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Mystic Mountains, 65000000 BC

AAAaaahhh... *thump* Argh, stupid rock-throwing Reptites... *grrr*. Kill em off with magic. Oh... crap... Ayla! Hiii!! (dammit, I miss the PSX-version's cutscenes... *pouts*) Whoa buddy... what the...?! Actually... on second thought... I really don't wanna know... OK, after she finishes, ehhh... whatever it was that she was doing to you, follow her! (more running? Hell, you've been sitting here long enough, we both need the excersize...) ^<__<^;; Grab the Berserker from the chest and fight the dinos. You pretty much have to rely on your magic in these parts... although Flame Toss does pretty well against the dinos, but use physical attacks on the Kilwalas. If you're wondering what the Petals, etc. are for, don't worry, you'll use em later. OK, once you leave this area, go north.

Ioka Village, 65000000 BC

The bottom-right hut has a girl that'll give you "sweet water" (*hums "My Crystal Spider"...*) *ahem* Anyway, this restores your HP/MP. Talk to Ayla, and you'll end up at a party! Ehhh... recognize this music from anywhere?? You can walk around now. Oh, jeeze, someone teach Marle how to dance, please? Talk to Kino, then go talk to Ayla again. She'll tell you about Laruba Village... Talk to her again, and find out that Ayla's got the red rock! OK, challenge her! To... a soup race. OK! This is just like that soda-guzzling contest, so... use that A button! Now, sleep-time!

Morning: *eck* The Gate Key is what?! Leave Lucca behind for losing the Key (actually, you'll need a healer, so...). Go to the bottom two huts and talk to everyone. In the right one, you'll get a Tonic! Now... head to the Forest Maze!

Forest Maze, 65000000 BC

Talk to Kino, and it turns out he was the thief! Awww... he was jealous... Whoa buddy! Awww... that is sooo... CUTE!! ^~____~^!! *ahem* OK, grab the Mid-Tonic, then climb down the vine and get the Revive. When the Gold Eaglets turn red, they can shoot fireballs out of... well... yeah. Eliminate them one at a time. Climb down the other vine... and get attacked. I think you'll notice that Ayla's a virtual powerhouse, even though she doesn't use a weapon. Cross the tree trunk and head up to get a Mid-Ether. Go south to get a Mid-Tonic, then go back up to keep following the footprints. Magic doesn't work too well on the enemies in this area, so... physicals only. Down and left is another Revive. Keep following the trail down. South is a Shelter. Go up onto the high road. The dinos are the only enemies here (besides the Reptites, that is) that are succeptible to magic. *Ice seems to really hit them hard. Keep going. All the way left is another Mid-Tonic, and behind the palm trees to the south is a Heal. Go back to the right and up, then go up and around to the left, then down. Continue right and down for a Mid-Ether, then exit left and south.

Reptite Lair, 65000000 BC

The only way to go is right into the cave. Yes, magic works here... it's about the only thing that does. After the fight, inspect one of the holes. Sometimes you'll get lucky and one of the bug-things'll dig a hole before you fight them (they'll do that anyway if you wander around for awhile, but you're only lucky if that hole leads to the treasure route...). When you get to a Megasaur, use *Lightning on it first, which decreases its defense, and then you can finish it off with physicals (to conserve MP). Eventually you get to a cave with a Full Ether and a Rock Helm! The side cave takes you to a bunch of ladders, a cave with a Winged Ape, and a hole that leads back to the first cave, where you can try your luck and see if you can go on the treasure-route (it would be a hole on the left side). If not, you'll end up back on the enemy-route, and you can level up! (*grumble grumble*) Just wait again until one of the bugs makes yet another hole... The treasure route holds a Mid-Tonic and a Ruby Vest (good!). OK! When you get to the part with all the Winged Apes and the Shitakes, go north (unless you wanna keep leveling up til the end of eternity...). Defeat the Megasaur and the two Reptites, use the Save Point, then continue onwards... to meet Azala. Ugly, isn't she? *shudder* Answer no, and face Nizbel... *eck*

Boss: Nizbel
HP: 4,200
Attacks: Electrocution (all-party), jumping up and down (all-party)
My current level: Crono 19, Marle 19, Ayla 19

Yes, it's a dinosaur, so its defense is lowered by lightning... which also prompts it to do its electrocution attack. Buuuuuut without hitting it with lightning, you do almost no damage whatsoever. Drill Kick isn't really an alternative, whether you have it or not. Ice Sword does some pretty heavy damage, and so do Ayla's physical hits. Rollo Kick's OK, too, but her physical hits are better, and they don't waste MP. After every Electrocution, Nizbel's defense goes back up again.

After the fight, Azala runs off, leaving the Gate Key and saying that the Reptites will rule the world (yeah, in some alternate dimension... *shifty eyes*). Ayla says she'll never lose... then burps. *blink blink*

You're free to leave now, but I suggest a couple of things before you do: Drinking the "Sweet water" is good, but there's also something else... enter the hut to the right of Ayla's. You can trade those otherwise useless items you've gotten so far here (i.e., the Petals, Fangs, etc). Here's the list of what you can get:

Item Crafted
Petal + Fang
Ruby Gun
Petal + Horn
Sage Bow
Petal + Feather
Stone Arm
Fang + Horn
Flint Edge
Fang + Feather
Ruby Vest
Horn + Feather
Rock Helm

You can get whatever you want, but definately get a Ruby Vest (two if you didn't manage to get the treasure-route in the Reptite's lair). Also, head up into the Dactyl Nest (north of the Village). Sure, we're not supposed to be here yet, and the enemies are tough, but... think of the EXP! (and the tttrrreeeaaasssuuurrreee) *gets all shiny-eyed* But hey, this is optional! Items: Mid-Ether, Mid-Tonic, Meso-Mail. *Tip: *Lightning works great on the Shists, until they get that hole in their tops. From there, no magic works on them and they throw lava at you. IT BURNS! Don't worry, there's nothing nasty waiting for you at the top. Next door to that (on the right) is the Hunting Range, where you can get A LOT of feathers, horns, etc. If it starts raining, go look for a big blue guy (a Nu). Fight him (sure, his physicals take off all but 1 HP, but after that, his attacks take off 0 HP). You'll get 3 of each of 3 out of the 4 materials, and the first time, you'll also get a Third Eye. Plus, the other enemies in here give you a ton of materials, as well.

OK, once you've gotten everything you wanted/needed (or just got bored of trying to get those materials...), head back to the Mystic Mountains.

Mystic Mountains, 65000000 BC

Go straight up, then left, then up again... Oh look, it's the Gate... and we have to do what?! That's right, jump. Yay. OK, take the portal to Medina Village and talk to Melchoir again in his house. He'll agree to fix the Masamune, and Lucca wants to help. You can go downstairs, and talk to both of them several times. After awhile, Melchoir tells Lucca to work on the Dreamstone. Talk to them again a couple of times, and Melchoir'll call for the Dreamstone. After a bit, the Masamune is restored! Use the time warp in the blue imp's closet to get to the other time warp in Leene Square. Talk to Taban to get a Taban Helm for Lucca, then go to 600 AD.

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