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Truce Canyon, 600 AD

Move around, and you'll get attacked. Head left, up, and left across the bridge. After getting attacked again, head further left for a Tonic, then go down for a PowerGlove. Equip it. Head further down to where the two imps are playing rolly-ball, and defeat them. Head further down to exit the area. Enter the Inn, and talk to people. A guy will walk in. Offer to buy him a drink (yes, this is important). Now, go to the forest.

Guardia Forest, 600 AD

Same layout as before. Head towards the castle, beating up enemies on your way there. In the same section where you found the PowerTab last time is another one, but this one's near a rock. The other blue shiny thing in this area is just a decoy. If you go near it, you'll get attacked, but who cares, right? More EXP for us! One of the rustling bushes contains enemies. Check the other rustling bush to the right of that one. A "monster" will jump out and run away, dropping a shelter. He'll do that each time you come through here, so exit and re-enter the Forest as many times as you wish.

Guardia Castle, 600 AD

First, you get made fun of. Then the Queen comes to the rescue... eh, Queen? Looks familiar, don't she? OK, go to the right first and down to the kitchens. Grab the Ether from the chest. Now, try to leave, and you'll witness the arrival of the Knight Captain (only if you spoke to the chef first). Pompous ass, isn't he?). Uh oh, looks like the chef and the captain have a little tiz goin on, ey. Turns out they're just brothers quarreling. Hit X at the top-left corner of the table to get fed for free. Get the hyper kabob, as it refills both HP and MP. Go back upstairs and enter the throne room. Talk to the chancellor, who leaves suspiciously. Talk to the King, who thanks you for saving "Leene." The soldier on the right tells you that the Queen is waiting for you in her chamber. Go up the left stairs first to get 100g and to talk to the chancellor again, who acts rather mean. Get a BronzeMail out of the chest in the King's chambers, and equip it. Now, go see the "Queen". Pick up a Tonic on the way up. Get the Ether out of the chest, then talk to "Leene". She gets all sentimental, and then... errr... oh crap. OK, go back downstairs, and, hello! Lucca?! And, what?! The Princess?!?! OK, I think I need to go lie down... Go rest in the Knights' Quarters (what? I said I needed to lie down!), then leave the castle. After two battles, Lucca will level up (thank Shinigami for that... have you seen her HP?!) Defeat all the enemies so that you can level up some more. Soon, you learn FlameToss (Lucca), FireWhirl (double tech), and Slash (Crono). Go to the Market in Truce Village and buy stuff for Lucca (DartGun being the most important thing at the moment). Now, head left to the Cathedral (next to the Castle).

Cathedral, 600 AD

Talk to the "nun" in front of the organ. Then you see something glowing on the floor. Pick it up. Uh oh... *sproing*! ... "Aack!"?? How... original. Oooh, the victory music! *grabs for her Chrono Cross soundtrack* *ahem*, OK, back to the storyline... Hello, Frog/Glenn! ^~__~^ Choose to "go with the frog." Now, pretend you have even some semblance of musical ability, and play the organ. A door appears. Entrez vous!

OK! Go left and defeat the baddies. Get a Revive and a Tonic out of the chests, and defeat the other guys. Enter the left door and go up the stairs. At the very back of the balcony is a SteelSaber for Crono. Equip, equip! To the left of the door with the spikes is a skull on the wall. Inspect it to disable the spikes. Enter the room to find two soldiers. They tell you that the Queen is in the back room. Inspect the bucket for a Power Tab. Now enter the lower room. Get the MaidenSuit (for Lucca), the Tonic, and the Ether out of the chests. Check the drawers for the Naga-ette Bromide, and to get attacked. ^O__o^;; Go across to the other staircase. Use Frog's Slurp tech to heal during battle (believe me, you'll need all the Tonics you've got later on...). Head up the stairs and into the room. Talk to all the monsters, who think you're just in disguise. Follow the one who leaves. Ehhh... where'd he go? Get 100g and an Ether out of the chests, then talk to everyone. Enter the secret room on your right. Talk to the monsters to get attacked. Get the Defender and SpeedBelt out of the chests. Look! It's Magus! (or just his statue, whatever)... Try to leave the last room, and it turns out they're not who you think they are...

Go back outside, and down the middle path now, and through the door. Use a save point, and a Shelter if you want, although there's another save point later on. Grab the shelter out of the chest on the left, and go (slide) down the stairs. Wake up the hench for an easy fight. Apparently, all this switch does is bring out more Mad Bats, so don't bother with that unless you just want the EXP. Grab the Tonic and the Heal. Go down the hallway and through the door. Flip the switch and go through the door and up the stairs. Go though the middle door and fight the baddies. Equip the Iron Sword on Frog, and play a tune! *covers bleeding ears* Go back to where the "No Entry" note was in the back, and go through the door. Something you might want to do is go to your menu screen, to the fourth item, and change your battle gauge speeds to "Fast". Use the save point, and a shelter, and go through the door, then walk forwards.

Boss: Yakra
HP: 930
Techs: Needle Spray, "Drooo"
My current level:: Crono 8, Lucca 7, Frog 7

Ick. A big, ugly, yellow, mutant-hamster-looking thing. But don't underestimate this guy just because he's ugly, or because he's the first boss... Hit him with everything you've got, and be ready to use a bunch of tonics. His Needle attack is hell, and so is that multiple attack thing. Use X-Strike a lot (which you should have), and don't be stingy with the Ethers if you run out of MP. Alternate X-Strike with Lucca's Flame Toss. He also seems to like throwing up cannonballs or something... well, that's a first. Yeah, watch out when he goes "Drooo", or whatever it is, cause that's his multiple attack thing. But hang in there!

After the battle, free the REAL chancellor from the chest on the left, and get the Mid-Ether out of the other chest. You are taken back to the castle, where Frog leaves because he failed to protect the Queen. Go back outside and talk to Frog. Awww, poor Froggy! :o( Go back up to the Queen's quarters, and Marle re-appears! Nice trick, that... Get another hyper kabob downstairs, and leave the castle.

Truce Canyon, 600 AD

Head back to where you came in from. Lucca will explain that she created a "Gate Key" that will help your party get home. Marle invites you back to the castle. Go there.

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