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Last Village, 12000 BC

Enter the hut with the Nu in it, and buy some Aeon Suits and Helms. Buy a Hurricane, as well... *shifty look*

Commons, 12000 BC

Talk to the girl with the plant again, and tell her to plant it. Talk to people, and they'll say that someone was looking for you... hey, look, it's Alfador! (... I thought he only liked Janus??) Now, head up to the North Cape.

North Cape, 12000 BC

Inspect the glowing blue thing, and... nope, it wasn't Crono. Hi, Magus... again. Yes, Janus was taken in by Ozzie, and grew up to be... Magus. You can fight him if you want, just use Frog Squash a lot... BUT, if you fight him, he won't join yer party. AND, if you fight him, Frog fights him. Alone. Your choice, bud. It is possible to beat Magus, just so you know. It just takes awhile. But he's pretty strong, so... yeah. Hey, it's your choice, man, I just work here.

If you return to the Commons with Magus in your party and talk to Alfador, he'll follow you around... AWWW, that is sooo cute! ^~__~^ Unfortunately, you can't take him with you... *pouts* OK, get on the Epoch. Agh! The Ocean Palace has arisen?! ... Ah well. Head to the End of Time.

The End of Time

By the way, equip the Hurricane on Magus, if you bought it (and if he joined your party). Disembark, and talk to Gaspar. He'll blabber on, and won't be very helpful. Now, try to leave. He'll stop you. Talk to him again, and he'll give you the Time Egg, a.k.a., the Chrono Trigger. Board the Epoch, and head to 2300 AD.

Keeper's Dome, 2300 AD

Use the pendant on the door, and wake up Belthasar. He'll tell you to go to Death Peak (right next door), BUT, you need a clone... WHICH YOU SHOULD HAVE! (well, you should if you listened to me when we first started this thing, anyway. If not, go back to the Millenial Fair section on the first page (handy dandy "The Beginning" link near the bottom of this page) and go acquire one. For 50,000g. Yeah... what have we learned today, kids? Listen to the webmaster, or end up broke. ^<__<^;; ) OK, time to go get it!

Southern Continent, 1000 AD

Hey look! Now you can fly around, instead of just landing and walking! Yay! And... *eck* The Ocean Palace is everywhere! Alright, enter Lucca's house to get a Taban Helm, then go to Crono's house. Heh. Talk to Crono's mom to get the doll, and head back to 2300 AD.

Keeper's Dome, 2300 AD

Talk to Belthasar again. After repeating himself, he sends out three Poyozo Dolls, then asks you to switch him off. Do it.

Death Peak, 2300 AD

This place is annoying... Talk to the Poyozo doll. Alright, here's the deal: Run like hell when the wind dies (what, more running? Oh, hush), and get behind a tree when the wind starts again. If you don't, YOU'LL HAVE TO START ALL OVER AGAIN! ARGH! *pulls out hair* What you do is, run up to a tree, keep your back towards the screen, let go of the run button, and keep pressing up while walking into the tree until the wind dies again. Repeat for the next tree.

Area II: Go left to get a Magic Ring, then climb up, right, and up. Go right into the next area, and down into the valley. To the right is a Wall Ring, and south of that is an SP. Enter the cave near the top of the screen. Ack.

Boss: Lavos Spawn
HP: head: 4000, shell: 10,000
Attacks: Needle Spray, Lavos' Sigh/Sleep, Blizzard/Chaos

Attack the head, not the body, or else it does Needle Spray. Glacier seems to be a pretty good bet.

Afterwards, pick up a Giga Arm for Robo, and exit through the back. Pick up a BraveSword for Frog, and exit. Back outside, check the blue glowing thing to the left to open an entrance. Go back inside, around, and back outside. Go down and enter the cave, then head up to grab a StarScythe, and exit to fight another stupid Lavos Spawn... just do the same as last time. Continue left.

Area III: Talk to the other Poyozo doll. This section's also quite annoying. Walk, don't run, to the nearest exit. No, seriously. Walk, pressing up, until you get to the bend that looks like it has a rock in the middle. Run until you finish that upwards angle (be careful, though, you can fall on both sides), then walk the rest of the way.

Area IV: Get the VedicBlade out of the chest and continue down, down, and left. Talk to the third Poyozo doll, then head down, left, and climb down to get a Dark Helm and to reach a Save Point. Climb back up to fight... another freaking Lavos Spawn. *sigh* Alright, grab the shell and push it around, to the right and up (annoyiiing), then climb the big icky thing (inspect it), and grab the Memory Cap out of the chest to the right. Keep going towards the back. Now, here follows a scene... oooh, lunar eclipse! OK, you're dropped into a time freeze. Inspect Crono, and switch him for the clone... d'awww... ^~__~^ Talk to Gaspar again, and he'll give you a couple of tasks that you don't HAVE to do, but hell... why not? THINK OF THE ITEMS AND THE EXP!! *Tip: From now on, you don't HAVE to have Crono in your party, but hey, whatever floats yer boat, dude.

Random Tasks

The Beginning

Of Frogs and Queens and Mutant Hamsters

Back to Life, Back to Reality

For Future Reference

The End of Time and Other People's Closets

The Hero and the Masamune

Blast to the Past

Dance with Death

The Crimson Flame

The Magic Kingdom

Break the Seal

Golems and Jail