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Trapping *Summons

The general rule for doing this is that the enemies will only summon something when the field effect is all the same colour as the *Summon. Make sure you have the weakest weapons possible, the strongest armour possible, and a ton of defensive accessories equipped, and allocate a bunch of healing elements of the same colour as the *Summon yer tryin to trap. Use weak attacks to activate the grid levels of the character to which you've allocated the trap element, cast the trap, then just defend until after the *Summon has been, well, summoned. (*Note: *Summons traps and the *Summons themselves can only be allocated to characters with the same innate as the *Summon. Also, if the summon deals the killing blow to an enemy, you'll get some very valuable forging materials that you can use to forge rainbow armour/weapons. More info on forging rainbow stuff can be found on the Weapons and Armour page)

Level 7 *Summons
Level 8 *Summons

Trapped from: Dodo

Location: Fossil Valley (Home World), on the ledge where the Big Egg was

Description: Holy horse's prayer raises defense and magic defense

Special notes: After building up the one character's grid (do not cast Trap*Unicorn yet!), continue attacking until the Dodo starts to sag (do it for both if there are two). If you don't do this, not only will it/they never cast *Unicorn (cause it's a defense-type *Summon), but they'll just keep setting traps themselves. Once all the Dodos on screen are sagging, cast Trap*Unicorn, and wait for the field effect to turn all white. One of the Dodos should summon *Unicorn soon afterwards.


Received from: Sky Dragon (after defeating him)

Location: Sky Dragon Isle (Another World)

Description: Army of angels attacks foes and heals party


Trapped from: Shadow Cat

Location: Fossil Valley (Another World)

Description: Contacts a spaceship to blast foes to pieces

Special notes: If they go several rounds (like, 5+) without summoning *MotherShip, then when they each attack you physically twice, goad them a bit by doing a couple (like 3) of weak attacks, then defending. The only ShadowCats that will use the Summon are the ones in the area where the Big Egg was before.


Received from: Black Dragon (must have done the Marbule possessed sidequest)

Location: Marbule (Another World)

Description: Summons Death to wreak doom and destruction


Received from: Water Dragon (for defeating all of the Dwarves)

Location: Water Dragon Isle (Home World)

Description: Summons Frog Prince to perform a water attack


Received from: Water Dragon (after defeating her)

Location: Water Dragon Isle (Home World)

Description: Calls on Neptune's anger to create a tsunami


Trapped from: HotDoggity

Location: Mount Pyre (Home World), Mount Pyre (Another World)

Description: Summons a fire wolf to create a sea of flames

Special notes: If you're doing this in Home World, there must be only ONE HotDoggity in enemy party and nothing else (i.e., no other HotDoggities or CatBurgulars or anything, and killing off foes til there is only one left does not count). If there isn't only one, run away and retry until there is only one. Let HotDoggity turn the field effect all red, then cast the trap. Defend until HotDoggity summons RedWolf.

In Another World it's a heck of a lot easier. Just attack as normal, use red attack elements to speed things up a bit, and they'll generally summon *RedWolf as soon as the field effect turns all red (so make sure pretty much the first thing you do is drop the trap).


Received from: Fire Dragon (after defeating him)

Location: Mount Pyre (Another World)

Description: Use salamander's breathe to incinerate foes


Trapped from: Centaurpede; Solt

Location: Hydra Marshes (Another World); Isle of the Damned (Another World)

Description: Summons an earth giant to stomp on your foes

Special notes: Centaupedes can and have been known to cast Earthquake when the field effect is all yellow, so be careful and carry a bunch of Capsules to cure yourself with.


Received from: Earth Dragon (after defeating her)

Location: Earth Dragon Isle (Home World)

Description: An electric serpent zaps anything in its path


Trapped from: PreyMantis

Location: Gaea's Navel (Home World)

Description: Summons a forest dryad to sprinkle poison dust (also does damage)


Received from: Green Dragon (after defeating him)

Location: Gaea's Navel (Home World)

Description: A wind djinn blows your foes away with a twister