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Chrono Trigger

In 1995, Squaresoft shocked the gaming world with its soon-to-be hit-release Chrono Trigger. With its beautiful music and (then) unparalleled graphics, plus a hooking plot and a well-developed storyline, Chrono Trigger was hailed as a video game giant. Even today it is a favourite amoung RPG-ers, often coming first to mind at the mention of "video game classics."

Chrono Trigger spawned two sequels: Radical Dreamers: Le Trésor Interdit (1996) and Chrono Cross, in 1999. Although Chrono Cross was not really a "sequel" in the traditional sense of the word, it was another victory in the gaming industry for Squaresoft. A PSX re-release came out (Final Fantasy Chronicles, which is a two-disc set with Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger) in 2001, with cutscenes drawn by Toriyama Akira, mangaka of Dragonball Z fame (and the guy who drew the CT characters in the first place).

Chrono Trigger takes place in 1000 AD, and revolves around the adventures of a young boy who suddenly gets thrown into the past after a girl by a friend's science experiment gone horribly wrong. After several misadventures, and more time-traveling, Crono and friends learn that their world is in peril, and they decide to take matters into their own hands. Join Crono, Marle, Lucca, and many others, and step through the portal into the unknown.

The Beginning

Of Frogs and Queens and Mutant Hamsters

Back to Life, Back to Reality

For Future Reference

The End of Time and Other People's Closets

The Hero and the Masamune

Blast to the Past

Dance With Death

The Crimson Flame

The Magic Kingdom

Break the Seal

Golems and Jail

Rebirth at Death Peak

Random Tasks

Fiona and the Sandpit

The Mystics, Revisited

Mother and the Brain

It's a Rock!

I See Dead People

The Colours, How They Sparkle

The King and I

You Know, That Big Black Thing is Kinda Annoying

Giant Porcupine of DOOM

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