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The End of Time

Also known as the Bend of Time... Go through the door and talk to the snoozing old guy (the cup in the bottom-left corner heals you, but apparently you can't touch the other cup (yet). And don't!). Try to leave, and the sleepy dude stops you. Talk to him, then go into the other room (leave Robo behind for this). Talk to the little dude (Spekkio). Tell him he looks strong, then walk around the room three times clockwise from the door (i.e., <------------ that way) when he tells you to. You've learned Magic! (Robo can't learn it, cause he's a robot...). Hit yes to fight Spekkio (don't worry, it doesn't matter if he kills you). By the way, you can fight him at certain levels (check the enemies section for more details) for some really nice rewards. Switch Robo back in if you want, then use the rightmost portal to get back to 1000 AD.

Someone's Closet (Medina Village), 1000 AD

Talk to the little dudes twice each, then try to leave. The blue imp'll tell you to go talk to an "odd man" to the west. Remember the Fair? And the guy who sold weapons? Yah... Melchior. Go to Medina Square to learn stuff about Magus and Lavos (yeah, Mr.-Spiky-Porcupine himself). Enter the Market, talk to the vendor, then choose "plead" to fight the "boss". Magic doesn't work on the Omnicrone, but it does on the Hench... although the battle's over when you defeat the Omnicrone, regardless of whether the Hench is dead or not. Don't bother trying to buy something afterwards, though... the prices are waaay too high. Same thing happens if you plead at the inn, although the price is only 200g per night. We're just doing this for fun. :oD Enter the Elder's house and get a Speed Tab off the counter. Upstairs is one Magic Tab on the table. Head north.

Forest Ruins

Get the Mid-Ether out of the chest. The rest of this place is sealed off by the same force that sealed those black boxes and those doors. Range west, and enter the house. Buy stuff from Melchior, and when you try to leave, he'll tell you that there's a shortcut to Truce Village through the cave.

Heckran Cave

You'll want Lucca in your party, cause she can use magic, and Robo can't. Enter the cave. Head up and left, then down the ladder to get an Ether. That pot at the bottom isn't really a pot (or a bong, damn you). Exit south and fight the Tempurites (use magic on them). Grab the Mid-Ether at the left and exit south. Don't waste your MP on the Rolypolys, they don't do much to you. Yoink the Magic Scarf, go back to the previous area, go left and up, grab the ether, then go south. Go left, fight off the baddies, then go north, past one of those annoying black chests, and through the doorway. Step into the water, go right and up, and USE THE SAVE POINT! (and a Shelter) If you've played Chrono Cross, then all you probably know about Heckrans is that Poshul will do anything for the bones, and that they can make a good stew. Well, now you get to find out just what that stew's made of...

Boss: Heckran
HP: 2,100
Techs: *Water, Cyclone/Water, *Water2 (WaterWave)
My current level: Crono 14, Marle 14, Lucca 13

Agh! That's a Heckran?! How the hell'd they manage to make a stew outta that thing?? Remember, this thing's only succeptible to magic, so... cast away! Yes, even Ice hurts him, and he's water-innate, too... Here's where a strategy comes in: Crono - *Lightning, Lucca and Marle - Antipode, for two rounds. Then, Crono and Marle's Aura Whirl, and Lucca doing *Fire for a couple of rounds. After about 1,000HP of damage, he starts casting *Water2 (WaterWave) like crazy. If one of your party members gets knocked out (most likely Lucca), do two Aura Whirls (one for Crono's turn, then wait on Marle's menu for Crono's gauge to fill back up), then have Crono use revive, and have Marle waiting on Aura Whirl, then do Aura Whirl again, or use a Tonic/Mid-Tonic. Now the strategy is: Crono + Marle - AuraWhirl, Lucca - *Fire. He should expire pretty soon.

Go to the back of the cave and jump into the really gross-looking water. Enter Lucca's house and talk to Lara, her mother. Now, go downstairs and talk to Taban to get a Taban Vest for Lucca. Go to Crono's house, where his mum promptly freaks out. Take Robo to meet Crono's mom. Hahaha. Go to the Fair and use the Gate (by the way, that old guy's lunch is still there if you need it. Orrrr if you just want to steal it out of spite :op ). The upper-left pillar takes you to Truce Canyon, 600 AD.

The Hero and the Masamune

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