes it out to be. Just choose a monster. Your choices are: the blue one in the cave, the green one Nikki was attempting to serenade earlier, or the red one at the entrance to the forest. (*Tip: The blue one's the easiest, although I've gotten the other two before. If you get the red one and feed it to the Quaffid, he'll go "shwiwble," shrink, apologise, and give you the Skullduggery frame) Now, here are the plants for the respective monsters: the bumpy tree right outside the cave is for the green monster, the bumpy tree on the ledge over the cave is for the blue monster (go between the two arms of the stone semi-circle to get to it), and the bumpy tree near where you came in to this area is for the red monster. Just inspect the tree, and a respective-monster-colored pollen-thingy'll follow you around. Inspect the monster you want, and he'll follow the pollen... here's the tricky part though: don't let him get too close or he'll eat the pollen and run off. Bah! (although if you're going for the green or red one, if it eats the pollen in another area, it stays in that area instead of going back to where you found it) Don't go too fast either or you'll lose him (especially if you're going from area to area. Bugger! (as Kid would say, and ... actually, according to someone from New Zealand, "bugger" actually means asshole... er... anyway...) And this is how I keep losing that damn red one). Now, go up to the back of the Quaffid, inspect it, and he'll eat the monster (awww...! ^;__;^ ). And now you get to fight him (unless you used the red monster). This isn't a hard fight, so don't worry about it too much (what, all that trouble to move his fat, lazy Quaffid butt and it's not even a boss battle?! AUGH!). (hey, I share your annoyance...) Gaah! It ate Kid! ^.__.^

Next section! Take note of the chest all the way in the back on the right. Now, move forward and get ready for the second boss battle:

Boss: Zoah, Solt, and Peppor
Innate: Yellow
Attacks: Zoah: DragonRider (tech); Solt: SummerSolt (blue tech), Upheaval (lv. 3 yellow), LoRes (lowers defense on target), HiRes (raises defense on self); Peppor: PepporBox (red tech), Strengthen (raises phys attack on self), EagleEye (raises Hit% on self)

... OK... yo, tree-boy, git down 'ere! ... you know, they keep saying 4 Devas... but Dario's dead... ^9__9^ Well, the Shaker brothers may be here and teaching you about Summoning elements (which you don't get taught in the other routes, but I'll explain it when needed), but don't take them lightly, especially since Zoah's a tough one to beat. ... even though the Shaker brothers bumble it again... (Zoah says: .............. HOW'D I GET STUCK WITH THESE MORONS)

Well, I think you might notice a pattern by now, but if not, here it is: usually the one in the middle is the strongest one. Sooo... go after Zoah! Kill kill kill! (aren'tCHA glad I had you pile up on those green elements earlier? I just hope you actually equipped them...) That Bushbasher you acquired earlier in Serge's highest level slot really does a number on these guys. Once Zoah's gone, which shouldn't take too long, go after Peppor, then Solt. Whee.

Blah blah blah. And wow, can that boy jump. The chest in the back contains a Heal. Now go inside the tree. There's a chest with a MagmaBomb under a root. Watch out for the Gloops bouncing around the ceiling cause they'll dive-bombya (dodge and weave, sah, dodge and weave!) and the stupid cricket things jumping about. Stick to the left in the next section to avoid that stream of Gerridae, cause if not you'll be stuck in battle for awhile and won't be able to go anywhere. Go up onto the ledge and defeat the wraith (black innate... yay! Dash&Slash should go over quite nicely...). Roll the boulder over to stop up the hole. Now you can continue up the channel without having to fight a Gerridae every two seconds. Fight the current (weave diagonally back and forth, and it should be no problem). Don't worry about that chest with the damn bug sitting on it, you can't get it now anyway. Watch it, a Gloop'll more than likely attack you right before you leave. Any red element Kid uses should kick its gloopy gelatinous butt easily. Go inside, and you'll find yourself in a dried up well. Kid suggests you wait til nightfall... oooh, pretty movieee, with the Sky Dragon! Yay!

Vipers and Poison

Dream of a Shore Bordering Another World

Nothing Has Changed But Everything!

The Hero

The Magician