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Truce Canyon

You should know how to get out of here by now. Enter Guardia Forest, and remember to get a Shelter on your way through. The enemies around here really shouldn't be a problem. Enter the Castle to learn about the "Hero." Talk to the King, who's recovering from a wound. Go downstairs to the kitchens and talk to everyone, then head to Zenan Bridge. Talk to everyone there, too, to find out that the rations have run out. Return to the Castle... *sigh* Talk to the chef again, and everyone else afterwards. Try to leave the Castle, and the chef stops you: "Wait!" He gives you one Jerky (for the Knight Captain, not you!), and one PowerTab (this is for you). Go back to the bridge... (aren't you glad you at least get something everytime you have to go through this stupid forest??). Give the Knight Captain the Jerky. He gets all sentimental, and then... Talk to the Knight Captain again after the other guy makes his report, and answer Yes. He gives you a Gold Helm. Go across the bridge. Ack! Ozzie! The big, green, fat guy! Oh, so... he has children, huh... so... he's actually female?! Ah well, not too surprising (you'll see what I mean later on). Ozzie is immune to Magic, apparently, so just kill off the Deceased. Run after him. OK, this part really pisses me off... Those guys were nice, dammit! *grrr*... AUGH! Not this thing?! *sigh*...

Boss: Zombor
HP: top: 830, bottom: 800
Techs: Doom, shooting fireballs from his mouth, + some weird black hole attack
My current level: Crono 14, Marle 14, Lucca 14

Use *Lightning and *Fire on his lower half, and *Ice on his top half (the other way around heals him). Use an AuraWhirl after each Doom attack just to keep your HP high. When he does MPbuster, you know he's dead... although it steals one party member's MP! Annoying...

Dorino, 600 AD

Enter the houses and talk to everyone. In one of the houses here, there's a blue glowing thing, but the drawer's locked... Talk to the old man and agree to trade your Naga-ette Bromide (it doesn't do anything anyway). He'll unlock the drawer and you get a Magic Tab! Sell your old stuff at the Market. Enter the Elder's House, and the Elder wants Toma to find the Rainbow Shell (ha! Good luck!). Follow Toma to the Inn, and pay his tab (again? Yes, again, trust me). Enter the rather large house south of here and talk to Fiona. Get the two Mid-Ethers out of the chests and leave, and spend the night at the Inn.

Porre, 600 AD

Go south from Fiona's house to reach Porre. In the left corner of the Market is a PowerTab. Buy some Gold Suits and two Berets. Talk to the soldier to watch him fall over. ^~__~^;; Enter the Elder's house, and you'll finally find out the "Hero's" name. Find Toma in the Cafe and... well, jeeze, you should know by now to pay for the guy. Enter Tata's house, but he's apparently not there...

Cursed Woods, 600 AD

Grab the Mid-Tonic. Attack the Gnawers, and they'll kill off the T'poles. Now, get the Shelter, then inspect the back of the solitary bush in the last area. Open the green pot on the right for a MagicScarf. Head around the room to the other one, and... IT'S FROGGY!! ^~__~^ Talk to him twice, then leave. (*Note: If you encounter a Nu, RUN THE HELL AWAY. They're giant blue thingies that will KEEEEEEEL J000000) says: I just want to be loved...

Denadoro Mountains, 600 AD

Get the 300g out of the chest. Use magic on the goblins to kill them quicker. Go towards the ladder and some kid'll come running by you, screaming his head off. Defeat the goblin in one blow! (or two, depends on yer level) :oD Use *Fire on the Ogan, then kill him any way you see fit. Go right and up, and there's a MirageArm for Robo hidden in a chest on your left. Go back to the last area and climb the ladder. The Ogan seems to be asleep, but if you move on, some stupid bird-thing wakes it up. Head south to get a Revive. Back at the last screen, go left for an Ether, then go north. Now get the 500g, then range right and down. Climb the ladders and exit stage right. Take the top road for a Mid-Ether, and on the lower road to the right is another Revive. Climb the ladder to get a Gold Helm. Go left and down the ladder to get a Mid-Tonic, then exit left.

In this next area, run to the ladder to avoid getting hit by the rocks, which take off some HP. Get the Mid-Ether and keep climbing. Go right and up the ladder to get 600g. By this time you should have the double-techs IceSword and FireSword, which do wonders, and are pretty darn cool, if you ask me. Go north and left, then grab 300g in the next screen. Go into the water and get the Mid-Tonic to the north. Use the waterfall and go right and down to get a SilverErng (Earring), which is really cool, cause it'll increase your maximum HP by 25%. Make your way back to that area, then go to the other side of the water. The FreeLancer tells you to shut up and get lost. Grab the Mid-Ether, then attempt to go down the ladder. Yah, OK, I thought he said to get lost? Bah. Talk to the monster on the other side of the bridge several times to get a Magic Tab. Use the Save Point, then go down the ladder. Get the Mid-Ether, and keep going. Next to the ladder is a Speed Tab. Go right. Augh! What's up with this guy and his stupid rocks?! Want some revenge? OK! After defeating the goblins (there's a Shelter in the chest to the left of them, by the way), try climbing the ladder. He'll usually knock you off, and jump back to the last platform. Talk to him and more baddies appear. Crono SMASH! Go up the ladder and enter the cave.

OK... the kid is the wind... suuure... go up to the sword, and the kid'll stop you. Say that you're here for the Masamune... whoosh! Behold! Masa and Mune, the spirits of the... well... the Masamune. (...) OK!

Bosses: Masa and Mune
HP: Masa: 1,000, Mune: 1,000
Techs: X-Strike, some whirlwind thing that confuses one party member

Focus on one guy only. Use physicals only, you'll need your MP later, believe me. Attack the purple-collared one, cause if you attack the other one, they'll do something like X-Strike on you. Ouch. After some damage to the one guy, the fight's over... or is it?

Boss: Masamune
HP: 3,600
Techs: some swirly thing, Slash, some air thing (all-party member attack), physical attacks
My current level: Crono 16, Marle 16, Lucca 16

Chrono Cross players, recognize this guy? Yeah, of course you do, it's the dude that appears behind Serge when you do Flying Arrow while you have the Mastermune equipped... duh! OK, strategy: use FireSword, then AuraWhirl, and keep at it until the weirdo dies... and if he does one of those air/tornado thingies (the all-party-member attack), use another AuraWhirl!! You'll probably have to use an Ether or two, but don't waste a Mid-Ether just yet... Masamune should be beat pretty soon.

After the fight, they separate and return to "boy-state." Mune wonders if your party will fix them and find them an owner... ehrm... Inspect the sword to find out that Mune didn't mean castration, he meant that the sword is broken, and that he and his brother are part of the sword. Whoohooeth! *boing* OK! Onwards!

Porre, 600 AD

Enter Tata's house and talk to him... wait, what? The Hero's Medal belongs to Frog?! (... well, duuuh...) He gives you the Medal. Now... go find Froggy!

Cursed Woods, 600 AD

OK, you should know your way through here... Talk to Frog, and he says he can't do a thing against Magus... and he walks away from the other pot... Inspect it to find... the other half of the Masamune! Oooh, oooh, what does it mean, Crono?! Well, duh, that you have to take the danged thing to Melchior. What? He makes weapons! It makes sense! Bah... Go find that Gate! (Truce Canyon) Use the pillar directly below the one you came in on.

Get out of the cupboard, and talk to the blue imp. Say yes, and you're completely healed! ^~__~^ (see? Not all imps are bad!). Now... go talk to Melchior!

Melchior's Hut, 1000 AD

Oooh... pretty (Zeal Island Theme) muuusiiic... He says that you can only reforge the Masamune with some Dreamstone... problem is, Dreamstone ceased to exist a gazillion million years ago. Well, OK, if you explored those pillars a bit at the Bend of Time, you'd've noticed that one goes to... 65,000,000 BC?! ... *sigh* More time-travel?! Oh well...

Blast to the Past

The Beginning

Of Frogs and Queens and Mutant Hamsters

Back to Life, Back to Reality

For Future Reference

The End of Time and Other People's Closets