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There are different paths that lead to Lavos. One is the bucket in the upper-right corner in the Bend of Time. One is flying the Epoch to 1999, the Apocalypse, and the other is going through the Black Omen (the Ocean Palace, which takes a heck of a lot longer). Now, here are the tasks that you can do to level up before fighting Lavos:

You can do these in any order you wish, although a couple of them are interconnected. If you want to skip them and go straight to the end, click here.

The Beginning

Of Frogs and Queens and Mutant Hamsters

Back to Life, Back to Reality

For Future Reference

The End of Time and Other People's Closets

The Hero and the Masamune

Blast to the Past

Dance with Death

The Crimson Flame

The Magic Kingdom

Break the Seal

Golems and Jail

Rebirth at Death Peak