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Proto Dome, 2300 AD

Head to Lab 32 and use the Jet Bike (race Johnny again) to cross the lab. Enter Arris Dome and use the pendant on the door. You get a Power Tab, a Lumin Robe, an Elixir, a Hit Ring, and a Gold Earring. Head to Bangor Dome by route of Lab 16. Grab the Charm Top, Full Ether, and the Wallet from the chests. Enter Trann Dome and get the Full Ether, the Gold Stud (cuts yer MP use by 75%?!), and a Magic Tab. Head back to Bangor Dome and use the Gate. Now, use the Pillar to go to Guardia Forest, 1000 AD (top right). Get the Power Ring out of the black box, then use the Gate. Use the pillar to go back to Proto Dome. Race Johnny in Lab 32 again, then enter the Sewer Access. Since we've already been here, all you have to do is go left, down, right, down, right again, down, right, and up the ladder. Enter the other dome.

Keeper's Dome, 2300 AD

Use the Pendant on the door. No, these aren't all Tabs of some sort... unfortunately. Dang you, Belthasar! Inspect each glowing blue thing to learn some history. Yay... The wizard he speaks of is, of course, Magus. Open the last door in this era and inspect the back of the Epoch. Try to leave, and a Nu enters. It's Belthasar! Or, at least, his memory and stuff. Don't choose to get onboard, then go back outside this door to pick up a Magic Tab. Go back inside and use the thingy he brought to "hop aboard." Take off, and go to 600 AD

Southern Continent, 600 AD

Talk to Fiona, then head south. Ignore the whirlpool for now, if it's there. If not, it'll be there later. Enter the Elder's house, and use the pendants on the two boxes, but choose no! I'll tell you why in a minute. Do it for both boxes. Enter the Magic Cave and get the Magic Ring out of the box. Go to the Truce Inn, and choose no for the box there. Enter Guardia Forest, and get the Speed Tab out of the black box there. Enter the Castle and talk to the King and stuff. Hey, you deserve some kind words after all the hell you've been through! In the left stairwell is another black box. Answer no again. I know, I know, you're all like, where're the goodies! GIMME GIMME GIMME! Chill, dude, you'll get stuff in a minute! I have my reasons! Return to the Epoch, and choose 1000 AD.

Southern Continent, 1000 AD

Alright, now, enter the Mayor's house... and now you'll see why I had you choose "No" before... now, instead of a White Vest and a Black Vest, you get a White Mail and a Black Mail! (they're more powerful) Switch Lucca into your party, and visit her house. Talk to her father to get a Taban Suit. Enter the Market in Truce Village to see... Fritz! You get... 10 Mid-Ethers! Go into the Truce Inn and grab the Blue Mail! (also, you can go back to the same places in 600 AD and get the old items now, as well, although if you chose Yes the first time, you won't get the powered-up ones...). Use the whirlpool on the island near Lucca's house to get to the Heckran's Cave. Keep going south and return to the cave where you fought the Heckran. Enter the cave at the back to get a Wall Ring out of the black box there... and a Dash Ring! Go back to the area where you came in, and go up. Exit the cave. No, Melchoir isn't any help, don't ask me why. Apparently, they've traded in Magus' statue for one of Ozzie in the square... Don't bother buying anything in the Market, although you probably have the money to buy at least ONE thing... Go north to the Forest Ruins and use the pendant. No, you don't get BOTH boxes... you have a choice: Do you want a great weapon, or great defense? Left is a Safe Helm, right is the Swallow... which will you choose? Some people may be screaming "BUT YOU'RE THE CHRONO MASTER! TELL ME WHAT TO PICK!" but this choice really depends on your style of play. I will, however, remind you that the "great defense" is only a helm, and not, say, an entire set of armour or even a larger piece of armour, so perhaps the weapon would be a better idea, but only Crono can use this weapon, whereas the helm can be equipped to various other characters instead. So both choices have their pros and cons, and listing them as I have is the best I can do in terms of helping you make this decision. Alternatively, you could just flip a coin and choose that way... Now, go to the Castle.

Guardia Castle, 1000 AD

Bring Marle with you. Uh oh... trouble again, but of a different nature. Go downstairs (left stairwell) and talk to Pierre and company. Another weird Chancellor, eh? Sounds kinda fishy to me... Enter the right stairwell, go up and open the chest for a HyperEther. Don't worry about the locked one just yet, you don't want what's in there anyway. Now, talk to the King. Whoa buddy! And the Chancellor apparently has a blue glowing thingy, but it's nothing. Just talk to him, but don't think for one second this freak is gonna give you anything... In the right upper stairwell is another HyperEther, and in Marle's room is a MegaElixir. Enter the left stairwell this time to get an Elixir and... the Red Mail! (this'll REALLY come in handy later) Enter the King's chamber. Get the Full Ether, then talk to the King again, then talk to the Chancellor again on your way out. Head back to Porre, and buy some Jerky at the Snail Stop (oh come on, you're probably freaking rich by now! Don't be stingy!) Go back to the Castle and talk to the King. Uh, whoops. Ah well. Go back and buy another Jerky... and head back to 600 AD and enter the Elder's House in Porre. Talk to the lady that looks like Crono's mom. Give her the Jerky (yes, all this "wasting" money will actually work to your favour later...). Give it to her for free (in other words, choose the middle option). Now, head to 12000 BC! HAHAHA!

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