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Kingdom of Zeal, 12000 BC

Go to the right and enter the Skyway. Use the teleporter, then step outside and enter the building to the right.

Enhasa, 12000 BC

Talk to people. At some point you'll meet a small, blue-haired boy mumbling something about a black wind... Apparently, all everyone does here is sleep all day... At the bottom right is someone you should know quite well... or do you? This is Doreen, Masa and Mune's older sister. CC vets, if you were wondering who the voice was that was reprimanding Masa and Mune right before the burning orphanage thing, well, this is her. She likes to babble a bunch of nonsense, then disappear to another area of Enhasa. After chasing her around a bit, go to the top-right corner again. Open the book on the table. Now, go to the top-left corner and open the book. Now, find the last book in the first section, and open it. A doorway opens. Talk to the Nu, and challenge him. Or, them, rather. Your best bet is to go outside and change your party members to Crono, Frog, and Marle, then use *Lightning2, *Water2, and *Ice2, just like with the Nu in the Hunting Range. It really shouldn't take very long with this party (or you could use Lucca and *Fire2, if she has it), it really shouldn't take too long, and you get a Magic Tab and a Speed Tab!! Use the Spring to heal. Go back outside and use the Land Bridge to the north. Once back in the snowy wastelands on Earth, head north to the other Skyway. Go left to the Blackbird building.


Talk to the guards, and some dude'll come up behind you. Ewww, Dalton. OK, dude, what little situation?? Ah well, he's a moron anyway.

Kajar, 12000 BC

The people in here are real asses... Anyway, the books should be opened in this order: top-left, bottom-right, middle. Check the Poyozo doll for a Black Rock. In the back room, the blue specks are only experimental, so don't bother with them. In the bottom-right of this room check the wall for a Speed Tab (if you talked to the guy complaining about Janus and his cat, then you should've seen a blue glowing thing on the wall. That's what this is). Head outside and enter the cave to the right. Head outside and enter the next one. Back outside, put Marle in your party (if she's not there already), and enter the building.

Zeal Palace, 12000 BC

Enter, and talk to the Nu walking on the catwalk. Answer "Sure!". You discovered the Nu's scratch-point! Return to Kajar, and talk to the Nu in the back room in front of the bookcase. He dropped a Magic Tab! Re-enter the Palace. Talk to the girl in the bottom-left corner (up the stairs) next to the plant. Answer "Yes" and "Secretly plant it." Masa and Mune are here, but they don't say much. Enter the Queen's Hall (straight to the back). Hey, look, another one of those doors! Yeah, if you talked to some girl in the bottom-right corner of the first floor, she'd've told you that Marle's pendant looks like Schala's. The girl here on the right tells you that an item like Schala's pendant is needed to open those doors... Go left to the Mammon Machine room, talk to everyone, then go right to the bedrooms. Enter the right one to witness a conversation between Janus and Schala... again with the black wind... Follow Schala to the middle door. Inspect the door after she goes through, and, obviously, Marle's pendant doesn't work... yet. Go back to the Mammon Machine room and inspect the red glowing thingy. Yay! Talk to either one of the guys near the exit, and they seem to think that was Schala's pendant... and, no, you can't exit the palace now, because the Queen is in the Ocean Palace, and no one may enter (or exit, either, apparently). Now, re-try the door. Whoohoo! Eh... hi, people. Eheheh... ^>__o^;;

Boss: Golem
HP: 7,000
Attacks: Copy-cat (fireballs, large HP-damage)/(iron orb halves HP), Bluuurp (all-party)

Alright, this guy copies your techs, as well, so watch it. Heal yourself every other tech you cast. Glacier (if you have it) works great, and so does Arc Impulse and Spire. He does a shadow attack right before he dies.

Argh! What the... Schala rescues you from some unimagineable fate... and enter... the "Prophet". You get sent back to 65000000 BC.

Lair Ruins, 65000000 BC

Yeah, you can open all those weird doors now... and those stupid little black boxes, too! Use the Dactyls to fly to the Ioka Village. The trading dude will trade you new stuff now:

Item Crafted
Petal + Fang
Dream Gun
Petal + Horn
Dream Bow
Petal + Feather
Magma Hand
Fang + Horn
Aeon Blade
Fang + Feather
Ruby Vest
Horn + Feather
Rock Helm

Use the Gate in the mountains to go back to the Bend of Time and talk to the Prophet of Time (no, not the same Prophet that just sealed the way back to Zeal...). He tells you to look for the Wings of Time. You should know where it is, cause when Marle was talking the screen showed the guy you're supposed to find. Use the pillar to go to Proto Dome

Break the Seal

The Beginning

Of Frogs and Queens and Mutant Hamsters

Back to Life, Back to Reality

For Future Reference

The End of Time and Other People's Closets

The Hero and the Masamune

Blast to the Past

Dance with Death

The Crimson Flame