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Well, we've already been to Water Dragon Isle in this world, and we know that it's all dried-up, therefore, no Water Dragon, despite that wall of ice. So...... return to Guldove! (unless you saved Kid, that is...) If you saved Kid, then skip to the "Go to Termina" sentence in the next section.

Guldove - Another World

Enter Doc's hut and then Kid's room... hey, don't look so glum! Kid walks in, perfectly fine. Doc joined your party! Kid gives you back the Astral Amulet, and explains that that and Serge are the two keys to crossing worlds. ... eeeeee, bouncing Pip! ^~____~^ Go to Termina and forge your Iron weapons and armour (if you saved Razzly, forge her an Iron Rod). Head to Opassa Beach and use the Astral Amulet.

Arni Village - Home World

Put Leena in your party, then talk to the poems girl to get the Book of Poems, if you haven't already. Go onto the pier and freak the other Leena out. Heheheh... now, wake up the sleeping fisherman, and he'll take you to Water Dragon Isle for 100g. ... wow, you just kinda... pounce into that there boat, don'tCHA? ^O__o^

Water Dragon Isle - Home World -- In Search of the Dragon Blue

If you want Razzly's lv 7 tech later on, you should have her in your party for this entire section in blue (unless you put her in your party at any point before giving Doc the Hydra Humour for Kid, in which case you can't get her tech). The fisherman mentions the fact that it's weird that there are no fairies around. Jump on the lily pads. *poing* ... exactly. If you need help getting through the lillies (cause they can be annoying), use this handy dandy diagram to get through them. On the left ledges all the way in the back is an Aquaball, and on the right is an IceBlast. Switch Leena out of your party at the SP and SAVE. (switch in either Razzly or another green innate for this). Remember where that guy with Skelly's ribs was in the other Water Dragon Isle? Now there's a waterfall, and an Iron in the cave under it. Continue on back.

If Razzly's in your party, this'll be an even more disturbing scene... You find that the dwarves that left the Hydra Marshes after the Hydra was killed have invaded Water Dragon Isle and killed off the fairies. ...*grrr*! I HATE DWARVES! Time for revenge!! The fairy left alive straight ahead recognizes Razzly and tells her that her sister Rosetta has been taken into the back caverns by the dwarves. Kill off all the dwarves in the area to avenge the fairies. Climb up the middle ladder and enter the cave. The dwarf chieftain is there, and a boss battle ensues.

Mini-Boss: Dwarves (5)
Innate: Yellow
Attacks: Hi-HoChorus (tech, all-party), Hi-HoWarcry (tech), ElectroJolt

If you battled the dwarves before in the Hydra Marshes, then you know that they start out with their devastating all-party attack, Hi-HoChorus. Kill them off one by one. After there are only two left, they can't do Hi-HoChorus anymore, but Hi-HoWarcry is the same thing, except directed only at one party member. They'll do ElectroJolt too, but it doesn't do much. This isn't a very hard fight at this point.

Yes, you still get a star for that. After this battle, they run off. Kill off the rest of the dwarves in this area as well. Climb up to the top ledge, kill the dwarf, and go through the entrance. Get the Magic Ring out of the chest and equip it on your green-innate character (to pack more punch against the yellow-innate dwarves). Exit this area through the bottom of the screen and climb down. In the cave behind the waterfall is another dwarf guarding a Scaley Dress. ... now what would a dwarf want with a dress? ^O__o^ Continue down, and the dwarf Chieftain is back. Ack! What the hell is that thing??

Boss: Hi-Ho Tank, Dwarves (2)
Innate: Yellow
Attacks: ElementShot (high-level, mostly black and blue)

Have Serge and Glenn/Razzly attack the tank while Kid (or whomever else) attacks one of the dwarves (if you leave both dwarves alive, they repair the tank every so often by 100hp (more or less), but if only one's left standing, then it won't do anything... ... unless the game is cheating! ^>__<^ ). Hit the tank with lots of Bushbashers and high-level elements, and watch your HP, cause ElementShot can do a lot of damage. Once the tank explodes, the fight is over, whether the other dwarf is dead or not, so don't waste yer time on him.

Move towards Rosetta, who's on the floor. If you had Razzly in your party for the Hydra fight, Rosetta is alive, albeit hurt and very weak. If you didn't have Razzly in your party for the Hydra thing but did have her with you now, Rosetta is dead. :o( Enter the Water Dragon's cave. He already knows what you seek, and gives you the Ice Breath and *FrogPrince (lv. 7 blue summon). The scene then switches back to the fairies driving you off the island (...). Razzly sticks by you, though (if she's in your party, whether Rosetta died or not). Her sister gives her a Wisp Cape (if she didn't die, obviously). If Rosetta died, Razzly tells the other fairies to bury her on Moon Isle. If Razzly isn't in your party, Kid faints, and you spend the night on Water Dragon Isle, during which Kid has a nightmare about her past. She tells you a little about her past and gives you some life-affirming lessons. The next morning, you wake up in a puddle of water. ... *blub*? The fisherman seems to have disappeared! (or not?) Now you're ready to go to Mount Pyre (in Another World).

First things first, though. South of the S.S. Invincible is a pinkish island. Land, and enter the town of Marbule. ... where you get rocks thrown at you. Fun. There's a pool in the back with two pink guys. Talk to the one not in the pool, and buy Trap elements! (the ones with the down arrows in front of em) Oh, but don't bother buying TrapFrogPrince, cause you've already got that summon. And yes, these are so you can get summons and higher-level elements. :op Try buying about 5 of each, for now, but if you're low on funds just concentrate on TrapInfernos and TrapFreefalls for now, and 2-3 TrapHolyLights.

Mount Pyre - Another World

Save your game on the world map, then step inside. If you choose to bring a blue innate character into this "fiery hell" (as Glenn puts it), then allocate him/her with *FrogPrince. If you're really good at dodging around enemies, you can go for the MagmaBurst over to your left. Plus, remember how the Hydra Marshes drained your HP for every second you were in there without the Safety Gear? Well, it's a lot worse here. 2-3 seconds standing in the lava'll send your whole party's HP crashing down to 1. Stand at the edge of the lava and use Ice Breath (if you want the MagmaBurst you'll have to get it before using Ice Breath or the ice will freeze over the chest and you won't be able to get it). Fight off the LavaBoy, then go north, kill the CatBurglar, and grab the Tablet. Head north, and... oh no, not them again...

Mini-Boss: Solt and Peppor
Innate: Yellow
Attacks: PepporBox (red tech, Peppor), SummerSolt (blue tech, Solt), Cross-Cut (red double tech)

Nope, no star for this. Bah. These two bumbling idiots are just here to teach you how to use Trap elements, so read carefully. Chances are, the DeadBeats on the Invincible used some on you (when at the top of the screen it showed a down arrow and "???"). How convenient that we just bought a bunch, and now here's a lesson on them. :op Solt uses one on Peppor, who gets pissed and half-kills Solt for you. Kid (your lightest hitter) can take him on by herself now, so concentrate on defeating Peppor.

See that cave off to the right? Bah. There's only a MagmaBomb in there, and who needs another lv.2 red anyway? Especially in this place. ^9__9^ Plus, there are a bunch of CatBurglars there, and the lava slides take you aaall the way back to the beginning of Mount Pyre, which means you'd have to defeat all those enemies all over again (except Solt and Peppor, of course). Instead, follow the two dunderheads towards the back and climb up the ladder and enter the cave. You can take your chances on that TrapInferno in the corner before using the Ice Breath, but the risk is up to you since you should already have about five from our trip to Marbule. There's a Tablet on the far right, and a Capsule up the stairs above that. Go north, beat up the HotDoggity, then keep following the path. No, that huge thingy trapped in there is not the Fire Dragon... this little midget is (but don't underestimate him).

Boss: Fire Dragon
Innate: Red
Attacks FieryBreath

Hit him with high-level blues. It's pretty damn easy to turn the field effect all blue in this fight, so if you brought a blue innate character with you, cast *FrogPrince when the field effect's all blue.

After the fight, allocate elements into your new grid slots. Oh great, another boss fight? If Luccia's in your party, Karsh recognizes her, and you get a bit more dialogue (and no, Nikki has nothing to say to Marcy. Eh). Wow, Marcy "REALLY REALLY ABHOR"'s you, doesn't she?

Boss: The four Dragoon Devas (minus one): Karsh, Zoah, and Marcy
Innate: Karsh: Green, Zoah: Yellow, Marcy: Blue
Attacks: Gyronimo (tech, Zoah), DragonRider (tech, Zoah), AxialAxe (tech, all-party, Karsh), DragonRider (tech, Karsh), StringPhone (tech, all-party, Marcy), Cat'sCradle (tech, Marcy)

A good line-up for this fight is: Glenn (or Razzly), Serge (duh), and Kid. Have Serge and Kid attack Marcy (red innate vs. blue innate) and Glenn/Razzly attack Zoah (green vs. yellow). Marcy's the easiest to take down, and Zoah's the hardest, but this still shouldn't be a very hard fight. Once Marcy's down, have Serge and Kid switch to Karsh, since Marcy and Karsh have all-party techs and Zoah doesn't.

After the fight, they run off, and Harle tries to persuade to to not go on... don't worry, she doesn't try to fight you. Now you're finally ready to enter Fort Dragonia...

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