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Guardia Castle, 1000 AD

Unfortunately, there's no monster dropping Shelters in this forest... *sigh* OK! On to the Castle! ... where you get taken to court for abducting Marle?! Nothing you say in this trial affects the outcome... only your previous actions do.

Brought the cat back to the little girl
Asking Marle if she'll sell her pendant to Melchior
Talked to Marle before picking up her pendant
Eating the old guy's lunch
(the times you did so doesn't affect anything)

Well, OK, break the heck out of jail (knock at the door until the guard decides to "teach you a lesson", then when he starts to leave, "talk" to him again. Apparently, they forgot to remove your weapons. OK! Step outside and fight the other guy. Hitting the switch on the wall only opens the door halfway (of the next cell). The cup in your cell restores HP/MP, and the pink bag contains an ether. Leave the area, fight the Blue Shields (hit them when the shields *aren't* facing you), then continue right to the next tower. Knock out the guard and open the cell to get two Ethers and two Mid-Tonics. Try to leave and an Omnicrone will attack you... all it takes is a Cyclone and 1-2 hits for him to run away. :oD Head back to the last tower, and up the stairs to the left. Open the cell and inspect the "dead" body. Again, the next cell doesn't open all the way... Go up the other steps. Whoohoo, fighting on a bridge. Knock out the guard on the right and enter the cells. Save Fritz (he'll give you something later on in the game) ^~__~^ Get the Mid-Tonic out of the chest, and open the gate. Fight the skeletons and get the BronzeMail out of the chest. Head left, up, and left, knock out the guard, and go across the bridge. Ignore the Shields for now, and head left. Get the shelter out of the chest, and enter the next cell. Ooops, he was already dead! Damn. Apparently, he's not one of the living dead, though. Back at the staircase go up and left. There's nothing in the first cell. Enter the second one, and go through the hole in the wall. Climb down to the other hole and get the Shelter. Inspect the little black hole in the floor, and now you can get at those other chests! (1500g and a Lode Sword). Yep, you get one for free, but if you bought one from Melchior, don't worry, you can sell this one later. Inspect the wall to climb back up, then leave through the hole in the wall. Go fight the Shields again for more EXP, then go right. Get rid of the guards and head through the door, where the Supervisor runs away. ^~__~^ Hey Lucca! What's up? No, nope, sorry, didn't need your help. OK, read the paper! (bad news, buddy) Check the Supervisor's body for FIVE Mid-Tonics. Woo! Save, save, save!

Boss: Dragon Tank
HP: Dragon tank: 266, head: 600, wheels: 200
Techs: fireballs, running people over (all-party)
My current level: Crono 9, Lucca 8

Aaaggghh, what the heck is that?! That, my dear frrrien, ist da dear ole Dragon Tank ya just read about in that there "Top Secret Document." Target the head first, obviously, unless you didn't bother to read the note? This guy heals itself (when he's still got his head) (excuse me if that sounded like a really bad pun), spits fireballs at you, runs over your whole party, and shoots rockets at you. Great, huh? Keep your HP high; this thing just beat the crap out of me cause I wasn't paying attention. ADD strikes again! Anyway. Use Cyclone, and the thing will pretty much only try (in vain) to heal itself instead of attacking a lot. After you destroy the head, go for the wheels, so the damned thing can't run you over. After you've gotten rid of the head and wheels, Fire Whirl becomes quite a painful thing for the tank.

Oooh, well, aren't we the conquering hero, stabbing the danged thing with such a flourish? Wheee... hope they know how to fly... Bah, who cares what the chancellor says, use him as a bridge!! Get the Shelter out of the chest. OK! When you get down there, you won't have to fight those guys, they'll just be annoying and follow you everywhere... Ack! Marle in a dress?! HAHAHAHAHA! Ack, stop with the jumping, little dude! Eh... how'd she change so fast?! (...) Run! Run run run, to the ... field-type thing. Oh jeeze... Yup, you guessed it. Inspect the Gate, and watch the Chancellor's face... *snerk* ^~__~^

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