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Guardia Castle, 1000 AD

You can only do this subquest if you did the Giant's Claw subquest. Click on "The Colours, How They Sparkle" below for that.

Put Marle in your party for this. Enter Guardia Castle, and the King's on trial? Hrm. Go right and up the stairs. There's a locked chest (hrm hrm) in the stairwell. Talk to the guards, and they say that you're not allowed inside, which causes Marle to do her Sailor Moon rawr face again, and gets you inside. Blah blah blah, court stuff, the King is being accused by the stupid Chancellor (I hate chancellors by now, don't you?) of having sold off royal heirlooms (and even if he did, wouldn't that be his own business and right? After all, he is the King, and they'd be his heirlooms... Bah, stupid Chancellor). Now, you need to get the Rainbow Shell, although Marle seems to have forgotten about it, even though you just got it two seconds ago. Maybe time travel causes temporary amnesia. ^<__<^ Go down the stairs and enter the stairwell to the right. The guard that was previously there is now unconscious on the floor. Attack... um... Dumb and Dumber... RIPOFF! :oD OK, all these enemies are the same ones from the beginning of the game, so just poke em in the head or somethin. Get the Lapis, the Elixir, and the HyperEther and continue towards the back. Grab the Elixir, the HyperEther, and the Lapis, then inspect the Rainbow Shell to find a note to Marle from Queen Leene... Marle grabs a PrismShard, and the sentencing begins. Go back to the courtroom.

Talk to the guards again... then follow Marle! ... through the window! And the King runs away. Way to protect your kingdom. Really.

Boss: Yakra XIII
Attacks: same as before, and then some: Blizzard/Chaos, Drooo, heard about it from the ancestors... your weaknesses are... this is it (Needle Spray),
NeedleSpin, Version 13!, de... defeated again (Needle Spray, all-party)

Recommended level: lv 49

Yeah yeah. He doesn't do a lot of damage, so just destroy 'im.

After the battle, lots of mushy-mushy-ness where Marle makes up with her dad. Melchoir walks in. First things first though... go back to the courtroom and grab the Yakra Key. Now, open the locked chest in the stairwell to find... of course. The real Chancellor. Who's still lame. Alright, back to the basement and talk to Melchoir. Get the Prism Helms, unless you always use one of the girls in your party. Talk to him again, and you get the PrismSpecs and the Rainbow (only if you did the sunstone sidequest linked below). And now you're done! Moving on...

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