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So, I'm just gonna make a note of this here. An extra boss is now available for you to fight, and he's got a really great item too. However, you probably won't be able to beat him the way that gets you the item during your first runthrough, so you might have to wait until you get the New Game+ option. Anyway, info on that boss can be found at the very bottom of the Sidequests page. *points to link at the top of this page*.

Anyway. To Opassa Beach (Home World)! ... augh, not them again. Talk to Lucca first, who talks a lot about Lavos, Schala, and Kid (yes, she's Schala's clone, if you haven't figured it out yet/didn't see the new cinematic added to the end of the PSX version of Chrono Trigger), clarifying how exactly Kid keeps getting mortally wounded and ends up fine (especially if you didn't get the Hydra Humour way back when). She also mentions that this all started during the destruction of Zeal. For those of you who haven't played CT, basically the Queen of Zeal went mad and wanted more power and eternal life or something like that. She eventually found out about the entity known as Lavos (I won't go into how cause that involves a huge time paradox and I don't think taking an entire page to explain it belongs in the walkthrough of a different game) and decided to build the Mammon Machine to harness the sleeping Lavos' power. However, "something happened," and Lavos momentarily woke up (as opposed to when he fully awoke in 1999 AD and ate the planet), destroying the Kingdom of Zeal and tossing anyone close enough to Lavos into random time periods (which is how Belthasar ended up at Chronopolis in the future). Anyway. If Kid is in your party, Lucca has a few special words for Kid (if you talk to Lucca again). Marle talks about the Chrono Cross and again with the song and the melody and the healing. Work your way back to Crono, who says that Home World is the false reality, and says that Lynx is actually Wazuki (although I'm pretty sure we figured that out a long time ago...). And since when did Crono talk so much, anyway? Now, stand right in the purple wormhole, and use the Time Egg. No beginning and no end... TO THE DARKNESS OF TIME!

... woah. I guess Lucca was right about what happened to Princess Schala (and I'm pretty sure that I already explained somewhere along the way that the people of the Kingdom of Zeal dyed their hair blue to further emphasize their higher status compared to the people who were stuck living in the frigid wasteland that was the ground (Zeal was a magical floating sunny kingdom in the sky). So... that's why she's blonde here. I guess her hair dye faded over the millenia ^@__@^;; ). Hey look, it's Lavos! Hey there, Mr. Spiky Porcupine Dude! Anyway... onwards, to destiny!!

Boss: Time Devourer
Innate: White
HP: variable
Attacks: OmegaYellow, OmegaRed, OmegaGreen, OmegaBlue, OmegaBlack, OmegaWhite, all elements (except *Summons)

OK, to defeat this thing PROPERLY (i.e., if you want the real ending instead of the crappy "nothing actually happens" one), you need to cast elements in a certain order. If you've been paying attention to the whole colour scheme that I've had going on here (no, I wasn't bored or trying to make it look pretty... ^-__-^;; ), then you'd know what it was already (and yes, I'm well aware that the bosses in Terra Tower were out of order. Blame Square, not me). Before the fight, allocate low-level elements of all the colors in levels 1, 2, and 3, for all of your party members. Make sure Serge has the Chrono Cross allocated (yes, you can allocate it in your lv 1 grid slots). The point here is to power up as much as you can, then wait for the Time Devourer to cast a yellow element. If she keeps casting green ones, cast a high-level green, and soon she should cast a yellow. If not, and it's already been 4+ rounds, just go ahead and start casting yourself. If your grid is fully activated (or at least up to lv 6 or 7) then you can probably get off the whole combo before she casts anything (and if she casts anything it also counts for the pattern, so if she doesn't cast the right one you'll have to start over again ^-__-^;; so to save us all a lot of grief don't start casting the combo until directly after she's cast something). Anyway, the order is yellow, red, green, blue, black, white. Now, have Serge cast the Chrono Cross!

Congratulations, you've beaten the game, freed Schala, and saved the world yet again... We alone do not have the power to heal the world's woes, or to solve all its mysteries... but yet... well, we'll save that for another day, and another story.


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