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Geno Dome, 2300 AD

Put Robo in your party. Fly around until you find another factory-looking thing, which is actually Geno Dome. Enter, inspect the computer, then put Robo in the lead. Inspect the computer again and... so that's who Prometheus was?! (CC refference, when Dark Serge tells FATE to terminate Prometheus). The door opens, and the entrance is sealed. I guess we're going through the doorway.

Step onboard the conveyer belt. The easiest thing to do here is just use *Luminaire. *Dark Bomb also works well, but doesn't have the range *Luminaire does. Aw hell, I hate this part... If you want to level up some more, head right and inspect the glowing thing in the floor, which takes you back to the first area (you can also go back outside by doing that, if you wish). Inspect the computer again to open the door.

Once you're done leveling up, enter the door to the north of the dust chute to get an Elixir and a Lapis, and to get attacked by a bunch of Proto 4's. Exit the room, go back to where you entered this area, and go left and up. Fight off the Protos, get the Full Tonic out of the chest, then follow the lone Proto who seems to be having technical difficulties. Follow him inside (otherwise you'd have to electrocute yourself), and fight him for the Full Tonic and the 50,000g in the chests. Sometimes this Proto I mention isn't there, in which case inspect the computer here and choose "Door" to understand what you need to do. To the left of the computer is what looks like a note on the wall in between a pod-thing and a circle in the wall (pictured right). Inspect the "note" to open the pod. Enter the pod, then RUN left, down, and right, open the pod there, enter it, and this will open the door. (If you didn't do it all before your electrocution wore off, just go charge yourself up again).

Enter the door to the left of the computer, go north to fight off the Laser Guards, and turn the left and right switches red (leave the middle one green) to unlock the pod thing you just passed. Now here comes the annoying part. Go back to the pod the Proto used to electrify himself (is that even a word?), then enter the other pod while you're still spouting lightning. If you don't make it in time, you have to do it over again. Oh joyous occasion. ^x__x^ Grab the Poyozo Doll, go back to the entrance area, go right again, and get on the conveyor belt to the left of the door where you had to fight all the Proto 4's. Run all the way up and you'll get the Proto 4 doll (you'll be able to see it if you press 1 on ZSNES). Don't worry if you can't see it, though, cause you'll get it anyway. Go down a little ways and left, and hit the switch to open the pod. OK, go back to the entrance, and go all the way left this time. Fight off the baddies, then go back to the right and enter the door to the left of the dust chute. Take the elevator up and enter the door to your left. On your immediate right is a Power Tab. Continue north, fight off more baddies, go through the door, and use the elevator. Go south, hit the switch to disable the laser beam, then go back to where the door that you entered from is. Go left through the wall (like the Proto 4 did after you got the broken one), go down and right and hit the switch to reverse the conveyer belt, then go back to the electricity pod thing. Charge up, then RUN LIKE MAD back to the pod to the left of where the laser beam was (the one you opened earlier). Blah! Enter the door you just opened. Ignore the guard for now, he's just slacking off. Get the Full Ether and the HyperEther out of the chests, then go find the guard again and get him to follow you (ugh, not the following again...). This is really annoying, cause he gets stuck on random corners. Go back to where the other gold guard was (all the way left from where you came in the first time), and get the two guards lined up in front of eachother (*Note: if you didn't get rid of the Debuggers before, then the guard following you goes back to where you found him and you have to do it over again). Grab the Vigil Hat out of the chest and the second Poyozo Doll.

Go back to the elevator that goes up (left of the dust chute). Go south, fight the Laser Guards, and get the Lapis out of the chest. Go right and... OK..... a pink robot... wearing a ribbon... well, at least it's not like that Sailor Venus Gundam from G Gundam (with the hair, sailor fuku, and high heels... *points right* This is why I don't watch that show...). Anyway. Time to whomp the freaky pink robot.

Boss: Atropos XR
HP: 6,000
Attacks: Area Bomb, I.. AM.., that rainbow thing the Proto 4's like to do, Robo Tackle, Cure Beam (self), and various other physicals
Recommended level: lv 42

Area Bomb takes off a lot more to him/her/it than its Area Bomb does to you, especially if you still have the Defender equipped on Robo (i.e., you never bothered to change his accessory). Of course, Shock works better, but if you don't have it, use Area Bomb, or whatever you happen to have. Once it does "I.. AM..," it's finished.

Aw. She/he/it/cheesecake gives you her/his/its ribbon (no, it's not an accessory, it automagically ups Robo's stats...) Poor Atropos. ... time for some revenge. Oh Motherrrrrrr!

Go left, ignore the voice (as usual), and go north. Fight off the Laser Guards, then fight off the ones to the north as well. Go south and down the ladder, then hang a left to get 15,000g. Enter the door to the north and... wtf?! ^O__o^;; Exit the door to the right and south of that to get a Full Ether. Go back inside... ^-__-^ They're turning humans into freaking tabs. Yeah, who else is incredibly pissed of now? Exit through the other door, and go back north and right. Robo will jump and hit the switch in front of the laser beams, so you can get the MegaElixir and the Magic Tab (bottom-left corner, but do you really want it, now that you know what they're made of? ^.__.^ ). Go back to where the second set of laser guards were, and put the Poyozo Dolls on the glowing green orbs on either side of where the laser guards were. Go through the doors.

... that's the Mother Brain? Huh. Why they made FATE dull-black and boring-looking (FATE is the upgraded version of the Mother Brain in CC), I don't know...

Boss: Mother Brain, Display (3)
HP: Mother Brain: 5,000, display: 1
Attacks: Reprogramming/Chaos, The Mother Brain left without the Display (all-party), pink beam from her forehead, that rainbow thing we love so much (*sarcasm*) (all-party), Lock (to all party, but only works on one person)
Recommended level:

The Displays heal her (1000+ HP), so use *Luminaire or *DarkMatter to take them out quickly. She does hardly any damage at all. Meh to her. She dies really quickly, too.

You get the Terra Arm and the Crisis Arm after the battle (the Crisis Arm sucks, cause the damage it does is based on the last number in Robo's HP. Like I said, sucks). Whoo! Done.

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