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The Pearly Gates/The Sea of Eden - Home World -- To the Sea of Eden: Through the Hidden Holes in Time

If you haven't already forged Prism Equipment cause of the Dario sidequest, do so now (although you don't really need it, it does make things easier). Go to one of the FATE distortions (lights in the sea, doesn't matter which) and press X. You are deemed worthy, congratulations. Put in disc 2 already! ^>__<^! You have to go to each of these islands and touch the floating pyramids that spiral away afterwards. The last island you visit determines which boss you're about to battle. It doesn't really matter in terms of story which one you choose, but I'm going with Vita Duo, cause the spoils are better (they're listed below).

Boss: Present (Clotho) last => Vita Unus (Red innate), Spoils: Vigora
Future (Lachesis) last => Vita Duo (Green innate), Spoils: Earring of Light
Past (Atropos) last => Vita Tres (Blue innate), Spoils: Diva Dress
Attacks: Volcano/Inferno, Fireball, CurePlus, Cure, GreenField, EagleEye, FirePillar, AntiYellow

The order in which you visited the other islands has some effect on the order in which they cast these things (i.e., red triangle-thingy first == red element first, usually). At this point, Volcano only does < 300HP damage, but if you want to reduce the damage done to your party then cast TrapVolcano at the beginning, especially if you went to the Present (Clotho) first. If you went to Present first, it'll help if your TrapVolcano char has a Dreamer's Scarf equipped. You'll only need to cast the trap once, though, if you went to Present first. If you didn't, you'll want to cast it again. Also, they all do GreenField eventually, so if Glenn or a green-innate character is inyer party, have them cast *Genie for almost 1,000HP damage! (unless it's Vita Duo) Sometimes they'll do Inferno, but eh. Big deal.

Level up your character with TrapVolcano by using weak attacks, and cast it immediately. After that, just do whatever until she casts GreenField. Then cast *Genie, and Carnivore/Tornado until she dies (or *Sonja too, if you really want to be mean about it :oD ), or until the field effect changes colour. After that, just hit the Vita with whatever. (*Note: Ifyer battling Vita Duo, the green elements won't have as much effect on her because of her innate, so just use your other-coloured high-level elements (but still use *Genie))

After defeating the Vita, the walls of water around Chronopolis subside.

Chronopolis, The Time Fortress -- The Arbiter of Time: On Whom the Three Fates Smile

Enter and read the inscription on the statue (huh... military research center hoping for peace? Go fig...), then wander over to the ghosts on the right to overhear their conversation. Lots of things that make no sense, although they do mention FATE and the Frozen Flame. Talk to them again, and then to each individually to learn some more information. Head down the hall... and some robot drops down from the ceiling.

Boss: PolisPolice
Attacks: MegatonFist (tech), Bazooka (tech)

Equip Grobyc (or any black-innate char in your party) with the White Plate. If Fargo's in your party, have him try to steal (you might end up with a Rainbow Shell, although you'll most likely just get a Capsule). Hit it with lots of high-level elements, especially Freefall and BlackHole. This isn't a very hard fight, besides the fact that his techs hit pretty hard (Bazooka hits for around 500 dmg, even in Prism Mail). However, he starts sparking after about a round or two. Another round or so after that, and he blows up. Like, literally. Smouldering debris rolling by your feet and everything. ^.__.^;;

Take a left, go under the walkway, and on the right side in the back is a chest containing a Yellow Brooch. Back up the stairs, continue into the next area. You can't keep going, cause the way is blocked by a sliding door, so go right. There's a Nostrum in the cupboard there in the top-right corner, then enter the sewers through the floor panel in that same area (bottom of the right area of the screen). Go all the way to the left and activate the robot with the control panel. If the robot falls into the water, don't worry cause you have, like, 20 million of them. You're less likely to fall into the water if, when you have to move left (i.e., with the current) you let the current do most of the work and only use the arrow keys to slightly nudge the robot in the direction you need to go in. Use the robot to get the items in the sewers: on the left is a White Brooch, there's a CureAll in the back, and up the platform in the back and to the right is the switch. Hit the switch, quit the robot (with the triangle button), and hit the switch on your side to extend the other half of the platform. Climb the ladder and use the computer to open the door behind you.

In the next area, exit screen-left (up the stairs) and talk to the ghost on the pier under the light. Back in the last area, go through the door on the right (i.e., straight across from where you just came from). Get Sprigg's Forget-Me-Not Pot from under the stairs (when equipped to any party member, whatever monster (not including bosses) you defeat go into Sprigg's Doppelgang menu). On the second floor (the door is under the blue bar in the stairwell), be careful going through the red laser sensors because an Aero-Guard pops up out of the floor hatch. The back door is locked, so go through the doorway at the bottom of the screen. In the hallway, enter the doorway all the way on the left and talk to the ghost on the map for information on El Nido. Talk to the ghost in the back-left corner of the room, who's wondering where the lock release for the elevator was. Talk to him again to learn that Dark Serge and Kid have been around here... Anyway. The computer right next to him releases the lock. Go back to the door (where the red security beams were) and enter. You find a room with one hatch out of five open. The "hatch" on the left with the wheel on it is where you enter the code:

Open Hatch
Code to Enter
left hatch
second hatch
middle hatch
fourth hatch
right hatch
You get a Recharge element as a reward. If Grobyc is in your party, open the trunk on the right to get his level 7 tech, StrongArm. Huzzah for Porre stuff mysteriously appearing in random future ruins. Go back outside and use the elevator to get to the third floor. In the right room, talk to the ghosts for more information. Ah... so that's what those stupid floating green pyramids are really there for... anyway. Through the door (in this same room, to the right of where you came in) is a Combot guarding a HellBound in a chest. Cause, ya know, you really need another level 4 black element... [/sarcasm] You decide if it's worth fighting him for it (by the way, their tech (GunnerGetYa) causes confusion, and considering yer party members should destroy things right about now, it might not be a very good idea... waaahaahaaa, Serge just ElectroBolted the hell out of Gleeeeeeeenn... ^X__;^ ).

Enter the left door and talk to the ghost. In the back are two computers: the one on the left has information on Lavos, and the one on the right has information on humans and Reptites. There's another one on the right side of the room that gives you a short genetics lesson. Through the door in the back is a Rainbow Shell in a chest. Take the elevator to the fourth floor and enter the right door. Approach the thing right in front of you to learn about Lucca's theory of time-travel. The ghosts also say they cannot start the experiment without the chief. Go through the door on the left (near where you came in) and down the stairs. Talk to the ghost to find out that the chief is on the pier (i.e., the ghost you talked to before), then get the Magnify out of the chest. Go through the door (because you can't keep going down the stairs since there's a barrier in the way) to the fourth floor, then use the elevator to get to the first floor. Talk to the chief on the pier again (Belthasar did who the what now?), then follow him back up to the fourth floor and enter the left door.

Inspect the display in front of you to learn about how FATE controls both worlds (and other stuff). Talk to the ghosts to find out that FATE is actually the old Mother Brain computer revamped. ... fun, no? Fight the Combot on the left to get the Card Key out of the chest. Use the computer in the back to get a bit freaked out... cause apparently those are Serge's memories... And, of course, we all know that Kid is a member of the legendary band of thieves, the Radical Dreamers ("Le Trésor Interdit" roughly translated means "The Forbidden Jewel"). ... eheh... Serge doesn't talk that much. ^>__<^ And who the hell is Magil?! (actually, Kid, Serge, and Magil are the three main characters in the other game in this series, which happens to be titled "Radical Dreamers: Le Trésor Interdit," which was supposed to be set in another world (kinda like Another World, cept... you know... other other world...). Confusing, no?). Basically, that whole thing was just propaganda for the other game in this series... which is text-based and only available in Japan, so... what's the point of having it in the US release of this game, anyway? ^@__@^;; By the way, that was actual RD: LTI dialogue. Look, I'll prove it! *points right* See? SEE?! ^<__<^;; Well, at least it makes sense for everybody now, right? Anyway. Use the elevator to get to the basement (or save on the pier first if you'd like). Fight one of the Combots (or both, if you really really want to) to get by, then use the control panel thingy to the left of the door. Yes, welcome back, Chrono Trigger, now will somebody explain why the hell they keep calling Serge that?! Bah, go through the door.

Enter the door and marvel at the Frozen Flame, which has been encased in some large sphere-thing and is being poked at by a bunch of metal thingies. Kid is on the ground, apparently asleep. ... way to be sleeping at a time like this. ^9__9^;; Lynx appears and basically says that the Frozen Flame is part of Lavos. He also says that he's put Kid's soul to sleep. Human incarnation of FATE? Er... sure... ^>__>^;; OK, so Serge is the only one allowed into the room with the Frozen Flame, and FATE wants it, blah blah blah, Ashtear (that'd be Lucca, don'tCHA know), blah blah blah, FATE is stupid, blah blah, Lucca and Belthasar did some things apparently. All very very confusing.

Basically, everybody wants the Frozen Flame cause it can supposedly give you anything you want. If you've played CT, and did the Mother Brain sidequest, then you'll know that the Mother Brain pretty much had a mind of her own, so she can want things too. And as I already explained, FATE is just the Mother Brain revamped. That voice that called for Wazuki to bring the sick Serge to it was the voice of the Frozen Flame. So when Chronopolis went off-line during that storm that trapped Wazuki and Miguel in the Dead Sea, Wazuki and Serge were able to get to the Flame (which otherwise nobody besides authorized personnel would have been able to access), and Serge was cured. The Flame also made it so that Serge was the only person who could get into the room that the Flame was in from then on. FATE found this out after Chronopolis came back on-line, and started corrupting Wazuki, turning him into her minion. Wazuki gradually turned into Lynx, taking on the form of what Serge feared the most (cats, because of the panther demon attack), and later on stole Serge's body so that he could access the Frozen Flame, thus granting FATE access to it as well. Now, why Dark Serge was waiting for Serge, nobody knows. Maybe he's just generic evil supervillain stupid and wanted to reveal his plans to the hero and attempt to kill the hero before implementing said plans? Anyway, back to the game.

FATE "brings out" Prometheus, the so-called traitor (i.e., the switch that apparently allowed the Frozen Flame to call out to Serge). Again, if you did the Mother Brain sidequest, then you'll know that Prometheus is actually Robo. ... who is now dead. Aw. ... did Dark Serge just moonwalk? ... ack!

Boss: FATE
Innate: Black
Attacks: HeatRay (tech, all-party), DarkEnergy (tech, all-party), FreeFall, Gravitonne, GravityBlow, Diminish

Equip Serge with the Black Plate. FATE immediately starts a countdown:
Cuts damage of element attacks by half
Damage all party members
Damage one party member
Damage one party member
GravityBlow (2)
Damage to one/two character
Damage all party members

... why she casts Diminish, I'll never know. Cause, ya know, that's a smart thing to do when yer tryin ta kill something off. ^9__9^ Concentrate on doing physical attacks, cast TrapFreeFall, wait for FATE to turn the field effect all black, have Grobyc hit her with *GrimReaper, then immediately have your other party members use their highest-level element of any other color but black (don't leave the field effect as all-black, or FATE's attacks will hurt). Keep attacking, then when the field effect is all-black again (after DarkEnergy), have Grobyc use his level 7 tech, then have Serge cast HolyLight from his highest grid level, or Flying Arrow (or UltraNova, if you happened to trap it earlier). If she's not dead yet (although she should be), then one more high-level element should do the trick. DashandSlash (especially if you have the Mastermune equipped) works very nicely... When she restarts her countdown, 5 is actually physical attacks, but you really should have killed her off by now... ^>__>^;;

Lynx/Dark Serge disappears, finally defeated. Kid has miraculously woken up, and goes after the Frozen Flame.

Harle appears out of nowhere, and begs her to stop, attempting to empathize with Kid about her apparent feelings of wanting to destroy everything in the multiverse. Cause apparently Kid is selfish (heck, I wouldn't put it past her) and doesn't care if she drags everything else down with her into nothingness. Kid tells her to shut up, and Harle falls to the floor. The dragons become aware of the destruction of FATE, and rise to take their revenge on human-kind. ... yep, that's right, they were just using you to defeat FATE so that they could start a bloodbath. Congratulations. ^>__<^ Sky Dragon Isle rises to its true form (Terra Tower), the dragons depart from their islands, Kid talks a lot about stuff that maybe she should've probably explained earlier if she knew so much about it (*stabs Kid*), and... er... FATE sealed away the Flame? So why the hell did she want it back so badly? Man... even I can't explain everything in this game... and I've researched it all up the wazoo. ^X__x^;; Anyway. Hellooooooo dragons... who start attacking eachother. ^O__o^;; Harle awakens, and that is one ugly dragon god. This is the true form of the Dragon God. The other Dragon Gods were a result of FATE splitting up the Dragon God into six forms that embody one element in order to weaken its power. Harle waves goodbye and goes through the Flame and into the heavens. Kid faints again, apparently at the sight of somebody going into her precious Flame. ^9__9^;;

Back on the S.S. Invincible, your party discusses this new turn of events. Kid is apparently in a coma (again) at Radius' place.

Divine Dragon Falls - Another World

Head to the blue pond-thing with the waterfall (between Fossil Valley and the Hydra Marshes) on the main island. Enter the cave in the back, then head to the area on the far left. Ignore your party member who says that Steena might know something about it, unless you want her to talk about stuff, then place the Tear of Hate and the Tear of Love on the pedestals (and if you tried to do this before kicking FATE's butt, you wouldn't have been able to do it). Even if you don't have Steena in your party, you can still get the Chrono Cross (despite what one of your party members says). They join together and create the Chrono Cross! Then again, it can only be used against the final boss. ... ^>__>^;; Anyway, now that Chronopolis is out of the way, you can finally get Razzly's lv7 tech (if you did all of the stuff you needed to have done for it before, anyway). Take her to Home World's Water Dragon Isle and head back into the next area. Hey, everything looks different? Talk to the fairy in red by the tree for Razzly to receive the Floral Rod and her tech.

Sidequest: Burning Orphanage

You need to have completed the Dario Sidequest (which you needed to have completed the Isle of the Damned Sidequest to do) to do this. Go to Hermit's Hideaway (Another), talk to Radius, then try talking to Kid. Masa and Mune wake up, think she's Princess Schala (yeah, real resemblance there...) ...then decide not to help her. ^@__@^;; Doreen comes by and smacks them both upside the head, which convinces them to channel their powers into the Chrono Cross (apparently the initial form of the Time Egg) to send Serge and party back in time. (Serge: ...?!?! (Who is talking to meeeee?? @_@;; ))

CT veterans: recognize anything? Gato (pink robot dude in front of you) seems to be out of commission, but he tells you that Kid and Lucca are in the back room. Defeat the LavaBoy, then check the table and clock for kids. Tell them you're here to help. The one under the table mentions Lucca's Ice Gun, and the other one gives you a Rainbow Shell. Enter the next area, defeat the LavaBoy, and check the plant for a kid, who gives you a Nostrum and tells you the layout of the house. Enter the kitchen and get the Stardust Cape out of the chest, then defeat the LavaBoy that appears out of nowhere to exit. Go up the right staircase, defeat the LavaBoy, then check the bed for a girl to jump out. Talk to her and she'll give you another Rainbow Shell. She also tells you that the floor panel in this room can be removed, but that'll come later. Exit onto the balcony, defeat the LavaBoy threatening the kid, then talk to him to get another Nostrum. Go up the other staircase and grab the Ice Gun from the back wall (this is why you didn't get the Ice Gun earlier: say buh-bye to your third party member). Check the floor for some memos. There should be three memos and a note (not including the one with the Ice Gun). The note says something about a view of space, and the memos say something about coming close to something, and another one is a warning to the children, but the important one is the one about the "code for a new generation" and it mentions Lucca's mother... what was her name again? ... and what did that kid say about the other room (the one with the removeable floor panel)? Yeah, anyway... on the balcony is a Diva Dress. Re-enter the first room and re-defeat the LavaBoy. At the machine in the back, enter Lucca's mother's name (Lara), by pressing L2, triangle, R2, triangle to recieve Kid's level 7 tech, HotShot (DON'T press X first to activate the machine or you'll mess up the code. Just stand in front of the machine and start with L2).

Re-enter Granny Lara's old bedroom, defeat the LavaBoy... again... and remove the floor panel in the upper-right corner. Down the hall is a doorway into another hallway, in which you say goodbye to your other party member. In this hallway you can inspect the drawings on the wall to see some children's drawings of the CT crew. Use the Ice Gun on the blaze on the left (*Note: The only way you can get to that LavaBoy there is by going right in the room before the kitchen (i.e., not up the stairs), but one of your party members would disappear at this point if you did, which is why I didn't mention it earlier). In the room, defeat the LavaBoy and extinguish all of the flames with the Ice Gun (yes, the last ones on the right are hard to get to, but you'll get them eventually. Go around the rocking horse if you have problems getting the last blaze). Enter the last room to find Kid on the floor, and Lynx and Harle make one last appearance (*grrr*). Serge drags Kid out, who's trying to get at... well, nothing, since Lynx and Harle have disappeared. You can see Lucca's glasses on the floor... Outside, Kid is stunned. No matter what you answer, you leave her... and return to your own time, where Kid is alive and well, and finally freaking awake. ^9__9^;; Ahahaha, Serge's love... gimme a break, he's just a nice guy, ya know? Anyway, next?

Viper Manor - Another World

Take Kid to see Luccia in her lab in Viper Manor. Luccia gives Kid a letter from Lucca, who was apparently Luccia's mentor. She talks about the events in Chrono Trigger, and basically says that Kid is a descendant of Princess Schala (not quite true, but it explains why Masa, Mune, and Doreen thought Kid was "the Princess"). And, by the way, Janus is Magus, although who the heck knows what happened to him. Maybe he's Serge's ancestor? (by the way, no, the hair colour has nothing to do with it, since the people in the Kingdom of Zeal dyed their hair blue to show their social status vs. the people down on the ground). Anyway. ... I wonder what the heck happened to the rest of the freaking CT crew (besides Robo and Lucca, cause we know they're dead). I mean, there have been hints about Guardia not existing anymore (someone somewhere in this game said something about "what the Kingdom of Guardia once was," and I think it was Belthasar right before the first fight with Marcy) and how Porre is a militant government that rules over (and terrorizes) the mainland... Well, the non-story reason that Magus/Janus isn't in this game is that Square was originally going to have Magus in it, but due to time constraints and the complications of trying to tie Magus' backstory and motivations and what happened to him during the time between the events in CT and the events in CC was impossible (or so they say) so they ended up just making the character Guile (who looks similar to Magus (kinda ^O__o^;; ), thus explaining why some crazy people are convinced he really IS Magus) and not putting Magus in here at all. ... so why is he mentioned in the letter? Who knows. There was originally supposed to be another Chrono game in the series (called Chrono Break), but because Squeenix (Square-Enix) went and made FF XI (the MMO) they no longer had time to make Chrono Break, although the team has been known to say that they have not given up hope of making Chrono Break someday. So perhaps the answer to the "What the heck happened to Magus (and possibly the others?)" was to be answered in Chrono Break. Anyway. Back to the game at hand! Kid says she needs to be alone, and you also get a Rainbow Shell. Now, to find a way into Terra Tower!

El Nido Archipielago - Another World

Take Kid/any red-innate character and Starky with you. Allocate a ton of red elements, since that's the only thing that'll reduce this boss' HP. There's a Rainbow Shell on the top level. Go down to the bottom level, get the other Rainbow Shell out of the chest, then go around to the ship. Ewww... what the hell is that thing?

Boss: Royal Jelly
Innate: Blue
Attacks: Nimble

This isn't a hard fight if you have a red-innate character with you and equipped with *Salamander... or just their tech skills. The annoying thing is, no matter how many times you hit the stupid thing, you get 0 HP as a result every time... but your grid rises, nevertheless. Use weak attacks to make sure you actually land your hits. Plus, it'll be easy to turn the field effect red, since the Royal Jelly rarely casts anything, if ever. When he does, it's just Nimble anyway. Try stealing, and you could get an Earring of Light! w00t. Hit him with *Salamander, and this Royal Jelly's on toast.

Enter the ship, and Starky's overjoyed to find everything in operational, working order. ... *wonders where the heck the other Starky is... * He finds an anti-gravitational device to put on your ship, and the scene switches back to Chronopolis, at your other party member's suggestion. Now, onwards, to Terra Tower!

Terra Tower - Caught in an Echo of Time

Dream of a Shore Bordering Another World

Nothing's Changed But Everything!

[The Hero] [The Magician] [Rockin' Bard Superstar]

Vipers and Poison

Guldove - Where Ripples Become Waves

Fairy Appetizers

Cheating Pirates and Spooky Ships

Dwarven Invasion: A Prelude to Being on Fire

Crystal Connundrum

Even More Temporal Distortions and Cheating Pirates

Death's Door, the Dead Sea, and Even More Dead Things

The Princess and the Cockroach

Be Vewy Vewy Qwiet, I'm Huntin Dwagons!

Wayward Fragments Reclaimed