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Ozzie's Fort, 600 AD

Go to 600 AD, where Magus' castle used to be. Apparently, Ozzie's taken it over. Such loyalty. Have Magus in your party. Enter and go north to find Ozzie, who summons Flea.

Boss: Flea Plus
HP: 2,500
Attacks: physicals

Super Flea my left big toenail. Just use your dual techs, and this battle is over before you know it.

Keep going north... ha ha! Monsters fall down the hoooooooooooole... In the next room, Ozzie summons Slash...

Boss: Super Slash
HP: 2,500
Attacks: lightning

Same deal here. *yawn*

Continue north, ignore Ozzie and the chest, go right, and eventually an imp comes in looking for the treasure. He gets all chopped up into itty bitty lil imp-pieces. Aw. Ozzie runs away, and now you're free to take the treasure (a Full Ether). Now, in this same room, go all the way right, then press down while slowly moving left til you find the hidden room with the best of Magus' equipment (Gloom Helm, Gloom Cape, DoomSickle) and a Magic Tab (you'd think he would've told you where it is, since 1) he's in your party, and 2) it's in his best interests to have his best stuff. ... although that begs the question of why he wasn't already wearing this stuff... Maybe Ozzie'd stolen it) Go north, where the three Mystics are waiting for you. Now, if you've played CC, you'll recognize these items... who wants Ozzie's shorts?? ^._____.^

Boss: Great Ozzie, Super Slash, Flea Plus
HP: Ozzie: 6,000, Slash: 5,200, Flea: 4,000
Attacks: Slash: Slash, triple physical attack; Flea: *Fire, Prism Beam <3/Darkness (all-party), Rainbow Storm/Wind of Poison; Delta Force/3 Monster Technique, Bad Impulse/3 Monster Technique, dual attack Slash and Flea

If you attack Ozzie, they do Delta Force. If you attack Flea, they do Bad Impulse. If you attack Slash, he and Flea do a dual attack on one party member (usually the one who attacked him), so go ahead and attack Slash. After Slash is gone, attack Flea, who usually runs away. Meh. Now... Ozzie! You're mine! Rar! Aaaand... he doesn't have any attacks. Well meh to that too.

Get the Sight Cap and the Dash Ring out of the chests, then continue north. ... and here's Ozzie. Again. With the ice thing. Again. And... the multiple targets thing. Again. And this year's Unoriginality Award goes tooooo.....??? OZZIE!!

Boss: Ozzie
HP: 100
Attacks: none

Hit the target, and you drop down... into the previous room? OK, that makes sense... go back into the next room... and a cat comes in? ... and hits the switch, knocking Ozzie dooooooooown...

... Next?

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