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Keep . : Shades of Silence : . free!

Terra Cave, 12000 BC

Go left and up and enter the cave. Enter the cave in the back, and buy stuff! This guy sells all the stuff the moronic Hench in Medina was selling, but at REASONABLE prices! Buy a FlashBlade for Frog (better than the Masamune! (for now, at least)), and whatever else you want, and sell off some stuff. Make your way down to the bottom (you can rest for free in one of the lower caves, just talk to the guy), and save your game. Enter the cave. At the bottom-right corner is a Power Tab! (boy, do I looove getting free stuff!) Don't bother wasting your MP on these guys, you'll get the same results using physical attacks. You can level up here if you need to, cause these guys give pretty good EXP (about 400 each time), just exit and re-enter the cave from the bottom, healing for free in the other cave. When you're ready to move on, go up the stairs.

Boss: Mud Imp, Red Beast, Blue Beast
HP: Mud Imp: 1,200, Red Beast: 5,000, Blue Beast: 5,000
Attacks: X-Strike, and shaking the earth (all-party)
My current level: Crono 30, Lucca 27, Marle 28, Frog 28, Robo 26, Ayla 28

Water attacks don't hurt the Blue Beast, and Fire Attacks don't hurt the Red Beast. Do *Lightning2, *Heal, then *Ice on the Red Beast. After a bit, it should expire. Now, do whatever you want. Attack the Blue Beast with whatever you want. I chose physicals. Attacking the Mud Imp just gets sooo annoying after awhile, so get rid of the Blue Beast. Afer a bit, the Mud Imp is aaall alooone... awww... DIE! Use IceSword, and it should be over pretty quick... FINALLY!

Use the chain to go up. Go left and up. In the next area, go right and up. There's a Save Point here, so use a Shelter to recover your MP if you need to. Keep going up, then left to get a Barrier. Go back a little ways to the right, up onto the platform, around left and down, then up to get a Lapis. Go right across the chains to the next land-area. Go right and down the chain. To the right is a Barrier in a chest. Go up and right, over the chain, and up to get the Lapis. Right across the chain is another Barrier (top), and below is a Full Ether. Go back and up the chain. Go all the way to the back, then left. Go up onto the platform and down to get a Shelter and a Shield. Head all the way up and across the chain on the right, then up. Use the Save Point, and climb up the chain. Get the Time Hat, then cross the chain. There's a Full Ether on the top-left, and in the bottom-right is a Magic Tab. Change Ayla into your party, and climb up the really long chain.

Boss: Giga Gaia
HP: Giga Gaia: 9,500, hands: 2,000
Attacks: 2-hand attack/Plasma-Shadow (all-party), 2-hand attack/Double hand Fire (all-party)
My current level: Crono 30, Lucca 27, Marle 28, Frog 28, Robo 26, Ayla 28

... WHAT THE...?! OK, hopefully you've got the Black Mail on Crono? (after all, he is white-innate, if you haven't noticed yet...) Use Falcon Hit on the hands (which heal the dude), then have Frog use *Heal. This battle is insane, but at least the Black Mail heals Crono. Give Frog the Black Vest if you got it. After two Falcon Hits, the hands disintegrate, BUT... of course... there's a countdown (sort of). Keep using Falcon Hit, and, after one *Heal, have Frog use Leap Slash, because he won't attack you during this time. After the hands are revived, use the first strategy again. He's dead after a couple of rounds of this.

Hi, Melchior! And... whoa buddy! There goes the neighborhood. Literally. Hi, Schala! And m... I mean, Janus! And... Dalton?! Argh... Talk to Melchoir after that... uh... display. You get the Ruby Knife. Use the bottom cave to heal, then, follow Dalton! (... more following...) Go right to get to the Skyway, use the Land Bridge, then go up to the other Skyway and go to the Palace.

Zeal Palace, 12000 BC

Head straight to the back... history? Eh, no, actually, we're from the future... ack!

Boss: Dalton
HP: 3,500
Attacks: Iron Orb, Brrrp
My current level: Crono 32, Marle 31, Frog 30, Ayla 30, Robo 28, Lucca 30

HAHA, lookit that HP! Hey, guess what: The Iron Orbs reduce yer HP by half! (but hey, guess what else, you can't have half of 1, so...) But use *Heal when you get down to 100-something HP, just in case, cause his last attack'll take off about 100-HP each...

I'd say use a Lapis after this fight... then check the Gate Dalton left behind.

Ocean Palace, 12000 BC

Head down the stairs, use the Save Point to heal, then talk to Mune. After the scene, enter the next room. Switch Lucca and Frog into your party (or Marle instead of Frog), and use *Water2 or *Ice2 on the Blue Scouts, *Lightning2 on the Scouters, and *Fire2 on the Red Scouts (or just *Fire, if you don't have *Fire2 yet). Go through the door at the right. Destroy the gray guy first, because he protects the Jinn. Enter the next room at the right. Get rid of the Mage first, then grab the Aeon Helm from the chest. Go back to the big room and go left and down to get a Rune Blade. Further down is an Aeon Suit. Go left and up, and into the room to get a Star Sword. Leave the room and go down. After fighting the Blue Scouts, go down to enter a room and get a Shock Wave for Lucca. Go down and get the Sonic Arrow for Marle, then go right and up to get a Kaiser Arm for Robo. Exit the area and go up, left, and straight down through the middle of the room to exit. Go left and down the stairs, fight the baddies, then take the next flight of stairs down. Keep going down the stairs and talk to Masa to witness another scene. Save in the next room and exit. This is a great place for leveling up, so, if you have a party member who's lagging behind, definately bring them in. Hit the blue glowing switch to activate the elevator. Leave, and re-enter, going back to the top floor. Check the left wall for a Magic Tab, then go back downstairs. Once at the bottom, stand on the blue switch in front of you. The best party to have here (to make things quicker) is Crono, Frog/Marle, and Lucca. Go left, into the room, and hit the switch in the back. Head right this time, hit the switch, then go back and hit the first switch again. Cross the bridge, enter the next room, grab the Elixir from the chest, and SAVE! Enter the next room.

Boss: GolemTwins
HP: 7,000
Attacks: Iron Orb, Copy-cat, Bluuurp
Recommended level: Crono 41, Marle 40, Frog 41

Put Marle and Frog in your party, Marle with the Blue Mail, Crono with the Blue Vest, and Frog with whatever. Use Ice 2 and Water 2 so that the GolemTwins respond with only water-type spells. Just let Crono heal people with items, cause he really doesn't have to do anything else during this fight. Hitting them both with water spells makes their counterattacks heal Marle and Crono, and don't do too much damage to Frog. Also, this prevents them from doing Iron Orb and their physicals, after you've hit them the first time with the spells anyway. *Note: If you're not quite leveled up, go do the elevator thing a couple of times.

After the battle, Dalton tries to summon the GolemBoss... but then he notices something and leaves. Go on through the door and make the Nu... jump off the bridge. ^O__o^;; Keep going, and use the Ruby Knife on the Mammon Machine. Ack! BIG PORCUPINE-SHAPED THINGY! Oh, well, you're all dead. Yay? Hi, Magus! ( ^-__-^ ) Talk to Schala, then go up to Lavos... and miss yet another great CG... agh. Ummm... bye-bye Zeal.

Now you must choose new party members. Put Frog in, and whomever else you wish. Nope, you can't get the Tab behind the Nu, sorry. Enter the forest behind the huts.

Commons, 12000 BC

Talk to the Elder, and... say what?! Hey, don't do that, that tickles! OW! ^>__<^ OK, time to save...

The Blackbird, 12000 BC

Agh, my head... stupid Dalton, stupid soldiers, stupid... blah. Yeah, all your items and weapons and EVERYTHING ELSE are gone... but hey! Guess what. AYLA NEVER USED A WEAPON! AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! So... put her in your party already (as third party member). Inspect the door, then climb up the ladder to realize where you are. Climb back down, and somebody notices that there is a way to get out. This next part is a MESS. First off, the lighted squares are windows. You can check on the situation below you through here. What you have to do is find all the places that have your weapons and other stuff. Beware, these are HEAVILY guarded. Alright, here we go!

Inspect the door again. Choose to act sick, then knock out the guard. Leave the room and go left. Fight off the baddies to get your gold back. You'll notice that Ayla's the only one who can attack right now... Alright, return to your cell and use the air duct. If the robot is in this corridor (outside your cell), dodge him by running along the bottom of the screen. From where you entered the ceiling, go left and down, down down down down. There, you'll overhear Dalton. Look through the grate, and... it's the Epoch! Don't worry, they're not going to dismantle it... go up twice and left. Use the ladder, fight the baddies, and get Ayla's equipment back! (useful, since she's the only one getting attacked at the moment...). (*Note: this is only if she's the third person in your party, if not, it'll be the other person's items who's not Marle). Re-enter the ducts using the ladder.

Go right, up once, then right. The ladder you just passed leads back to your cell. Go up, then left and up twice, then left again. Use the ladder, and grab Marle's equipment (the guard's asleep...). You don't actually have to fight him, just leave via the ladder. Go right to the main north-south corridor, then down and right. Fight the baddies and leave the room. Go left, fight the guys, and enter the door. There're your items! Don't use the back door yet. Go back into the corridor. From where you fought the Bashers, go back into the right door. You can apparently go around the Byte in here... *shrug* Go left, down, right, down, and left to the ladder. You're back in your cell. Go right and up, and enter the guarded door. Fight the Byte for Frog's equipment. Re-enter the corridor and go left to use the conveyor belt. Take the left door, and this time enter the back door. Climb the ladder, and head to the top of the wing, then go across and down. Another Golem?

Boss: GolemBoss
HP: 15,000
Attacks: NONE

This guy's REALLY funny. Put it out of its misery, willya?? He starts out with a countdown to... him saying he hates heights. He runs away after a bit.

Uhhhh... he put wings on the Epoch?? (actually, this is a good thing... you'll see) Heh, what a weirdo... well, you've been waiting for revenge, haven't you? Well, here goes!

Boss: Dalton Plus
HP: 2,800
Attacks: Opposite magic attack, slash
My current level: lv 41

His attacks take the opposite of yours. He also tries to summon the GolemBoss... which is pretty funny. He gets sucked into the void! HAHA, errr... ehm... OK, just start pressing buttons. Eh heh, whoops. Bye-bye Blackbird.

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