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Opassa Beach - Home World -- A Portal Reopened: And the Planet Began to Shake

You might want to rest at an inn soon to keep your star level full. Anyway. Upon reaching Opassa Beach and moving forwards, you find that the portal has been reopened! Yay! Use the Amulet already! ... tch, Lynx just falls through the sand, how boring. :op Waugh! A kid screaming, and those freaky cats from Viper Manor! ^O__o^ They seem to be confused at the sight of you, and the kid is freaked out by you. ("Y-Y-Yikes! O-O-Over here is a scary lookin' cat man!!!") Hahaha. Huzzah for scarin away the freaky Shadow Cats. Huh... is that... that kid who's in love with Kiki? Haha. ... wait, Serge did who the what now? Man... you lend somebody yer body, and look what he does with it. ( Uh... you never lent him your body...) ... aw, who asked you anyway?

Fossil Valley - Another World

Alright, well, if you don't want to trap anything, then just avoid all the enemies and go on through, since there aren't any chests around here (and skip to the next section). If you do want to trap stuff, then listen up: Equip your characters with the worst weapons you've got. You can trap Volcano from the stupid lil Tutanshaman dudes in purple and/or you can trap *MotherShip (black summon) from the Shadow Cats. The Tutanshamans will cast Volcano when the field effect is all red, but be careful, cause they can do two in a row, so watch yer HP ifyer gonna milk these guys. The only Shadow Cats that'll summon *MotherShip are the ones located where you found the Big Egg earlier. Just set the trap, then let them turn the field effect all black. If yer about to die, you might want to run away and try again. If they go several rounds (like, 5+) without summoning *MotherShip, then when they each attack you physically twice, goad them a bit by doing a couple (like 3) of weak attacks, then defending. Whenyer done, you can try yer new summon out on the Shadow Cats below to get valuable forging materials (explained in the Trapping *Summons section of this walkthrough, where I'm also going to put in the rest of the ways to trap *Summons). OK, enough of that, now move on.

Termina Occupied - Another World

What, are we back in Home World's Termina? (did you break Kid's amulet again?) Haha, just kidding... No, it seems that, with the Dragoons disappearing to Fort Dragonia, the Porre military took over Termina. Here's a hint: you might wanna have Norris in your party for the next, oh, hour or so... believe me, you won't get anywhere around here without him. Talk to the soldier walking around, then enter the bar. The barmaid opens the back room for you. Enter the secret room by walking into the back left corner of the room. Karsh and Zoah are hiding out back there. After Karsh tells the story of how they found General Viper in Fort Dragonia (and that the General basically let out the whole story in his sleep), Norris also gets ragged on, but Karsh gives you the Tear of Hate. Choose for Zoah to join (ZOAH (THE GUY WHO YELLS A LOT) JOINED YOUR PARTY!), then go down the main steps in Termina to find the other Norris there. He's pretty surprised and confused by the current company you're keeping: "That man behind you! He is Dragoon Deva Zoah! You were in the middle of taking him into custody, sir? ...?!! You are... me!!" Laugh at him, then overhear the report that Grobyc has arrived at the manor. Norris also invites you back to the manor to talk this whole thing over. (*Note: If you do not have Norris in your party, you will not be able to enter Viper Manor, and you do have to rescue Riddel, who is being held captive there, hence my warning about keeping him inyer party for the next few hours).

Take your Zappa to see the other Zappa (put Van inyer party, while yer at it), and they talk about the Rainbow, but they can't forge it (yet). By the way, you can now forge stone weapons and armour, so go ahead and do that in the smithy. Take Van to see his other-world father ("Dad? Wow, you're fat!") haha. He also gives Van a bigger piggybank, which means more power for his lv. 7 tech later. Van gives his father the seashell from his mom, too. Talk to Gogh again to find out that he's remembering a lot of stuff he shouldn't've forgotten. Take Van upstairs to talk to himself... and to watch him call himself a blockhead. Haha, I love this. ^~__~^ Switch Zappa and Van out, then take Norris and Zoah to Viper Manor.

Viper Manor Occupied - Another World -- Back to Viper Manor: A Captive Audience Awaits

The guards let you in. After a scene in which Riddel is threatened, the other Norris is being insubordinate, Grobyc is introduced, and we see why most people hate Porre, find the other Norris in the parlor. After hearing your story, he decides to help, and gives you the Prison Key. He also tells you that you can enter through the sewers. But... first things first (after the evil Porre people harass poor Orcha, of course): take Zoah to his room, put him in the front of the party (by pressing Select), and have him open the chest. You recieve his level 7 tech, Toss&Spike! If you've already trapped *Golem (again, refer to the Trapping *Summons section of this walkthrough), you might want to replace that in Zoah's grid with his tech, since the chances of turning the field effect yellow in the next three boss battles is pretty much nil (save it for the fourth instead :oD ). Haha, the dude on Zoah's bed says it's smelly... *snickers* Enter the trap room on the lower floor, go to the pillar all the way in the back on the left, open the hidden panel, and hit the switch. Take the Decor Shield off the wall (if you didn't do this before), and put it on the Man-o-War that's missing one. Lynx's physical attacks take out the first two, and HolyLight takes care of the rest (much easier now than it would've been earlier in the game, plus the guard standing in front of the panel's gone, duh). Now. move the one viper statue that's out of place into its niche to open the secret door. One chest contains Viper's Venom (weapon for General Viper), and the other's a Rainbow Shell. Go down the hallway to the other wing, and enter the sewers through the hatch in the floor.

Viper Manor Sewers - Another World

Enter the water and get swept away by the current. Norris remarks that there should be a control somewhere that regulates the current. Step onto the platform to your right (there's a Humour in the chest in the back, by the way), then go down the stairs to your right. Go all the way offscreen right, and all the way down. Shake the bars to scare the bug off the chest, who knocks the chest into the water. Go back, and up to the top of the screen. On the platform, knock the barrel into the water, then go back to the first platform (if you knocked this barrel off first, you're gonna have to do it again...) and knock the other barrel into the water. Run across the barrels and up the stairs. Tighten the valve, go back, get off the platform on the right side, and head all the way around to the top left corner. Get the... oooh, lucky you! No, it's not freakin Mythril, so leave me be; it's Denadorite. Get on the platform and climb up the ladder. You end up in the prison basement. Climb the stairs, go down the hallway, and enter the kitchen (by the way, you can use the Record of FATE in the dormitory next door to switch Zoah out of your party if you want to. Also, that sleeping dragoon from before is still asleep in the dormitory... haha...). ... huh, Luccia had a brother? Go fig...

Anyway. Re-enter the sewers from the grate in the kitchen. Now... into the water with you! Quick, into the top entrance (before the current takes you away)! Kill off that damn SpearFisher, then get the Magic Seal from the chest. Take note of the amoeba next to it, cause it's Luccia's level 7 tech. Now for the lower entrance (hey, if you miss either of these entrances, you're gonna have to swim yer arse back around, so don't miss!). Go around and down the stairs, then head up and left, and turn the valve to open up a passageway. Go back, down, left, up, and right (yes, into the water... got a problem with that? Geeze, Lynx is part cat, and even he's not complaining...). Down this channel are some steps (the ones towards the top of the screen, not the ones at the bottom that go right). Go up them and turn right. At the top of the screen is a Nimble. Go back in the direction you just came from, jump back into the channel, go left, down, right, up, right, all the way right, then tighten the valve. Back towards where you got the Nimble, take the small set of, like, three steps on your characters' left, go left, up, up the ladder, open the valve, walk through the newly-opened channel, and... what the hell is that thing?!

Boss: Roachester
Innate: Blue
Attacks: JitterBug (tech, all-party), BugKamikaze (tech)

This guy's relatively easy, especially if Irėnės is in your party. Level her up, and when Roachester eventually turns the field all blue, hit him with *FrogPrince. That, and a BlackHole, should be enough to have him flop over onto his back, feet waving in the air.

Climb the ladder.

Occupied Viper Manor - Another World

The left cell's empty, unless you didn't recruit Glenn, in which case he's in there, sound asleep. Man, he's an even heavier sleeper than I am, and I've slept through two tornados, a hurricane, a bunch of earthquakes... The middle cell's just some random guy (not .com, if anybody even remembers that guy...) who ignores your knocking. Now, the right cell... climb up, and Fargo's grumbling to himself in there. Damn, you knock hard! (Fargo: ARG!!!) He practically falls off the bed, then moves it. Fargo freaks out about Lynx, til Norris calms him down with his cool, clear logic. Norris then gives him the key, and he goes off to free the other prisoner(s). Oooh oooh oooh! Switch Zoah out of yer party, ifya haven't already. Either way, switch Harle into your party plix. Not for this fight especially, but for the next battle, and this is the only chance you'll get to switch her in. Save your game, and go through the door. Aha, so it was Orcha who stole the Dragon Tear! Bad Orcha, no cookie! ^>__<^ ... er... don't take it so personally, dude... it's just a freakin cookie... ACK! MY FACE IS NOT EDIBLE! I AM NOT FOR EATING!! ESPECIALLY NOT IN SOUP! ^>_____<^!!!!!!

Boss: Hell's Cook, Orcha
Innate: Red
Attacks: SpiceOfLife (tech, heals self), Fireball, FirePillar

This is quite an easy fight. Lynx and Harle's techs do quite a bit of damage to the possessed cook. Have them both use as many black elements as you can. Sunshower and Earthquake are OK, but they don't do as much damage... but hey, every little bit helps, right? Try throwing in an Iceblast somewhere or something.

Yeah, see? That's what happens whenya try to turn us into soup, ya monkey! ^>__<^ Orcha returns to normal, and feels bad for what he's done. Orcha joinedCHA party! The scene then switches to the main hallway, where Norris is helping Riddel escape. He refuses to join you, but tells you to come back to the manor sometime. Riddel also invites you back to Hermit's Hideaway. Well, you can't leave yet, and attempting to go anywhere else gets you attacked by random Porre soldiers (attacked, as in every time you try to go downstairs, you get attacked, and just cannot go downstairs), so you might as well go upstairs, right? Uh oh. ... and when did we ever talk our way out of anything, anyway? ^@__@^;; Well, hell, after fighting Orcha, three freakin Porre soldiers aren't gonna be too much trouble... um... that is... they might not be, but look who's called in to fight after you beat them: noneother than Mr. "Grobyc-takes-orders-only-from-those-who-are-stronger. You-are-strong-but-Grobyc-is-stronger. Show-Grobyc-your-skill," himself. ... can you believe Luccia would make something like that? ... actually... it's not that unbelievable... *mutters something about mad scientists being a tad nutsy-cookoo*

Boss: The Killing Machine, Grobyc
Innate: Black
Attacks: RocketFist (tech), HairCutter (tech, all-party), HealAll, Vigora, Strengthen

Yes, this is a very hard fight. Hell, they don't call him "The Killing Machine Grobyc" for nothin, ya know. ... this is about the time when I got the idea of healing myself in battle the first time I played through this game (smart, aren't I? Ahaha, shut up). Yeah, after being defeated by the same freakin boss three times in a row, you start wonderin if maybe those cure elements you've been piling up are actually useful in ways other than for use after battles... ANYWAY.

If you did put Harle in your party, level her up to grid level five immediately. Have her cast MoonShine (protects party). If she's not in your party, then it's basically the same fight, cept you get hit harder (and Grobyc hits pretty damn hard to begin with). Hit him with things like Lunairetic, HolyLight, Tornado, Volcano, IceBerg, and other such high-level elements, and DON'T FORGET TO HEAL, AUGH! He just might be even more difficult than Miguel... You can try hitting him with *MotherShip after the field effect's all black, but yer gonna haveta hurry up and cast an element of a different colour afterwards, or his attacks will HURT. Even more so than they usually do... then again, *MotherShip takes off more than 500 HP, sooo...

*Strategy: Power all of your party members up to full. Defend while Grobyc casts RocketFist, then HairCutter, then have Irėnės/whomever cast Gravitonne from a low-level slot, then immediately switch to Lynx with *MotherShip, then Norris/whomever hit him with whatever's in their highest active slot (as long as it's not a black element... and no, I'm not using Harle, but you can if you want to, by having her casting MoonBeams instead of where I put Gravitonne). After that, hit him with all of the HolyLights you've got, and he should be pretty much dead.

After defeating Grobyc, the Porre sergeant goes for the other robot. Damn, he's just having sooo much bad luck with machinery today, isn't he? *SQUISH*! :oD

Boss: Guillot
Innate: Yellow
Attacks: HotEdge (tech)

He's not incredibly hard to beat. Actually, you'll be surprised at how easy it is. Freefall and a level five Aeroblaster kicks his tin can butt. ... or not? It's still alive! (so what?) OK, OK, fine, run to the library, you chicken! Yeah yeah yeah, up the stairs, and fight him again. This time he's a bit harder, but not too difficult, either... and you get a pretty pretty Mythril piece after each time you beat him! (doesn't that just make you hate the thing even more?) Belthasar, the Prophet of Time, then tells you to climb the ladder to the top floor. "It will never be able to make it up here." ... shut up, Norris, you idiot! It's climbing the chandelier! And... oh, hi, Grobyc! Oh, no, we're fine... just being chased by a killer robot that refuses to die, that's all... what the?! Fine, you go do that... and here come the Porre soldiers again. Dammit, don't break that window, it's Glenn's favorite! ... and mine! ...damn you. Alright, fine. See if I ever help you again... just kidding! ... oh, I see how it is. So the stablekeep jumps in to help, does he? (damn you Gonjo) Fine! I can see when I'm not wanted! Yeah, see if... oooh, stampeeedddeee... *distracted* Dodge, Grobyc, dodge! Grobyc-joined-your-party.

Leave, and once on the world map remove all elements and items from Harle, if you've even been using her. You can keep her in your party (well, for now, anyway). Re-enter Viper Manor (you need Norris in your party for this!), and find the other Norris in the parlor again (I think he likes it in there or somethin). He gives you Norris' level seven tech, TopShot! Outside, enter the well, get attacked by a couple of gloops that flatten out with just one or two blows, and get the Deluge out of the chest. Finally, a high-level blue element everyone can enjoy. On the top floor of the manor, head right. The Cyborg that used to be guarding the entrance is obviously gone. Enter, and cross to the tower. Read the inscription in the back, then move the statues into the niches and open the chest from behind to read the note from Solt and Peppor. ... freakin thieves. OK, fine! ^>__<^ But! First things first: we neeeeeeeeed more trap elements! Remember our friend Baby G of Bro's shop in Marbule? You'll need a lot of TrapEarthquakes and TrapThundaStorms, by the way... (and yer boat's docked near Termina). Oh yes, make sure you've only got demi-humans inyer party, then talk to that rock-throwing dude (the white and blue bulbous guy in brown) to get the Valencian Cloth frame (if you have a human inyer party, he's all mean and just throws rocks atCHA).

Hermit's Hideaway - Another World -- Surprise Attack!!! Pursuers With Heavy Hearts

Use Ice Breath on the patch of ground that's burnt (a window'll pop up when you walk on it... it's the one near the entrance). Enter the burned-out hut. "Halt!" If Radius is in your party, the two, er... Radii? They compliment eachother and talk a bit, but whatever. Karsh and Marcy smooth things over anyway. Talk to Marcy in the side room and she says she's sorry. If Harle's in your party, she makes fun of Marcy, who gets mad, and then you all get reprimanded by Radius. Talk to Riddel, and Riddel joined your party! (and she's right, by the way: she's pretty useless in battle, plus her techs are only healing and stuff like that, no attacks) Choose to rest the night there. ... and Dark Serge and Kid attack! No, you fool, don't do that! Oh, now she cut you... smart one, aren'tCHA? Er... yes, Norris, she doesn't seem to be herself... yet... you've never met her! Weirdo... alright, well, it seems the shack's surrounded... Oh, hi Fargo! ... whoa! Everyone ends up safely aboard the S.S. Invincible. Huzzah. After some reminiscing about Kid (oooh, is someone falling for the dangerous (and annoying) Kid? haha...), go below decks (heh, since when did Harle start callinya Serge, anyway?). Haha, Fargo want to duel General Viper... who pretty much just ignores him. ^~__~^;; General Viper joined your party! Fargo decides that he owes you for saving his life... twice... Fargo joined yer party! "Waaaaaait!" Marcy, like, joined your party! And Karsh, not wanting to be left out... Karsh joined your party! (unless you didn't choose Zoah before. If you chose Karsh before, Zoah now joins) "A mere thank you will be fine..." Tch. Well, you can put whomever you want inyer party, but I'm keeping Norris and Grobyc. Well, time to find Dark Serge, eh? Onwards, to the Sea of Eden!

The Pearly Gates/The Sea of Eden - Another World

Hrmmm... seems the way's blocked. Ask Harle what's going on, and she explains that you need the Dragon Relics to enter... but that you cannot enter in the form that you are in... yes, somehow you must change yourself back into Serge. "Ze dragon tear, iz all I can tell you..." Um... and yeah... not the broken one you've got with you. She also asks you a question, but no matter what you answer, she permanently leaves your party after explaining tears to Starky onboard the S.S. Invincible (when she leaves, she also takes any elements and items she had equipped on her (see why I said to take away all her stuff before?)). Whelp, you heard her. Six Dragon Relics and another Dragon Tear. But... first things first...

Sky Dragon Isle - Another World

Go up to the top. Yeah, he's back, so go up and talk to him. He says that after you've obtained the blessings of the other five dragons you should come back to him. Fine, be that way! Hey... I wonder what happened to the dude that used to be up there... maybe the Sky Dragon ate him. ^.__.^;;

Well, first I want to mention something: the rest of this page is just some random sidequests, recruiting some new characters, and acquiring some characters' level seven techs. Ifyer not interested, and just want to get on with the story, scroll down and click on the next link. (*Note: In the Sidequest: Guldove -- Another World section, you obtain an item (the Dragon Emblem), which you WILL NEED later on, so... that one's not so optional. You also have to do the Guldove -- Home World section on this page)

Sidequest: Isle of the Damned - Another World

Take Karsh with you, and your other party member should be either Norris or Zoah (or hell, even Funguy, as long as whomever it is, is yellow-innate). We have to get to the area that Garai's grave was in Home World. If you don't remember the way, click here. There's a Revenge element where the Inferno was in Home World. Enter the middle cave to find... Solt and Peppor? Bah, not these guys again... Solt and Peppor get all confusing, Karsh is clueless, and then they accuse Karsh of having killed Dario! Well then. ^@__@^;; They also want to kill him, by the way... ^-__-^;; Not that I like Karsh much, but jeeze. Karsh experiences a flashback, in which he remenisces on the good ol' days where he and Dario used to spar, Glenn was all small and chibilike (kawaii!! ^*__*^ ), and Riddel chose Dario over Karsh. Aww, Dario's so gallant and stuff. And Karsh is a jealous monkieface. And... that was... confusing... aww, poor Glenn... Well, anyway... fight time!

Boss: Solt and Peppor
Innate: Yellow
Attacks: CrossCut (red double tech), Earthquake, ThundaStorm, *Golem

You may know them as the bumbling duo, but this time these guys are dead serious. Allocate a TON of TrapThundaStorm elements, and one TrapEarthquake, preferably to your yellow-innate character (have the TrapEarthquake in somebody else's grid). If you managed to trap Tornado from the Tragediennes in the Dead Sea, give them to Karsh. As soon as the battle starts, set a trap for Earthquake, then immediately start levelling up your character that has TrapThundaStorm. Usually Solt casts Earthquake right away. After Solt casts this he'll either do another Earthquake later, or just go right into ThundaStorm (he'll cast this at some point anyway). Don't really bother setting a trap for Earthquake after the first one, cause ThundaStorm is better. Just watch yer HP, and you might possibly be able to milk Solt for ThundaStorms. Kill off Peppor, though, cause they do a mean double tech (CrossCut). One Peppor's gone, just milk Solt. Here's his pattern for elements: Earthquake, Earthquake (no break between the first and second one), Strengthen, ThundaStorm, ThundaStorm (there's a break between those two). When you get bored of this, just hit him with Tornado or *Golem, and he's dead. W00t, three Earthquakes and six ThundaStorms! ph33r my l337 skiznillz! :oD Please note that sometimes Solt will summon *Golem when the field effect is all yellow, so be prepared. Feel free to trap it here if you didn't get it before, but it's pretty rare for him to summon here and for some reason him summoning *Golem does less damage than Earthquake and ThundaStorm cast by him, so it's up to you.

After you beat them they see the error of their ways, and Karsh learns Axiomatic. He also says that he didn't kill Dario, but can't explain what happened yet. Satisfied with that answer, they give you Dario's Memento Pendant, and "shake it on outta there." Which you should do, as well... :op

Sidequest: Guldove - Another World

As you arrive, there's a bit of a disturbance. Porre soldiers have invaded the town, and Orlha is fighting them off single-handedly! ... hrm. Man, why'd he have to get us involved? This isn't good...

Boss: Orlha
Innate: Blue
Attacks: MultiPunch (tech), PunchDrunk (tech), Strengthen, Genius, LoRes, Gravitonne, IceBerg

Try not to get distracted by her X-TREEME Hotness (TM) Anyway. Cast TrapIceBerg just in case. She shouldn't be too hard to take down, as long as you don't have a red innate character in your party. Orlha's general pattern: MultiPunch, Strengthen, Genius, Gravitonne, LoRes, IceBerg, PunchDrunk, then physicals until you get annoyed and kill her off.

... the next couple of sentences make more sense coming from Grobyc and Norris, but eh. After you save her from certain imprisonment, she still doesn't believe that you're you, but as a sign of good faith she gives you her sister's Sapphire Brooch, telling you to come back when you've regained your true form. Show Doc the Medical Book from the Dead Sea, and he learns his level 7 tech, HangTen! (unless you never recruited him, in which case he does nothing) You can also buy elements like MeteorShower and the like in the element shop. OK, now go to the Dragon Shrine, talk to Direa, then show her the Tear of Hate. She gives you the Dragon Emblem and instructions to talk to the shrine maiden in the other world.

Well, before we do that, there are some other things we need to do. First, go to Arni. The villagers have all taken refuge in the courtyard, which means that the element lady's cart is abandoned... and you can now grab the Rainbow Shell from there. OK, to Home World!

Sidequest: S.S. Zelbess

Well, yes, we're going to the S.S. Zelbess, but there's just one thing I want to get out of the way first: Put Orcha in your party, and go to Arni. Talk to his brother Belcha behind the counter. Orcha tries his bra's new recipe... Orcha recieved DinnerGuest! Good, cause you'll probably need it for this sidequest... Oh, by the way, if you didn't agree to help Nikki earlier after you beat up the Sage onboard the S.S. Zelbess, thenya can't do this sidequest. Sorry, but that's whatCHA get fer not listenin to me. :op Take Fargo with you, and talk to the other, more evil Fargo. After a stern lecture, he gets the ship moving. Yay demi-humans! Now... sit back, and enjoy the show!

Well... you do know that that's basically the story of how Fargo and Zelbess met, right? Aww... ^~__~^ After the show, time to kick some arse in Marbule! Fargo broke the seal of Invincible! (allocate Fargo his lv. 7 tech and *FrogPrince, and you might want to take Orcha along (since Zappa doesn't have his lv. 7 tech yet, but either way doesn't matter). Personally, I'm sticking with Norris, but eh.).

Sidequest: Marbule Possessed - Home World

Ash and Toma are freaking out. Heh. Kill off all the Lagoonates in the first area (you can let them turn the field effect all blue, then cast *FrogPrince), on both sides of the island (don't forget to check on the right side all the way at the bottom for some), and work your way to the back and into the cave. When you kill off the last one, "a dragon's cry was heard in the far-off distance"... Yeah, by the way? Ash was right about the dreamer being some "gnarly dragon"... but you don't have to worry about him just yet; you only have, oh... about four to go before him... Ahaha, you should take Marcy and Fargo to see Nikki. (Marcy: What-EVER!!). Well, find Miki on the restaurant's balcony again... Miki joined your party!

Guldove - Home World

Go to the Dragon shrine, where they apparently don't like outsiders (by the way, Orcha's other-world self is in the bar behind the counter, ifya care). Show the guard the Dragon Emblem, and a voice issues forth from the tent. Enter the shrine. Huh... apparently, Steena's the new chief here in Home World's Guldove. Talk to her to find out that she already knows your mission. She's also quite strict and stern with you: she will only lend you the Dragon Tear after you get the blessing from the six Dragon Gods. Nope... there's just no way yer gonna get out of fighting those dragons... Oh yeah, but there's more stuff you can do first: Take Starky to Home World's Arni, and talk to the fisherman with the big fish. Haha, fishbowl... "doon't try thiis at hoome, thoough." ^~__~^;; Starky gets his Plasma Pistol out of the fish, and also learns Thanks! Er... huzzah? ^~__~^;;; By the way, you can equip this on Norris ifya want to, but a Denadorite Gun is better. Now, take Van to Termina. You don't need to talk to his dad, but you can ifya want to. Go into his room and put more g into his piggybank (it only takes up to 700g). Huzzah! OK, now... next page!

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