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Keep . : Shades of Silence : . free!

Enter the Smithy, then go behind the counter and to your left. You'll end up in Zappa's back room. Talk to Pierre and he tells you that he wants to replace Dario as the fourth Dragoon Deva (HMPH), but he can't show up at Viper Manor without his medal. Go out the door at the bottom of the screen, and stop the kid running around in the yard. He'll show you something he found... hey, waitaminute... He'll give you Pierre's Hero's Medal (... hey waitaminute some more! ^>__<^ THAT'S FROG'S, DARN IT! ^>____<^ ). Go back into the back room and give the Medal to Pierre. Talk to him again, and he insults you but... Pierre gracefully joined your partie!

Viper Manor Gates

How bout not forgetting to equip your new weapons and armor? And elements? (hey, don't feel bad... I always forget ^X__x^ ) Remember how Pierre said follow his lead to Viper Manor? Well, why don't you let him? (just press select until he's in front). (this is where my aforementioned trick comes into play...) When you reach the gates, walk up to the guards and try talking to them. Pierre takes over and acts all annoying, and the guards dismiss him. Now what? Heheh... storm the gates! Hell yeah!

Mini-Boss: Acacia Sergeants
Innate: Yellow
Attacks: StormBlow (tech)

Blah blah blah

And how the hell was that a boss battle?? ^O__o^ OK, now the gate's open. Take note of that chest behind the gate for later, mate. Go forward. Solt and Peppor (oh no?) return, but this time they've brought help. ... oh nooo...

Boss: Solt, Peppor, Ketchop
Innate: Yellow
Attacks: Solt: SummerSolt (tech, blue), ElectroJolt; Peppor: PepporBox (tech, red), FirePillar; Ketchop: FlameKnock (tech, red), Solt and Peppor: CrossCut (dual tech, red)

*starts singing the Ketchup song* ... urk! Have you seen the *size* of this guy?! Man... he lays out your leading party member flat in no time. ... and here's why I had you put Pierre in front. After attacking for a bit (do yerself a favour and go for Ketchop, please?), Solt now revives whomever got knocked out (namely, yer leading party member) (haha, gj)... Now switch to Pierre, and just power him up to lv.3 (just three weak hits only), and have him cast his lv. 3 tech Medalsome, which gives himself (and only him) about 31HP! (or somethin to that extent). Strategy, man, just strategy... and don't worry too much about Solt and Peppor. Attack tomato-boy over there, whom, after awhile, gets pissed at the other two, and goes off and plays baseball. ... with the Shaker brothers serving as ball and bat! (watch it, though, he knocks Peppor into one of your party members, but also knocks both of the bumbling idiots unconcious). Hopefully you have some semblance of cure elements allocated?? (in other words, hopefully you're not like me? But don't worry, I've still beaten them without healing, besides Medalsome, that is...)

As soon as that fight's over, Pierre suggests you wait until nightfall...

Vipers and Poison

Dream of a Shore Bordering Another World

Nothing's Changed But Everything!

Rockin' Bard Superstar

The Magician