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Giant's Claw, 600 AD

This sidequest picks up where the first part of "I See Dead People" (link near the bottom of this page) left off. To the north of West Cape is Giant's Claw. Enter, and go right to read Toma's note. Go south and... hey, raise your hand if you recognize this place at all. Try sitting on the chair. Hee! Magus giggled! :op Go south and left. These aren't the dinos you're used to, I can tell you that much. Get the Sight Cap out of the chest. Don't bother entering the cave at your left, since it eventually leads to a dead end, with no treasure. Blah! Go right, and use water or ice magic on the Lizardactyls, then continue north. The top button creates an SP, the left button opens up the holes on either side... dropping down a kitty?! ... the hell did that come from?? Anyway. The right one drops down enemies. Enemies go down the hoooooooooole. ... but don't hit that switch. :op Follow the kitty! If you made the enemies fall, then you have to fight them now. If not, then... hey, where'd the kitty go? Anyway. Hit the left switch (the right one calls in monsters), go through the mouth to get the Power Tab, then go south. Go left and down the ladder, then left to get a Full Ether, then all the way right to get another Power Tab. Back up the ladder, go left and around, get attacked, right, attacked some more, and grab the Blue Rock (for Magus, Lucca, and Robo's triple tech, Omega Flare). Go south and right. Climbing the ladder up takes you to the other section of the dead end I mentioned earlier. Meh more. Climb the ladder below you and go all the way left for a ZodiacCape (it's kinda hidden). South and all the way right is a Lapis. Go left and enter the cave, fight the dinos, and enter the left mouth. Go up the stairs, hit the switches to make the monkey-things fall, then go left. At the far end of this area is a FrenzyBand. ... when you try to go back, the monsters are back. Bah. Go right this time, ignore the rock-looking enemies if you want, and enter the door. Inspect the unopened egg-thing to fall down another hole... Exit the cell, go left and up the stairs to get yet another Power Tab. Back downstairs, go right this time, and down some more stairs. Use the SP if you need to, hit the switch, and go through the door in the back of what used to be Kino's cell. Go north, and try to go around the rusty old Tyrano... who appears to be sniffing at you... ^.__.^

Boss: Rust Tyrano
HP: 25,000
Attacks: countdown to fire (all-party), HP-drain
Recommended level: lv 48

Use whatever you want. At this point, he really shouldn't last much longer than one countdown.

... OK, how does something that big disappear like that? Ah well. Go to the back. Oooh, prettyyyyyyyyy... ^~__~^ ... and heavy... ^.__.^;; Leave the area, and the scene shifts to Guardia Castle. ....... "Leene: 'I ask for the sake of Magus. Please carry out their request.'" ... *snerk* That is hilarious. Ah, the joys of messing with who's yer lead party member... :oD Go to the castle in 1000 AD, and click on "The King and I" below. This ends this subquest.

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