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The Dragon Hunt

Make sure you take Fargo with you against all of the dragons, cause he can steal some really cool (and some of it very useful) armour. Also, technically yer supposed to do these in the order that I have them listed (... notice a pattern yet?), but this is the order that I recommend: Water Dragon, Earth Dragon, Green Dragon, Fire Dragon, Black Dragon, and lastly Sky Dragon. The Water and Earth dragons are the easiest, so... yeah. Do whatCHA want, though. A good strategy is to have your third character have the opposite innate as the dragon yer fighting, although I'm sticking with Grobyc (at least until the Green Dragon). Again, it's yer call.

Earth Dragon Isle - Home World

There's a Capsule in a chest on your right. Talk to everybody, and you learn that they don't know where the entrance is. Well... walk onto the sand, and one of them yells at you, saying that it's quicksand. Yeah, we heardya the first time, and we're goin in anyway! Wheeeeeee! Haha, amateurs my arse... Anyway. The chests in this area only contain Mythril... like you need any more of that stuff. Just let the sand take you awaaaaaaaaay... At the bottom of the screen is a Rockroach that won't budge. Inspect it to figure out that you can't make it move, either, then turn around and head up the ladder on the right. Jump into the sand boil, then talk to the captain again, and he figures out how to enter. He also promises to remove the obstruction. Leave, then come right back and talk to the captain again. You find out that they've removed the Rockroach. Talk to him again to get a Rainbow Shell! Woohoo! Enter through the quicksand again, go down, and talk to the guy who's standing where the Rockroach used to be. After some bragging, he gives you the Explosive. Enter the next area. Wow, there's actually Denadorite around here! Then again, if you took my advice and played that game onboard the S.S. Zelbess, you should already have enough Denadorite for all of your characters... Anyway. On the right, set the Explosive under the Rockroach, and watch him soar! Ahahaha... He blocks one of the sand boils. Go to the left, climb down, talk to the guy, and attack the Rockroach when he's at the edge of the cliff (i.e., in that lil niche-thing). Push him over to block the other sand boil. Climb down to the bottom (go past the, uh, sandfall?) and attack the last remaining Rockroach. Push him onto the other boil, and a new boil appears. Jump into this one, and enter the cave. Save if you'd like, then walk to the pool. Hrmm... seems there's nobody home... or is there? Bombs away! Talk to the Earth Dragon, and answer that you seek the Dragon Gods' blessings.

Boss: Earth Dragon
Innate: Yellow
Attacks: GiddyBreath (tech), NaturalGas (tech, all-party, damage and yellow status effects), Catastrophe (tech, all-party, rocks fall (everybody dies?)), Earthquake

Cast TrapEarthquake, and have Fargo steal the Yellow Plate early on (i.e., have him go second) with his level 3 tech Pillage. If he fails, run away and try again. This shouldn't be too hard of a fight... just don't use yellow elements against her. Haha, do a funny lil dance and fall over. :oD

You recieve *ThundaSnake, and the Yellow Relic. Leave the cave and, after some deliberation, y'all jump into the sand boil again. Well, you should know the way back out from here...

Mount Pyre - Another World

This place should be frozen over already. If not, then either you're in the wrong world and didn't realize it, or else it just melted again... whatever... just use Icebreath. Now, get to where you fought Solt and Peppor all those zillions of years ago. In this area, instead of going all the way to the back, take a right. Use Icebreath on the magma slides, then slide down the left one. Enter the tunnel and climb up into the cave. Here, you can walk up the magma, attempt to dogde the Lavaboy to get the Pendragon Sigil A, then run to the landing, use up about 50 Capsules trying to cure yourself (that is, if you didn't get killed by the Lavaboy, cause yer HP's shot to hell), get the Poultice Cap after defeating the HotDoggity, and go back and freeze the lava... or just bypass that whole thing and brave the three or four HotDoggity's that run atCHA. Enter the cave in the back and talk to the Fire Dragon, who apparently still recognizes you. ^O__o^;; Tch, some pet. ^.__.^

Boss: Fire Dragon
Innate: Red
Attacks: FireBreath (tech, all-party), FieryBreath (tech), Inferno

Just power up all the way. After the first round, the Fire Dragon evolves. Yeesh. Have Fargo steal the Red Plate after one more round (if he fails, which he usually does around here, for some odd reason (must be the magma got to his blue-innate brain...), run away, leave the cave, re-enter, and try again until you do). Yeah yeah, it gets annoying after awhile... Cast TrapInferno, Deluge, and other high-level elements like Earthquake and BlackHole. As with all of the other dragons, elements of the same color will heal the dragon, so avoid casting Inferno. ... is it just me, or are these dragons just a bunch of drama queens?

You recieve *Salamander and the Red Relic for defeating him. Go back outside and get back to the "slides" area, then just slide down to the bottom of the screen, then leave.

Hydra Marshes - Home World

If you saved Kid before, skip to the next paragraph. If you didn't save Kid, refer to the Hydra Marshes home world section, up until after the Wingapede fight. Fall into the hole, and leave the cave. Leave the Hydra Marshes (jump down from where you are, go towards the back, play "Dodge the Quaffids" (or just beat em up), go south (past the SP) and right, south again, then left, down the plant, then keep going south), then come right back.

Go fight the Beeba in the same place as last time (yes, he has the memory of a goldfish on speed), but this time you get the Ancient Fruit. He'll also answer some questions ifya ask him. Talk to the other Beeba in the next area, and he explains how to use the Beeba Flute and Ancient Fruit to call the Wingapede. Call him there, and he takes you to Gaea's Navel...

Gaea's Navel - Home World

As soon as you land, Ooga-Booga, Leah temporarily joined-um party! (put her in immediately. Not only is her innate the opposite of that of most of the wildlife in this area, but her HP's higher than Norris'!) OK, go left. Whenever you encounter a Prehysteric, kill it first. The stupid things' tech has the same effect as the WillO'Wisps' attacks on the Isle of the Damned (bad!) Don't forget to look in the trees for stuff (Leah's tree has a Green Brooch... but watch out for the Pterodacts that attack you in the trees...). In the area on the left is an SP. Well, I gotta say somethin... this is kinda like when you had to kill off all of the dwarves on Water Dragon Isle, or the Marbule Possessed sidequest. Yes, you have to kill off everything. And don't bother curing poison, cause you'll just end up running out of Antidotes, and get poisoned again anyway. After you get some Denadorite, go back to the Record of FATE and forge a stone axe for Leah. Climb the tree just to the left of the SP, then go left across it's branch to find just what you were looking for: Denadorite. Back on the ground, go left and up the ramp, and in the back (off to the right) is a another Denadorite. Next to the ramp is an area where you can climb down to a lower level. All the way right is some more... Denadorite. Man, and you thought Mythril was getting annoying... Go left, and at the end in a crevice-type area is some more... yeah yeah, you know. Go back a bit and climb up to the upper level, then go all the way right. Prehysteric and Denadorite, what a combination. Left, up the thin ramp, and up the tree for some more stony-ness, then back down and left for another Prehysteric moron. Left, up the branch, left, more death, then use the large brown tree to climb back down. Go right! Kill! Now left! Left some more and around and to the right and then left for the last bug and the last bit of Denadorite! After killing off all of the wildlife, you're back where you started. Exit left, save your game, get un-poisoned, and re-enter right again. A sudden hush falls over the clearing. No, "he"'s not the Green Dragon...

Boss: Tyrano, Pterodact
Innate: Red
Attacks: CrunchOut (tech, Tyrano); Flap (tech, Pterodact)

... I wonder if he's related to the CT Tyrano... and... I thought Tyrannosaurs walked on their hind legs...Anyway. He's accompanied by a Pterodact, but don't worry too much about Mr. Polly-lookalike. Concentrate on attacking Tyrano, and you can have Leah attack the stupid Pterodact. A couple of IceBergs should do the trick. If not, Fargo's Invincible and/or CannonBalls should finish them off.

After the fight, another louder roar is heard, and Leah runs off to investigate. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the Green Dragon in all his... uh... glory? ...excuse me?! Lunch? I think not.

Boss: Green Dragon
Innate: Green
Attacks: BadBreath (tech, all-party), ToxicBreath (tech, all-party), Carnivore, GreenField

Cast TrapCarnivore as soon as you can, and have Fargo steal the Green Plate. Right after he casts GreenGield he'll cast Carnivore, so if he casts GreenField and you haven't done TrapCarnivore use any other color element, even if it's a level 1, cause Carnivore takes off a lot of HP. If you bought fifteen TrapCarnivores, this will be fun. Allocate five to each char and keep your grid levels activated to at least level three. Then just keep casting TrapCarnivore, cause that's all he's gonna do while the field effect is green and you don't throw any elements at him. I have actually used up all fifteen TrapCarnivores doing this before. :op When you're running out of traps, keep your grid levels fully activated and then pummel him with elements from your highest grid levels as soon as he uses up your last trap. Make sure you don't use any green elements against him, and that you make sure the field effect doesn't stay all green ever again after he uses up your last trap. Watch out though, cause his breath attacks cause random status effects (I've ended up with one character having red, white, blue, and black status effects, another with blue, white, and green, and another with yellow, white, black, and blue status effects... not good when you're trying to cast elements on the big fat bastard....). Cast lots of Earthquakes and ThundaStorms if you have them. He's not very good on defense, so after he's used up your last trap he'll probably only last about two rounds of whomping before dying. Just keep an eye on things cause when he starts getting low on HP (i.e., starts bouncing up and down), he usually starts casting GreenField like crazy.

You get *Genie, the Green Relic, and Leah officially joined-um party! Back in the clearing, use the Beeba Flute to call the Wingapede to go back to the Hydra Marshes. You can talk to the original Beeba, ask about the Ancient Fruit, and he'll give you a new one. Whee. OK, leave.

Water Dragon Isle - Home World -- Off to Water Dragon Isle, in Search of the Dragon Blue

The return of the handy-dandy lily pad diagram, in case you need it. AUGH! More Lagoonates?! (Actually, no, you don't haveta kill em all off... but if you insist...) The Water Dragon's in the same place from before. Tell her you seek the Dragon Gods' blessings.

Boss: Water Dragon
Innate: Blue
Attacks: TsunamiBeam (tech, all-party), IceBreath (tech, all-party), Deluge, IceBerg

The water dragon isn't too hard to beat. Cast TrapDeluge as soon as you can, and right afterwards she'll probably cast it. Basically what she does is alternate TsunamiBeam and Deluge, so right after she casts Deluge, cast TrapDeluge, then heal with something that isn't blue. After awhile she'll start alternating IceBreath and IceBerg, so set traps for IceBerg after she does IceBreath. Don't worry too much about IceBreath, since it doesn't do as much damage as TsunamiBeam, by far. Sometimes, she'll switch back to the TsunamiBeam/Deluge pattern, and sometimes she won't even cast IceBerg... Milk her for Deluges/IceBergs until she starts sagging, at which point have Fargo steal the Blue Plate. Whenyer done, just kill her off with a couple of Infernos or somethin, unless she dies before then. This is really not a hard fight at all.

You recieve *BlueWhale and the Blue Relic after the fight. *whew* Only two more to go!! ^X__x^;;

Marbule - Another World

If you didn't do the Marbule Possessed sidequest, then the dragon isn't awake, and this'll be a piece of cake. Just enter the cave and inspect the lake to get the Black Relic. Haha, no *GrimReaper for you.

If you did do the sidequest... Heh, if you talk to the Sage, he wonders how the heck the Black Dragon woke up without their song... ^>__>^;; Head to the cave in the back and talk to the Black Dragon. He seems to think that you'll be fun exercise.

Boss: Black Dragon
Innate: Black
Attacks: DarkBreath (tech, causes black status effects), GravityBomb (all-party), FreeFall, Gravitonne (all-party), Genius, SealAll

Have HolyLights allocated into your characters' highest grid slots. Using white elements will result in the Black Dragon casting AntiWhite, but what the hey, eh? (...) Anyway. Steal the Black Plate ASAP (VERY IMPORTANT!), and use up all your white elements. Sure, now you can't cast any more white ones, but the Dragon's been wasting his time casting AntiWhite instead of attacking... Cast TrapFreeFall at some point, since he'll probably cast this once or twice, so it's best to be ready. He'll also cast GravityBomb, which hits like a, well... bomb. Hit him with some high-level elements (Carnivore, Deluge, IceBerg, etc.), and he'll be dead pretty soon. Also, when he casts SealAll it actually only stops YOUR elements, not his. Black Dragon's general pattern: DarkBreath, Genius, GravityBomb, Gravitonne, FreeFall (unless you cast a white attack element, after which he will always cast AntiWhite).

He thanks you for the excitement and disappears after giving you *GrimReaper and the Black Relic. ... hahaha, if you talk to the cat-man near the entrance, he gets all scared and runs away. *snickers*

Sky Dragon Isle - Another World

Talk to the Sky Dragon, and he commends you for gaining the protection of the other dragons. And now... for the last Dragon God.

Boss: Sky Dragon
Innate: White
Attacks: WhiteBreath (tech), HolyBreath (tech, all-party), NullState (tech), UltraNova, HolyHealing

After doing some damage to the Sky Dragon, he counteracts with Nullstate, which causes all attacks on the dragon to have less than the desired effect. Steal the White Plate now, and cast TrapUltraNova, just in case. Use only physicals and use this time to heal, unless he casts Magnify; if he does, hit him with Freefall or BlackHole, just to get his attention. After a couple of rounds (like, two or three), Nullstate should've worn off, so pummel him with black elements and Lynx's ForeverZero.

You recieve *Saints and the White Relic. He also tells you to go to the Pearly Gates, butCHA can't do that yet...

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