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If you used the Epoch to get here: Lavos comes bursting out of the ground, and your party members decide to kamikaze through him using the Epoch. And it actually works. And apparently Lavos has caves inside of him. ^O__o^;; Go north through the caves. Skip down to the second-to-last boss battle below (where the red box with black letters is).

If you came in through the bucket at the End of Time: Go north. You're in 1999 AD, by the way. On the ground. And Lavos is being his usual old fiery porcupine of DOOM self, what with bursting out of the ground and all... Skip down to the first boss battle section.

If you came in through the Black Omen: Lavos has just destroyed the Ocean Palace. Time to fight!

Alright, here's the deal. For the first seven or so battles, Lavos mimicks previous bosses. I'll put which ones in parentheses, although they show it before each battle begins.

Boss: Lavos (Dragon Tank)
HP: Lavos: 266, bits: 200
Techs: fireballs, rockets, bit physical (all-party)

Heal if you need to, then go forward to start the battle. Destroy the bits, and it's over. Easy, no? You don't even need MP for this...

Boss: Lavos (Guardian and Bit (2))
HP: Lavos: 1,200, bits: 200
Techs: 3 can join together for a Delta Attack, laser

Eh. Destroy the bits, and he's dead after a couple of hits.

Again, there's a period where you can heal, switch party members, whatever.

Boss: Lavos (Heckran)
HP: 2,100
Techs: *Water, Cyclone/Water

Like with the Heckran, only magic works this time. Still not a big deal, though.

Carrots and chopsticks. Things. Stuff. Blah.

Boss: Lavos (Zombor)
HP: Lavos: 960, bit: 800
Techs: doom, doom, doom, doom... (all-party), fireballs, MP-buster, gore, gore, gore (takes HP from alien), Rrrr (sucking party member in)

Have Marle/Frog and Lucca in your party, and cast *Ice/*Water on Lavos, and *Fire on the alien thing. Shadow will hurt Lavos but heal the alien dude, and Lightning will hurt the alien but heal Lavos. You can use physicals after the alien thing's gone. When it's over, he does MP-buster for all of one party member's MP. Blah!

I like pie.

Boss: Lavos (Masamune)
HP: 3,600
Techs: tornado (all-party), whirlwind (chaos), physicals

You don't even need magic... meh...

The chickens are coming!

Boss: Lavos (Nizbel)
HP: 42,000
Techs: making the ground shake (all-party), releases electrocution energy (all-party), physicals

Its defense decreases when shocked, just like Nizbel. It also releases it back to you. Eh. Still doesn't take long...

If you wanna party, then come on, clap your hands...

Boss: Lavos (Magus)
HP: 6666
Techs: Geyser/HP down (all-party), barrier change, *Lightning2, *Fire2, *Ice2, *DarkBomb, *DarkMatter

... well, this should be interesting... or not... Like Magus, the Masamune drops Lavos' magic defense. Whatever attack he uses is what he's weakest against at that moment. When he starts doing *DarkMatter, do whatever.

... the chickens stole my pie. ^T__T^

Boss: Lavos (Azala and Black Tyrano)
HP: Lavos: 10,500, bit: 2,700
Techs: Psychokinesis, Teleportation/Teleports a rock!, Telepathy/Sleep, Countdown - fireballs (all-party), fireballs, HP-buster, Azala break/HP down

Put Ayla into your party. Do *Luminaire to get rid of "Azala," then do Volt Bite, then any triple tech (3D Attack works really well).


Boss: Lavos (Giga Gaia)
HP: Lavos: 9,500, bits: 2,000
Techs: Two-Part Attack: Pair Blaster (all-party), Double-Part Attack: Dark Plasma, Water Rise/Water, revives bits

Falcon Hit, like last time, then 3D Attack. Two rounds of this and he's gone.

Mommy mommy, the big porcupine is pissed...

Boss: Lavos
HP: 10,000
Techs: Destruction rains from the heavens! (all-party), Chaotic Zone/Chaos (all-party), Lavos Needles, making the ground shake (all-party)

Shouldn't take too long, but at least it's taking off more than only 50 HP per hit... bah.

After he's gone, his head explodes. Perhaps he needs some Aleve? Climb inside! ... no turning back now? Tch. If you want to go somewhere else (like, to buy more tonics, etc.), then use the Gate (you'll end up in the Bend of Time). Nothing will be affected by this. When you're ready, come back to the End of Time and use the bucket. You won't have to fight all of the lame bosses again, so don't worry. Go north through the caves.

** ----> This is where you start if you came in using the Epoch <---- **

Boss: Lavos
HP: Lavos: 20,000, left hand: 12,000, right hand: 8,000
Techs: Laser beams/Doors of doom open (all-party), Engaging main body (delayed, all-party), Obstacle (all-party), Protective Seal/Disables defence status, Shadow Slay (all-party), Shadow Doom Blaze (all-party), Evil Emanation/Lavos' attack power up!, physicals

The right arm revives the body. You can go a lot of rounds without having to heal (hell, don't even bother until after the two arms are gone), and then heal every two rounds or so.

... that's Lavos' true form? He looks like a funky DBZ robot! ... well, Toriyama Akirasensei did do animation for this game....... What? Oh, right. The final battle.

Boss: Lavos Core, 2 bits
HP: Lavos bit: 10,000, Lavos right bit: 2,000, Lavos core (left bit): 30,000
Techs: Crying Heavens/Hidden blow, Grand Stone/Ultimate physical attack, Spell, Evil Star/Reduces HP by 1/2 (all-party), some rainbow thing from the bit, MP-drain, major physicals

Alright! Get rid of that damn bit on the left, and yer done! Whoohoo! ... but it's not gonna be that easy. You'll probably get rid of the middle thing first, but it's not over then, as the left bit is the core (as stated in the boss summary text above). Some time after that, the right bit lowers its defence. Oooh, smart, really. Heh. It'll revive the Lavos bit ifyer too slow though...

Finally! It's over! ... augh, the time warps make my brain hurt... Enjoy yer ending! See you next walkthrough!

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