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Fort Dragonia

Oooh, fortress-y... After some talk, you get to move around. Go into your menu (press triangle) and under "Customize" set "Accuracy Selection" to "Manual." Go left to discover a black crystal-like thing on the floor below you (why y'all don't just jump down there is beyond me...). Go back, then head to your right and through the door. You'll enter a room that looks like a huge maze. Go up onto the platform, defeat the cyborg (don't worry about spells and such for now, you don't need em yet), continue on, and you'll end up outside.

Go left and through the doorway, then follow the path forward. Go up onto the platform and defeat the cyborg, then find that annoying alphabat and beat him up too. Afterwards, get off the platform (if you're still on it, and keep following the path north and left to the doorway. Go through it and deactivate the crystal (press X twice). Turn around and head back to the platform you just came from, step on the teleporter you've just activated, and press X twice. After some deliberation on how cool the fort is, and Serge demonstrating his lack of verbal functioning, walk forward and investigate the double doors (and by investigate I'll always mean press X). Serge then has a vision of Kid on the floor, and him with a bloody dagger in his hand (and I mean bloody as in blood, and not in the way Kid uses the word... :op ). Bad Serge, no cookie! No killing off yer own party members! ^>__<^

Arni Village -- Where the Tides Start to Turn

Hrm... doesn't this part look familiar... Serge wakes up. (That was a dream?!?!?!) Well, whatever. After magically opening the blinds (AUGH! THE LIGHT! IT BUUUUURNS!), inspect the bed to get Serge's secret savings (wow, try saying that 10 times fast). You get 200g!!! (no, not for saying it 10 times fast... baka) Answer "Nah! Not yet" to continue. check the pots near the door on the left side of the room to recieve a tablet. Leave the room and talk to Marge, Serge's mother. She tells you that you're late to meet Leena. Oooh, blowing off a chick, oooh, yer in troubleeee! :op Go outside and enter the building directly across from your house. This is the local restaurant and tavern. Talk to the girl swaying in front of the counter (no matter how boring she is. This is kinda important for later... sort of). Blah de blah blah blah. After she's done, talk to the barrel four times to get an Uplift element (level 1 yellow). Enter the room in the back, and notice where the dog (bubba dingo) is scratching under the bed. When he moves, check this spot to recieve a Heckran Bone. Open the trunk on the table on the right to receive an Ivory Helmet. Leave the restaurant, and talk to the fisherman with the huge fish (he's on the left, outside yer front door. How could you sleep with the smell of fish invading yer home? ^O__o^ ). If you agree with him, he gives you a Komodo Scale. Go back towards the restaurant. Outside it there's a kid just standing around. Talk to him, then when he's done griping about Kiki and Lolo give him the Komodo Scale for free. He thanks you profusely and gives you an Uplift in return. He also tells you how to recruit Poshul (not in so many words, though), but we'll get to that in a minute. Go back to where the fisherman was, and continue left through the archway. Check the bucket next to the stairs to recieve an AquaBeam (lv. 1 blue), and enter the building. The last man in line will explain how the Records of Fate work, ... and will also yell at you to get to the back of the line. *sweatdrop* From there, go left and check the small frame. You'll recieve a Cure (low-level healing (blue)). Leave the building, and talk to the old guy surrounded by people in the courtyard (this is Radius, Arni's village chief). Talk to him only if you want pointers on battle techniques and element usage (hint: what he says probably won't make much sense to you right now... it didn't the first time I talked to him... but if you're the type who likes explanations, rather than finding things out on your own, talk to him). He'll kick your ass this time around, but don't get discouraged... you're not *supposed* to win, which is why his one hit near the end takes off 70-something HP. Also, on the other side of the stairs from where you found the AquaBeam is Toma the 14th, the descendant of the Toma from CT. Yay! ... suuuuuure yer not gardenin... ^<__<^;;

You can now recruit a character: Poshul, that big pink and purple dog-thing running around in the background. Just go up to her, try and talk to her, and when she's done talking, press square, choose "Heckran Bone," and, after much ado about nothing, she'll join your party (recruiting her at this point makes subsequent battles go more slowly, but Poshul's HP and defence are greater than Serge's, plus most of her stats (cept the magic-related ones) are practically the same as his, so she's a great character to have along. Plus, a lot of stuff that happens in the game is made more entertaining with her around). You can always recruit Poshul later... but we'll get to that when we get to it. Go back to the town square, and talk to the lady with the cart. You can buy some elements now, especially since you got those extra 200g earlier. Buy a Fireball (lv. 1 red), and maybe another AquaBeam. Check the cart itself for the Shellfish frame. Enter the last house on your left (behind yours). Talk to the cat, and Leena's grandmother tells you something about yourself you didn't know. Plus, she mentions that Leena is on the pier babysitting. Check the bucket on the other side of the room to find a PhotonRay (lv. 1 white). Now... go to the pier already! Geeze, haven't you made your so-called girlfriend wait long enough??? (the pier's all the way at the back, by the way...) After being bitchy for a bit, Leena tells you to go to Lizard Rock to get her some Komodo dragon scales for her necklace (agree with her, you dolt... after all, she is your supposed "girlfriend"... (lucky you ^9__9^ ))... and no, you cheap-ass, she won't accept that freebie you got earlier, if you still have it. You'd better hurry up, cause she's getting bitchier by the minute. (Leena: Come on, Serge! Get your butt over to Lizard Rock already. I think I really deserve about a hundred scales, but I guess 3 will do for now.) ... *sweatdrop* Head back into the village, and enter the house on what is now your right (i.e., behind the restaurant). Talk to the guy sitting down to the right of the doorway and he'll give you some tips on how to catch those dang Komodos (pay attention, cause one of those things gave me a pretty hard time when I didn't know what I was doing). Proceed across the little bridge-thing and downstairs. Talk to the fisherman, who gives you his life story (hooray...), and another key item (hooray!!). Talk to him again for a tip... You will need the Shark Tooth later to recruit a character. Now you're ready to leave the village (finally).

Cape Howl

You don't really have to go here, but there's two chests to open! Go left from Arni to get here. Fight the monster, and get the Heal (low-level green healing) in the first chest, and a Bone in the second one (... er, yay? ^O__o^ ). Stand there and laugh at the silly monster that got itself stranded on the platform, and put it out of its misery. Then, head out onto the cape itself, and walk over to the large rock and inspect it. Get closer, and do it again. You write "Serge and Leena forever." Wow, she's really gotCHA whupped, don't she? What you need to do now is to go kick some monster butt at Lizard Rock to redeem yourself. Leave Cape Howl after killing the two monsters again (if you must). See, the thing is, the more enemies you fight the greater the chance you have of randomly upping your stats, since you only ever level up after fighting a boss. Weird, huh. So... KILL EVERYTHING IN SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!! ^@_____@^;;;;

Lizard Rock

Go south-west to reach Lizard Rock. First things first though... did you allocate your elements yet?? (press triangle, choose Elements, Allocate, and put elements into the slots you want them in... (*Tip: Fireball, AquaBeam, PhotonRay works well, in that order). If you already recruited Poshul, put the Uplift you got from that kid into her lv. 3 slot, then fill up the rest with whatever you want. You might want to give her a Cure in her lv. 1 slot just in case, although you don't really need it. If you want to give her better elements, you can go back to Arni and buy some after you get some g from killing off some enemies around here. Anyway... push the rock out of the way. Kill off the Beach Bum in front of the chest, and get the Fireball out of there. There are three paths in this area, going left from where you came in, going left from where you are now, and going south and left. Take the middle road, scare the Komodo Pup, and push the rock (or is that a giant clam?! ^.__.^ ) near the cave over the entrance. Go around to the top path, scare the Komodo Pup into the cave (he's trapped!), and kill it. You'll recieve a Komodo Scale. Whee! Take the south path this time and enter the next area.

Kill the Beach Bum there if you want, although you can just by-pass him, cause all he does is watch you go by. The Komodo Pup runs off into the water, but never fear: see that beach bum walkin on a log behind you? Jump onto the log, wait for it to come to you, and defeat it. Wander up the log to find another Beach Bum waiting for you on the rock ledge. Defeat this one too, and walk to the end of the rock ledge. The Komodo Pup is back, and doesn't notice you're there. Walk to the end of the ledge, until Serge is facing forwards and get rid of the stupid screen that pops up. Wait until right before the komodo pup passes under you, then hit X. If you miss, don't worry, cause you can always try again. Fight it, and recieve another Komodo Scale. Wander over to your left, fight the beach bum there, then push the clam forward and right, and it'll fall into the water, freeing the chest there with a Silver Loupe in it (to equip these items, hit triangle, Equip., and choose what you need).

Now on to Lizard Rock South: go north and left into the next area. Near the bridge is a stone step. Go down it, fight the Beach Bum, and get the Tablet out of the chest. Go back up the steps and around the lake, right and up and around, and head over to where you see a puddle of water and a medium-sized hole. Inspect the hole, and you're in the lake! ^O__o^ Open the chest on the island, and you get another Bone. ... what're we gonna do, build a skeleton? ... well, actually... Next, head towards the opening in the back... warning: a Beach Bum attacks you from under the water (it's fun to make him chase you! :oD ). Fight it off and go into the cave and to the left. Open the chest to recieve an Ivory Helmet. Go back through the cave, and inspect the part of the left wall that's the furthest down to get back out. Now, prepare for a lot of running! Yeah... chase that Komodo Pup down (*Hint: hit these two with only physical attacks). Why, you ask? Oh, look! AAAHHH!! MAMA KOMODO!! ... I think she's just a tad pissed that you've murdered her offspring for their scales to make a stupid necklace... ^.__.^

Boss: Mama Komodo
Innate Blue
Attacks: Breath (tech skill), AquaBeam

Not as big as she looked at first, is she? She's not that hard to beat, especially if you have elements. It is possible to beat her using only physical attacks (like I did the first time through this game...), but... why bother?

Head out the path at the top left of the screen...

Opassa Beach -- A Calling Beyond Time

Walk onto the beach until you're about halfway to the water, inspect, and Leena speaks! (cute trick. How'dya train her to do that? :oD *ducks*) You automatically hand over the scales, then she starts reminiscing about the past... if you've started getting into the habit of not listening to people (like I sometimes do) and just pressing the X button as soon as that green leaf appears at the bottom of the screen, stop it now, cause you'll miss something important sooner or later. If I haven't mentioned them here, you don't need to talk to them, but you can if you really want to. Sometimes they have some *ahem* interesting things to say (guy in Arni restaurant: How I'd love to see them jiggle...). (well, I'll leave it at that)... ^~__~^ When she asks, tell her that you remember (just to be nice) (and what promise?!), and that "We'll never forget this day!" (this, believe it or not, is actually kinda important for later...) Then, you hear a voice in the distance... and cue flashback (remember what Leena's grandmother said about a panther demon?). And then... you faint. (wussy).

Nothing Has Changed But Everything!