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Keep . : Shades of Silence : . free!

Sun Palace, 2300 AD

South and west of Geno Dome is a mountain with a cave in it (not to be confused with an identical one very south and east of Geno Dome, which would be the Sun Keep). Enter the Sun Palace and equip the Red Mail, the Red Vest, and a Ruby Vest on someone (yah, I know it's less defence, but you'll need the properties of these armour pieces). Go north and inspect the blue glowing thing. Augh! A freakish giant eyeball of DOOM! ^.__.^

Boss: Son of Sun
HP: 2,000
Attacks: Flare (all-party), Miss: Flame Counterattack, Roulette Shuffle (changes position of vulnerable flame), pink beam thing

Well, thanks to the armour you've (hopefully) equipped, you have hardly any damage done to you at all from his attacks. Use physicals only for this guy, and take your time. If you hit the wrong flame, it attacks you, so have each party member attack a different flame until you hear a ding-ding sound, which means you've found the right one. Then, attack! Don't do anything that's a multiple attack, though. Just use physicals.

Shouldn't take too long. Afterwards, go north and inspect the eyeball again, which turns into the Moon Stone. It needs to sit in the sun for 65,000,000 years?! ... well, fortunately we have a time machine. :oD Fly in the Epoch south-east to the Sun Keep, then go back in time to 65,000,000 BC (this way you don't have to go looking for this place later). Inspect the blue dot and answer Yes. While you're here, head to the Laruba Ruins. Talk to the Nu in the back (no, you don't have to change your party member's name...). Talk to him again to get the Silver Rock (needed for Ayla, Frog, and Robo's triple tech, Spin Strike)! Fly to 1000 AD, and go get the... ehh?! It's gone?! ... well damn. Yeah, well, go back to 600 AD. Yep, it's still there, and there's a Power Tab to the left of it! Whee!

OK, back to 1000 AD. Fly to Porre and... hrm... what's up with all that sparkly stuff eminating from the Mayor's house? Go check it out. Now, see, this is where that other Jerky you gave to that lady for free pays off... cause... if you didn't... then you have to go back and do it the right way. If you did what I told you, then the Mayor will just give you the Moon Stone (see? The lady did make sure her descendants knew the value of generosity!). Joy! Go back to the Sun Keep and put the stone back. Now, put Lucca in your party and go to 2300 AD to check on the sunstone. The scene then shifts to Lucca's house, and she makes herself a WonderShot (no, there's no way to avoid this. Bah! I don't wanna waste Sunstone on stupid Lucca...). Taban also makes you a pair of Sun Shades. The end.

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