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Cursed Woods

Whoohoo! No more typing 65000000 blah blah blah! *ahem* Anyway... talk to Frog. Heheh. He's rather, uh, surprised, to say the least. During the night, Frog dreams of days long past, the days when he and Cyrus romped up and down 600 AD, killing off bad guys and other fun stuff. ... ack! Ozzie! and... Magus!! (hey, Magus! ^~__~^ ) ... aaaand that's how Frog became, well... Frog. Awaketh! Yeseth! He shall joineth thee! WHOOHOO(-eth)! OK, Frog needs some leveling up (and needs to learn Magic!). Off to Truce Canyon and the Bend of Time! After Frog learns *Water, go back to... 65000000 BC (argh) (*Note: this is only if you want to level him up).

Truce Canyon, 600 AD

Back to the Middle Ages we go! Alright. Go to the Southern Continent, then go as far east as you can, past the Denadoro Mountains (you know, I always forget about this place...). To the right of the Denadoro Mountains is one small, solitary mountain. Wander around the front of it pressing X, or until the words "Magic Cave" pop up, and enter. Now follows a flashback, and a cool CG (if you're on the PSX). Haha, Glenn's a marshmallow... kawaii ^~__~^ Whoohoo! ^O__O^ Yeah, Frog! Slice that mountain in half! With a nice finishing *ribbit*! lawlz...

Magic Cave, 600 AD

And now some stupid bat's following you around... which flies off as soon as you get attacked. OK, magic time! ...and another stupid black box. Damn. Just use *Lightning2 if you have it to kill em all off quickly and easily. *watches the gremlins scurry away, puzzled* What the heck was that all abo... oh, blah, who cares... onwards! Oh, there they are... oh jeeze, gogo *Lightning2! Head up the stairs, wonder how that guy got in here if we had to break the mountain open to get in (maybe a giant bird carried him off and dropped him outside of this door?), and inspect his body. Oh ew, how... cliche-idly morbid. Leave the spooky-looking cave to enter... an even spookier-looking forest and castle.

Magus' Castle

Oooh... Magus' theme! (Dance With Death) ... and then... eerie silence... AUGH! *hurridly opens Winamp* Alright... head up the stairs and go left. And see random people. Get the Mid-Ether from the chest and continue towards the back. Get another Mid-Ether here in the back room, and a Shelter. Go back and take the right path this time. Argh, stupid kids, get out of the way. And now you see people that your party members care about. Grab the Mid-Ether, continue on to the back room... and see that there's nothing there. Go back to the entrance and check the "Save Point"... ack! Ozzie! 100 beasts nothing... ah well. But you do have to defeat all of them, there just aren't as many as he said there are (aw, damn :op ). Go back up to the right room. Talk to the kid and say you want their treasure. Ugh. Not these guys again? Smite them with magic, then get the Barrier out of the chest. Talk to each person in here again and fight them. Magic heals the Sorcerers, so use physicals on them. If you don't have *Lightning2 yet, then kill off the Sorcerer first. Continue on to the back room and, what the heck is that thing? Argh! MP buster?! (and I just wasted four Ethers for nothing! Screw you, ya stupid thingy!) ... *breathes* Argh, stupid bat, it's all your fault! OK! Time to beat it up!

Boss: Flea
HP: 4120
Attacks: Dance with the Wind/Chaos (confuses party member), Poison Beam/Darkness (all-party), some physical attack that can put one party member to sleep, The Stare/Flea's Magic (causes party member to attack all other party members), Rainbow Storm/Wind of Poison (all-party)
My current level: Crono 24, Frog 22, Lucca 23, Marle 23, Robo 21

OK, so, Ozzie can have kids, and Flea... is not a girl?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *cracks up* *ahem* Use magic if you want, and don't bother healing the chaos thing, cause in all these games your party member usually ends up attacking the enemy anyway, but, if you get bored, or if it's the party member that you use to heal with, then by all means heal them! (anyway, both the sleeping status and the confusion one go away after awhile by themselves, or if that party member is attacked). Ice Sword/Fire Sword does really well here, and physicals as well. Ice Water really sucks, so don't use it. She, I mean he, seems to like confusing Frog. Oh well, who needs him anyway? :op Well, actually, Swordstream's OK too...

If you really want a strategy for this:

Strategy: IceSword, SwordStream, AuraWhirl, SwordStream, IceSword, Swordstream, AuraWhirl... OK, you get the picture. If you don't like Crono using so much MP, then here's an alternative: SwordStream, IceSword, *Heal (Frog), IceSword, SwordStream, and so on. After awhile... bye-bye Flea!

Get the Magic Tab off the floor, use it, then go back to the entrance. Here you can either leave and save, or just take the left path. Magic doesn't work on the Omnicrone (as usual), but it does on the other bad guys. Ack, Slash!

Boss: Slash
HP: 2600
Attacks: attack attack attack atta... wait, there's only three "attacks" in that (single, about 60HP), some red circle thing (all-party)
My current level: Crono 24, Frog 22, Marle 23, Lucca 23, Robo 21

Wowza! Check out X-Strike, buddy! IceSword and SwordStream are good, too, but X-Strike... yah. :oD

Strategy: X-Strike, IceSword, *Heal (Frog), X-Strike, IceSword, X-Strike, IceSword, *Heal, X-Strike, etc.

After a bit, he takes the Slasher off the wall... uh. oh.

Boss: Slash (again)
HP: 5200
Attacks: Slash (well, how original... hits two party members, rarely three), jump with physical (115HP?!), "Yes, indeed" (90HP)
My current level: Crono 24, Frog 22, Marle 23, Lucca 23, Robo 21

OK, new strategy: Geeze. Ice-anything doesn't work at all here. Hmmm... well, don't worry. I'm not called the Chrono Master for nothin, ya know! OK then, X-Strike, and have Marle *Cure and use Items... oooh, how I hate having her do nothing! Blah. After a bit, he's dead. Good.

You get the Slasher! (equip, equip, equip!) Now, head back to the "Save Point" from before. Go down the hallway, and don't bother wasting your MP on the Henches, especially not any of the *2 spells. Remember, Sorcerers absorb magic attacks (not good), plus, they heal your enemies, so take them out first. If you're facing about five enemies (even with Sorcerers), use *Lightning2 to hurry the battle along, then use physicals on the Sorcerers (of course). At the end of the hallway you meet Ozzie again... who calls for Slash and Flea. Haha. "Ozzie's in...a jam!!" Equip the Mist Robe on Marle and head through the door. Aaah! Torture-chamber-city! These thing's're actually rather easy to dodge, and they don't take off that much HP anyway. Pick up a Dark Mail, which increases your Magic Defense. Equip it on Frog, cause your Meso Mail's two points higher on defense (Meso Mail's only yours if you took my advice and went to the Dactyl Nest waaaay back when), unless you want the extra magic defense, of course... Grab the DoomFinger from the chest where Ozzie was standing, and equip it on Robo (if he's in your party).

This next area's a mess. Just use physicals, blah. (*Tip: the Jugglers (those things that look like when you fought the fake Flea, you know, the yellow weirdos) are rather interesting to fight. Start with a physical, then magic attack, and alternate like that) This area's annoying. Lemme warn you, every single freaking time you get out of here and back up to Ozzie, he pulls the same damn stunt... After defeating the baddies, collect all the treasure in the room (Barrier, Shelter, Magic Tab, Mid-Ether, Lapis), then try your luck with one of the "Save Points". One of them'll take you back up to Ozzie. ...getting rather annoying, isn't it? Damn, Magus is gonna be really pissed when he sees his floor... I ain't payin for the repairs, no way! Well, eventually you'll get to Ozzie, and he'll run off again. Follow him... to another stupid staircase thing. OK, the Rolybombers suck. When they die, they explode, taking off approx. 50HP per party member. Now you get into a room where the enemies come up on chains. At the end, Ozzie gets you with four Jugglers. Focus on one at a time, alternating physicals and magic. After the battle, Ozzie'll say his usual "What the...?! Impossible...!" and try to bring up more monsters... but there aren't any more. Prooobaby cause we killed them all. ^<__<^;; Grab the Speed Belt, and continue on through the door. Fight off the rest of the baddies, and... hey, cool, triple tech! Yay! Grab the Revive, and move on. Hello, Ozzie!

Boss: Ozzie
HP: 250 each thingy
Attacks: None
My current level: Crono 25, Frog 24, Marle 25

If you haven't noticed already, Ozzie's a big chicken: he encases himself in a big thingy of ice (too bad he doesn't suffocate in there, huh?). Alright, if you'll notice, there's more than one target (in other words, don't attack Ozzie, attack the levers). If you attack Ozzie, he'll retaliate. If you destroy all the levers... well, you'll see.

Grab the Mist Robe and the Magic Scarf. Use the Save Point on the right to save, and use the left one to continue. Destroy the Vamps with *Lightning2, and go through the door... and yet again miss out on another cool CG... *sigh* Ah well... He insults Frog and babbles on about the black wind and the Masamune, then challenges you to try your luck.

Boss: Magus
HP: 6666
Attacks: *Lightning2, *Ice2, Geyser/HP down (all-party), *Shadowbomb (single), Dark Matter
My current level: Crono , Marle, Frog

What an interesting HP number... Alright. Oooh, preeettttttyyy... and Magus' theme again! Yaaay! ^~__~^ Well, this is a rather tricky battle. You have to pay attention to the top of your screen, because at certain points he becomes weak to certain elements, and the other forms of magic just heal him. If, say, you end up with the message saying "only Fire damages", use *Fire 2 (if Lucca's in your party). When the battle starts, attack him with a physical, cause if not he'll just attack you, and you'll never get the little message thingy. Usually you'll get the damage message with the innate of whomever attacked him, so... if you have Frog attack him first, then have Marle use *Ice2 (or *Ice if you don't have it yet). By the way, the Masamune lowers Magus' magic defense. If he casts Dark Matter, do an AuraWhirl and a *Heal right away! This is apparently when he stops changing innates, and becomes vulnerable to everything. This is when you start in with the double techs! He starts casting Dark Matter a lot after about 2300-2500HP of damage, so do the AuraWhirl + *Heal thing, then use your most powerful magic attacks. You know he'll do Dark Matter soon when the screen says "Magus risks casting a spell!" and he does the black bubbles and green lights thing that doesn't do a thing to your party members. Damn! Arc Impulse does 1189-1216HP damage in one go!

Strategy: (only if you have the Triple Tech (Crono, Frog, Marle) Arc Impulse!): As soon as he starts casting Dark Matter, choose AuraWhirl from Crono's menu, and *Heal from Frog's. After you heal, Magus'll do his green-lights thingy, and when your turn comes around, hit Arc Impulse from the first menu to pop up (probably Crono's), then after your attack, Magus'll do Dark Matter, then choose AuraWhirl and *Heal, then he'll do the green-lights thing, and so on... It shouldn't take much longer now.

Apparently, Lavos is waking up... nnnooooo! (and no, Magus didn't create Lavos, you fools! He only SUMMONED him! WE'RE ALL GONNA DIIIIIIIEEEEEE) *ahem* Woooo... *sings* "You spin me right round, baby, like a record, baby, right round, right..." Whoa..!! OK, now I feel dizzzzzzy...

The Crimson Flame

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