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*Note: This walkthrough is c. Steff, not me (the Shades of Silence webmaster). Whenever I get around to actually playing this game I'll make my own version, but for now this is how it was delivered to me.
Direct any questions about the walkthrough to [an email that apparently no longer exists].

Assault on Mako Reactor 1

Items in this area

Potion (3)
pheonix Down
Restore Materia

After the opening scene is over, and you have control of Cloud, check the downed guard nearest to you for two potions. Head towards the end of the platform, and you will be confronted by some soldiers. Don’t worry – none of these battles will be hard. Just hit them until they die and move on. After the battle, continue following your companions. Once you catch up with them, there will be a brief interaction with them and Barret will introduce himself.

Head through the gate Jessie just opened, and you will see Biggs running around. Follow him to the left, up, then right and through the door. You are now on a bridge. You can head straight to talk to Wedge, but it doesn’t do anything. Head down the middle to enter the reactor. Barret will try to explain his reasons for blowing up the reactor, but Cloud blows him off. Barret joins your party at this point. Next, go talk to Biggs. He opens the door. Run through and talk to Jessie, who opens the next door. Pass through the door, and take a sharp right. You will see a silver walkway to another section of that room. Go to the room and grab the pheonix down before continuing on.

Follow Jessie into the elevator and push the glowing down arrow when she tells you to. When the elevator stops, head all the way down the stairs and into the next door.

Upon entering the room, you receive a quick lesson on how to use ladders. Follow her and pick up the potion sitting in the middle of the floor. Head down the next ladder and continue on. Eventually, you will come to a save point. Save and heal your party as necessary. Head left towards the reactor. Don’t forget to pick up the materia on the ground. You can’t use it yet, but you will soon, and it’s restorative materia, so it’s mighty useful.

Immediately after setting the bomb, the first boss fight of the game occurs.

Boss: Guard Scorpion
HP: 800
EXP: 100

This boss is not very tough, and depending on how many battles you’ve fought, you may be entering this battle with almost full limit break gauges. Cloud can use bolt spells, but if you don’t use them, you won’t lose. Be careful, however, of when the scorpion puts its tail up. If you attack it then, it will counterattack with a laser. Just use this time to heal if needed and wait it out. Attack again once the tail goes down. Drops Assault gun.

After beating the boss, you have exactly ten minutes to get out of there. Run, don’t walk, back the way you came. Save if absolutely necessary, and then go back up the ladder to the area where Jessie is. Talk to her to help her out. If you don’t help her, you won’t be able to open the security doors to get out, and you will have to do it all over again. So, rescue her and then go back up the elevator (don’t forget that you need to press the button to go up). Now, run and talk to Jessie, then Biggs. Run with them out and onto the bridge. Head towards where Wedge was earlier and out.

Congratulations! You’ve made it past the first area of Final Fantasy 7!

The Getaway

Ok, before I begin this small section, I want to point out something about this game. The way you interact with the characters dictates how they feel about you. This counts later on in the Gold Saucer. So, be as nice or as mean to people as you like, or to have the person you want go with you. Your choices are (as far as I can tell) Tifa, Aeris, Yuffie and Barret. I will let you know when your decisions alter these affection points.

Run up the stairs and talk to the girl in pink. You have choices as to what to say to her.For whatever reason, this doesn’t affect your relationship with Aeris. Buying the flower will help gain you relationship points with either Tifa or Barret. Not buying the flower will help your relationships with Aeris and Yuffie later on.

After she walks away, continue on. You will see a potion sitting in the lower left hand corner of the screen. Pick it up, and talk to the people in the area if you want. When you’re done, keep going. In the next area, you will encounter a series of MPs. You have two choices: Fight or Run. Choose quickly because taking too long will cause you to engage in battle whether you like it or not.

It doesn’t matter if you fight them, another set of guards will just run up and Cloud will move on. You have the option to fight three times. If you want the EXP, go on and fight. If not, choose run.

Once Cloud is on the train, go into the next car. Everyone will clear out and now your group has the car all to themselves. Talk to Barret, then to Biggs and Wedge twice. Wedge will ask you a question. Be as mean or nice as you like, it’s your choice. Then talk to Jessie. She explains the map of the train route to you, and when she’s finished, talk to Barret again. After this, you arrive at the train station.

Now, go to the next screen, but head up towards the fence. Talk to the guy there, then save. Now head on towards the Sector 7 Slums.

7th Heaven

Items in this area

All Materia

Shops in this area

Items shop
Weapons/Armour shop

When you get to the slums, you can choose to explore or go straight to the hideout. Exploring will cause Barret to yell at you, and you have plenty of time to find stuff later. For now, lets just head into the bar. After a few moments, (and if you bought the flowers) Tifa will comment on them.

Give them to Tifa: more points for Tifa
Give them to Marlene: more points for Barret

You can talk to Biggs, Wedge and Jessie, but being mean or nice to them doesn’t really matter. When you’re done talking to them, try to leave. Barret will rush in.

When everyone goes downstairs, you have control again. If you want to date Tifa later on, head on over to the bar and ask for a drink. If not, go downstairs via the pinball machine.

Downstairs, Barret asks Cloud about SOLDIER and they have a brief tiff. After this, you can talk to Tifa, Jessie and Wedge as you like, but it doesn’t affect your affection points. When you’re done here, go on upstairs.

Upstairs, there is a brief scene with Tifa.

“How can you say that?” = more points for Tifa
“….Sorry” = no change

Now enjoy a cute little scene between the two of them Aww… such cute children.

In the morning, you have yet another chance to boost your relationship points. Go upstairs, talk to Tifa and make your choice.

“Next to you, who wouldn’t?” = gain points for Tifa
“Barret’s snoring kept me up all night.” = gain points for Barret (yes, it’s weird)

Next, talk to Barret. Taking the tutorial on materia can be useful (my own faq on material coming soon). So, if you’re confused, take the tutorial.

The gist of the tutorial:

Go into the menu, then the materia sub-menu. Choose who will use the materia. Different weapons and armor can hold varying amounts of materia. Equipping materia can effect your stats, so keep an eye on that. You can only use the abilities of materia while they are equipped. Once removed, you no longer have the magic/abilities.

After leaving Marlene in charge of the bar, head outside. First order of business – equip Barret with the Assault Gun you got from the Boss fight earlier. Now, head on over to the weapon shop (down and to the left of the bar, there’s an orange “g” on it) and do some shopping. I recommend getting the fire materia since you don’t have that yet. I rarely use potions or other items, but go by how you usually play. Do you heal a lot? Get some potions and antidotes. When you’ve finished shopping, go to the three story building and get some armor. Don’t forget to equip your materia!

The first floor of this building contains the armor shop and a little boy that will let you use the bed if you want to. You just slept, so you don’t need to sleep again, do you? Get your armor and head upstairs. Get the All Materia on the floor. (Go into your menu, then to the equip submenu. You’ll see that Cloud and Barret have materia slots that are connected to each other. Putting an All Materia next to a magic materia (say restore) and you can now cast the spell on all enemies/allies!)

Talk to the guy standing right there. He’ll drop a box almost on your feet and it contains an ether. This area will teach you about the battle system, and playing an rpg. Wait, isn’t this my job?? But, if you feel inclined, talk to the people. There’s not much here, so just leave when you’re finished.

Talk to the slum residents, then head back to the train station, saving your game by the guy near the fence.

Let's get that reactor!

Items in this area

pheonix down
Hi Potion
Ether (2)

Before you get on the train, go to the config menu and set your message speed to fast. You’ll need it that way to get items on the train.

When the red lights start to flash, and you are given a time limit, rush back to the bum and talk to him. He will give you a pheonix Down. Be sure that you’ve switched your text setting, or just skip it and got to the next car. In the next car, talk to the guy closest to the screen, and he gives you a Hi Potion. In the next car, someone steals something from you. You could chase them down and make him give it back, but it takes time and you only have fifteen seconds to get through each car. Making it to the last car safely gives you affection points for both Tifa and Barret. Now jump off that high speed train like the crazy terrorist you are!

After your leap from the train, you are in a sort of tunnel. Walk away from the screen until your path is blocked by glowing green light. Walk to the left and you will find a small hole to crawl into to go around them. Go down the hole, and pick up the Ether sitting in the middle of the floor, and continue down the hole to the next area. Go through the next screen and you will come out in the upper right of the screen. Head to the left to where Wedge is and climb the ladder. Run past Jessie to nab the Potion on the floor. Continue on and down another ladder. Talk to Biggs next to the last ladder, then head to the right to get a Tent. Save and head on up the ladder.

Look familiar? I guess Shinra didn’t want to waste money making their reactors look different. Go down the slide and then head down and to the left to enter a room that will look very familiar. You get to the core the exact same way as last time.

There’s no time limit after setting this bomb, so make your way back out. You can’t climb the slide, so you’ll have to leave the way you did last time. Head back until you are in the room after you get up the elevator. Grab the Ether in the chest, then head up and to the left where there’s three panels. You have to try to hit the panel Cloud is in front of at the same time they hit theirs. Don’t worry if it takes a few tries. After opening the door, go on and heal your party and save. You shouldn’t need the tent you found yet, so just use a few potions. You’re about to fight another boss.

Boss: Air Buster
HP: 1200
EXP: 180

This boss is different from the other one in that it can counterattack. At this point, Cloud is level 9 and so is Barret and Tifa is around level 6. You shouldn’t have a problem with this boss. Use bolt and regular attacks (even bolt is optional at this point since your magic is still relatively weak). Keep an eye on your hit points and come through the battle fairly easily.

You get a Titan Bangle! After beating up on the robot, it blows itself up as well as part of the bridge. Now, you have two choices of things to say:

Be strong! = points for Barret
I don’t know if I can hold on! = minus points for Barret, point for Tifa

Flowers for 1 Gil

After Cloud falls on his spiky little butt and into a church full of flowers, you meet (surprise surprise) the flower girl. This conversation does not effect your affection with Aeris, so you can be mean to her if you want and nothing will happen. After talking with her a few times, a person will enter the church and she will ask you to be her bodyguard. Shinra soldiers enter and laugh at you and Reno (the guy that walked in before) will talk for a little. Head out through the back way when you can.

In the next area, go up the walkway and Cloud will automatically jump to a set of stairs. Go up the stairs and around to another gap in the floor. Cloud will jump, but Aeris won’t. Now you have to save her.

So. Take Cloud up to the rafters, and there will be four barrels. Only three of them will help Aeris. When you get there, periodically Aeris will ask you for help. Tell her to wait and push the correct barrel.

A and B are the farthest barrels from the screen, with the extra barrel being the closest one to you. All you have to do is push the barrels in order (A,B,C) to save Aeris (this gets you relationship points with her). If you don’t get the right ones, she has to fight on her own and you lose relationship points.

Once you’ve smooshed the soldiers with the barrels, make your way out of the church through the rafters. You will know which board to walk on because it’s sitting a little higher to the left, and if you miss it, Aeris will just walk onto it anyway.

Through Sector 5 to Aeris' house we go

Items in this area

5 gil
Cover materia
pheonix Down

Shops in this area

Items shop
Weapons shop
Materia shop

Save your game once you are off the huge piles of rubble. Before we take Aeris home, let’s do some exploring. There’s a materia shop here, but unless you really want more that one of each type of materia and have the money for it, it’s kind of useless. Now, follow the path (there’s really only one way to go. People are blocking your way at an entrance). In the area where there’s places to go into, you will see something that looks like a pipe. Go in and talk to the guy. There’s not much more to do with this guy, so leave him.

The item shop and weapon shop are connected to each other, but you need to enter through different doors. Near the shops you will see a small house. Go in and go upstairs. There is a boy sleeping on the bed. He will mumble something about there being 5 gil in a secret drawer. DON’T TAKE IT. Good things come to those who wait. Besides, is 5 gil really worth it? Before leaving, inspect the yellow flyer on the wall.

There are other Turtle Paradise flyers around the world. This is a sort of side quest you can follow. You don’t have to do it. I will put their locations in the walkthrough itself and it’s up to you if you want to try and find them.

Now, get out of the little kids house. Go to the next area and bam! you’ve reached Aeris’ house. Rather than go in right away, go through the first garden to the second to grab an ether and cover materia. Now save and go inside to meet Aeris’ mom. Now, Aeris will ask you about Tifa.

No Way! = good points towards Aeris
Yeah, that’s right = losing points for Aeris

Soon after, Cloud is invited to stay over for the night. Once Aeris is upstairs, talk to Emilia, her mom. She basically tells you to leave before Aeris gets up. Now go upstairs and to bed. When you wake up, you have to sneak past Aeris’ room. Do not run or she will catch you. Before leaving the room, grab the potion and pheonix down by the door. Once downstairs, leave and head back to where you saw the people blocking an entrance the other day. Make your way across the rubble to enter the next area that just so happens to be a playground. Now you have another chance to alter your relationship points.

See Aeris home = no change
Go on to Sector 7 = plus points for Aeris

Is that Tifa?

What you can do in this sector is probably one of the funniest things you can have a character do in any game. But, before I ruin it, let's get on with a few things.

Follow Aeris to the slums of sector 6. Go down and to the right to the next area. This is the Honey Bee Inn. Talk to the guy with white hair near the entrance, and ask about Tifa. Now walk up past all the other shops until you reach the very end and go into the last tent. This belongs to Don Corneo, and he is apparently looking for a bride. They won’t let Cloud in because he’s a guy, so you need a disguise. So let’s get one!

Go back to the area where you had something to eat. At the entrance to this area (coming from Corneo’s) will be the dress shop. Here you learn that the dressmaker is in a slump and getting drunk at the bar. Head back up into the next area and into the bar. Once you talk to the guy, he will ask what you want.

Silk dress: “soft” and “shimmers” (best dress)
Cotton Dress: “clean” and “shiny/shimmers”
Satin Dress: “soft” and “shiny”

Return to the dress shop and talk to the guy behind the counter to try on the dress. Cloud still appears to be too manly, so you now have to get a wig.

Now go to the building across from the bar. This is the gym and where you will be getting your wig. You will have to do squats to get it. Practice your little tushy off, and then compete for the wig. You have to press square, x, and circle with good timing. If you mess up, Cloud will scratch his head and you have to start over.

Win = Blonde wig (best)
Tie = Dyed wig
Lose = Wig

Note: This is all you need to get in to see Don Corneo. If you do, he will pick either Tifa or Aeris. It is possible to get him to pick Cloud. If you want to do this, continue reading. If not, skip ahead to Don Conrneo’s mansion.

Go back to the bar, and look for the guy doing the “pee pee” dance. Talk to him and then the person in the bathroom. It seems they are having a bit of trouble. Let’s help.

Now to the dress shop is a restaurant with a guy in blue outside. Talk to him and find out that they are giving away Pharmacy Coupons. Go inside and order something for 70 gil (all dishes are the same price) and tell him it’s pretty good. You can sit down again and tell him his food is worse than dog food, but you have to pay 70 gil every time. Once you have your pass, go to the shop with the little pill on the ground before it. This is the Pharmacy. You can choose three different types of medicine:

Disinfectant = Cologne
Deodorant = Flower Cologne
Digestive = Sexy Cologne (best)

Give the item you chose to the person in the bathroom, and depending on what you gave her you will either receive the sexy cologne, flower cologne, or just regular cologne.

Up and to the right of the restaurant is a store where the clerk is laying on the counter. He will ask to talk to Cloud “man to man”. Say yes and he will ask you to get something from the vending machine at the inn for him. How much you spend decides the quality of the item he gives you. Again, the item you receive from the store clerk depends on the type of item you get. You can spend 50, 100, or 200 gil on the item.

200 = Diamond Tiara
100 = Ruby Tiara
50 = Glass Tiara

Don’t forget to bring the item back to the store owner. I think in the Japanese version, the machine actually sells condoms, but this is America, so...

Now you need underwear. Talk to the man wandering around in the bottom right of the screen, and he gives you a pass to the Honey Bee Inn.

&$#% Room = Lingerie
Group Room = Bikini Briefs

Now go into the top room and the girls will do Cloud’s make up. You’re ready! Go to the dress shop and change.

Don Corneo

Items in this area

pheonix Down

Talk to the guy by the door and he lets you inside. In the next room, a man tells you to wait. Screw him, we’re looking for Tifa! Once you have control again, go up the stairs and then down into the basement. After Aeris and Tifa talk, go between them and grab the ether. Now talk to Tifa. Eventually, the guy that was behind the desk will call you up to meet the Don. He will inspect the three girls and depending on the items you got, will make his choice. If he chooses Cloud, you will not be able to get the Pheonix Down (in the room Cloud is taken to if he isn’t chosen). If he does not choose Cloud, you may not be able to get the hyper (behind the bed in the Don’s room).

If Cloud is not chosen, he will eventually reveal that he is a guy and have to fight the men in the room. They are not hard, so don’t worry. This area has lots of variations on relationship values, so here are the ones I found:

If Tifa is chosen:
Are you alright? = points for Aeris
We gotta help Tifa! = lose points for Aeris

If Aeris is chosen:
You all right? = lose points for Tifa
We gotta help Aeris = plus points for Tifa
Weird, but true. I am absolutely sure this is how it works.

If Cloud is chosen:
Yes, his name’s Barret = plus points for Barret.
No other choice here matters, even if you make Cloud almost kiss the Don!

No matter what choice the Don made, eventually the group will wind up in his room. Once he tells you all he knows, he will ask you a question. It doesn’t matter what you answer as the outcome will still be you falling down the trap door and into the sewer.

Through the sewers, train yard and to Sector 7

Items in this area

Potion (4)
Steal materia
Hi Potion (3)
Echo Screen

After a brief cut scene, you are back in the sewer with Cloud, Tifa and Aeris. Depending on who you talk to first boosts that girl’s relationship points with Cloud. Once you regroup, you are attacked by a boss.

Boss: Aps
HP: 1,800
MP: 0
EXP: 240
AP: 22
Gil: 0
Attacks: Sewer, Tsunami Tail, Lick (causes sadness)

Make sure you have someone equipped with the restore materia, or have some potions. Aps’ Tsunami attack will hit all your characters, and you may have to scramble to heal them. Fire works well against him, so keep that in mind. One thing in your favor is that his Tsunami attack also hurts him. Not to bright, is he?

After beating Aps, head up the stairs to get a potion. Now go back down and up the ladder near where Aeris was when you fell into the sewer. Follow the path and then go down the ladder, and up the stairs on the other side. Don’t miss the steal materia on the ground. Jump down the hole, then go down and cross the sewer sludge to the other side. Go up the ladder and you’re out of the sewers. Hurray!

In this area you will encounter ghosts. They will disappear for a few seconds after you hit them, and they will receive no damage until they reappear.

Save your game and use a tent if you need it. Now, go up the little ramp and into the train and out the other side. Inspect the trash can for a Hi-potion. Go back to the save point, then up the ladder to the right of it and snag a second Hi-potion. Continue along the train top until you get to a silver beam that Cloud jumps onto. Go down and look in the trash for an Echo-screen. Now go through the cars and grab the potion on your way. When you exit the car on the other side, climb up the silver ladder and then down on the other side. Go through yet another wrecked car and pick up another Potion on your way to the next screen.

Head up past the train on your left, and then down again to find a Potion. (That’s two more than the official guide) Now head over to the left to yet another trash can for an Ether. It’s amazing what people throw away, huh? Now go all the way up to where there are two engines. Hop in the first engine and it will push the car in back of it away. Hop in again to get the engine out of your way. Now take a ride in the second yellow engine and leave it there. Now climb the middle engine and grab a third Hi-potion. Hop onto the engine you just moved and cross to the last engine and climb off. Head to the left and you’re out of the train graveyard. Whew!

Save the plate?

Run past the train station, and a mini scene will start. The old man will sell you items if you need them, and the save point is now inside the fence. When you’re ready, start climbing the stairs of the pillar. As you climb, you will meet Biggs and Jessie. If you talk to them, they will respond depending on how nice/mean you were to them earlier. Keep climbing. I advise saving any limit breaks for as long as possible once you get close to the top. You will need them for the fight with Reno. Once you get to the top, take a moment to heal Cloud and Tifa, then proceed.

Boss: Reno
HP: 25,000
MP: 200
EXP: 5,500
AP: 60
Gil: 1,500

So far, Reno is the toughest boss you will fight. His pyramid attack encases a character in a pyramid, making it impossible for them to attack. You must attack the pyramid for it to go away. His other attack, Electro-mag Rod is pretty powerful, so hopefully you are on a good level and have a decent amount of potions. Reno is weak to Fire and Ice magic, so use this effectively. Once he’s nearly dead, he will take off.

Marlene and Batteries

Items in this area

Turbo Ether
Sensor Materia

Once you have control again, go to the bottom right near the gate and grab the sensor materia. Then go back to Aeris’ house to check up on Marlene. After a long, informative scene with Elmyra, go upstairs and talk to Barret. Marlene will actually talk to Cloud now.

“I don’t know” = lose points for Aeris, gain points for Tifa
“Let’s hope so” = gain points for Aeris, lose points for Tifa

Save outside of Aeris’ house, and go back to the area with the shops. Go to the house where the boy was asleep earlier. If you did not steal his 5 gil, he will give you a Turbo Ether. In this case, not robbing someone blind paid off. Now let’s go to Wall Market (the place where you dealt with Don Corneo). You will need money, so if you don’t have any, take some time to fight battles. There’s not a large area for you to fight in, but you have to make do for now because you need to buy the batteries (they cost 300 gil).

You buy the batteries from the store with all the junk sitting outside of it. Once you have all the batteries you need and have gotten new weapons for everyone (don’t forget to buy for Aeris), head up towards Don Corneo’s and you will see three children run off the screen follow them to a huge wire attached to the wall. Go on and start climbing.

When you get to the next screen, Cloud will begin to run along the wire, then jump across to a pile of rubbish. Go back towards the screen and under the wire you just came up. Now go onto the yellow pipe and insert the first of your batteries into the box. Walk up the pipe to the propeller that just rotated and hop onto it. Go up and then follow the sagging train rails to the next battery box. Now run up the yellow safety bar that just lifted and up a wire next to a swinging pole. Jump on the pole to swing across. If you miss, just climb back up and try again. You won’t fall to your doom. Once you get across, climb the thick black tube to the next screen. Now you will need to go up and to the left following the smaller black tube and then down to the final battery box. You will receive an ether. Go down the tube to the left, jump on the swinging pole, and climb back up. This time when you climb the slim black tube, just continue going up. Now you are on the upper plate.

Shinra Headquarters

Items in this area

Elemental materia
Star Pendant (2)
Four Slot
All materia
pheonix Down
Poison materia
Enemy skill materia
Potion (4)

You have two choices as to how to enter the Shinra building. The front way is more interesting because you have to fight battles. However, you can take the stairs, get an elixir, and still visit the lobby for items, rest, and another Turtle Paradise Flyer. If you are doing the Turtle Paradise Flyer side quest, you just see this flyer one of the two times you are in the Shinra Building. If you don’t, you can’t win the contest. This flyer is in the back of the lobby on the bulletin board.) It’s up to you. Both paths lead to the same place and neither choice affects your relationship points.

Once you get to the 59th floor, you will have to fight three guards. After defeating them, you will get the keycard for the 60th floor. After this point, you can use the elevator anytime you want to go back to the lobby.

On the 60th floor, you have to sneak past the guards. You can use the statues as cover. If you get caught, you must fight the soldiers. If you are really strapped for experience, go on and get caught on purpose, but be warned- after fighting them a certain number of times (three or four I think) they stay dead and your way is clear no matter what. Also, you will need to tell Tifa and Barret when to cross the floor. They can’t see the guards, so it’s up to you to get them across safely. The guards always move in a set pattern, so watch carefully. Patience is the key here. Once you get everyone safely across, go up the stairs to the next floor.

Talk to the person in blue wandering around. When she asks you what you’re doing, choose the second option and you will get the keycard for the next floor.

The 62nd floor is they library/mayor’s floor. Go on and talk to him. He will challenge you to guess his password. If you guess right on the first try, he will give you passcards to the next three floors and an elemental materia. Hart, who is outside the door, will sell you hints, but they get expensive. You can figure out the password for free.

The password itself is random, but it’s easy to figure out. Each room has a numbered set of books. There are four misplaced books. Pay attention to the number on the misplaced book. Match the number of the book to the corresponding letter in the title. Also, read the little plaque outside of the room. It will tell you what kind of books are in the room (Science Research, Military books, etc), and will thus make it easier for you to spot a misplaced book.

Midgar blah blah blah
The letter you would need is “G”

Once you’ve got your four letters, talk to the mayor again and you should be able to match your letters to one of the words listed. If not, you looked at the wrong book, or counted wrong. If this is the case, choose “wait a second” and try again.

The 63rd floor is optional, but you can get some cool items here. It’s tricky, but worth it.

Talk to the computer in the bottom right corner of the screen. It tells you you can only open three doors at a time. You can reset the doors only if you trade in an item coupon. Follow the wall to the right all the way up to the back of the room and a security door. Open it. Move left until two doors block your path. Open the one facing you. Go left and into the room to grab the first item coupon. Now enter the duct and crawl to the middle room where the second coupon is. Leave the room and open the security door to your left to get the third coupon. Once you have all three coupons, climb back into the duct, and go down the hole on the right. Talk to the computer for your items (Star Pendant, Four Slot, and All Materia). Now go back to the stairs and go up.

The 64th floor is a recreational floor. First order of business is to steal everything you can from the locker room you can find a pheonix down, ether, and a megaphone that Cloud won’t take yet. Go rest and save where the beds are. You can even run on the treadmill if you want, but it doesn’t do anything.

On floor 65 there will be a giant map of Midgar. There are pieces missing, and they are in the chests on this floor. The only problem is, only one chest opens at a time and you have to put the piece you just got into the map for the next chest to open.

There are three rooms with chests in them that contain Midgar pieces. Two in the lower left and one in the upper right. Go to the room closest to the circular room and open the chest closest to you. Go into the circle room and put the piece in the slot closest to the door. Now go into other room on the bottom left and open the chest closest to the screen. Take this piece to the spot to the right of the door (circle room). The next chest is in the room next to the circle room, where you got the first piece. Keep putting the pieces in the map in a counter-clockwise patter. The next chest to open will be the one in the room closest to the screen and the last one is in the upper right room. The chest in the stairway will open and give you the card for the next floor.

On the 66th floor some bigwigs in Shinra are having a meeting. You have to listen in to get farther, so let’s go all the way around to the top left room, which is the bathroom. You will get three options:

Climb up?
Get out of here.

You can flush if you feel more comfortable about climbing around in the bathroom with a clean toilet. Climb up into the vent and make your way to above the conference room. After the meeting is over, back out of the duct and head back to the stairs. Hojo is the last to leave, and he also seems to have a bad habit of leaving doors open. This is good since you don’t have a keycard for the next floor. Follow him up the stairs.

On this floor, there’s not much to do but follow Hojo to the left side of the screen. Cloud will take a peek in one of the containment units and then you can proceed to the chest with poison materia in it and save. Now go up in the elevator to the lab area.

After a scene with Hojo, you’ll have to choose who to send Aeris with.

Tifa, I’m counting on you! = lose points for Tifa
Barret, take care of her! = gain points for Barret

Boss: Sample HO512, Sample HO512 opt (3)

This is a fairly simple boss fight. There are three little yellow guys (HO512 opt) in front of the regular HO512. Don’t bother with them too much since HO512 will heal them/bring them back to life if they die. Just concentrate on the guy in the back. Magic works well on him, as do your limit breaks.

You get a Talisman for beating em. You are now asked to choose your party. You get relationship points with whoever you choose to have in your party (unless it’s Red XIII). Once you have your party, grab the enemy skill materia in the cage that held Red and Aeris. Now run down and to the right so you can get on the catwalk and grab the two potions sitting there. Harass Hojo’s lab assistant for a keycard for floor 68. When he runs away, follow him and grab two more potions just after the three beams of light. Now walk down to the 66th floor elevators. Once you get into the elevator, you’re caught!

Now that you’re in jail, you can get some relationship points with your people.


“Leave it to me” = add point to you relationship as many times as you like
“Kinda hard” = lose point as many times as you like

Whoever you think about first: Get points for Aeris or Barret

Whoever you think about second: Get point for Aeris or Barret

Whoever you think about third: No change

When you’re done talking to everyone, get some sleep. When you wake up, the door will be open. Go out and examine the downed guard, then go wake Tifa up. Go out and talk to her again and then free the rest of your party. Leave the cell area and return to where you saw Jenova. From here, you will just need to follow the blood trail. Go up the floors until you reach the President’s office. After the scene, talk to your party and head out the door to meet with Rufus. Once your party splits up again, take Aeris to the elevator and go down.

Boss: Hundred Gunner
HP: 1600
EXP: 330

Since this is a fight between elevators, only Barret can actually hit it with regular attacks. Make sure that Aeris and Red have magic materia so that they can attack as well. This boss has a cannon that takes two rounds to prepare. Keep your HP high and give it all you’ve got. You should be able to take care of this boss before it readies it’s cannon.

Boss: Heli Gunner
HP: 1000
EXP: 250

Another long range fight, this one is very similar to the last. However, the Heli Gunner uses attacks that cause poison and sleep, so be careful.

Boss: Rufus, Dark Nation
HP: 500
EXP: 240

Rufus shows up with a Dark Nation enemy, who casts protective spells on him. Take out the Dark Nation first and it will make your fight that much easier. None of Rufus’ attacks are very damaging, but if he’s got protect on him, hit him with bolt until you have a limit break, then use that. An easy fight.

You get a Protect Vest and a Guard Source!

Chase Mini Game:

Now you have to defend your friends against Shinra’s cyclists. The square button will make Cloud swipe left, the circle will make him attack right. The trick to this game is to try and stay close to the van, no matter where the other guys go. The red cyclists will try to lead you away from the van, so only attack those enemies nearest to the van. Do your best to keep everyone’s HP high, since you have to fight another boss after this.

Boss: Motor Ball
HP: 2500
EXP: 440

The Motor Ball is a challenge, but beatable. It’s two dangerous attacks are Twin Burner and Rolling Fire. Rolling fire is the more damaging of the two, so keep your HP high. Have Cloud cast bolt on it, since this will do more damage than his regular attack. Always use limit breaks when you get them.

You get a Star Pendant for defeating this thing. You must now choose your party for traveling across the fields to Kalm. Depending on who you choose affects your relationship values, so choose carefully. Once you leave Midgar, I suggest you walk around a little so that you get used to the views and enemies. Play around with the camera angles a little and then head on over to Kalm.

Part II