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Terra Tower - Caught in an Echo of Time

Upon landing at Terra Tower, you find a Record of FATE (fortunately...). Well, there's two things we can do right now before actually starting this thing. Re-board your boat and take Starky back to his ship (well, the ship you just visited to grab the anti-gravitational device). After some apparent fruitless rummaging around, he finds his lv7 tech! Yey. Now, the last thing is to take Kid to Guldove and talk to Mel. No, I have no idea what they're talking about, but after the confusing conversation, Mel joinedCHA party (as long as you did everything else you were supposed to do to recruit her)! And gives you the Guldovian Stitch frame. Woo! OK, back to Terra Tower already.

Equip all three party members with your most powerful weapons and armour, so if you haven't gotten Prism equipment yet, I highly suggest you go out and get some. Refer to the Weapons and Armour section of this walkthrough for info on how to acquire them, if you haven't already. This is also pretty much your last chance to buy stuff... Whenyer ready, enter the tower.


You are immediately confronted by a big, floating yellow ball... awww, it's all big and floaty and yellow... ... don't be too sure about that...

Boss: Terrator
Innate: Yellow
Attacks: OmegaYellow (tech), WaveOfFear (tech, all-party), SpiritsUp (tech, self), *Golem, Capsule

These guys aren't as hard to beat as you might think... especially if you have a good fighting team, good armour, and good weapons. Just hit it hard, especially with Carnivore, and it'll go down soon enough. Watch your HP, though, because OmegaYellow takes off a lot of HP, especially on green-innate characters. Once these "dolls" start using healing elements on themselves, you know they're pretty much done for... DON'T let any of these guys turn the field effect all the same colour, because they can summon level 7 *Summons... ... jeeze, not even one round, and he's already dead? Ha! Eat that, Terrator! ^>__>^;;

You recieve YellowField for defeating the Terrator. If you have Norris or another yellow-innate in your party, equip this on whichever character has a turn before them.


Continue on into the next area. Knock over the pillar on the left, then go all the way around on the right to get the Nostrum out of the chest. Go back around and over the pillar, avoiding those annoying TerraTerrors. If you have to fight one, don't use Inferno or Deluge, or other all-enemy blue or red elements, unless there aren't any Cyto/Ectoplasms with the TerraTerror. Go south into the next area, descend the flights of stairs, then use the waterfall to get down. Head towards the very bottom of the screen and climb onto the branch to the right. Follow it all the way up to get a Nostrum. Head down and left, then out through the opening. Climb down the branches, dodging the myxomycetes (whoever came up with these names must've been very angry with their keyboard). Now, climb back up the other side, then go left. See the chest? Well... just try to approach it. Aaaahhhh.... *ahem* ^@__@^;;

Head up to the left, and... it's a talking face! Don't worry though, you don't have to fight this thing. And no, I don't know who he/she/it/cheese used to be. Sorry. Mr./Mrs. Stoneface pretty much repeats things that have already been said a million times before. Just keep going. Go all the way up the branches, then down and left, then farther down and right, then up a little and through the hole. Hellooooo chest you tried to get before you went swimming. It's a Pack of Lies, a great weapon for Sneff or any other card/shot-throwing character. Return to the previous area and go left. Edge past the waterfall and open the chest there (yes, it's really hard to see) to get a Defender Plus. Equip this on any blue-innate character that you might have in your party. Now go right to exit this area.

Climb down into the water then go up the branch. Dodge the TerraTerror and get the Rainbow Shell out of the chest. Keep going up, then on the top level (not including the ledge at the very top) head right and slide down the wall to the hole. Get the Betta Carotene out of the chest (weapon for Janice), then go back, slide down, and get back up to the top level again. Climb up the branch on the left to get to the top ledge, then exit right. Head around and knock down both pillars (yessss! Break stuff! :oD ). Use the second pillar to get down, and use the other pillar to get to the second part of the circle. You can now go back outside and save if you'd like. Otherwise, climb up the stairs and head out the door. Go right, play Dodge the Cupoids, and head all the way to the back and around to get the HealPlus out of the chest. Allocate this to any green-innate character, then approach the floating red thingy...

Boss: Pyrotor
Innate: Red
Attacks: OmegaRed (tech), SadnessWave (tech, all-party), *RedWolf, Tablet

Power up as high as you can, and hit it with Deluge. Three or four of those (and even less if you use IceBerg) should do the trick... Wow, this one actually lasted into the second round. ^9__9^;;

You get RedField for kicking his butt. Keep following the path to exit the area.


Go up the ladder, around, to the left, up the ladder, up the other ladder, to the right and down the ladder, and get the Rainbow Shell out of the chest. Back up the ladder, around to the right, up the ladder, up the other really long ladder, down the little ladder, to the left and up the ladder, down the other ladder, around and down the ladder (ladder ladder ladder ^@__@^;; ), and get the Spectral Glove out of the chest. Equip it on Grobyc/party member that uses a glove... unless you already forged him/her/it one already... like I did... aha. Go back up to the top-most platform and climb up the branch.

Head over to the far right staircase and climb it up to the third level. Now, head left and down the middle staircase to the second level and head left to get a HolyHealing out of the chest. Go back up the middle staircase and take the right staircase all the way up to recieve another Rainbow Shell. Head back to level three and take the left staircase to level four, then the middle to the top level and exit stage left.

... what the?! Look familiar? Don't worry, it gets even wierder... (... ummm... that's supposed to be reassuring??) Enter the "library" and talk to the Prophet of Time... a.k.a. Belthasar?! (CT veterans, I know how you feel... apparently he got bored of being a Nu... or something...) Well, actually, since Crono and co. defeated Lavos, the 2300 AD future that existed in CT never came to pass (remember, Lavos was the one that made it all evil outside). Sooo... Belthasar never became a Nu, apparently... and yes, that means that Crono and co. created a paradox, cause how can they find out about Lavos in the future if they erased that future? Bah. Anyway... on with the show! Speaking of CT, the CT ghost-kids are back. Belthazar explains a lot of stuff, like how he built the Neo Epoch to travel here (so that thing in the basement of Viper Manor's library is only sort of the Epoch...), the war between Chronopolis and Dinopolis (Terra Tower), and about the Dark Moon Dragon (i.e., Harle). ... although, if she was created by the Dragon Gods ten years ago... then how come she's 18 years old (it's in her ingame profile)?? Ah well. It also explains why her original name (i.e., her name in the Japanese version) is Tsukuyomi (which is the name of the Japanese moon goddess). Crono gets all excited that you have the Chrono Cross, and no, I have no idea why. They also explain that the Chrono Cross uses the elements to produce a harmony... pay attention, grommit! Now, head upstairs and flip the switch. Climb the ladder and get the BlackHole out of the chest (... even though I have, like, 11... ^X__x^;; ). Exit the pseudo-library.

Well, now that exit has been sealed off, but another one has been opened. Enter to find a bunch of crystals floating in the air and playing a melody, which you should pay attention to. Anyway. Cross the bridge, but don't exit this area just yet. On the left side of the doorway, next to the pillar, is an area that should be blocked off, but isn't. Walk around this ledge and go down the steps. Get onto the other ledge and run around the top to get an UltraNova out of the chest (BOOYAH!). Go to the back and exit.

Boss: Anemotor
Innate: Green
Attacks: OmegaGreen (tech), *Sonja, Bushwhacker, BushBasher, AeroSaucer, AeroBlaster, InfoScope, HealPlus

Use a couple of Earthquakes or ThundaStorms and he should be toast. If Norris/yellow innate character is in your party, have the person before him cast YellowField, then have him cast *ThundaSnake or *Golem.

Huzzah for GreenField? Use the teleporter in front of you to move on.

When you arrive, your party notices some sealing devices blocking the way. Save. ... save... SAAAAAAVE, YA MONKEY, SAAAAAAAVEEEEEEE!!! ^O__O^!! Head left first, and dodge the Cupoids to reach the teleporter. Use it, and you encounter some weird Taurusoid-ripoff thingy...

Boss: Gravitor
Innate: Black
Attacks: OmegaBlack, Nostrum

FlyingArrow/that nifty new UltraNova you just got and Dive&Drive should do the trick. ... orrrr just attacking him with physicals for a round... ^O__o^;; But OmegaBlack hurts, so don't get too overconfident.

After the battle, the first seal is destroyed. Use the teleporter to get back, dodge the Cupoids again, then enter the right area...

Time to play dodge the Cupoids again! (but this time there are TerraTerrors involved, and a strong wind blowing you in random directions, as well). While the wind is blowing, press the opposite directional button than the direction the wind is blowing. When the wind dies down again, run! Use the teleporter, and you're confronted by another weird Taurosoid rip-off thingy...

Boss: Luxator
Innate: White
Attacks: OmegaWhite, HolyHealing, Magnify, MeteorShower

Use black elements freely, and he should go down quickly. Have Grobyc/black-innate character go first, if you have one in your party, and equip him with the White Plate, or else OmegaWhite (which he usually does after Magnify) will kill him. No, seriously. *splud* goes the Grobyc.

Huzzah, another UltraNova! The second seal is destroyed, souse the teleporter to get back and dodge the cupoids again... (ugh)


Enter the door in the back and walk up to the blue bubble.

Boss: Aquator
Innate: Blue
Attacks: OmegaBlue, Deluge, IceBerg, Vigora, Nimble, Numble, CureAll

Give Glenn the Blue Plate if he's in yer party, cause his defense is suck-tastic. Cast TrapIceBerg, because this guy'll cast Vigora, and then you'd better watch it: he'll cast Deluge, Iceberg, and OmegaBlue right after eachother.

You get a BlueField for defeating him. Pay attention to the order in which the circles light up (better write this down), then head up the stairs and use the teleporter.

Step forward, and the wall lowers. Recognize anything? Climb the steps, and be prepared to share the burden... Approach the middle of the dias. The Frozen Flame appears... and so does the Time Devourer!

Boss: Time Devourer
Innate: White, then Yellow, then Red, then Green, then Blue, then Black, then White
Attacks: OmegaYellow, OmegaRed, OmegaGreen, OmegaBlue, OmegaBlack, OmegaWhite, regular elements of all colours, all-party physical attack where she flies overhead and knocks everyone down

Have elements of every colour allocated in your characters' level 5-7 grid spaces, one element of their innate colour in each of those levels, and fill their level 8 grid slots with elements of their innate. Use this time to power up. After a certain amount of damage, the Time Devourer will teleport your party to the Earth Dragon's lair, which takes off HP from your party. He is also most vulnerable to green elements at this time, so if you have Glenn in your party, have the person before him use GreenField, then have him cast *Genie. She'll counterattack with level one elements. Soon afterwards, you'll be transported to the Fire Dragon's lair. Use blue elements, or follow the same pattern with BlueField and a blue *Summons, if you have a blue-innate character inyer party. She'll counter with level two elements. This continues through all of the Dragon Gods' lairs, in this order: Gaea's Navel (green-innate, weak against yellow), Water Dragon Isle (blue-innate, weak against red), Marbule (black-innate, and weak against white), then back to the top of Sky Dragon Isle (white-innate, weak against black). However, around the Green Dragon's domain she starts casting high-level elements (like Tornado), so be prepared for that. Now, you don't have WhiteField or BlackField, cause they don't exist, so another trick to use is to cast Magnify right at the start of your turn and then use a high-level element. By the time you're back on Sky Dragon Isle it shouldn't take too long to destroy her (yes, it's a she, ifya haven't figured out that the game shows you gender along with innates of yer enemies yet).

You recieve an Earring of Hope! She also talks about truly awakening. Fun fun. ^>__<^ Belthasar shows up and explains that the real enemy is the Dragon God fused with Lavos. ... man... stupid Crono not doing his job right. ^>__<^ Well, actually, it's more like when Crono and co. defeated Lavos, he didn't die: he just went to the giant spiky porcupine village on the other side of dimensions on vacation or something. Aha. Anyway. Belthasar gives you the Time Egg, Terra Tower shows its true form, and Kid becomes philosophical (she's actually talking about the way you fight the final boss. If you do it one way, you "lose out on something precious," i.e., the good ending. And if you do it the right way, well, yeah. Good ending to game). Technically she's also talking about something else, but we'll save that for the next page... Well, the only thing left to do now is to return to Opassa Beach!

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