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Guldove - Home World

Talk to Steena again. Steena joined your party! She also gives you the Dragon Tear. Well... time to go set some things right, huh.

Sidequest: Forbidden Isle - Home World

Another sidequest... you don't have to do this now, but I recommend doing it while yer still innate black (as opposed to when yer Serge again, and innate white). Of course, I'm gonna wait til Glenn's back in my party, cause you should know by now that I'm reckless and don't even take my own advice. :op Anyway. You need Riddel for this sidequest, and you need to have completed the Isle of the Damned sidequest to do this thing. If you do wait until after you get Dario's brother Glenn back into your party (which means yer now white-innate), then you NEED Prism equipment for this, or at least a Prism Mail for Serge (refer to the bottom of this page (where it says "Take Zappa and Glenn (...)") to find out how to get Zappa to learn how to forge the Rainbow, and refer to the Weapons and Armour section of this walkthrough for details on how to acquire the forging materials).

Put Riddel in your party, equip her with the Black Plate, and forge her a Denadorite Rod. Allocate her lots of white elements (especially HolyLight and RecoverAll). Don't give anybody else white elements, cause you won't be using it. Behind Viper Manor is a tiny island with smoke billowing out. Land on the island, and enter the cabin. (if you see Solt and Peppor inside, you're not in Home World...) Talk to the man sitting in the chair... Dario?! He's apparently got amnesia, but Riddel shows him the Memento Pendant to refresh his memory (hence why you needed to do the Isle of the Damned sidequest earlier). Karsh and Radius come in to try and help Dario to remember stuff. And then an old... "friend"... makes an appearance.

Uh oh... Dario's now possessed by the evil sword Masamune. Karsh continues with his flashback about what happened to Dario in Another World, explaining why the Masamune chose Dario as its new owner. ... bad Garai! No cookie!! No trying to kill off yer own daughter-in-law! ^>__<^!

You end up outside, and now you have to face Dario in battle...

Boss: The fourth Dragoon Deva, Dario
Innate: Black
Attacks: DashandGash (tech), SonicSword (tech), ConductaRod (tech), FreeFall, LoRes, Weaken, BatEye, Numble, RecoverAll

Glenn's brother has Glenn's level 3 and 5 techs... as black! One of these can leave you with 1HP left (believe me, I've seen it happen...). I've heard some really weird ways out there to "win" this fight, but I mean, come on... in all seriousness, is there any way that you can just have Riddel attack Dario? All of your characters have to attack him at some point; the game won't let you do otherwise... unless all three characters defend for a round. Then there's the idea of having Riddel do all the elemental attacks while the rest of the party members cure her (which she doesn't need cause of the Black Plate) and just stand around looking pretty...

Here's my way: Honestly, if you don't have the Black Plate, that's fine too, but if you don't have it, then don't give Riddel any white elements and just treat her like any other party member in regards to the following strategy. Have all of your characters with magic power increasing accessories like Magic Seals and Magic Rings, etc. And I mean, fill up all of their accessory slots with items like this. Items that increase magic power AND physical power are OK too, but not physical power only. Fill up your grid slots from levels four and up with purely attack elements of any colour except black and white. Give Riddel all of your white attack elements and the Black Plate. You will NOT need to heal at all with this strategy if you do it right. See, Dario has a very specific casting pattern. If you use a white element he will ALWAYS counter with ConductaRod (and since Riddel's got the Black Plate and ConductaRod is a black tech, it will just heal her when she casts white elems). If you use a black elem, he ALWAYS counters with RecoverAll (on himself, unlike some other bosses in the game), and you don't want him healing himself. If you cast a green elem, he counters with LoRes. If you use a yellow elem, he counters with BatEye, a blue elem makes him use Weaken, and a red elem makes him use Numble. If you just treat this as a normal fight, then he'll toss DashandGash, SonicSword, and FreeFall into the mix in there somewhere.

So... what is this that I'm saying you won't ever need to heal? I've made it through this fight without him ever even hitting me once with anything other than debuffs by taking advantage of his pattern. So... level your first party member's grid ONLY up to level five and then IMMEDIATELY cast any element in your level FOUR grid slot. Yeah, you won't have fully finished your turn (i.e., used up all your stamina before casting), but this will keep him from actually attacking you and will counter with whatever debuff corresponds with whatever attack element you just used on him. You'll also still have your level one slot activated for the next round. Move on to your second character and level them up to grid level five, cast an attack from grid level four, move on to character three and do the same. In round two, because of level one still being activated, you can activate your grid to level six, but I suggest using only elements from your level four slots until you run out of elements in level four, especially if you decide to use yellow elements, since BatEye will reduce your hit percentage and you NEED to attack this guy without using up most of your stamina with attacking, otherwise he'll interrupt your turn and attack one of your party members. Once he starts sagging, go ahead and use your highest grid level elements on him cause he'll only last about 2-3 rounds after this. The only potential downside to this strategy (besides the fact that it takes longer than other boss fights so far) is that if you wanted to trap FreeFall from this guy you won't be able to cause he's too busy casting debuffs. However, trying to milk this guy is the worst idea anyone could ever have, so it's not really that much of a downside (plus, you should have plenty of FreeFalls by now anyway).

... new master? Man, if it possesses you... I never knewya. ^<__<^;; ... what the heck do birds have to do with anything? Ah well. Masa and Mune, the two trouble-makers, have apparently been asleep all this time. Monkies... haha, getting ragged on by Doreen! (Doreen, if yer a CT veteran and remember these things, is Masa and Mune's sister. You meet her somewhere in Zeal). Lynx/Serge's Sea Swallow fuses with the Masamune (with Doreen's help, of course) to become the Mastermune! Dario also gets his memory back. Beh, I went through all that and Glenn doesn't even say much. Ah well. The girl who's been taking care of Dario basically slams the door behind her, Riddel talks about needing to grow into something bigger, and Radius takes you all back to (the destroyed) Viper Manor. Yay, more Glenn talk! Not that it makes much of a difference... I was hoping for something more... involved, ya know? HE'S HIS BROTHER, FER CRIPES' SAKE! Anyway. Dario swears to rebuild Viper Manor, Radius decides to come out of retirement (I can just imagine what Harle'd say to that...), Karsh is all jubilant about the Four Devas being back in business... as Dario promptly falls over. ^o__o^;;; Dario (from the ground) gives Riddel her level 7 tech, SnakeFangs! ... aha, Riddel's laugh scares me... cause... well... she wants to turn Viper Manor into an orphanage. ^X__x^;; Haha... (General Viper: Errrr...) Oh, by the way, you can now get the other Einlanzer for Glenn (if you skipped this sidequest earlier, you'll know what I'm talking about. Otherwise, you'll get to it in a minute).

Fort Dragonia - Home World

Use the Mount Pyre Another World section to deal with navigating this area. You need to get to Fort Dragonia. By the way, in the area where you had to climb up the lava, there's a Red Brooch where the Poultice Cap was, and in the area where you fought the Fire Dragon the second time in Another World, there are a ton of HotDoggities, but there are also three chests: Strengthen, Weaken, and Inferno. Other chests contain Mythril and Denadorite.

Aha, Steena's creepy... if she's not in yer party, she'll magically appear out of nowhere when you get here, tells you to put the Dragon Tear into the stone thing in front of you (and now you know how Lynx and General Viper got into the other fort without having to fight anything...), then promptly disappears. Well, you heard the creepy lady! Put the Dragon Tear into the stone thingy. Aiee, rumbling! ^.__.^;; Anyway. With the Dragon Tear, you no longer have to go through the whole fort and deactivate all of the crystals. There are still chests to open, though. If you don't want to get any treasure, skip to the next paragraph. Otherwise: red section goodies (use the bottom gap): two Nostrums, a Denadorite, and a Volcano. Green section: lots of Denadorite and Nostrums, and a Tornado. Blue section: Iceberg. Yellow section: ThundaStorm and Denadorite. Use the Fort Dragonia Another World section ifya need to. When yer done, enter the central area. ...uh oh.

Boss: Dark Serge
Innate: Black
Attacks: Glidehook (tech), FeralCats (tech, all-party), ForeverZero (tech, all-party), Volcano, Tornado, BlackHole, IceBerg, Carnivore, Strengthen, Ninety-Nine, Vigora

Just when you thought there wasn't a single boss in this whole fort, along comes this joker again... and toting all of Lynx's techs that you've sooo enjoyed using up to now... huh. Well, one idea is to equip yourself with the Black Plate, but really... just look at all of those high-level elements he uses. Try it anyway, though, cause he does have black tech skills. Here's whatCHA do: Equip yer characters with defense accessories. Have TrapVolcano, TrapTornado, TrapIceBerg, and TrapCarnivore allocated. You can milk him for these (he USUALLY casts them in this order: FeralCats, Volcano, ForeverZero, Tornado, IceBerg, Strengthen, Vigora, Ninety-Nine, Carnivore, and then he starts over again). Sometimes he'll throw a BlackHole in there somewhere, so be careful... cause... I was keeping my HP full... and Lynx had the Black Plate... and Dark Serge cast BlackHole... and Lynx and Grobyc DIED. ... yeah, I think this game hates me. *nods sagely* Of course, once you start casting elements on him, his pattern is no more, so... beh. You can milk him as long as you WATCH YER HP. Seriously. Don't let your characters' HP's fall below 200HP under their total HP. He's got a lot of HP and hits hard, though, so don't think this is a walk in the park, either.

Take the elevator down and place the Big Egg in the central incubator. Draggy is born! Awww... the poor thing is looking for his brothers and sisterrrrrrs... *sniff* ... rofl. He thinks Lynx is his motherrrrrrr... uh... yeah... I can see the resemblance there... mmhmm... Draggy joined yourrr parrrty! If you didn't put him into your party, he hijacks the elevator, but it comes right back. Take the elevator up to the top floor (there are two Nostrums, an AntiBlack, and an AntiWhite up here) and use the teleporter to reach the floating level. Remove all of your elements from your (Lynx's) grid, and all your equipped accessories, cause there's a small chance that some'll end up missing after this (which is bad). Steena pulls her "*poof* Helloooo!" trick again, saying that you must enter alone. Enter, then place the Dragon Tear (not the Tear of Hate, mind you) on the pedestal. You get the entire history of the world taught to you by some glowing light spark. Fun. Oooh, bubbly. Awwwwww... chibi Serge!! Kawaii!! ^~_____~^!! crack*BOOM* Aha, dripping wet, nekkid Serge... as all the female gamers out there drool and faint. ^9__9^ Well, at least you got yer body back, eh? And mysteriously re-acquired yer old clothes. ^<__<^;; Haha. (Grobyc: The-Serge!!!) OK, what is with the talk about coins while in Fort Dragonia? After much talk from Steena, you get the Tear of Love! Whee? Now... time to get revenge on that bastard Lynx! (or Serge...) (or Dark Serge...) OR WHATEVER!!! (by the way, you also have all of your old party members back. Huzzah!)

Well, actually, here's some stuff that you can do before beating the crap out of yer darker half. I tried to put all of the Home World stuff first. When it changes, I'll specify which world yer supposed to be in.

  • With General Viper and Greco in yer party, enter the bar in Termina and talk to the barmaid. She opens the back door for you. Enter the secret room the same way you did to find Karsh and Zoah in Another World, then inspect the flag hanging on the back wall. General Viper recieved FlagBearer! You also get a Dragoon's Glory. (*Tip: You can leave, re-enter, and inspect the wall (yes, it's a blank wall that you're inspecting afterwards) as many times as you want to get more of General Viper's level 7 tech (yes, he can have more than one allocated, as long as they're all in lv. 7 grid slots) and as many Dragoon Glory's as you want! (Give Serge, Grobyc, and Glenn each three of these and watch the monsters drop like flies!)) OK, Greco's turn: Head to the shrines and talk to that lady in this world's version of Greco's hut. You know, the one who mentioned Ghetz earlier? Greco and Ghetz talk, and Greco learned GraveDigger! Switch Skelly into your party, enter the bar, and talk to the barmaid. Ahaha, "Hot Mama." *snickers, falls over a la Dario* Skelly remembered OnARoll! Now, this last bit doesn't get you an item or a tech or anything (but you should do the last sentence in this paragraph, however), but if you switch Mojo into your party and go to the training yard next to the smithy and inspect the straw training dummy on the left side of the screen, Mojo will have a rather lengthy conversation with his long-lost brother about life, the universe, and everything else. Regardless of witnessing this conversation or not, take Mojo to see the fisherman in Arni, who says he's been hearing voices telling him to pray to Lasery, Aurey, and Lickey. This is the first step to getting Mojo's lv7 tech, but the other part is in Another World, so the rest will be further down this page.

  • With Poshul in party, go to Hermit's Hideaway and inspect the plant growing where you used IceBreath on the burnt-out patch of ground. (yes, Draggy, Leah, Starky, and Razzly (if you recruited her (she's inside the hut)) are all here). Serge can't pull it out, but Poshul can. Turnip forced his way into your party! Aha, he talks like Frog... ^@__@^;;

  • Take NeoFio to Sky Dragon Isle (if you didn't recruited Neofio, go to Another World and click here). Go to where the explorer in purple always is, then go south. Try to stop the monster from eating the butterfly, and the butterfly screams: "Aiiiii!!" Go up the mountain then go right back down again. The monster has eaten the butterfly! Have NeoFio go up to the monster. After pressing X a couple of times, the monster releases the butterfly. Other butterflies come and join it, the monster disappears, and NeoFio recieves BamBamBam!

  • Put Leena and Poshul in your party and go to Arni. Have her talk to her grandmother, and Leena receives her level 7 tech MaidenFaith! (*Note: You can only do this if you answered "We'll never forget this day!" all those zillions of years ago like I toldCHA to) Go out onto the pier and talk to Leena. Poshul received Unleashed!

  • Go introduce Nikki to Nikki and, after a one-on-one jam session, Nikki learns LimeLight!

  • Take Funguy into the Shadow Forest and into the cave where you, er, cursed him. Inspect the mushroom growing in the back, and Funguy wants to eat it. ... rofl! (mushroom: Daddy! Nooo!!!) AHAHAHA!! Ha, well, Funguy's kids are comin with him (ha, I wonder what Lisa's gonna think of her new siblings :oD ), and he gets his level 7 tech, Myconoids! I swear, that has to be the most amusing tech ever. :oD And I don't mean just the acquisition of it, either.

  • Take Steena to the Isle of the Damned and have her read Garai's epitaph. She gets her level 7 tech, GaraiShadow!

  • Go to Marbule (looks different, don't it?) with Irėnės in your party and talk to the Witch Doctor twice to get her level 7 tech, SirenSong. Now, go to the cave in the back (where the Black Dragon was) and talk to Toma. Ha, he's married now! ^~__~^;; Talk to him again to get the Quill and Papyrus frame. Talk to the guy in purple to buy the Master Hammer for 10,000g, then equip it on Zappa.
    • Take Zappa and Glenn to Another World's Termina. Talk to the churros vender. Not only do the churros restore your HP, but you find a Rainbow Shell inside, too! (owie...) Talk to the other Zappa and your Zappa learns how to forge Rainbow Shells after forging the Rainbow Axe. Refer to the Sidequests section of this walkthrough for tips on how to get forging materials for prism equipment.

    • Take Glenn into the house where he and his brother used to live. Talk to Marina (the girl in green) so that Glenn stops the brothers' fight, then look into the partially-opened cupboard to find one of Glenn's old trophies. Huzzah for flashbacks. ^~__~^ This next part can only be done if you've completed the Forbidden Isle sidequest on this page. On the seashell island where Garai and Dario are buried, inspect the sword. The Einlanzer resonates, and Glenn and his brother come to an understanding. Woah. Glenn is sooo cooool... ^*__*^ Glenn has succeeded the Einlanzer! (with two of them equipped, he now becomes one of your heaviest hitters!). ... and yes... the two Einlanzers give him an even stronger attack power than a Spectral Sword would... :oD Also, everything else on this page is in Another World.

  • Take Mojo to the fisherman in Arni, who says that the three cat statues he's got were part of a package deal when he bought Mojo. Talk to the cat statues in the order that the first fisherman mentioned them in (Lasery is the black cat statue, Aurey is the one on the other side of the room, and Lickey is the one next to Lasery). You start hearing voices too, and Mojo comes clean about how he's not really lucky, but was actually created as a voodoo doll, a means to hurt others (Really? I totally thought that huge nail in your chest was just a fashion accessory! ^-__-^;; ). This monologue by Mojo is really similar to the one he had with his brother, if you did that earlier. However, it takes a much more positive tone pretty quickly, and Mojo says he's happy to have come into the world because he got to meet you and the rest of your party. He thanks you and vows to change for the better. He also learns his lv7 tech, HoodooGuroo. Yay! He also gets his name changed from Mojo to Mojoy (of course, the game doesn't tell you, but you can see it in the status menu or when other characters talk about him).

  • Take Draggy to Fossil Valley and to the large dragon skull... Turns out that was his motherrr... awww... ... and it talks! ^.__.^ But Draggy realizes that he has friends, and he learns BigBreath!

  • Take Turnip and NeoFio to Viper Manor Another World (yes, you need Norris to get in, but there's a Record of FATE in two/three places inside Viper Manor) to the pool where NeoFio was born (if NeoFio's not in your party, then she's already in the pool and won't let Turnip in). Turnip enters the pool. ... and turns beet red... Incredibly, Turnip mastered VegOut! Use a Record of FATE to put Luccia in your party, then enter the sewers by way of the grate in the kitchen. Remember where that Amoeba-thingy was? Go there and inspect it. Luccia recieved TestAmeba! Aha, remember to switch Norris back in, or else you won't be able to leave ^@__@^;;

  • Take Korcha to Termina and inspect the mermaid tank the shop owner (next to the fortune teller) covered up the first time you met Korcha. Korcha will give the mermaid trapped inside a wake-up call. Leave the area (not necessarily the town, just a screen change) and come back and inspect the tank again. Apparently Korcha's speech did the trick. The shopkeeper, however, isn't too happy that his prize possession has buggered off. Go down to the water's edge where you first talked to Korcha about borrowing his boat (near Greco's hut and the seashell island that has Dario and Garai's epitaph on it) to find the mermaid that escaped there. She thanks Korcha and says that she's heard that he loves to fish. Korcha received BigCatch! While you're here, go to the smithy and enter the back room (this is only if you recruited Pierre earlier, and he can't be in your current party when you go to do this. Also, you need the Prop Sword item from the Dead Sea for this, so if you don't have it, move on! :op ). Stop Pierre from running around and talk to him, and he says he's come to the realisation that he's not a hero and that he's just been deluding himself this entire time. The Prop Sword begins to shine and becomes the Hero's Blade! This is the third and final piece of the three-piece Hero's set (the other two being the Hero's Medal and Hero's Shield). Pierre also learns his lv7 tech, SlapOfCyrus!

  • Grab Steena again, and take her to the Hydra Marshes. Go towards where the Pentapus lived in Home World, beat up the meanies that are harrasing the poor Beeba, then move on (yes, you can also call the Wingapede in this world too, but I'll get to that in a minute). Jump into the hoooooole! (and prepare for a boss battle) Stupid dwarves, coming back to haunt us! (literally...)

    Boss: De-Hydrate
    Innate: Black
    Attacks: Gravitonne, BlackHole

    Yes, the stupid thing casts BlackHole, so set a trap for it or yer kinda screwed. Give Steena the Black Plate while yer at it. Then again... one HolyLight and he's dead... ^>__>^;;

    After the battle, Steena gets her level 5 tech, HydraShadow. There's also a Pendragon Sigil B in the chest.

  • Back in Guldove, enter the bar and show Orlha her Sapphire Brooch. Orlha joined your party! Take her to the Guldove in Home World and talk to Doc. She finally gets to meet her twin sister, Tia. Beware, this is sad... but the Sapphire Brooch becomes the Blue Brooch, and Orlha inherits SisterHoods!

  • Hydra Marshes - Another World

    Call the Wingapede where you normally would if this were Home World's Hydra Marshes (if you didn't do the whole Steena's level 5 tech thing earlier, then you'll have to save a Beeba on the way up here).

    Gaea's Navel - Another World

    Blah blah, go left for two chests with Denadorite in em, blah blah, left, more Denadorite (2), blah blah, and now... THE REASON WHY WE CAME HERE (no, not to get poisoned... ^-__-^;; ). Climb up the tree in this area. See the idiot Prehysteric that got himself stuck up in this tree? BEAT HIM UP! Woohoo, you get the Snakes and Orbs frame! Now, if you REALLY want more Denadorite, or to get poisoned some more (... how the hell do you poison a cyborg? (Grobyc: *does not get poisoned*) ... well, nevermind then... (Grobyc: I-am-made-of-metal-why-you-try-to-poison-me *kills many things*) ... ^<__<^;; ), then go explore, but I'm not helpinya...

    FATE and Fiery Blazes

    Dream of a Shore Bordering Another World

    Nothing's Changed But Everything!

    [The Hero] [The Magician] [Rockin' Bard Superstar]

    Vipers and Poison

    Guldove - Where Ripples Become Waves

    Fairy Appetizers

    Cheating Pirates and Spooky Ships

    Dwarven Invasion: A Prelude to Being on Fire

    Crystal Connundrum

    Even More Temporal Distortions and Cheating Pirates

    Death's Door, the Dead Sea, and Even More Dead Things

    The Princess and the Cockroach

    Be Vewy Vewy Qwiet, I'm Huntin Dwagons!