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Chrono's House

You hear your mom calling you. She wakes you up and tells you that it's time to get up to go to the Millenial Fair. After doing whatever it is that you're doing, go downstairs and talk to your mom again. She'll tell you that your friend Lucca invited you to go see her new invention. Talk to her again to get your allowance: 200g! Yay! Now, time to explore!

Truce Village

Leave Crono's house, and enter the Mayor's house (it's to the south). You can get free stuff here (one tonic + 100g). Talk to the people and they'll explain to you how the game works. Also, the old guy with the glasses on the second floor will give you 300g if you talk to him twice. In the Inn is a weird chest that you can't open yet, so don't worry about that for now. Just remember what it looks like, since the same goes for any other black chests like that you find (until later on in the game, anyway). Head west, then head south and cross the bridge. Keep heading south til you get to Porre. In the Mayor's house, the mayor'll pay you 10g to act like a chicken. Upstairs are two more of those weird chests, and one chest containing a Shelter. You can leave and re-enter the house several times and do the chicken thing to get 10g each time, but ehhhh... When you get bored of that, leave. You can buy a Bronze Mail for Crono at the Market (same block as the Porre Inn) if you want to drop 520g on it, or a Steel Saber for 800g. You can also wait til we're at the fair to buy cheaper (albeit weaker) equipment. OK, now, on to the Fair!

The Millenial Fair

Whoo hoo! Fair time, fair time! ... OK, so there's not much to see right now in this first section, but come on, it's a fair! ^~__~^ OK, you can do the strongman thing on the left side for ONE SILVER POINT (...). Just talk to the guy running the thing, press the accept button in front of the bell-thing, then press it again when you're near the trees. You can buy a karate gi (300g) and/or a bronze helm (200g) for Crono at the blue tent on the left, and some tonics (restores 50HP, and they only cost 10g each) and heals (cures status effects, 10g) at the purple tent. If you have enough g, buy a Revive, as well. On the right side, you can bet on the results of the race. If you're right, you get 20 Silver Points. If you're wrong, nothing happens, so don't worry. If you've got 350 extra g, you can buy an Iron Sword for Chrono from the large, overly-dressed guy to the left of the betting tent. Don't worry, you can come back and buy it in a minute if you don't have enough now. Head up the stairs. Remember to equip anything you buy.

In this new section, go up and crash into the blonde girl running around. You hear Leene's bell ring ("People say that if someone hears Leene's bell ring, they'll have interesting lives"). After she checks on you, talk to her again (you must do this). Now, go pick up the pendant she dropped. It's in the upper right corner, if you haven't spotted it yet. Talk to her again, and agree to give it back. Agree to show her around, as well.

Go right and talk to the little girl, who'll say: "Wahhh! Where's my cat?!!" Go back to the last area and head left. See the cat? Talk to it once, and it'll start following you. Slowly make your way back to the right section, making sure to keep kitty in tow. Be careful, though. If you talk to it twice, it runs away, and if you lose him, ya gotta start over again. Talk to the little girl again. She's quite happy you brought her cat back. Plus, you score a compliment from Marle, you sly dog you. If you want, you can go further right to join a prehistoric dance party, or you can talk to the guy standing near the table to join in a soda-guzzling contest (just press accept as fast as you can) (my record's 7 ^~__*^). Neither activity actually gets you anything, but hey, it's kinda fun. Back in the last area, the way up is blocked, cause Lucca hasn't finished setting up yet.

Go back to the area where you found the cat, and keep going left. It's a robot! Awww... it's all big and happy and... pink. And it's got pointy ears. And it's name is Gato (Spanish for "cat", hence the ears). And it's one of Lucca's inventions. And it dances. And it's a training robot. And... and... AND IT SINGS KARAOKE!! AAAHHH!! *flees*

OK, talk to the robot. He'll fight you, and you can win Silver Points (15 each time). I recommend you fight him a lot. Not only do you need the points, but he gives you EXP (experience points), which builds up your levels. Now, you have a choice to make that'll affect a future part in your game. So far, I've been keeping you on the side of "good", per say. If you want the route that'll give you more EXP, then, after you finish fighting Gato, go back one screen and inspect the pink bag to heal (and steal the old guy's lunch. And get called a pig by Marle). If you wanna be a goody-two-shoes, then you can just go back to Crono's house each time to heal (urgh, so much walking...). OK! After fighting Gonzalez (or Gato, ifyer playing the US version) twice, both party members level up. I suggest that, for now, you fight him one round, and heal right afterwards, cause currently you don't have the HP (Hit Points/life points) to withstand two rounds with him. You don't wanna end up dead on the battlefield, do you? I mean, come on! You've only been playing for, what, five minutes??

Three more rounds and Crono learns Cyclone, his first tech. (and yes, the pink bag is there each time you look for it) Don't be afraid to try out Crono's new tech. Keep battling Gato until Marle learns her first tech. It kinda sorta takes awhile, but it's worth it. When she learns Aura, you get your first double-tech, Aura Whirl. This is a very useful tech, as it heals all party members. Plus, it's colourful ^~__~^ Ohhh, shineyyyy...

By now you should have a lot of silver points. Go back to the first screen of the Fair. Head right, and enter the purple tent with the mouth. You can try all the things here in Norstein Bekkler's lab, but the important one is the one that costs 40 points. When the other Crono comes out, you have to mimic him exactly.


You have to get this clone thing, if not, you get waaay screwed over about halfway through the game. OK! Now, leave the Fair and the town, and head left. Enter Guardia Forest.

Guardia Forest

Some enemies are easy to avoid, but the point of coming here is to level up, so... kill kill kill!! You can heal at Crono's house, or you can also use Aura Whirl or Aura to heal during battle. Go left first. Walk down between the mushrooms to get attacked. They're actually rather easy to kill at this stage. Head up and go near the floating golden thing. Kill the Avian Chaos first, or it might cause a status effect. Go right and bump into the weird rolling thing. Now, go down and right. In the top right corner of this section is a glowing blue spark. If you don't see it, don't worry. Just go around pressing X (the accept button, although I'm just going to call it X, cause it's easier). You get a power tab! Use it on a party member to increase strength. Go back to where you fought the Avian Chaos, and head left. After battling the Hetakes, leave the forest (you can re-enter it and fight all the enemies again to gain EXP or g, but if you try to enter Guardia Castle, Marle will stop you). After awhile, you should have enough to buy Crono a better weapon if you didn't before (but, unfortunately, not enough for the Lode Sword, unless you have the time, patience, and lack of something better to do to keep battling enemies in Guardia Forest until you have 4000 g...). Go back to the Fair. You can rest at Crono's house along the way to recuperate. *Tip: Talk to Crono's mom everytime you get a new party member. Some of the things she says are pretty funny. The clone's pretty funny, too.

Millenial Fair

You probably have a gazillion and a half silver points left over, so trade em in at the purple tent on the second level of the Fair (10 points == 50g). Now, talk to the little green-haired girl running around near the fountain. She'll tell you that Lucca's device is all set up. Go see it! Oh, no, wait, Marle wants some candy... if you try to walk away, she stops you. OK, now you can go see the thing. Talk to Lucca, and she'll tell you no one wants to try her thingy. Get onto the Telepod, then talk to Marle. She'll say she wants to try it, too... Uh oh, that can't be good... errr... Go pick up her pendant... oh no, what'd you get yerself into now?! And... oooh... dizzy...

Of Frogs and Queens and Mutant Hamsters