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Ioka Village, 65000000 BC

Sorry, dude, you were just dreaming... and now I have to type out all those long, stupid numbers again! It's all your fault! *points off in some random direction* ^O__o^;; Oookay, Ayla, that sounded REALLY wrong... Alright, you get to sleep (what? Didn't we just wake up?), then in the morning Kino walks in, and then some other guy enters, saying that the north woods are on fire. Go there.

Laruba Ruins, 65000000 BC

Apparently, the Reptites found the Laruba Village before Ayla could... and they took Kino! WAAAAAAH! *sniff* Follow Ayla!

Dactyl Nest, revisited

Yep, back here again, but no goodies this time around... but aren't you glad you had them already?? *rolls eyes at you* The enemies around here are definately not as hard to beat as they were last time... Ayla is already at the top when you get there. I say leave Marle behind this time around (what?! Leave the HEALER behind??) Yeah, yeah, well, ifya haven't noticed, Frog heals people, and so does Ayla. Sure, Ayla doesn't use magic, and Frog's being stupid and not getting *Water2 yet, BUT... Ayla's got REALLY STRONG physical hits, and she and Crono have a really good double tech (they'd better have it by now...), Falcon Hit. Dammit, another CG missed... Fly down and right, over the lava, til you reach a really funky-looking... something. Land your craft.

Tyrano Lair, 65000000 BC

Enter the Lair, fight the baddies, and you should get Slurp Kiss (that sounds really... weird) and Bubble Hit after the battle. Enter the open mouth and go down the stairs. Ehrm... soon, you should get Volt Bite, which is also a good tech... BUT I WANT FALCON HIT!! *pouts* Alright, hit the switch on the wall to let the Laruba people out. These purple Reptites are wimps, you don't even need to use magic on them! So save your MP. Head downstairs to overhear the Reptites talking about someone being the main course... Defeat the weirdos and inspect the cell "door" (nope, the switch won't open it this time around...). Yeehaw! Go Ayla! Enter the cell to get a Mid-Ether. Now, follow Kino! He opens the other door for you. OK, in this next area you can either level up, or just step on the switches to watch the monsters faaaaaaall... ^~__~^! Go out the right door and through the other door. One chest contains a Full Tonic, and the other drops you down into the cell the Laruba people were in. Go back to the room with the switches that drop the monsters. Go out the left door and back inside through the other door. This room is a pain. The chests contain a MesoMail, a Tonic, a Revive, and a Ceratopper. To get to the one at the top-right (the MesoMail), first you have to use the teleporter directly under it to get to the other side of the room, and then go right from there. Head up the stairs and outside. The middle door is locked, so go through the right door. Choose the left switch to open the door and fight enemies, or choose the right switch to just open the door. Hit the switch in the back room to open the middle gate outside. Enter the gate, and the dino tells you Azala's in the back. Save your game, and then...

Boss: Nizbel II
HP: 6,500
Attacks: Electrocution, running people over (both are all-party)
My current level: Crono 28, Ayla 27, Frog 27

No, actually, she was defeated somewhere el... well, OK! Does that multiple-party attack remind you of anything? (grrr, Yakra!) Alright, like any dino, Nizbel's defense is lowered with lightning... BUT like the last Nizbel, it also releases electric energy. Volt Bite and Leap Slash do a lot of damage, especially if you do them in that order. So does *Lightning2 and X-Strike, in that order. Volt Bite followed by Falcon Hit is mah-velous, jus mah-velous, dahling.

Strategy: Volt Bite, *Heal, Falcon Hit, *Heal, Volt Bite, etc.

Really shouldn't take too long. Head up the stairs and out the door. Again, the middle gate is locked. Enter the right door. OK, you can open the mouth just by going up to it and inspecting it... the switches? The top one creates a Save Point, the left makes holes in the floor, and the right one brings out enemies. Ya know what's really funny? OK, first hit the top switch and save... then hit the left switch, then the right switch... then watch the Terrasaurs fly! (or fall, whatever) :oDDD OK, now, after acting like a moron and amusing yourself for half a second, enter the mouth and get the Full Ether out of the ... well, OK, it's not a chest. The thing, OK? Blah. Hit the switch, then go back to the gate. Enter, and find Azala. After a really weird noise that sounds like a mechanical cat being tosses into a blender, get the Ceratopper and the Mid-Ether, and... follow Azala! (OK! Enough with the following!)

Boss: Black Tyrano
HP: Black Tyrano: 10,500, Azala: 2,500
     Azala: telekinesis (levitating you and dropping you, or dropping rocks on you), making you fall asleep
     Black Tyrano: fireballs, chewing you up (HPbuster), multiple fireballs (end-of-countdown)
My current level: Crono 28, Ayla 27, Frog 27

OK, Azala's roar is more impressive than that thing's... Anyway, go for Azala (and ONLY Azala) first... she's telekinetic, by the way, in case you're wondering why your characters are randomly levitating, or rocks are falling on you out of the blue. Fortunately for us, at the level we are now, this isn't really too hard. The first time I played this through, most of these battles were killing me. Use Spire on her. When Azala makes the earth shake, you know she's dead. Alright, now it's just you, me, and the dino. He now begins a countdown to his attack. Volt Bite does some decent damage. OK, I don't know about you, but that roaring's starting to get really annoying... Alright, just keep hitting him with Volt Bite and whatever, and use *Heal or Slurp Kiss when he does the end-of-countdown thing.

Ehrrr... uh oh. Yup, Magus didn't create Lavos, after all... [BOOM] OK, what kinda noise was that? OK, what? Yer gonna fight...?? Ah, hell, why not... Inspect the big hole. Use the Gate. Go outside.

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