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*Note: Many of these sidequests are interlinked, so if some of them say "Prerequisite," you now know why. And yes, I'm well aware that this page is mostly links to other sections of the walkthrough, but I thought it'd be helpful to have all the sidequests and their links on one page.

  • Sidequest: Recruiting Skelly

    In Fossil Valley: Another World, tell the Acacia dragoons that you're the exorcist, then climb up to the top and approach the large dragon skull. A human skull hops out ( ^@__@^;; ). Agree to take him along. All of his parts are in Another World, by the way, so if I mention a location, it's the one in Another World.

    Angry Scapula: Enter the Shadow Forest and go into the cave under the waterfall (third area). Read the note next to the chest to find this item

    Pelvic Bone: Talk to the girl in front of Doc's hut in Guldove, and answer Trade. Leave the menu, and she'll ask you to do something for her. Answer yes, and she will give you Skelly's Pelvic Bone.

    Good Backbone: Travel to the Hydra Marshes, and keep going towards the back. Go right into the next area, then down and right (as opposed to just going right in this area), then down towards the bottom of the screen, and turn right where the Potpourri (white bulbous thing) is. See the really small cave? Go in and press X until you find Skelly's Good Backbone. (*Note: You need to have the Green Tinkler item for this part. Refer to the Special Items section of this walkthrough for info on where to find it.)

    Sturdy Ribs: Take your boat to Water Dragon Isle, go to the back of this area, climb up, then go right and talk to the guy there to receive this item.

    Mixed Bones: Head to the Isle of the Damned. Go north, climb climb climb, and in the cave to the left are Skelly's Mixed Bones.

  • Sidequest: Recruiting NeoFio

    Go here for the info (i.e., it's both of those sections that say "Sidequest" and are right after eachother).

  • Sidequest: Recruiting Starky

    Refer to this section for this (i.e., again, both of the "Sidequest" sections on there, one right after the other one)

  • Sidequest: The Grand Slam, Recruiting Janice, and Her Level 7 Tech

    To recruit Janice you need to defeat three rounds of her monsters in the Grand Slam (onboard the S.S. Zelbess). For information on the Grand Slam and how to defeat her monsters, go here. Take her to The Bend of Time and talk to the monster there for it to give her her lv7 tech.

  • Sidequest: The Isle of the Damned and Karsh's Level 7 Tech

    Refer to this section for information.

  • Sidequest: Recruiting Orlha, and Her level 7 Tech

    This is kinda multi-part. First, you have to defeat her (information on that here). She then gives you her Sapphire Brooch. Now you have to get your own body back. After doing so, go here and follow the instructions (the blue part) to finally recruit Orlha and to get her level 7 tech.

  • Sidequest: Marbule Possessed and Fargo's Level 7 Tech

    *Prerequisite: You had to have visited Nikki aboard the S.S. Zelbess (after Sneff turns you back into Lynx and co.) and agreed to help him out.

    Go here for the information, and continue on to the next section on that same page.

  • Sidequest: Viper Manor Sewers: Home World

    This is only if you want another Revive, and you have to do this before the Dario sidequest, or else you can't access the area where the Revive is. For what to do, go here.

  • Sidequest: The Fourth Dragoon Deva, Dario, the Forbidden Isle, and Riddel's Level 7 Tech

    *Prerequisite: You must have completed the Isle of the Damned sidequest for this.

    Go here for what to do.

  • Sidequest: Burning Orphanage, Saving Kid (again), and Kid's Level 7 Tech

    : You need to have completed the Dario/Forbidden Isle sidequest (which, in turn, you needed to have completed the Isle of the Damned sidequest) to do this.

    The information for this is here.

  • Sidequest: Criosphinx

    By the way, you might be able to steal a Rainbow Shell from this guy. Just in case you were wondering. ^~__~^;; Anyway. Travel to Another World's Earth Dragon Isle and enter the cave where the Earth Dragon would be if this were Home World. Inspect the sand, and somebody in your party comments that the Earth Dragon must not exist in this world (... duuuuuuhhhhhh). Your other party member then notices the Criosphinx up on the ledge. After pretty much reading you yer death sentence, it jumps down and attacks you.

    Boss: Criosphinx
    Innate: Yellow
    Attacks: Earthquake, ThundaStorm

    Blah blah blah, much talking. Basically, you have to answer his riddles. There are two ways of doing this: the right way, and the way that gets you the cool Sunglasses item.

    Right way: Defend for the entire first round, and all of your grid levels magically activate. The answer to "Silence may be..." is "golden," i.e., a yellow element. Use one (yes, I know yellow heals him, that's not the point). The second one talks about rags and flags and blushing. The answer is red (the most common colour in world flags are red, and when you blush, you turn red). Use a red element. And don't worry about your grids, cause they stay fully activated. The third one: "It isn't easy being..." Green, of course. Plus, envy is supposed to be a green-eyed monster, so there's yer answer. If you haven't noticed yet, this is the same exact pattern I've been using in this walkthrough (and the same exact pattern that you need to defeat the final boss the right way). But I'll tell you the answers anyway, cause I'm nice like that :op When you're melancholy, you feel blue; a first prize ribbon is a blue ribbon; royal blood: historically, blue has been the colour of royalty. OK, number five: He mentions the Plague. It may have often been called the Red Death, but it's usually just called the Black Plague. Now, the last one: when you're bled dry, you turn white. And ever hear of white knuckles? Plus, when you're afraid, you get pale (i.e., white). Go for it. Huzzah, you've won! Aaaaand... you get nothing. Congratulations, wasn't that stupid? ^>__<^

    Item way!: I recommend doing this in a New Game+ cause then you'll have more power and stuff, but yer welcome to try anyway. Give Glenn/green-innate character the Yellow Plate and a TON of green elements. Give the person in the turn before him GreenField. Have Prism equipment. Be prepared to more than likely die. Now you fight this thing just like any other boss, and ignore his riddles. Be forewarned: he hits HARD. VERY HARD. Use weak attacks and level Glenn up first, then get the person before him to cast GreenField, then back to Glenn for *Genie. If your characters die before then... ah well. Glenn's still alive cause he's got the Yellow Plate. Now, let Glenn do his stuff! Kill off that stupid Criosphinx! Yes, the stupid thing does physical attacks, but just heal Glenn afterwards with something like HealAll in a level 3 grid slot. With the Yellow Plate, the Criosphinx's other attacks heal him. Oh, and don't worry about your other party members. They suck anyway. :op Ifyer doin this in a New Game+ (I just beat him in a normal game, so it is possible), then wait til after you steal another Yellow Plate from the Earth Dragon. w00t, twice the damage! Anyway. After the fight, you get the Sunglasses! (increases the damage done by all kinds of attacks you make on your enemies). WOOHOO!

  • Forging Rainbow Weapons and Armour

    You must have done the Marbule Possessed sidequest (it's further up this page) and its prerequisite. That section has a link to how to do that sidequest. After completing it, go into the back cave on Marbule where you defeated the Black Dragon (after you get your body back) and talk to the purple dude. Buy the Master Hammer from him for 10,000g and equip it on Zappa. Now, take him to Termina. If you've not managed to get a rainbow shell yet, talk to the Churros guy on your way to the smithy (hell, talk to him anyway, but you need a shell for this next part regardless). He'll tell you he's closing up shop but he'll give you a free churro, and you'll find a rainbow shell inside when you bite down on it (CALL THE DENTIST, STAT!). Enter the smithy, put Zappa in front, and talk to the other Zappa. They'll now learn how to forge Rainbow weapons and armour, but you still need to find the materials... The rainbow shells are a lot more self-explanatory, so go here for a list on where to find the few rainbow shells that can be obtained in this game. The other materials involved tend to be things you've never seen before, i.e., stuff preceeded by the word "Shiny." These materials are obtained when you KILL enemies while using a *Summon (check this page for information on how to obtain the *Summon elements, and yes when I said "kill" I mean that the Summon has to deal the finishing blow, so if the enemies don't die after you use the *Summon, you won't get the Shiny materials). Shiny Embers are obtained from killing things using a red *Summon, Shiny Leaves from using a green *Summon, Shiny Soot from black, Shiny Dew from white, Shiny Salt from blue, and Shiny Sand from using a yellow *Summon.