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Fiona's Villa, 600 AD

Go to 600 AD and enter Fiona's house. Talk to Fiona and Marco to find out that the monsters hate water. You don't have to have Crono in your party, so you can put Magus, Frog, and Marle into your party (cause they all have water attacks). Enter the Sunken Desert and inspect the darkened area.

Augh, the swirly-ness. Get the Lapis on your left, then head south to battle the hexapods. Use your water attacks on them, and they shouldn't even last one round. Continue south for an Aeon Suit, left for an Elixir, and north for a Full Ether (you might have to run towards it to get it). If you need to, head back outside and use a Shelter. When you're done, use the stairs at the bottom of the screen. To your right is a Full Tonic, and if you go in further you'll notice the ground shaking... Go around to each of the chests, all the while preparing for a boss battle. He surfaces in random places, so just be ready. By the by, everytime this guy makes the ground shake, you lose HP. To the far right of the entrance is 5,000g, south of there is one HyperEther, further south is an Aeon Helm, in the middle of this area (on the platform) is a MuscleRing, south-left of that is a Memory Cap, and north of that is a Full Ether.

Boss: Retinite
HP: Top: 5,000, core: 1,000, bottom: 4,800
Attacks: Sand Breath (darkness), Sand Cyclone, some blue thing (all-party), some rainbow thing from his forehead (all-party), leeching party member's HP, making the ground shake (multiple), some red dome thing
Recommended level: Magus 38, Marle 42, Frog 41, Crono 43, Lucca 41, Ayla 40, Robo 39

Water lowers his defense, but doesn't take off HP. Get rid of the red eyeball thing first, cause that's how he regenerates. Use physicals on the red eyeball to conserve MP. It should be gone in less than one round. Start using Water2 or Ice2, or Water and Ice to conserve MP, and physical attacks. Magus' Magic Wall tech is pretty helpful here. Get rid of the bottom half next. Have Marle use Ice every round, Magus attacking with physicals, and leave Frog to use Heal every round. When the bottom's gone, you can stop having Frog heal so much, and just go Water/Ice, attack, Water/Ice, attack, etc., etc., til he's dead. THIS FIGHT TAKES FOR FREAKING EVER!! ^>__<^

Leave this area. In the other area, there's now a Power Tab on the top-left side of the room. Put Robo in your party and talk to Fiona again. Answer yes, and Robo'll stay behind to replant the forest. Now, go to 1000 AD to pick him up again ^~__~^ Wow, big forest... Enter Fiona's Shrine. You can buy random hats from one of the nuns (some are pretty good). One of the other nuns tells you that Robo's remains are in the back. Go there and inspect him. It's aliiiiiiive! ^O__o^;;

You take control of Lucca. Exit the area (right), and inspect the gate. ph33r the red-ness! ^.__.^ Read the note on the floor to find out that Lucca used to hate science. Go right, down the stairs, and go through the door in the back (the kitchen). Read the note on the table to learn the password. Exit south to witness a scene. ... if you're playing the PSX version, and you've played CC, you already know the password is LARA (L1R1 for PSX users, LR for SNES). If you don't enter the password, or are too slow to enter it, you get to see what happened to Lucca's mother. If you do enter it, the machine stops. Either way, the young Lucca becomes more interested in science and technology, and when you step back through the gate, you get the GreenDream from Robo. Also, if you entered the password, Lucca's mother is healthy back in 1000 AD. Whee.

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