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Guldove - Another World -- Where Ripples Become Waves

You wake up in a strange bed in a strange place. Macha (Korcha's mother) tells you your friends are waiting for you outside. (like to sleep in, don'tCHA? :op ) A long dialogue follows, in which Kid faints, Doc tells you that she's been poisoned and is going to die in two days, and that the only known remedy is Hydra Humour... which doesn't exist anymore because all the Hydras have been hunted into extinction... wonderful. Oh, wait, you're not from this world, are you? Yes, there is a Hydra in Home World. ...the question is, will you do it? Kid gives you her Astral Amulet, which allows you to travel between worlds. (*Note: You don't have to choose to save Kid right now. This is just another fork in the story path). What you choose to do here will determine who you can recruit later:

Save Kid
Don't Save Kid

... hey, waitaminute... Nikki has a large vessel, dammit! ^>__<^ Silly game. And does anybody else notice that Harle's shadow is still there? ... creepy... ^.__.^ Anyway. Glenn is pretty much one of the best (if not the best) characters in the game, but if you choose that route you miss out on a sidequest. Eh, your choice. If you choose to save Kid, skip to the next paragraph. If you choose not to save Kid (i.e., answer "...I don't know" and "...There's nothing we can do"), Korcha gets mad, takes away the Amulet, and refuses to help you.

If you choose to save Kid, Korcha isn't a pain in the ass. Yay. The nurse also mentions to go talk to the Shaman. Gack, it's one of those Shadow cats! ... or not? ^O__o^

OK, well, the next couple of sections are the things you can do no matter what you chose to do just now and, for the sake of not having to repeat myself, and so things are less confusing, I'm putting it all on this page. So yay.

In Guldove there are a couple of things that you can do. Talk to the girl standing in front of the clinic. Answer "Trade," then leave the menu. She'll ask you to do something. Say yes, and she'll give you Skelly's Pelvic Bone, and Skelly regains some more of his memory. Go to your left, and there's a smith in the booth. Upgrade your weapons/armour if you need to, but if Guile's in yer party, don't bother giving him a brass rod, cause he gets one for free in a bit. If you chose to save Kid, you can choose to forge Korcha an Iron Lure (if you got some Iron from the fight with Marcy), or you could wait til you get to Termina to reach a smithy with more iron options. You might also wanna forge a bronze dagger while yer at it...

Head across the ramp. Enter the bar to overhear a conversation between Doc and Orlha the barmaid. Climb the ladder. In the tent to your right is another element shop with a bigger variety. Definately buy some Meteorites. To the right is the residential tower. Behind the room on this level is a secret room. Walk around behind this room and in towards the tent until you get inside. There's a trunk with a Feathery Dress in there. Enter through the front of this level. If you chose not to rescue Kid, talk to Korcha again. He's still pissed, obviously. Ask about borrowing the boat, and he refuses. Macha walks in, reprimands him, then listens to your story. She offers to be the one to take you back to Termina when you need to, and gives you the Tropical Paradise frame, and tells you to go see the Shaman. Now, whether you chose to help Kid or not, climb up to the next level, go outside, and talk to the kid there. He'll explain some stuff for 5g (which you don't really need to pay, but eh, what's 5g to ya?), then say "Of course I do" to ride the wire down to where Korcha/Macha is waiting (these wires are great shortcuts, so you don't have to keep climbing up and down ladders).

Enter the bar again and talk to the dwarf (*grrr*) prancing around in the back. Talk to him again, and he gives you the Green Tinkler, which you need so you can go through the Hydra Marshes. OK, leave, and climb the ladder to the left again, and go left. Enter the Dragon Shrine, and much talking ensues. Steena says that you might be able to save Kid if there are Hydras in Home World (well, no, she doesn't actually call it that, but eh). Talk to Steena again for some info, and talk to her again for even more. :op Leave the shrine, talk to the girl at the bottom-right, and use the wires to return to Korcha/Macha. Talk to him/her to go to Termina.

Termina - Another World

Bah, stupid guy. Korcha bribes him (why doesn't he just dock where he usually does?), and Macha yells at him. ^.__.^ Macha is scary. Korcha temporarily joined your party! Go towards the shrines (where you first met Riddel). If you recruited Guile, put him in your party, and have the fortune-teller give him another reading. She gives him a brass rod! Whee... Continue to the shrines, observe the ritual, and follow Greco back into his hut. Talk to him. After a discussion with Ghetz' sister Romana, Greco tags into your party! If you won Iron at any time in Viper Manor, enter the Smithy and forge Serge either a Steel Swallow or an Iron Mail. If you chose not to save Kid, on your way out you overhear Glenn talking to Delilah again.

Viper Manor - Another World

Return to Viper Manor. Time to explore! Beat up the Roborg, and open the front gate. There aren't anymore WillO'Wisps, so don't worry about walking on the carpets. Go to the dungeon, and in the bucket where the dragoon with the key was standing is the Parlor Key (... what a way to hide it, huh?). Enter Luccia's lab, free Norris, and he tells you that Luccia's on the balcony. Grab the Silver Earring (gives you more HP during battle) from on top of the desk. Go across the hall (by the by, that sleeping dragoon is still in his bed ^<__<^;; *snickers* ) and up the stairs to the parlor (next to Harle's room). Use the key on the door and get the Daemon Charm from the chest. Return to the library and speak to the Prophet, who tells you that the Dragoons have moved to Fort Dragonia. Behind his desk is a doorway that leads down. Talk to the Beach Bum (what is he, part Nu?) to get the Porre Furnace frame (ewww... Porre), and you can change Serge's name if you want to. ... and is that the Epoch? ... weird.

Go to the platform in the main hallway and hit the switch. Neither of the rooms is guarded now. In the left room, Riddel and her maid are worrying. In General Viper's office, inspect the bust (i.e., statue of a person's head) to open the secret room. There's a note in the desk that gives you a clue about the trap room. Go out onto the balcony and talk to Luccia. She tells you about the big flower thing in the pool, and about how a Life Sparkle from the Hydra Marshes is needed to make it blossom. go up the ladder, open the chest, and recieve a Sight Scope. Go back to Luccia's lab and ask her to join you. Since you freed Pip, she has nothing better to do (doesn't that make you feel wanted? :op ). Luccia assimilated into your party!

Alright, one more thing to do here at Viper Manor: Explore the Bluffs! (if you came in with Guile, you'll know what I'm talking about). Go to the backyard, and go all the way right. Enter the little red door, inspect the outer wall, and choose Yes. Climb down, go right under the arch, up a little bit, then down twice. Go right, up, and right, then up some more. Wait right under the waterspout until the water stops, then climb up to get a TrapFreeFall! Whee! Climb down into the next area, then go left and up to get a Meteorite. Climb down, go right, down, and let the waterfall knock you onto the ledge. Grab the Tablet, then go left to climb down. Climb down to the bottom, then go right across the water and climb up. Go right, climb up, wait til the water dies down, climb up some more, get the Heal, then climb down and let the water knock you onto the ledge with the PhotonRay. Use the moss on the right to climb down off the ledge. And now, to make our way back up. ^@__@^ Climb up, bypass the waterfall, choose the left ladder-thingy, then choose the right one. Climb down that short one, go under the archway, and climb up the left one. *whew*

Sidequest: Hydra Marshes - Another World

This is only if you want to get another Skelly piece and to recruit Neofio. She's cute, albeit nothing special, but it's fun to find everybody's lv.7 techs later in the game. If you didn't go to Hydra Marshes before, well blah. You have to make me repeat things, don'tCHA? ^>__<^ Well, if you went there before, like I told you to, then go north out of this area and skip to the next paragraph (also, you NEED the Green Tinkler item I mentioned earlier in the Guldove section to do this). If you've not been here yet: from Arni, go north, and right to the end of the continent, and go north and enter the Hydra Marshes. Gack! Blurry, jumping screen! Well, we're gonna do a bit of running, cause staying in this section for too long drains your HP (hold down O to run, if you haven't figured it out yet). Alright, go around the guy and head left north and left past the other guy to leave the headache-inducing blurry area. Go north and left, keep following the path. Go right. Here, go north and right, then left to get an ElectoJolt, then continue right. Talk to the first guy you see to get a lecture and the Safety Gear item. Go back to the entrance. Now we can go exploring without dying! Yay! (by the way, that stuff you've been climbing? Fungus. This is why we get rid of bathroom mold. :oD ) OK, see that white, bulbous thing that we passed earlier? DON'T TOUCH THOSE! BAAAAAAH. OK, go down the log behind the evil white thing and get the Tablet out of the chest. Go towards the back, and on your left is another chest with a Bushwhacker in it.

There're more enemies this time around than when I told you to go here before. If you see a bug-looking thing with antennae... AVOID! They can summon *Golem, and then yer dead. Which is bad. Go up the log, and use the Green Tinkler on the plant. There's a chest with a Seed in the back (...). Keep going, and grab the Carapace out of the chest. Go all the way to the right. Fight those two bragging about the Life Sparkle, then grab it out of the chest. Go back, then go towards the bottom of the screen. Go right and get the Copper out of the chest. Keep going, then go south, and turn right where the Potpourri (white bulbous thing) is. See the really small cave? Go in and press X until you find Skelly's Good Backbone. Get the Tablet out of the chest. Head down, and get the Copper. Now, go back and around the Potpourri, and go left. Use the Green Tinkler on the plant and go down towards the bottom of the screen. Man, I love this place. ... and you'd better know where you are by now. Leave. *whew* Now, if you chose to save Kid, you kinda know what your getting yourself into (haha, yeah right... actually, you have nooo idea *evil laughter*).

Sidequest: Viper Manor, revisited

Back on the balcony, use the Life Sparkle on the flower in the pool, and blossom!!! Neofio is born! Now, if you chose to save Kid, click on "Fairy Appetizers." If you chose not to save Kid, click on "Cheating Pirates and Dragon Fortresses," the next section of the walkthrough.

[Fairy Appetizers] [Cheating Pirates and Spooky Ships]

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