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Death's Door/The Dead Sea - Home World -- The Masamune: The Blood-stained Sword of Evil

The Sea of Eden/The Dead Sea is to the right of the main island, where all those clouds are swirled together and there's a hole in the middle of them. Go to the south-most part of it and find where there's like a little lake being formed there, then open your special items menu and select Fiddler Crab. Part of the cliffs come crashing down, and you can now maneuver your boat into the space left behind. Press X to enter Death's Door. Talk to Radius, then go forwards. Waugh! The entrance to the Sea of Eden is blocked by the evil sword Masamune! ... waitaminute... when did the Masamune become an evil sword? ^O__o^;; Huh... how Lynx got in there without the Fiddler's Crab is beyond me, but whatever. Radius says you need the power of the holy Dragon Sword Einlanzer to override the power of the Masamune. He also mentions that the sword is resting with its former owner (ex-Dragoon Deva Garai, Glenn and Dario's deceased father) on the Isle of the Damned, which just happens to be a nesting ground for demons. Fun fun. ... OK... if the holy sword couldn't restrain Garai's evil sentiments... how's it gonna override the Masamune? Ah, whatever. Now we have to get some item at Radius' place, so it's off to Hermit's Hideaway we go.

Hermit's Hideaway - Home World

Radius, who did board your boat with you, apparently teleported halfway there and has been waiting for you for a long time. ^O__o^;; He flashes back to the good old days... where the Masamune was just a legendary sword, instead of a blood-stained sword of EEEVIL! ... go fig. Radius then tells you to wait, and goes inside. Wander about for a bit, and after awhile he comes back out with Garai's Keepsake. Go back onto the island and into Radius' house. Up the ladder is an Energizer Suit, and off to the left on a branch (hidden by the window frame) is a Resistance Ring.

Isle of the Damned - Home World

The Isle of the Damned is the island right next to (to the right of) Hermit's Hideaway. In the first area there are blacked-out doors with items inside. To open them you need to defeat a WillO'Wisp right in front of them. You might do well to have Irėnės in your party, since she can use those Icebergs you trapped, plus you really don't want two black-innate characters in your party for the next part... Go up to the top, up the steps, turn right, down, then left, and defeat the WillO'Wisp there. Target the WillO'Wisps first, cause their fire attacks can make you lose control of your party members (yes, even Lynx), and they might even turn against eachother! Ack! After defeating this WillO'Wisp, the debris in front of the door burns down, but don't go through yet. Find the new WillO'Wisp and have it follow you to the blackened door in the back of the area to get the Earthquake inside (and this is why you should also have Norris in your party, since Earthquake can only be allocated to party members who are yellow innate). In the front (through the archway) is another blackened door with a Carapace inside. Now you can go through the doorway on the upper level.

In this next area, go up, then enter the ribcage and go down to the bottom of the screen. You end up on a side ledge. Use the Garai Keepsake to go through the mirror at the top of the screen (the one on the leftmost side of the room). In this next area, get a WillO'Wisp to follow you up and around the cave and all the way down. Fight it in front of the suit of armour to wake it up, then defeat the armour to get the Golden Tiara. Grab another WillO'Wisp and go past the front of the cave and down the ladder, then get then Inferno out of the door. Now, enter the cave, and be ready for a not-so-nice surprise... your names are on the tombstone. Radius comes in and more of the story: how he and Garai found the Masamune, but it overcame Radius and he killed Garai with it. Well, I guess that solves the mystery of why the Masamune is now evil: its power comes from the essense of its weilder, and since Radius was a jealous monkieboy, the Masamune became a bloodthirsty sword. Uh oh... Garai apparently doesn't seem to believe that Radius is truly sorry, and will only let you have the Einlanzer if you defeat him.

Boss: Garai
Innate: White
Attacks: TripleCut (tech), WillBreaker(tech)

... man, this guy is huge. And powerful. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I told you not to have Harle in your party. I know other walkthroughs (including the idiotic, so-called "official" one) tell you to have her in your party so she can cast Moonshine (protects the party), but she always dies in, like, two seconds. Get real. Have a bunch of black elements allocated (especially FreeFall), and have Irėnės casting IceBergs, and Norris using Earthquake, then his techs (if you didn't trap IceBerg in Fort Dragonia have Zappa in your party casting Inferno). FeralCats should work nicely. Also, by this point in the game, you should have only healing elements taking up your characters' first, second, and third grid levels (not including their lv. 3 techs, of course). Heal whenever you get close to 200HP and this battle should be cake. (
Garai: I turn to dust...) :oD

After the fight, you recieve the Einlanzer. Leave the Isle of the Damned, and go back to Death's Door.

Death's Door/The Dead Sea - Home World -- A Place Forsaken by the Gods

Enter Death's Door, talk to Radius, then go forwards. Radius places the Einlanzer in the ground, neutralizing the Masamune's evilness. ... yes, Radius has no patience. Plus, he was the one who put it in the ground, anyway. :op The Masamune pulls a disappearing act (probably wandered off to cause more evilness), so there's nothing to do but continue onwards. ... where you're witness to an awesome scene: a tsunami of destruction frozen in time while in the midst of destroying a city. In the first area you'll find an AntiRed in a chest (follow the path north). Enter the building to the right of where you came in.

Highway Ruins - The Dead Sea

Up the stairs and around to the front is a capsule in a chest. Go back down the stairs and towards the back, then climb the stairs in this second area, climb the ladder, and go inside. Battle the Geos to get the Screw out of the chest. Down the ladder and to the right down the street is another Screw. Back to where you got the first Screw, go right, down the stairs, left, and to the back to get the Mythril in the chest. Head towards the front of the screen for a freefall, both elemental and literally... *boom*! (owie) Back up the stairs and further down the street you find the only piece of fully-functional machinery in this whole crazy place...

Boss: HighwayMan
Innate: Black
Attacks: ExhaustGas (causes status effects and reduces your hit%, all-party), Rampage

Just hit him with your high-level elements, and he should be gone soon, unless he does ExhaustGas a lot, in which case just stick to weak attacks so you can activate your element grid. Watch it, cause Rampage can kill off a party member. Having the Silver Loupe, Dragoon's Honour, and/or Sight Scope accessories should help nullify the effects of ExhaustGas a bit, and the Resistance Belt/Resistance Ring reduces the time that status effects last.

Head further down the street and exit the area. Oh, by the way, Harle just got her level 7 tech skill. It's really your choice if you want to have her in your party or not. Personally, I'm sticking with Irėnės and Norris. Anyway. In the next area, wander about to find an AntiBlue and an AntiYellow.

City Ruins - The Dead Sea

To the right is a Resistance Belt. ... Robo Duckyyyy, lalala... cept don't take a bath with it or you'll electrocute yerself. ^X__x^;; Down, right, and inside the room are some Kung-Fu Shoes (and quite possibly a Geos, if he's not runnin around outside). Go all the way left, then down, then climb the ladder and enter the tower. Inspect the screen in the back. Norris has electrical know-how! (he shows up somehow, even if he's not in your party) You learn a bit about the ruins, and about Lavos. Don't forget the Earring of Light in a hidden chest off to the left. Back outside and down near the bottom of the screen is a Geos staring at a chest. You don't even need to fight this dolt: just go around him and open the chest from the side to get the Stamina Ring. I fight him anyway, but I just think it's funny how you can just leave him there, staring at nothing. :op Back on the frozen sea is an AntiGreen.

Tower of Geddon - The Dead Sea

Wheee... funky-looking building... Use the escalator to reach the second floor. Around to the left is a... feather. (wow...) Go back around and to the right, then go through the doorway. Talk to the Geos sitting on the bench at the bottom-right corner of the screen. He gets up to go catch a train... which no longer exists. ^O__o^;; Follow him, and inspect the floor where he disappears to get the Station Pass. Climb onto the subway and get the Purify out of the chest. Continue up the subway, and through the turnstiles and to the right is a HolyLight. The next section contains a Medical Book at the front of the screen. Go back and slide down the chute.

Back in the main part of the tower, use the escalators to get to the third floor. Go left and activate the elevator, and send it to the first floor. Back down on the first floor, enter the elevator to get the Trashy Tiara. Head back to the third floor, and go right to get the Mythril out of the chest (hate Mythril yet?). Go left and through the doorway, where Lynx sees a spectre of Marle. ... man, I never noticed that giggle before... creepy. Avoid bumping into the things in the red dresses, unless you bought those Trap elements waaay back when like I toldya to, cause Tragediennes throw mega-heavy elements at you. If you're going to try this, then listen up (if not, then just skip ahead to the next paragraph): Have TrapBlackHole, TrapTornado, and TrapVolcano allocated to your party members. Also, have ONLY healing elements in your first three grid levels, cause you'll need them. Now, find a Tragedienne. The good thing about these weirdos is that they announce what elements they cast at the very beginning. If they don't have anything interesting, then just run away and then try again. ... yes, I am well aware of the fact that they think they're in a beauty pageant... ^O__o^;; toldCHA they're weird. Anyway. You'll need the healing elements, cause often enough you'll get two Tragediennes that cast different high-level elements, and you can't set two traps at once. So... pick an element to trap, and just heal. Three of them start off attacking first, so if you get let's say a Volcano and a BlackHole, hope that those two don't go first. If one goes first, then just trap the other. And don't use the Tragedienne yer trapping from to activate grid levels. Equipping less-strong weapons also helps. The good thing is, if they cast healing elements, it's usually on you. Also, to trap more elements, heal the ones casting whatyer trapping, ifya need to. You can also leave the area and come back for the Tragediennes to respawn, but if you kill all three in the area in one go, they won't respawn.

Left and up the ramp is a Feather (towards the front of the screen). Back to where you came in, follow the path that Marle took, then go left, then up and around to the right, tucked into the corner there, is a CurePlus. In the back is the Prop Sword (which becomes the Hero's Sword when you give it to Pierre later). On the other side of the area from where you found the CurePlus is another tucked-away chest containing a HealAll.

In the next area, Lynx sees a spectre of Lucca (Chrono Trigger veterans: getting freaked out yet?). Go right and up the ladder, then up the other ladder. Inside the doorway you'll find a... Mythril. (...) Grumble to yourself, then go across the ramp to get a SealAll element. Climb back down to the round thing from which you saw Lucca, then climb up the... airplane wing? Who knows. Go through the doorway, and get ready for a very disturbing scene... well, you've found out what happened to the missing dragoons... ... is it just me, or does that guy standing just behind Riddel look like... Glenn? Noooooooo, Glennkuuuuuuuuuuns!!!! ^;__;^

... *ahem* See the yellow path off to the side leading up? Go up it, past the ghost of the dragoon, down, and get the Diminish out of the chest. ... *frowns and stares at "Glenn"* ... he's too fat to be Glenn, so I say it's not Glenn, so nya. No death for Glenn. ^>__<^ Anyway. Ignore my obsession with Glenn, and head back down the yellow path, then up towards the swirling vortex thingy in the back. Enter the Enertron (the machine-thingy off to the right) to restore all your HP! ... but you're still hungry... haha. Gogo CT references. :oD Save your game. PLEASE save your game. After that, head further back, and on the right is a Screwy Dress, and on the left is a HellBound. Go even farther back, and in the next area read the inscription under where Crono is sitting. After being accused of being a murderer by the spectres, Miguel, Leena's father, appears out of nowhere. ... not that I have any idea of what the heck the ghost-kids are talking about... and why the heck are they ghosts, anyway, if they're supposed to be about 46?! Beh. "Far gone," my arse, unless they all died really really young. ^@__@^;; More of the flashback that Marge (yer mom) started... ... er... I thought it only started being called the Dead Sea three years ago, not ten... BAH! Refuse to stay there, and prepare to fight.

Boss: Miguel
Innate: White
Attacks: HolyDragSwd (tech), HolyLight, MeteorShower, PhotonBeam, AntiBlack, TurnBlack, StrongMinded, WeakMinded

... I still have no idea why we have to defeat this guy to restore distortions and such, but OK. It's his funeral. ... literally. Anyway. IF YOU STILL HAVE ANY, CAST TRAPHOLYLIGHT!! Augh! Hopefully you were able to trap a BlackHole. If so, allocate that to Lynx, and unleash it on Miguel! It hits him really hard. After that, just use the highest-level elements you've got, like IceBerg and Earthquake. Watch your HP, though, cause his tech hits not only Lynx hard (cause he's black-innate and Miguel is white-innate), but it can do decent damage to any other party member, too. He can easily kill Lynx off in any number of ways, so make sure you have that other Revive allocated to somebody other than Lynx. If you get really desperate, you can cast that SealAll from earlier so that Miguel can't cast anything. Do NOT take this man lightly AT ALL. If you're thinking of milking him for HolyLights, you'll wind up very very dead, I'm warning you. Just cast TrapHolyLight, then terminate with extreme prejudice. This is one fight you cannot afford to fuck around on. He has this pattern with his spells: AntiBlack, StrongMinded, WeakMinded, HolyDragSwd, MeteorShower, HolyLight. So now you know.

After the fight... er... I thought he said that the Dead Sea was a future that was eliminated? Bah. More talk about Lavos, and about Crono and co. (if you've played CT, then you know what the heck he's talking about). More talk from the ghostly Crono-crew, and from Miguel, stuff about the Frozen Flame, and then... you hear FATE's voice: "I love you so much... That is why I sometimes desire to smash you to bits!!!" Whelp... there goes Miguel... and there goes the Dead Sea! It seems like you won't make it, but the Sky Dragon (yeah, remember him? From the CG when you infiltrate Viper Manor?) somehow comes to your rescue in this supposedly-inaccessible death-trap, and deposits you on the shores of Marbule. ... this is seriously one of the best CG's in the entire game... anyway... The Sky Dragon tells you to go to the Sea of Eden to defeat FATE, but only after you gain the powers of the "Sleeping Dragons"... OK... get to Opassa Beach already! ^>__<^

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