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The Temporal Vortex -- Where Lost Souls Wander

Whee, movies.... You wake up in a strange world that looks like something Monet might have painted. Head down to the left, and climb up the ladder. Take the right path, go all the way right, and step on the branch with the berries. The branch shakes, and a berry falls off. Sprigg scurries out of her house. Now, the trick is to get into her house before she does. If she beats you back, just drop another berry. Once inside, Sprigg comes in: "EY YOU!!! Wot are you doin' in me 'ouse!?" She then talks for a bit, and lets you rest there for the night.

The next morning, you can climb down the ladder inside Sprigg's house and save your game. Climb back up, and attempt to leave. Sprigg will stop you, reprimand you for just leaving after she opens her home to you, and hops down onto the floor. Sprigg joined ya party! If you got a Mythril Mail from the fight with General Viper, equip Lynx with that (Sprigg comes with silver weapons, but iron mail? Go fig...) Allocate elements (nope, Lynx doesn't have any allocated) and equipment, then head outside, and back up the right branch. Go into the hole and to the right, then go around the hole with the eyes peeking out of it, and up to the right again. Go around the tower and push the boulder off. Run back around the tower, down the path to the lower level, under the waterfall (yes, that water is falling upwards. What else do you expect in a place like this? ^@__.^ ) and push the boulder off the ledge again. This knocks the other boulder farther down out of the way. Go back to the level that Sprigg's house is on and go up the left path this time. Get the Revive out of the chest. Wander up to the tower again, go around it, and head inside. Harle is waiting for you. No matter what you answer, she'll just drone on and on seemingly endlessly, although her babbling is much much shorter if you just agree that you're Lynx. Then a spectre of Serge makes an appearance, and Sprigg says "Open the door to reality only". Whatever door Serge goes through on his level, choose the same door on your level. You have to do this three times. If you mess up even once, then after the third time, you end up back outside the tower, and you have to go back inside and try again.

After choosing the right doors three times in a row, the scene switches to a crazy maze-like thingy. Harle gets bored, and Harle joined your partie! Allocate elements to her grid, and yes, she comes with both silver (mythril) weapons and armour. ... and aren'tCHA glad we trapped all of those Freefalls, since now two of your party members are black-innate? :op Go left and down and flick the lever. Go left, then straight, and get the Mythril out of the chest. OK, now that there are enemies about, it's time to mention something about Sprigg. If you've looked at her grid, you'll notice that her grid sucks. Big time. She has, like, 3 slots (albeit high-level ones), and one's taken up by her lv. 5 tech, Doppelgang. Now... if you don't know what "doppelgang" is, then listen up. Doppelgang means to take on the form of something else (i.e., it's synonymous with shape-shifting, transmogrifying, etc., etc.). Sprigg already has some forms she can take, but they're pretty crappy right now. The way she learns more forms is if she deals the final blow to an enemy, and then there's a slight chance that that enemy is in her list (later on, you'll get an item that you can equip that makes 100% sure that whatever Sprigg kills will end up in her Doppelgang menu). So... just try and have her deal the finishing blow to at least two of each new enemy you encounter. The way to check what she's got is, during battle, choose Doppelgang, and then go through her doppelgang menu that pops up. Anyway. Head left, then down to collect the Pendragon Sigil C out of the chest. Go back up to the lever and pull it again. Go left, then left again, then around the green fence to get some more Mythril. Go back around the fence, head down the stairs on the left, turn right, then right, and jump into the mirror there on the lowest level.

You end up back in the Hydra Marshes in Home World, if you haven't figured that out yet by your surroundings... ^@__x^ . After Sprigg gets all hyper, go south towards the bottom of the screen to leave the area. Don't even bother with the chests, since they're really just a bone and a feather and stuff like that. Now, to where the angels lose their way!

Opassa Beach - Home World -- The Lost Portal: Isolation of People From the World

... the Astral Amulet doesn't work, does it? What'd you do, break it?! Sprigg suggests you "go and explain the situation to yer movver" (i.e., Marge, yer mum, back in Arni). Doesn't make much sense, but have you got any better ideas?

Arni Village - Home World

Ouch. Cooold reception home, huh. Go into your house and talk to mummy dearest. She tells the story of how Serge's father Wazuki and Leena's father Miguel set sail on a stormy night to try and save Serge (this was after the whole panther demon attack). They got blown off-course and ended up in the Dead Sea, a.k.a. the Sea of Eden (ring any bells? Lynx/Serge/whatever told you to go there if you wanted to "end your dream of 10 years ago," whatever that means...). ... 7, 10, 14, will these people ever get the years right? ^@__@^ Seems Miguel never made it back, though... Anyway. Radius then comes in, recognizes you as Lynx, and challenges you to a duel.

Boss: Radius
Innate: Green
Attacks: PhotonBeam, LongShot (tech)

This is not a hard fight. At all. "I stand defeated!"

After the fight, Radius finally listens. Radius joined your party! "Zut! This old geezer will only get in ze way!" Radius suggests that you go find information on Home World's General Viper's dissappearance.

Fossil Valley - Home World

The Porre soldiers run away at the sight of Lynx's face. Ha! There isn't much here in Fossil Valley: leather from the dingos, and mythril where the Bellflower and the Big Egg were. Watch out for the drongos again. Also, the Infrared Vision frame is behind the large dinosaur head. Chances are, you'll have to fight the dodo to get the Mythril (which you don't really need, but whatever floats your boat... the dodo's not a boss battle, but here it is anyway)

Ultra-Mini-Boss: Dodo
Innate: White
Attacks: Peck (tech), physicals

There'll probably be two of them. FeralCats and MoonBeams should do the trick.

Termina - Home World -- Knight or Day...?

Termina in Home World has been occupied by the Porre Army for a looooong tiiiime. A soldier recognizes Lynx the traitor as soon as he steps into the port town. To the left of the bar is a soldier under the archway. Talk to him to find out that you are to report to Commander Norris, who is at the Viper Manor ruins. Enter the bar, and talk to the guy facing the first table for some info about the disappearance of the Dragoons, and a hint of his extreme paranoia. Don't talk to the barmaid, cause she'll just yell at you... *sigh* Enter Lisa's Shop and buy some more high-level elements. Enter her back room. Lisa enters, and tells you that her father is in the Shadow Forest, gathering mushrooms. Now, go to the smithy. Zippa and Zappa are having a conversation. Talk to Zappa afterwards. If Radius is in your party, Zappa recognizes him (Zappa is also a former Dragoon Deva, in case you were wondering). Zappa joins your party! (he also gives you the Smith Spirit, which allows you to forge weapons anywhere on the world map, or at a Record of FATE) Go to Van and Gogh's house in the back. Talk to Gogh, and he tells you that Van is in the back room. Talk to Van, and tell him you'll hire him. You then hear voices in the next room, and Gogh and the meanie land-lady are arguing about the rent. Van says that he will return with the Frozen Flame, and the lady pretty much makes fun of him. Say that you're serious, and the land-lady speculates on the Flame, agrees to wait, and then leaves. Van goes into his room, reminisces, then returns. Say that you are in fact looking for the Frozen Flame, and Van joins your party! Put him in your current party, then enter his room. He'll go over to his piggy bank, and comment on how it's empty. You can put in up to 300g at the moment. This is important, cause the more money in Van's piggy bank, the stronger his lv. 7 tech (PiggyBoink) is. Leave Termina, and forge yourself some mythril mail and a silver swallow on the world map using the Smith Spirit. (if you need more humour or carapaces, go to Lizard Rock and kill off some beach bums for humour, or go to the Hydra Marshes and kill the swarmp bug (the flying blue thingy) in the first area for a carapace). Also, if you visit what would be Greco's house if this were the other world, and talked to the lady there, she'd mention something about a ghost named Ghetz... Heh, if you go into the house on the other side of the area from Skelly's grandmother's house, there'll be a short, kinda funny scene.

Shadow Forest - Home World

Bypass the first area. A cuscus is guarding a Capsule in a chest, and there's a Mythril in the chest in the back. In the third area, go around to the bottom of the screen, and enter the cave under the waterfall. Lisa's father is in there. Talk to him. He won't give you what's inside the chest until you find him a rare mushroom (if you recruited Nikki earlier, then you know that rare mushrooms grow in the large hollow tree in the next area... if not, well, you do now ^~__*^ ). Leave the cave, and enter the next area. All the way in the back is a submerged chest with a TrapCarnivore element. Go further into the tree, until you find the ledge (second area of the tree). At the end of the ledge is a little kid, whose father is trapped inside the hole he's in front of. If you didn't recruit Nikki, all you have to do is defeat the wraith there. If you did recruit Nikki, and therefore pushed a boulder in front of this hole in the other world, then there'll be a boulder in front of it in this world. You'll have to go back the way you came (but stay in this area), and find the bug (gerridae) under the water on the right side of the screen. First, find the small hole in the wall on the left side of the screen. Next to that are two boulders, and the bug is to the right of the larger of the two. Yeah, he's really hard to see. Inspect him to surprise him. He then starts jumping around and jumps into the hole I mentioned earlier. The kid's dad then yells "AHHHH!" (must be afraid of bugs... heh), and jumps out of the hole. He then gives you a Mushroom. Don't bother going deeper into the tree, cause there're a bunch of Porre soldiers blocking that entrance into Viper Manor. Go back to the cave under the waterfall and give Lisa's father the Mushroom. ... whoops. Looks like her prediction came true. ^O__o^;; He then blames you for this whole thing... ah well. Funguy joined your party! Get the Forest Charm out of the chest, then leave.

Viper Manor Ruins - Home World

The soldiers now let you by (they wouldn't letCHA if you came by earlier). Radius reminisces about days gone by, and trips muchly the light philosophical. And Harle gets annoyed cause apparently Lynx didn't tell her everything... haha. Talk to the soldier all the way at the top of the screen for some interesting info. Talk to the guy near the well, then enter it. Go up onto the ledge the soldier's standing on, and he tells you to enter through that hole. Turn left, go down, then left, up the stairs, up, right, and up (around the crates and stuff) to get a Mythril Helmet. The soldier on the other platform tells you to climb the ladder in the back (top-left). Enter the prison (the cell door is locked, so you can't get that chest), then go through the door at the end of the hallway. You've finally found Commander Norris. After explaining the situation to him, Norris enlisted in your party! He says he has a boat, and you end up in Termina. We don't need the boat yet, so leave town and head back to Viper Manor (the guards at the gate won't let you in without Norris in your party so make sure he's there). You might wanna use the Smith Spirit to forge Norris some Mythril Mail and an Argent Gun while you're on the world map, though.

Viper Manor Sewers - Home World

Go down into the well, then climb up the rocks and enter through where the grate is in Another World. Go towards the back and climb up the ladder, then use the Prison Key to unlock the cell with the chest inside it. There's a Mythril Vest in there. Enter the grate in the back of the cell, then go down the ladder. Go left, up the ladder, tighten the valve, down the ladder, through the passageway you just opened, up the steps, right, up, and get the Carapace Dress out of the chest. Go down, left, up, left, down the stairs, down some more stairs, all the way down, left, up the stairs (the ones that, if you kept going straight, they'd be the ones you hit (not the ones closest to the bottom of the screen)), north, right, down, and get swept away by the current. Back in this area, knock both barrels into the water, then walk across them, up the stairs, and tighten the valve.

Go back up the well and go towards the front entrance of the manor. Find the Porre soldier who's standing on top of the ruins. Directly to the left of him is an area where you can climb up to where he is (pictured right). He tells you that this is an entrance to the basement (although technically it's the sewers). Go all the way right and hit X and choose Yes. Go down into the water and take the top-right path for a Revive (yay!). Take the middle path, head right, go down, right down the steps, north a bit and an immediate left, turn the valve to open the gate further south, go to that gate, enter the water, and head right. In the next area, go up both steps, down and right, into the water, open the valve to the north, back down into the water, right, up the ladder, up any of the three into a cell, and you probably know your way out from here.

Viper Manor Bluffs - Home World

Return to Termina and take a left. Keep going forwards til you reach the blue boat at the end of the docks (nope, you don't get that nice big boat there, sorry). Take the boat all the way around til you're behind Viper Manor so you can go pillage the bluffs. Once you land, go all the way right, climb up, go all the way left, climb a bit up and get knocked off by the water jet. Open the chest when you land for a Mythril. Climb back up to the water jet and wait just below it until it stops spraying water, then go up. At the top is another Mythril. Return to the very bottom and take the other path up. In the next screen, go right when you can and use the water jet to knock you down to the platform the Capsule is on. Go back up, dodging the water jet this time. Go all the way left and up into the next screen to get another Mythril, then climb back down and take the middle path. In the next screen, go left and up, dodge the water jet, and grab the Mythril up top. Return to the bottom of this current screen and head right and all the way up for another Mythril. And now... leave! :op

Sidequest: El Nido Triangle - Home World

If you've been paying attention, then you'll probably want to investigate the "beam of light coming from the El Nido Archipielago" and the "monster" atop Sky Dragon Isle. Take your boat to the southwest until you see the three islands in a triangle formation with a light shining up in the middle. Steer into the middle of the light, and choose "Go in." There's some Mythril in this area, but do you really need the stupid stuff? Especially since the Puffy's in this area have a yellow tech (NeedleWork) that takes off a lot of HP, and three of them could kill a party member. Climb down, head towards the top of the screen, then turn left, and climb down those reefs. Go up, right, then down. Here, you'll have to battle a lot of sea life just to get the Star Fragment out of the chest, but now you can leave the Triangle. (yes, it is possible to dodge them all down there, but ehh...)

Sidequest: Sky Dragon Isle - Home World

This place is located to the right and below Guldove, and is kinda shaped like a crescent moon. Talk to the guy in purple just standing there, and he tells you that there's a monster up there that attacks anyone with a Star Fragment. Climb the stairs, and at the top you see something small and blue scurry away. Allocate a bunch of black elements, then talk to the guy wandering around up here, and open the chest (by the way, it's just a trap... it's empty). Watch the guy freak out as MegaStarky appears (and no, this isn't a boss battle... dammit). Hahaha, "Noooooo! It's here!" *snickers*

Mini-Boss: MegaStarky
Innate: White
Attacks: RayDiation (tech), Meteorite, PhotonBeam, MeteorShower, StrongMinded, RecoverAll (on self)

This is a medium-difficulty fight. Just hit him with a bunch of black elements and level four elements... (you'd do well to have Harle in your party, as well...) If you trapped Volcano earlier, put Zappa into your party, since only red-innates can use Volcano. Use Inferno, too, if you've got it. It's pretty easy to turn the field effect all black, though, so use that too ifya want to.

After the battle, he takes your Star Fragment. Chase Starky around and catch him with the X button. "Starky shocked. Starky got caught." After explaining that the Star Fragment is actually a part of his ship, someone says that his ship could still be intact in the other world. Starky jooined youur party! Put him in your party, leave the area (not the island), then go back and talk to the guy to get the "Our Favourite Martian" frame. Now, head to Marbule as suggested when you recruited Norris.

Marbule Possessed - Home World -- The Village of the Demi-Humans

Ignore the ghost-thingies, since they can't do anything to you, and you can't do anything to them. Talk to Toma (the second dude you come across) twice, and ask him all four questions for information. When you ask about the Dead Sea, he tells you that perhaps the sage aboard the S.S. Zelbess'd know where Death's Door, the entrance to the Dead Sea, is. He lets you sleep in the first hut for the night. During the night you hear voices. Choose to check it out. Go up and to the right, and a mermaid jumps into the water and swims away. ... well, I guess that solves the mystery of the crying so-called "ghost." Toma comes out to see what yer doin up at this hour. He also tells you to go to the S.S. Zelbess in the morning. Irėnės, the mermaid, overhears this. The next morning, Irėnės hails you: "Ėxcüsė mė, sön öf män..." Board your boat, and go to the S.S. Zelbess.

The S.S. Zelbess

The S.S. Zelbess is behind Mount Pyre, and to the left. ... man, Irėnės swam all this way? Yeesh. ... er... ship look familiar? Go up all the stairs, then head below-deck. Enter the first room, and talk to Miki on the restaurant balcony. The second door (the kitchen) is locked. Go downstairs and to the right, and enter the first door. Inspect the stage, and watch Sneff's magic show. Errr... I think Sneff was looking up Jill's skirt for a sec there... ^<__<^;; Ha, put that on a stick and eat it, Jack! The second door is locked as well. Enter the last door, and ask the guy with the mop about the sage of Marbule. Tell the girl in the back that Marbule's as beautiful as ever, and she'll tell you the story of how the ship got its name. Go outside and overhear the conversation between the mop guy and the sailor. Talk to the sailor, who mentions that the mop guy used to be the leader of Marbule (a.k.a., the sage). He also tells you that he'll let you through to the Grand Slam if you get the captain's permission. Go back upstairs and to the left. Enter Fargo's quarters, and overhear the conversation between him and Irėnės. She lets drop some interesting information about rock star Nikki, Dragoon Deva Marcy, and Luccia... talk to Fargo, and one of your party members says something stupid like "We're from Marbule!" Fargo gets a little miffed, then he says he'll let you in to the Grand Slam if you beat him in a game of chance. Go to the casino (the room directly under Fargo's quarters), bet your boat, and play the game. No matter what Fargo says, this is a game of skill... but don't worry, you're supposed to lose this round, like it or not... After you lose your boat, Fargo leaves, and you have the casino all to yourself. Play the game again. Now, here's a slight trick on winning: keep pressing Start after the guy starts the wheel. When you see the pointer on South (S), or somewhere between South and Southwest, press Start and X soon thereafter. The pointer'll land on North (N), unless you took too long to react. N will double your points, E gains you 50pts., W deducts 50pts., and S equals "DEATH!!!". Play for all rank prizes, or just go for the gold... but the only prizes worth getting are rank one prizes. Rank four is a bone, rank three's iron, rank two's mythril, and the rank one prizes are first a Rainbow Shell, then Denadorite (both good forging materials... try getting more Denadorite!). Go downstairs to the Inn (all the way on the left). Notice the guy coming down the stairs? He yells at the cat for trying to go up there, and one of your party members says something about things being easier to investigate if only you were as small as a cat. ...?! Hey! Remember Sneff and his "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof"? Well, unfortunately, you can't forge stone stuff yet, but oh well.

Back in the show room, the show's about to start. Sneff asks you if you want to volunteer... duh! Say yes! After he turns your party into cats, attempt to get away and Sneff tries to catch you, straining his back (he actually strains his back whether he bends to pick you up, or if you just run out the door and come back). If you did run out the door, go back into the show room, and go right through the kitty door. (and yes, that was Solt and Peppor onstage...) Well, now you're stuck being a cat, but that's not all that bad, is it? Exit the room through the kitty door in the left wall, leave the stage room, and climb the ladder. Watch the cat near the kitchen, then enter through the same hole he does. Talk to the patchwork cat inside to get the Monster Mouth frame and get the FryPan Ag47 out of the trunk. Talk to the cat outside for some tips, then head back to the Inn. Go around the counter and up the stairs and watch the guy help Fargo cheat, putting Sneff even more in debt. Aww, poor Sneff. He then gets surprised at seeing you... then promptly falls asleep. ^O__o^;; Take the handle off the machine and leave. Go above-deck and talk to the lady in yellow at the rail, then climb up the mast. Watch the kitty run along the rope at the top, and follow suit. You find yourself aboard the Magical Dreamers' ship. Enter the dressing room in front of you to witness Irėnės asking Nikki to sing Marbule's song. Leave, and head down to near where your boat used to be docked to see the sage scrubbing walls on the other side. Go back to the stage room and enter the dressing room through the kitty door to find that Sneff is feeling much better. He changes you back, which means it's now time to go challenge Fargo again.

Fargo's up in his quarters. Nikki is in there already, asking about the sage. They get into an argument, in which Fargo basically tells Nikki that he owns him. Nikki notices your party, then the dresser in Fargo's quarters. He comes to the realization that Fargo is in fact his... father?! Nikki then leaves, so challenge Fargo again. Back in the casino, Fargo takes his turn... and loses. He then notices that you have the handle, but wonders to himself how in the world you could have gotten it. He now gives you back your boat, and grants you access into the Grand Slam. Go down to the door that was guarded by that sailor, and he'll let you through. Go down the stairs, and exit outside through the holes where the cannons were on the S.S. Invincible. Remember that "game" awhile back, follow the leader with the spectre of Serge in the tower in the Temporal Vortex? It's kinda the same thing now. Enter through the same door as the sage, and after awhile he confronts you. Ask about the Dead Sea, and he then asks you if you will go so far as to use brute force. Answer "Of course!", and the battle begins.

Boss: Sage of Marbule
Innate: White
Attacks: PhotonBeam, random low-level elements

This battle isn't incredibly difficult. One round should be enough to make him sag. The sage casts turn elements on your party, but it's usually something to the effect of TurnBlack on Lynx, then casting PhotonBeam, or TurnYellow on Norris, then AeroSaucer (haha, guess what, that's their innates in the first place). Still, watch your HP, cause chances are one of these attacks'll put one of your party members in the red, or close enough to it to matter.

After the battle, the sage gives you the Fiddler Crab. Nikki comes in and asks to be taught the song. He also invites you back to his ship later. Itching to get into the Grand Slam yet? Go ahead, I ain't stoppinya... but be forewarned: you're probably not gonna be able to win now, but here's the line-up anyway, since it is possible (choose your monsters in the order I list them). By the way, you can find these monsters (especially the Dead Sea ones) in the Bend of Time (located in both worlds, it's a very small group of islands surrounding an even smaller area of black water, between Marbule and the main island). You go into the pillars of light further back and press X and you'll get transported to one of the areas you've previously been to for one fight only, and after the fight (win or lose) you automatically return to the Bend of Time. However, the pillars to each area will only be activated once you've already been to certain areas (so, for instance, if you've not been to the Dead Sea when you go to the Bend of Time, the Dead Sea pillar won't be activated yet). You don't even have to take Sprigg along when you do this, but you'll need the Forget-Me-Not Pot if you don't take her (found in Chronopolis later on in the game). Plus, if you beat all three rounds, you get to recruit Janice. ^~__~^;; (also, her level 7 tech is found by talking to the monster in the Bend of Time). Woo-hoo! Janice joined your party!

Alright, so, this time around I actually defeated all three rounds of Janice's monsters without being in a New Game+ and still being at the point in the game where you have just fought the Sage (so I didn't leave and come back later), so I'm revising this. I'll put the monsters I used this time (Fossicer and YellowBelly are from Earth Dragon Isle, and Puffy is from the El Nido Triangle), but I'll also keep the old lineup I had, which I'll designate as "Optimum team," because using all three rounds of Optimum Teams will guarantee that Janice will join you. Make sure that your priority targets in each round is the strongest enemy monster (i.e., Taurusoid, Cybot, and AirFrame). Also, you win an item after winning each round. For defeating Round One, you get a Stamina Belt, a Resistance Belt for beating Round Two, and a Dreamer's Scarf for mowing down Round Three. Oh, and one more note: if you're going to use undead (AirFrame, Wraith, Crossbones, etc.) in your monster party, please be aware that using healing elements on them (no matter the colour) will either do damage to them or outright kill them. Revive will still work on them, however.

Grand Slam

Janice's Monsters
Your Monsters
Round One
Beeba, Taurusoid, Gloop
TotalChaos, CatBurgular, YellowBelly

Optimum Team: TotalChaos, Lagoonate, GobbledyGook
Round Two
SpearFisher, Cybot, GobbledyGook
Fossicer, Puffy, Wraith

Optimum Team: Taurusoid or Aero-Guard, Cybot or Combot, CrossBones
Round Three
Cuscus, Cassowary, AirFrame
Lagoonate, Crossbones, Dodo

Optimum Team: Gyroblade or Whoot, Tragedienne or Gizmotoid, CatBurgular

Back in the casino, Sneff is hitting the jackpot! Follow him back to the dressing room, and Sneff joined your party! Abovedeck, climb the mast and get on the platform. On the ship, enter the dressing room on the lower deck. Nikki has been waiting for you, and now proceeds to tell everyone his plan. After they go off to rehearse, Irėnės joined your party!

Death's Door, the Dead Sea, and Even More Dead Things

Dream of a Shore Bordering Another World

Nothing's Changed But Everything!

[The Hero] [The Magician] [Rockin' Bard Superstar]

Vipers and Poison

Guldove - Where Ripples Become Waves

Fairy Appetizers

Cheating Pirates and Spooky Ships

Dwarven Invasion: A Prelude to Being on Fire

Crystal Connundrum