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Eventually, you end up in a circular room. You should go counter-clockwise, starting with the door on your immediate left.

  • The Yellow Crystal

    This place is an annoying hell. Even I can't help you here, since it all depends on the order of your party members when you enter the damn room. What you have to do here is lower the platform so you can activate the crystal. Go all the way to the left, up the staircase and into the room. Stand on the footprints and inspect the wall. Ignore what they tell you, since they're usually wrong. Go outside, and check what you can get to now. Then hit select and keep going back into the room and use the footprints thing until you get the Earth Charm and the ElectroBolt out of the chests. If you run out of orders, inspect that glowing blue thing outside the door to the side room. This switches your party members around more than pressing select does. At some point, you'll be able to get to the panel with a glowing blue light to lower the staircase on the other side of the room, and later you can access the control panel up there (that looks like one of those unlowered staircases). Activate the control panel to lower the platform with the crystal on it. Deactivate the crystal and leave.

  • The Red Crystal

    When you finally get to the room, read the inscription on the dragon statue. The dragon always faces north, no matter what direction it seems like he's facing. Chances are, he's facing you this time. The ones you'll want to choose are whatever doesn't drop you into the top gap. The right gap leads to the Red Crystal. Deactivate it, find your way to the slide, then climb back up. The bottom gap takes you to four chests (from right to left): TrapVolcano, Flame Charm, MagmaBurst, and FirePillar. The left gap takes you to a floating red pyramid that brings your star level up to full, HP to full, and removes status effects. Now head back to the main room.

    (*Note: Taurusoid does NOT cast Tornado, like, ever. Which is why I don't have you doing the blue crystal first (besides other reasons) and then trapping Tornado instead of Iceberg, even though Tornado would be a hell of a lot more useful... ehhhhhh, whatever. Stupid Taurusoid. ^>__<^ )

  • The Green Crystal

    By the dragons, what a mess... Allocate a bunch of green elements. OK, go straight ahead into the next area, down the stairs to the left, kill the Cybot, go around, head right through the archway, left through the other archway, and up the stairs to get the HealAll and the BushBasher out of the chest. Go back through the archway and north up the stairs (watch out for the Paper Boy, and their tech is so prettyyyyyyy.....). Follow the path to the end, get the Antidote, then go back, down the stairs, through the first archway, up the stairs, and head down towards the bottom of the screen. Go up the stairs on the left, battle the Cybot, turn right, and continue offscreen. Follow the path, kill off the Paper Boy, go around and towards the bottom of the screen (after another Paper Boy), and get the TrapTornado out of the chest. Go back and towards the top of the screen, around, back inside, then down towards the bottom to collect the AeroBlaster out of the chest... run away from the jumping Cybot! ^O__o^

    Go back into the last area, up the stairs, and right and down towards the bottom of the screen. Keep following the path (feelin lost yet? Don't worry, I'll get you back, although I can't guarantee you'll be safe and sound...). Smack the blue thingy, then keep following the path north. Equip lots of yellow elements, then enter and go towards the top of the... yikes!!!

    Boss: Taurusoid
    Innate Green
    Attacks: BodyPress (tech), BackDrop (tech), ChokeSlam (tech), HealAll

    ... anyone else notice how sometimes the crystal behind him is shown as yellow instead of green? ^O__o^ Alright, well... basically, just hit him with yellow elements. He'll always cast HealAll after this, but this pretty much keeps him from hitting you except for once at the beginning with BodyPress (unless you only level up your grid to lv 4 or so and then hit him with a yellow from there), and HealAll doesn't really heal him as much as you're taking off (usually). Might take awhile, but eh.

    Strategy 2: If you use any other colour element, he'll definately attack you, and will DEFINATELY do ChokeSlam at some point. Some of your characters will almost 99% surely die, but he won't cast HealAll on himself as often. I highly recommend the first option though.

    Don't bother trying to steal from him, cause all you'll get is a TrapTornado. Bah.

    Deactivate the crystal, go south, then go down the staircase that appeared when you hit the blue button earlier. Exit towards the bottom of the screen.

  • The Blue Crystal

    Hopefully you're saving your game in the main room after each crystal. OK, head up onto the ramp. Now, there's a door on either side of this room. One contains a Sea Charm and the other room has a stupid dragoon who seems to have gotten himself stuck in there... *sweatdrop* . Well, where they are is random, so... try yer luck. You move the ramps by opening the chests in the top corners. When you've gotten the Sea Charm, make the right ramp go down towards the bottom-right, and the left one towards the top-left. Hit the blue button and enter through the doorway. Ewww...

    Boss: GiantGloop
    Innate: Blue
    Attacks: GooeyGoo (tech), TakeIn (tech, freezes a party member), IceBerg (lv. 6 blue, all-party), CureAll (cures your party)

    ... and has anybody else noticed how the symbol on the floor during the battle is the one for the green crystal? :op Have everyone's lv. 1 and 2 grid slots filled with Fireball and Cure, and MagmaBomb and CurePlus, respectively. Also, give them purely defensive items and the worst weapons possible, since you'll want to milk this thing for IceBergs. Well, whatever party members don't have their lv. 5 techs yet (like Glenn, Luccia, Nikki, etc.) do have lv. 6 slots by now. Which is good. Equip them with TrapIceberg there, and power them up first (however, I highly suggest having two characters with TrapIceBerg. Not only will you get to trap more IceBergs but this way you won't risk getting hit by IceBerg just cause your one character with the trap element allocated has been frozen by TakeIn). Have them cast TrapIceberg, then hit the GiantGloop with red elements until he starts sagging. He'll do IceBerg either immediately, or quite soon afterwards. Now, only use weak attacks from here on out, and make sure you keep the GiantGloop alive. If you cure him so much that he stops sagging, make sure to make him sag again quickly so you can get more IceBergs. You should keep everyone's grids activated to at least level three at all times. If you all have three grid levels activated, then just defend. When the GiantGloop casts Iceberg, it won't hit you, and you now have the element in your stockpile. Yay! Now, immediately cast TrapIceberg again, then have a different character cast Cure on the GiantGloop, the other one do Fireball, and start powering up the grid of your TrapIceberg-equipped character again to level 6. The GiantGloop'll probably cast Iceberg while you're powering that character up, but you've trapped that. If your character can't reach lv. 6 before their turn is over, go back and have another character (preferably not Serge since he's pretty strong) hit the GiantGloop two or three times, then go back to the other character, finish powering them up, and cast TrapIceberg. Repeat until you've gotten as many Icebergs as you can, and then immediately whomp the thing with high-level reds and/or Kid's RedPin. Also, the silly thing casts CureAll on you a lot if you do this, so... don't worry too much about your party's HP. (I'd like to make a note that if you think using Tablets instead of Cures or red attack elements will work just as well, I can assure you it does not. Not only do Tablets not let you heal enemies, but Mr. Gloopy over there will just spend his time using his techs on you and casting most everything else BUT IceBerg if you use Tablets as your red elems instead)

    Deactivate the crystal. A huge pillar now rises up out of the floor in the main hallway with a bang. Go there, and enter through the door at the front. Be sure to equip yourselves with lots of black elements first, though... and equip anyone you want with TrapHolyLight (since it can be allocated in a lv. 5 slot). Also, if Nikki or some other blue innate with a lv. 6 grid slot is in your party, you can equip them with your new Icebergs. Booyah.

  • The White Crystal

    Save your game before you enter, cause this boss is tough.

    Boss: SunofaGun
    Innate: White
    Attacks: KissyWissy (tech, freezes a party member and causes white status effects), ModeChange (tech), AntiBlack, PhotonBeam, MeteorShower (lv. 4 white, all-party), HolyLight (lv. 5 white, all-party), WeakMinded (on you, magic defense temporarily decreased), StrongMinded (on self, magic defense temporarily increased)

    Alright. Level up your character with TrapHolyLight, and cast that, then just defend and level that one character up to level five, and wait for SunofaGun to turn the field effect all white and cast HolyLight. Cast TrapHolyLight again, and then just kick its arse or risk dying. Watch your HP, though, cause he casts lv. 3 and lv. 4 white elements, and they hurt. Badly. Especially if the field effect is all white. He only casts it when he's got his sad face up, so ehhhhhh (I mean the sad face, not the creepy large down-turned face. The one I do mean is the one pictured to the right). When he's got an angry face, he does PhotonBeam and MeteorShower. Also, you're gonna end up extremely annoyed when none of your elements do any damage whatsoever (and I mean a big fat red 0), except some techs. Rar! I've gotten five HolyLights before, but it really just depends on chance. He usually dies before you can get much out of him anyway.

    Deactivate the crystal, then take the elevator up. Also, equip Serge with HolyLight, if you managed to get it.

  • The Black Crystal

    Looks quite familiar, doesn't it? Go onto the thing around the platform with the teleporter on it, and get the Capsule out of the chest. If you haven't noticed by now, this layout is exactly like the one in the beginning of the game, cept with treasure. Go up onto the platform on the left, battle the dragoon, go outside, battle the dragoon (whee, repetitive), and go around and inside. Go down the diagonal stairs to your right, then go left for a MeteorShower (yes, that lv. 4 white that SunofaGun was using). Now go right, past the door you came in through, and through the other doorway. Collect the Angel Charm, go back outside and to the left, enter, and go up the stairs. Kill off the dragoon on the platform on your right, then continue towards the back. Fight off the Acacia sergeant, grab the Daemon Charm, then keep following the path through the doorway. ... ^.__.^

    Boss: Bunyip
    Innate: Red, then Black
    Attacks: MagmaBomb, FirePillar, Inferno (lv. 6 red, all-party), Volcano (lv. 7 red, all-party), GravityBlow, Gravitonne (single-party), DevilThunda (black tech, all-party), FreeFall (lv. 6 black)

    Have TrapInferno and TrapFreefall allocated, cause you'll need em. Just use physicals for awhile, hopefully trapping Inferno once or twice. If Kid's in yer party, try stealing, and you might just get a FreeFall. Whee. But do NOT let the field effect turn all-red, unless you want to try and trap Volcano at the risk of getting hit with Inferno. Both of them are all-party, but Volcano does a ton more damage. If you trap it, it's like Iceberg in that only red-innates can use it, although anybody can use Inferno. I say have a TrapVolcano allocated, just in case. After about two or three rounds, regardless of damage, he changes into something really freaky-looking of innate black. Cast TrapFreefall NOW, and now you can use everybody's techs, unless you want to milk him for Freefalls. Watch out though: his black elements do a lot of damage, especially to Serge. If you're going to trap Freefalls, then make sure you keep your HP above about 125 for each character. Once you're bored of playing the set-trap-and-wait game, Serge's Luminaire and HolyLight do a lot of damage.

    Deactivate the black crystal and get on the teleporter. ... now this is where things get ugly, and I don't mean the fights...

    Boss: General Viper
    Innate: Yellow
    Attacks: G-Force (tech), AirForce (tech, all-party)

    Glenn should do pretty well against General Viper, plus he should have his lv.5 tech by now (finally! ^9__9^ ). This fight is so much cake, you don't even need a strategy for it. Heck, you don't even need a green-innate char in your party and it's still cake. "Hah-hah-hah!!!" (...)

    After the fight, the General compliments you on being worthy adversaries, and decides to give it his all this time. But before he can make a move, Lynx stabs him in the back, the traitor. *snorts* Viper realises all too late what's really been going on. Well, too bad, cause now it's our problem. ^>__<^

    Boss: Lynx
    Innate: Black
    Attacks: GlideHook (tech), lv. 1 - lv. 4 elements (yes, including MeteorStorm)

    This fight shouldn't be too hard, either. Just use techs and white elements and watch your HP. The only real problem are his physical attacks. HolyLight is painful (for him, anyway!). :oD

    After the fight, Lynx starts blabbering about hate and love and coins, which gives you a mighty big headache (as does that damn evil orb again! (stupid Dragon Tear!)), Another movie, and you fall to the floor, and things just get generally worse from there. uh... nice eyes. ... meep. Since when did you start talking so much? um... move?

    Boss: Serge, Kid, and other person in your party
    Innate: Black, Red, variable

    Well, if you haven't figured it out yet, you've somehow turned into Lynx. Yes, it is possible to beat them, but even if you do kill off your friends, you suddenly develop a conscience, walk over to Kid, and she kills you with one stab. Fun.

    Anyway, after your near demise, "Serge" wants Kid to kill you, but she's hesitant. Whoops, Lynx made a mistake, didn't he? "How'd you know Lucca's name?" Serge then stabs Kid. "Yer... Lynx... ain't ya??" Well, yes, so it seems he is... "Serge" takes the Dragon Tear off the pedestal, knocks out your other party member (or both party members, if you didn't have Kid in your party), and blows everything up before leaving.

    HALF-WAY POINT! (I hope you've not gone this far all in one go!) Oh well. NEXT!

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