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Bangor Dome, 2300 AD

Head south. (ignore the door with the weird symbol... they're the same as the black boxes). Run! Staying outside in this time period for too long drains your HP. Head south to Trann Dome.

Trann Dome, 2300 AD

Talk to the first guy to buy stuff, and sell your old stuff, too. You can use the thing in the top-left corner to heal yourself (it's an Enertron). Leave Trann Dome and head north to the infamous Lab 16.

Lab 16, 2300 AD

Watch out for the rats, they'll steal stuff from you. To the right is a chest with a Berserker. Head north, then right to get a LodeSword (yes, another one), then north again. Head right for a LodeBow for Marle. Go left, up, then right. OK, these weird ghost-things may have only 1HP, but the only thing that'll kill them is fire and Crono's Slash tech. Go south. Ugh, don't even ask me what that is... whahaa... kill it kill it, kill iiittt... OK, the other one seems to be asleep, but if you have to fight it, too bad, so sad...

Arris Dome, 2300 AD

Just follow the path to the people. All eyes are on you when Lucca tells them that you got through Lab 16. Sell that extra LodeSword to the girl at the far right, then go back to where Doan is. See the hole in the floor? Go towards it. Oh no. Not this stupid thing. Ugh... damn. Well, that comes later. Right now, just follow the path, inspect the "statue" to read the note, then keep going. And set off the alarm. Whoops.

Boss: Guardian, Bit(2)
HP: Guardian: 1,200, bit: 200
Attacks: Delta (all-party), laser
My current level: Crono 9, Lucca 9, Marle 9

The bits heal the stupid thing, so take them out first (plus, they do some stupid Delta Attack or something, which kicks the crap out of your party members). Oh jeeze, I'd forgotten how freaking HUGE that thing is!! OK, here's the strategy: Have the whole party attack for one round (one bit), then Crono and Lucca attack, and have Marle ready to cast Aura Whirl as soon as Crono's meter fills up again, then repeat the process with the other bit. After the two bits are destroyed, the Guardian starts a countdown. Attack him with all you've got, because at the end of the countdown the bits are revived... Flame Toss doesn't work on the Guardian, by the way, so just battle it out with physical hits.

After the battle, head into the back room. The woman's husband is dead. Inspect him anyway to read a note. Get the Mid-Ether out of the chest, and head back. OK, time for that stupid thing I mentioned earlier! Catch the rat! (ugh!) This is sooo... ANNOYING!! ARGH! I HATE THIS PART! ... *sigh* Well, if you didn't catch him the first (hundred) time(s), just go back inside to try again... (*grrr*). Jeeze! Stupid computer keys! (OK, so I didn't have much better luck using my PSX controller, but still...). This seriously takes forever. It's like that stupid switch thing in Tales of Phantasia, but sooo much worse! For some unknown reason, the stupid rat runs faster going down from the Guardian room than up towards it... FINALLY! (after what, 7, 8 tries??) *shoots the stupid rat* Oh fer... OK, L & R buttons, we all know what those are... ceeeeeeeept if you're using an emulator, you won't be able to do this part UNLESS you set the "L" and "R" buttons as the same button for both (i.e., say, the D key for both "L" and "R") and then hold that key down while pressing whatever key you have assigned to "A." OK, go through the door. Nope, these rats won't steal from you, don't worry. Head up to get the Mid-Ether from the chest, then go up the left stairs. Go all the way to the back, then fight your way to the other stairs on the right.

In this new area it doesn't really matter which way you go, but here's a tip on how to deal with those stupid Proto 2's: FireWhirl works absolute wonders. Use the same "password" on the back computer, then go through the back door (left side). Lucca does her stuff with the computer, and finds where the gate back is. And Marle presses buttons... and shows you what the end of the world is like... Ack! It's a big, giant, fiery PORCUPINE!! (So that's what the devil really looks like?). Ack! Marle looks like Sailor Moon!

OK! (yes, that's what you should answer) Head back upstairs. Talk to Doan again and you'll give him the seeds. Head outside and go right, to the other dome-shaped thing (which is actually the Sewer Access, ick).

Sewer Access, 2300 AD

Enter the sewers. Some little weird dude says he's going to report you. Bah. Go right and get 600g out of the chest. Head left and down to hear a frog talking about a missing bridge. Follow them, then go left and read the diary. Go right and talk to the cat to get attacked. Keep following the path, and inspect the can. Do the same with the cheese and the save point. Go up the ladder and fight the baddies. Going up the side of this platform and to the back only finds you a notice that says to go around to the back and press the switch. There's a break in the wall to the left on the right side of this platform. Go through there and press the switch to open the door. Go back around to where the notice was and go through the door. The frogs are back, and now you know where the other switch is. Go right and up and get a Rage Band out of the chest, and fight Sir Krawlie.

Boss: Sir Krawlie
HP: 500
Attacks: normal attack that takes off 100HP!
My current level: Crono 11, Marle 11, Lucca 11

Aren't you glad you've got Lucca with you? (and Marle?) This guy's attacks kick the hell out of your party members, but fortunately he's weak against fire. Heal with Aura, and use FireWhirl a lot. He should die pretty quick, though.

Head south and left to get a Bolt Sword, then flip the switch. Now, cross the bridge and get out of the sewers by the way you came in. Why'd you come here, you ask? EXP, and the Bolt Sword, my dear friend. Go north to the rubble.

Lab 32, 2300 AD

Get the Mid-Tonic out of the chest and inspect the car-looking thing to the north. Whoops. But hey, nope, ya don't gotta fight em. Johnny "THE MAN" comes in to save you, in exchange for a race... If you don't know how to ride this thing, hit no, and you'll get an explanation. Now, approach the bike.

Here's the trick to this thing: You get three turbos, or whatever, but you really only need one. You'll pretty much be neck-to-neck with good ole Johnny-boy for the whole race, but watch your position at the bottom of the screen. When you get near (and I mean *really* near) the finish line, hit the turbo button. Now... dance to the victory music! Yee haw!

Wow, you didn't have to fight any monsters here after all! And now you can just use the bike everytime you need to cross Lab 32. Now, head right and down.

Proto Dome, 2300 AD

Fight the robots (by the by, physical attacks work best on these guys), use the Enertron, then go down onto the catwalk to get to the back, and inspect the other robot. Lucca decides to fix him. Whoo hoo! Do the robot, Robo! ^~__~^ OK! Ya gotta turn the power back on, which means you gotta go to the Factory (ick)... which also means that you have to leave someone behind... I suggest Lucca, since Marle heals you, and that's a good thing. :op Of course, Robo gets a curing tech, too, but meh.

Factory, 2300 AD

Inspect the computer, and Robo will fiddle with it. Destroy the Acid, and use the conveyer belt. Defeat the Debuggers and read the note. Go to the factory area first.

Go down and left and through the open door. After some searching in the darkness, you'll find a Mid-Ether. Go back to where you came in, and go down the left ladder. All the way to the left is a Robin Bow for Marle. Go back, and use the right ladder this time. Go into the door and step onto the conveyor belt, then walk left. If a robotic arm doesn't pick you up the first time around, repeat the process til one does. This'll really level you up. Run off the conveyor belt and head south. Defeat the bugs, and go up the ladder and across the catwalk. Get the Mid-Tonic and go through the door to get a Mid-Ether and 400g. Use the computer to get the crane codes (SNES: and ). Aw, don't be a lazy-ass... fight the darn things! (yes, you don't have to, but c'mon...). Enter the next room and get an Ether and a Shelter, then exit through the left door. Use the codes after the beep. The evil crane will put the two barrels on the conveyer belt. Go back through the room and head down the ladder and to the left. Enter the door to get... another Bolt Sword. (...) Ah well, you can sell it later. You don't have to use the computer, cause I'll give you the code, but, if you're bored, go ahead. Go back across the catwalk. At the conveyer belt, step on after two robots go by, then go right and down the stairs for an Ether. The next stairs don't take you anywhere, so just stay on until the belt drops you back into the room. Go right and up, and leave the factory area.

Head into the lab area, fight the thingies, and get the Shelter from the chest. Use the computer to open the hatch, then go downstairs. Go left and down, through both doors, and right. Enter the first door and get the Titan Vest out of the chest to the left, and a Hammer Arm for Robo out of the one on the right. Inspect the computer to disable the lasers, and use Cyclone on the Alkalines. Use the ladder in the bottom-left corner if you wish, or use the elevator, but the point is to get to the bottom floor. Grab the Plasma Gun, and equip it on Lucca if you brought her with you. Use the computer. The password is: S, X, Z, A (zSNES), (SNES)

Go through the door and flip the switch (that's the only thing you can do, so don't blame me fer what happens next!). Run run run!! (and then run some more!) Use the ladder to the left, cause the elevators won't work now. Head out the door, and go left and up. ... uh... oh... ouch. If you try to get close, they'll knock you away, and Robo'll tell you to stop. Eh... OK, looks like your screwed, cause those "cocky boxes of bolts" mean business...

Boss: R Series (9)
HP: 150 each
Attacks: hits that take off 25+HP each!
My current level: Crono 13, Marle 13

Use Cyclone! Use it, use it, use it!! You can target up to three of the robots at a time, and two Cyclones per group should do the trick (providing you heal, of course...).

After the battle, Crono and Marle drag the "creamed" Robo back to Proto Dome and Lucca. Whoo hoo! He's repaired, and he's going with you! On to the Gate!

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