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Keep . : Shades of Silence : . free!

Go back and talk to whomever brought you here. If Macha brought you, she asks you some questions, the answers which don't really matter. You ain't gettin out of this so easily. :op She gives you the boat... and Glenn arrives... asking to borrow the boat. Oh, whoops, too late. :opppp Macha tells him to talk to you. He recognizes you, in a good way (as opposed to the way he does if you chose to rescue Kid...), and thanks you. And joins yer party. ^~_____~^ He also tells you that you should go to a small island north and east of here, which he also told you if you chose to save Kid. Man, put the boy in yer party. Like I said before, he's one of, if not the, best characters in this game! *glomps Glenn* Aww, Macha's worried about you... Macha joinedCHA party! ... but don't put her in yer current party just yet. ... going home? ... ^._________.^ Belly-flop, and backstroke. What form. What talent. What... weirdness. ^.__.^;; Anyway...

If Korcha brought...CHA..., well... he has two conditions. He wants the Dragon Tear, and... ... for Kid to marry him?! ^@__X^ ... violent one, ain't she? Answer whatever you want. OW JEEBUS THAT'S PAINFUL! ... boy, do you recover quickly. ^x__.^ Choose "Take him with you" for him to rejoin yer party. For, like, the fifth time. ^>__<^ Check out Lisa's shop before you leave; she's got brand spankin' new lv. 3 elements! Whee! Buy some CurePluses and HealAlls too. If Nikki's in your party, Lisa goes nuts. ... but still doesn't give you a discount. ^<__<^;;

Now that you have a boat, it's time to finally put Skelly back together! Joy. From Termina, go south to Water Dragon Isle (it's to the right of a circular green island and some mountains sticking up out of the ocean). Head to the back, dodging the enemies (they're annoying to fight when in a pack). Climb up, and talk to that guy over to your right. He gives you Skelly's Sturdy Ribs. Continue farther back, and on the right is some Iron. Go back and climb back down. There's a chest in the lower-left hand corner. Climb up to get the Iron. On the right is another Iron, but you'll probably have to fight the Scorpiod for it. Board your boat.

Go north and east of Termina, to the island left of the one with black smoke coming out of it (the yellow one). Jump down into the big hole in the back, and have the right arrow button held down so that when you land you immediately start moving right. The rightmost path leads to a smaller hole, which is how you'll get out of here when we're done. Climb down past the hole and down to the sandy floor and I really hope your dodging skillz are awesome cause you really really don't want to fight the enemies down here until you're a much higher level. We're just here for treasure. :oD Head south into the next area and go down to the lower level of stone paths. Go left, down, and around (DODGE!) to grab a [??] out of the chest. [...] Now, head to the purple island on the other side of the black smoke island we passed earlier. Welcome to the Island of the Damned. Go north, right, south, and into that little cave to find... an Eyeball lying on the ground. Eww. ( Skelly: Hey! That's not mine! >_< ) Go north, climb climb climb, and in the cave to the left are Skelly's Mixed Bones. Skelly now pulls himself together. ... *loud groans are heard from the audience* ... what, it's true! *ducks rotten tomatoes* Bah! Return to Termina. (*Note: If you didn't go to the Hydra Marshes in this world, then you still need to find Skelly's Good Backbone. Which, obviously, is in the Hydra Marshes. :op And if you didn't recruit Nikki, then you need Skelly's Angry Scapula, found in the Shadow Forest) Enter Skelly's old house and talk to his grandmother. The clock chimes, and Skelly stumbles in. Ha! He runs funny. ^~__~^ Awww... ... "unique appearance" is right... hee. Look out the window. Hey, it's the Churros guy! Inspect the window for some dialogue. Talk to Skelly, and he wants to be left with grandma for awhile. Well, alright. Leave... and go back inside. :oD Talk to him again, and answer "Please." Skelly became the life of your party! Haha, he looks like he's dancing when in battle. ^~__~^ Anyway. Go forge some Iron stuff at the Smithy. Oh, and, by the way... Skelly already comes equipped with Iron weapons/armour. So... you can either a) use him in your party and don't have to forge anything for him, or b) switch his Iron stuff off him and equip it to somebody else. Yay! (*Tip: If you need more Leather, then go back to Fossil Valley and fight a Mama Dingo (Bubba Dingos will only get you Fur, though. Also, forge a Bronze Glove. You'll see why later.))

Hermit's Hideaway - Another World -- Meeting With the "Other" Swordsman

To the left of the Isle of the Damned is that smoking island I referred to earlier. This is Hermit's Hideaway. Go there. When you arrive, you see that the place has been burned to the ground. if Glenn is in your party, he gets all sentimental, and gets really pissed when Harle shows up and says that she was the one who destroyed the place (heh, kind of a hothead, in't he? :op *glomps Glenn* ). She is also under orders to slow you down (haha, this fight doesn't usually last much longer than a round and a half...) And it doesn't really matter what you answer, but if you say "Tell me," get ready to sit and listen for awhile ^9__9^

Mini-Mini-Boss: Harle
Innate: Black
Attacks: MoonBeams (tech), PhotonRay, Meteorite, PhotonBeam (lv. 3 white)

... yes, she's black-innate and only casting white elements (besides her tech, that is). ... the hell's up with that? Who knows. The good news is, they won't hurt as much just for that reason. This is not a hard fight. Hit her with white elements, otherwise she casts PhotonBeam. If Glenn is in your party, power Serge up only to lv. 3, and do the same for Glenn, then choose their double-tech X-Strike (whee! First double tech you've gotten! (and yes, I know it's also a CT double tech...)). This leaves her sagging, and the battle is pretty much over. If Kid is in your party, attempt to steal (you can steal the Moonglasses item, but most of the time you'll only get a PhotonBeam (lv. 3 white). If Kid's being stupid and misses, you can just Run Away and try again.

Nope, she's not even worth a star. Bah. You recieve the Moonglasses item after the fight (well, most of the time). After complimenting Serge on his strength ("Trés forte, Serge") she leaves (and yes, they spelled "forte" wrong...). Radius comes out of hiding, asks if you are Lynx's minions, and, if Glenn isn't in your party, calls Harle a flying munchkin *snickers* If Glenn is in your party, they reminisce for a bit on old times, then Radius invites you into his house. ("By the way, Glenn, who are these people?" ... :op ) If Glenn's not with you, you'll have to follow him in. :op Talk to him, and after awhile he tells you to rest there for the night. The next morning, he warns you about a ghost ship. Get on your boat and head south, but the way to Mount Pyre is blocked by heavy fog. Enter it anyway.

The S.S. Invincible -- From Pirate Ship to Ghost Ship, a Mariner's Worst Nightmare

As soon as you get onboard, you are surrounded by pirates. Cap'n Fargo appears, thinks you're working for Lynx, hears you out, and decides to test whether or not you're worthy enough to fight Lynx.

Mini-Mini-Boss: Man-o-War
Innate: Black
Attacks: BlackRain

You don't actually have to fight these guys; just Run Away. But... why? If you fought these guys in the trap room in Viper Manor, well, you know what to do. Plus, they'll be a LOT easier this time around. Not only are you a lot stronger now, but there're only 3 of them. If you didn't fight these guys before, just have all yer party members kill em off one at a time. ... and oh look, Serge killed two of em all by himself. *snorts*

After this fight, Fargo calls his pet Pterodact Polly (try sayin that 10 times fast).

Boss: Polly
Innate: Red
Attacks: Flap (tech)

Again, you can just skip this fight by choosing Run Away, but hell... it's a star! ^>__<^ This shouldn't be too hard either, but it's harder than the last fight. Even X-Strike (red)'ll still do a good deal of damage. If Pierre or Nikki is in your party, watch his HP carefully, since he's innate blue. One Flap from Polly'll kill em! ^._____.^ You might wanna watch Glenn as well, cause even though he's a pretty heavy hitter, his defense sucks and he's easily knocked out. Do you have that Revive allocated??

After you've beaten Polly he congratulates you... (sorta)... and now it's Fargo's turn. Oh joy.

Boss: Fargo
Innate: Blue
Attacks: physicals

Guess what? Yes, you can skip this too, but jeeze... Watch Kid in this fight, if she's with you. X-Strike should go over quite well... "Now that smarts" :oD

(*Note: Polly and Fargo only count as bosses if you chose not to save Kid, which means that, no matter which route you took, you should now have 10 stars (providing that you actually fought the bosses, that is)) After the fight, you faint. Again. ^9__9^ ... then so does one of your party members... Fargo, the dirty cheater, has poisoned your party with jellyfish stingers! Your third party member now faints just from the thought of it...

While you're unconcious, Serge has a flashback, and then the real ghost ship pulls up next to the S.S. Invincible, and ghosts and ghouls take over the ship. You wake up, and a Crossbones enters the room. ... again, you can run ifya want, and he just disappears. ... *wonders how many boss battles it was possible to skip, and why anyone would want to??* Anyway. Defeat him, and save your game. Hey, how bout this: allocate a lot of white elements, since all of the enemies on the S.S. Invincible are black innate.

Leave the room, talk to the guy cowering in the corner, try the door, read the note, and talk to the guy again. Enter the next door. Talk to this guy, then fight off the Crossbones. Get the Aquaball (lv. 3 blue) out of the chest (*Tip: Try walking onto the bench on the right to get onto the counter). Leave, save the guy outside, and a Wraith attacks you from the corner. The other door is locked. Go all the way to the left, and another Wraith attacks you in front of the chest. This door is locked, too. Retrieve the Firepillar (lv. 3 red) from inside, and head up the ladder. Go left, and another Wraith attacks you (annoyed yet? Oh, don't worry, it only gets worse...). Save the guy in front of the Captain's quarters. Go right, and you're attacked by... yes, another Wraith. The way is blocked by fire, so go into the room. Talk to the guy on the floor, and he tells you that there's a monster in the corner. Go towards the chest... do I really need to tell you what happens next? Kill the damn thing and get the Panacea out of the chest. Talk to the guy twice (actually, sometimes he doesn't actually tell you what yer supposed to do next, but I guess that's what I'm here for, huh? :op ). Go through the grate in the back wall, and you end up in the other room. Fight off the Wraith to get the Capsule out of the chest. Kill the Crossbones and go outside. Through the archway is another one of our favourite friends. Kick its damn Wraithy butt, talk to the fat guy twice, and the skinny guy in the back tells you that he has the key. Talk to him, and he gives it to you. The other guy tells you the other way to get to the deck. Make your way back downstairs, and open the door at the end of the hallway. Boo. By now, you must be itching for something else to randomly attack you, ne? Go down the stairs, and *BAM* (happy now??). I hate these ball-licking freaks. (... what? That's what it looks like they're doin! ^>__<^ ) Find where there's a cannon missing, and go outside from there.

Beware of this fat guy. His "vitamin drink" will either restore all HP, remove all status effects... or poison you. Seriously. I was lucky the first time I played, cause I talked to him twice and got full HP and removed all status effects... but all the other times I've played I've gotten poisoned (so what does that tell you?). And another one of our favorite friends wafts out of the second-to-last opening as you continue left. Go down the ladder. There are two Deadbeats here under the oars. Inside, kill off all the Deadbeats. Yay! Another Wraith appears after the second cannon! ... great. Chase Pip, get attacked some more, chase, attacked, chase, etc., etc., etc. Talk to Pip again, and he runs off... again... (damn you Pip ^>__<^ ) Go up the ramp to the box and get the Gravitonne out of the chest. The other chest in the corner is another Capsule. Can't find Pip? He's under the stairs towards the bottom of the screen on the same side as the Capsule you just got. Talk to him again... damn you Pip, quit running, Tomalu! ^>__________<^ Talk to him (again? Yes, again...), and after some more annoying Fudd-talk, he finally joins your party! *sigh* Try putting him in your party, cause his whole evolution thing is damn cool. Also, you can equip him with Skelly's Iron Glove if you forged that Bronze Glove like I told you to back in Termina (i.e., you can't unequip Skelly's glove unless you have a replacement for it). Whee. Go up the stairs and get the PhotonBeam out of the chest and allocate this into Serge's highest grid level. Save your game and continue upwards. Ondeck, a Wraith attacks you. ... duhhh. Suddenly, more Wraiths appear, and you're sent to help Fargo. He's been hurt, and tells you to take the wheel (remember how you grew up in a fishing village? Whaddayamean, you've never done this before?! Get your lazy butt over there and take the wheel!). Uh oh...

Boss: DeadHead
Innate: Black
Attacks: DarkBreath (tech), Death'sOdor (tech, all-party), Diminish, Imbecile

This guy's attacks cause black status effects, which drains HP. Don't use X-Strike on this guy, since it doesn't do much damage at all. Dash&Slash followed by Dash&Gash does a lot more damage than just X-Strike. Then hit him with PhotonBeam and this guy should be about half-dead. ^~__~^ If Glenn's not in your party, just hit the thing with a ton of white elements. When it casts Diminish, don't bother wasting your white elements, just use physicals for a round or so. Watch Pip, if he's in your party, cause he gets hit really hard here.

After the battle, Fargo tells you that Mount Pyre is full of lava, so you should first go to Water Dragon Isle to get the Water Dragon's blessing before going on to Mount Pyre.

Dwarven Invasion: A Prelude to Being on Fire

Dream of a Shore Bordering Another World

Nothing's Changed But Everything!

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Vipers and Poison

Guldove - Where Ripples Become Waves

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