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Black Omen

Choose a time period and enter the Black Omen. The enemies and items are exactly the same, no matter which time period you choose. Go north, Queen Zeal talks (sometimes), destroy the Laser guards, then enter to find Zeal again. She disappears, and you're left to fight the Mega Mutant. Blah.

Boss: Mega Mutant
HP: Top: 4,600, bottom: 3,850
Attacks: Mutant Gas/sleep, HP-drain
Recommended level: lv 48

This is NOT a hard fight. Blah blah.

Continue on, and enter the door on your right. Defeat the Martello, then go north. There's an SP north, right, and south of the third fight. Continue north, fight the Panels, and go through the door. Fight off this non-boss entity, continue north, fight another one (stupid Lock), north, another one, then into the next area. Go all the way north and step into the pillar of light. ... what is this, a cult? Come, step into the light... *ahem* You get teleported away. Go south and use the elevator. ... Gato?! Or not... if you need to level up, use the elevator some more. Only use physicals on the Ruminators. When you're done, enter the door at the back. Go right, up, left, up, and right for a MegaElixir. Go north, fight off the baddies, then go left for 30,000g (although what on earth you'd need gold for at this point, I'm not entirely sure...). Continue towards the back. In this next area, go up, then right and up for a Magic Seal (it's on the left). Exit through the door in the back. Grab the Vigil Hat and the Elixir out of the chests, then north for a MegaElixir and a Nova Armor (which, if you did the Cyrus sidequest, you would've had not only one of those already, but also the powered-up version, the Moon Armor). Talk to the Nu. ... OK, so I was wrong... you can use gold in here... ^O__o^ Talk to the other Nu if you want to leave ("Wake up"), or choose "Stay" ifyer gonna stick around some more. North of them is a Haste Helm and a MegaElixir. Inspect the north wall, and a doorway opens up. Go through, then go left, kill off the Tubster, and go north through the doorway. Go north and up the stairs, grab the ZodiacCape, then go right, all the way right (MegaElixir on the way), then south. Left and down is a Power Seal. Continue south. At the bottom-right corner of this room is a Speed Tab. Exit, stage left. Go all the way left to get another Speed Tab, then go through the doorway. More teleportation ensues, then go north. Here, go north and left, get freaked out by those freaky-looking monsters (which can kill you in one counterattack!), then go left and down for an Elixir. North and right, fight the Boss Orb and Side Kicks, right and up, grab the Speed Tab (it's in a chest, not on the floor), up and around, get the MegaElixir, then left and up to exit this area. Go north, and... er... flashy lights... epileptic seizure... wooo...

Boss: Giga Mutant
HP: Top: 5,800, bottom: 4,950
Attacks: Life Shaver (HP goes to 1), Shining Bit/Lightning, Mutant Gas/Sleep, some round dome thing, drain MP
Recommended level: lv 51

*Luminaire and *DarkMatter work rather well here. This thing drains MP from whomever attacked it last. Ugh. Still shouldn't last long, though...

Exit north for more teleportation madness, exit south, use the elevator, go north, follow this thing to the end, and go through the door. Fight off the Panels to make an SP appear, then get the Speed Tab out of the chest. Go north.

Boss: Terra Mutant
HP: top: 7,800, bottom: 20,000
Attacks: Life Shaver (HP goes down to 1), Chaotic Zone/Chaos (all-party), lava (all-party), fireballs, HP-drain, different type of fireballs
My current level: lv 51

Attacking the bottom makes him do Life Shaver. It's not all that difficult, though. *DarkMatter works really well on the top, but heals the bottom. Then again, the top does HP-drain on the bottom for 1000+ HP, so it doesn't really matter.

Get the MegaElixir and the White Rock (for Ayla, Marle, and Lucca's triple tech, Poyozo Dance). Continue north through both doors and fight off the Lavos Spawn (why they make it a boss, I don't know).

Mini-Boss: Lavos Spawn
HP: body: 13,500, head: 10,000
Attacks: Water Rise/Water, Destruction Zone, Dark Bomb, Lavos Spawn Needle: Disorder
My current level: lv 52

As always, aim for the head. Spire works rather well.

Continue north, fight off the Panels, use the SP if you need to, then go through the door. ... um. Why are we all in lil tube-things? And now... another boss battle.

Boss: Zeal
HP: 12,000
Attacks: Hallation (HP goes to 1), MP-drain, fireballs
My current level: lv 52

You can beat her with only physical hits, but meh. Most of your party members would be dead by then, and you have another boss battle right after this one. Yeah, I know, this section doesn't have a strategy... What I'm doing is just leaving one party member dead, and alternating between Magus' DarkMatter and Marle using Cure2. This fight really mostly relies on pure luck.

After you win, she tosses you into the Mammon Machine... and now you have to fight it? *sigh* Fine.

Boss: Mammon Machine
HP: 18,000
Attacks: Point Flare, released stored energy (all-party)
My current level: lv 52

You're all probably down to 1 HP. Use any type of Tonic on Marle and/or Crono immediately (cause they have *Life or *Life2). This thing uses your attacks to increase defence. Also, if you have Frog with you and the upgraded Masamune (Cyrus sidequest), the Masamune will heal Frog every time he hits the thing. Also, magic ups its attack power. Oh well. It doesn't do a whole lot of damage in the first place.

You end up on top of the Black Omen, and Zeal appears. Again. Meh. ... and transforms into a weird lady-thing.

Boss: Zeal
HP: Head: 20,000, hand: 28,000
Attacks: Skygate/Lightning, Hexagon Mist/Water, Dark Gear/Shadow, Counterattack: MP Buster (right hand), Counterattack: Life Shaver (left hand), Hallation, laser, pink laser
My current level: lv 52

DO NOT attack the hands. Just go for her head! Augh! Be ready with a Tonic for Crono/Marle after she does Hallation. Magus' Magic Wall is very helpful here.

Afterwards, Lavos awakens and destroys the Ocean Palace. Aw, those poor Nu. REVEEEEEEEEENGE!!

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