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Keep . : Shades of Silence : . free!


Items in this area

Ether (3)
Guard Source

Once you get to Kalm, go into the Inn and upstairs to hear Cloud’s story.

When you get control again, you can go into Cloud’s house for a brief scene with his mother. It doesn’t have anything to do with the story, but it’s funny to watch him squirm. Now go next door to Tifa’s house. There are a few things you can do here. You can steal her underwear from her room or play the piano. Note: Playing the piano “a little” will give you the tune you later need to get Tifa’s Final Heaven limit break.

Do Re mi Ti La
Do Re Mi So Fa Do Re Do

When you’re done here you can explore the rest of town or go to the Inn. Nothing else is really important.

When you get to the Inn, talk to the man next to the counter before heading upstairs to sleep. Talk to Sephiroth twice so that you can get to bed.

The next morning, you meet up with Tifa and set out to find the reactor. On your way across a bridge, it breaks. Regroup at the bottom – looks like you’re taking the long way around. Follow the path up and to the next area. Now go up and into the cave for another little scene. Move along the right wall until you get to the little mako fountain. After that, Sephiroth, Cloud and Tifa will continue on their own to the mako reactor. Follow Sephiroth inside to see what’s making the reactor malfunction.

After the scene in the reactor, you have the option to rest and save, or just continue. After choosing, the story continues.

Head up to the building with the crowd around it and search for Sephiroth in the basement. To get there, go up the stairs in the lobby and to the right. You will see a soldier standing in the hall. Go into the room and there will be a fake wall leading to a stairwell leading to the basement. Make note of the room you pass before you get to the area with Sephiroth. Vincent is sleeping in there. Speak to Sephiroth and he asks to be alone. Leave the room and he will search through the books in the basement some more.

When you next have control of Cloud, go back to the basement to check on Sephiroth. Leave the house to find that the town is on fire! Check one of the houses and Cloud will come out and shake his head. After that, a rather long scene with Sephiroth will ensue.

After the scene is over, Barret will start to run off. What you say to him affects your relationship with him:

Wait a Sec = no change
Beautiful, just beautiful = plus points
Is that all? = lose points
Right = plus point

Now go out and explore the town. Certain people will prompt answers from Cloud. Your answers will change your relationship values with the people in your party, depending on who they are.

Woman: “Mako is convenient.”
Cloud: “Yeah, maybe.” = lose points for the people in your party
“You’re full of it.” = gain points

Girl: Thinks the old life is better
Cloud: “Yeah, maybe.” = gain points for people in your party
“No way.” = lose points

In the house just under the stairs leading to the upper level of the town, you can find the Peacemaker. This is a weapon for Vincent, so if you don’t plan on getting him in your party, just get it and sell it. In the same house, go into the children’s room and steal the guard source out of the cabinet near the little girl.

In the house next door (with the old man and the dog) go upstairs and steal an ether out of the upstairs cabinet.

In the house next to the Inn, go into the kitchen door (the woman might be standing next to it, so just leave and come back until she moves) and get the ether.

In the house next to the archway, go into the kitchen door for the last ether.

Once you’ve robbed the people of Kalm, stock up on weapons and items. It will be a little bit before you reach another town, so make sure you are ready before you leave.


Items in this area

Choco/Mog materia
Chocobo Lure materia

Let’s head to the Chocobo Ranch. Riding chocobos is optional (though Chocobo Bill and the Official Walkthrough will tell you that it is necessary, it’s not), but you will get your first summon materia here, and if you are going to do the chocobo side quest later on, it will be good to get acquainted with the types of greens available and how to catch them.

Note on Chocobos: I don’t normally use chocobos, but I am not against them. The only thing you need to be aware of is that you will not encounter battles while riding one. Therefore, if you use them a lot, you may not be on a high enough level to beat some bosses or enemies.

Head to the right of Kalm through the valley to get to the chocobo ranch. Once you enter the ranch, talk to the chocobos and choose the first option. They will do a cute little dance and you will receive your first summon materia, Choco/Mog. Go into the stable and talk to Choco Billy. He will give you the Chocobo Lure materia (2000 gil) and explain catching chocobos to you. (You can only run into chocobos if you have the Chocobo Lure equipped)

You now have the option of getting a chocobo and crossing the marsh, or attempting to fight the Midgar Zolom. The Zolom is hard, but not impossible to beat. It is entirely up to you whether or not you want to fight it.

Boss: Midgar Zolom
HP: 4000
EXP: 250
Recommended level: Cloud 16, Tifa 15, Barret 15

This monster is very tough. His attacks will do about 400 points of damage to your party each time he hits you. To avoid his special attack, Beta, on you when his HP get low, have Barret use the Mind Blow limit break on him. This will knock out his MP and he won’t be able to use any special attacks. Spells work well on him. Make sure you have someone that will be there just to heal everyone, because you will need it. Bio also works on this monster. The Zolom will also sometime knock one of your characters out of the battle and there is no way to get them back.

Mythirl Mine

Items in this area

Long Range Materia
Mind Source

There is a useful enemy skill in the mine called Flamethrower. Equip someone with the enemy skill materia and hopefully you’ll learn it before you leave.

As soon as you enter the cave, go up and to the right. Collect the tent and don’t miss the ether on the very edge of the screen. On your way out of the room, climb the vines below the ledge on the left side of the screen and grab the long range materia. You will need this for a boss soon. Go back to the entrance. Now head all the way down and to the right for a mind source. Now head to the left and into the next area. You will have a brief scene in which they tell you their orders. Obviously, they aren’t the smartest people in the world. After the scene, head straight up through the doorway for an elixir and hi-potion. Now return to where the Turks were and climb up the slope and go through the exit they used.

Optional Character: Yuffie
It is possible to get Yuffie now. All you have to do is wander around in the forest until you encounter her in a battle. Defeat her and you will have to talk to her. Be careful! Any choice that causes you to take your eyes off her will make her steal from you and run away. You can encounter her as many times as you like. What you say to her affects her relationship with you.

“All right” = no change
“Not interested” = add points

“Petrified” = add points
“You’re gonna lose again” = no change

“Go ahead” = no change
“Wait a second” = add points

“That’s right” = add points
“You kiddin?” = no change

“What’s your name?” = no change
“Let’s hurry” = add points

If you really want to boost your relationship with Yuffie, this is a good opportunity. You can do this scene with her as many times as you like, just make sure that you say “What’s your name” at the last option so you can fight her again. The pro of getting Yuffie now is that she has long range attacks and will be useful in the upcoming boss battle. Also, there is a chance to boost your relationship with her after leaving the next town.

Fort Condor

If you use the R1 button to look around in this area, you will see a huge tower looking thing. This is Fort Condor. You don’t have the money to do this side quest yet, but you can go there and stock up on items and rest. Also, boost your relationship points a bit talking to an old guy. (You can do this at any point. If you don’t go to Fort Condor now, you can still get the relationship points later.)

When you first talk to the Old Guy:

“I guess so” = gain points for Barret, Tifa, Aeris, Yuffie
“Not interested” = lose points for Barret, Tifa, Aeris, Yuffie

After the guy tells you his problem:

“All right” = gain points for Barret, Tifa, Aeris, Yuffie
“Not interested” = lose points for Barret, Tifa, Aeris, Yuffie


You might have some trouble finding Junon. Follow the shoreline to where you can see a mini cliff. Junon will be hiding behind the mini cliff.

There’s not much to do in Junon’s lower level except replenish your item stock. Once you’re done shopping, head to the beach. You will talk to a little girl for a minute, then she is attacked by a monster.

Boss: Bottom Swell

Bottom Swell should not be that much of a threat to you. If you have a party of Cloud, Yuffie and Barret (with a long range weapon, not the Cannonball) you can use regular attacks. Use your summon, and heal as necessary. The only attack you should watch for is an attack that puts one of your party into a bubble. This is similar to Reno’s pyramid attack, but can only be broken by magic. Be careful, though, because the bubble drains HP off the character it surrounds.

You get a Power Wrist. Now you have to save the little girl by giving her CPR. A strange little diagram will appear on the screen that I suppose is supposed to be Cloud’s lungs. There is a little red marker that tells you how full his lungs are. Press the square button to make Cloud start inhaling. When the marker gets real close to the top, press square again to make Cloud give air to the girl. After a few times of this, she will wake up.

Now go talk to the old lady at the house near the entrance of town. She will let you stay over for free! Isn’t that sweet? Take a rest and in the morning head out to see what all the commotion is about. All your people are standing around the stairway to the little girl's house. Go up and talk to her. She gives you the Shiva summon materia. Thanks little girl! Now you have to get to the city above. The girl helps you out again by telling you not to climb the high voltage tower and use Mr. Dolphin to jump up onto the steel beams.

This might take you a few tries, but the easiest way to do it is to match yourself up with the shadows. In the water you will see a little boat-looking thing. Near the point will be a thick dark shadow. Directly above that shadow is a cross of two smaller shadows. Around this point is the spot that will put you on the metal rod. Climb the tower. When you get to the top, head for the yellow box that looks like a treasure chest and hit it to take the lift down. Go inside the building.

You will be told to change into a Shinra uniform. Go on and change. You will then need to sneak into the parade. Watch the ratings, if they drop below thirty, the tv station will give you a bomb. (It won’t blow you up, you just get a bomb) Here is a ratings chart and the items you get for each rating:

29% or lower = Grenade
30%-39% = Potion (6)
40%-49% = Ether (6)
50% or higher = 5000 gil

Next you will have to do a little swordy dance for the president. Practice this a lot if you need to, he will give you items depending on how good you do. After practicing, follow the other soldiers. Basically, all you need to do is go straight through every screen. Eventually you will come to the docks and perform.

Mood: 0 - 50
Item: Silver Glasses

Mood: 60 - 90
Item: HP Plus Materia

Mood: 100+
Item: Force Stealer (sword)

When you are dismissed, head onto the boat. Don’t want to get left behind!

Junon Barge

Items in this area

All Materia
Wind Slash
Ifrit Materia

First, go between the crates to your left and get the ether. Now go talk to the “sailor” that seems to be seasick. It’s Yuffie.

“Here, use this” = gain points
“Nope” = lose points

Unfortunately, Yuffie is currently blocking your path to the materia. Now talk to the other Shinra soldier. This is Aeris. Talk to her twice (if you don’t, there will be a soldier blocking your path to find Barret)

“I’ll take you someday” = gain points
“I dunno” = lose points

Go upstairs and climb onto the landing with the soldier on it. This is Tifa.

“Yeah...” = gain points
“I don’t know” = lose points

Now you can talk to Red (he’s the soldier with the tail that’s walking funny), save and go find Barret. After talking to Barret a few times, the alarm sounds. Form your party and don’t forget to equip your new summon materia. Go downstairs and grab the all materia before heading through the door. Before you go talk to the shinra soldier in red, go up the ladder and around to the chest for the wind slash. Now go back. Do a last check and make sure you are equipped well and are healed.

Boss: Jenova – Birth
HP: 4000
EXP: 680

Jenova can be a pain in the butt, especially if your levels are low. If you got the Flamethrower ability in the Mythril Mine, you have an added advantage. Use your summons and limit breaks when you can. Keep your HP high, since her Tail Laser attack can cause 200 HP of damage to everyone and sometimes she does it a lot.

You get a White Cape. ... ph33r? When you’ve beaten Jenova, pick up the Ifrit materia and head out. Watch Heideggar rage around for a little while then relax in Costa Del Sol.

Costa del Sol, Mt. Corel, and North Corel

Items in Costa del Sol

Motor Drive
Fire Ring
Power Source

Items on Mt. Corel

Wizard Staff
Star Pendant
W. Machine Gun
Turbo Ether
Transform Materia
pheonix Down (10)
Power Source
Mind Source

In Costa Del Sol, there are two types of materia you can buy that you don’t have: Revive and Seal (casts sleep and silence), so if you’re interested, get them.

In the first house you can go into, go into the basement. Grab the fire ring from the treasure chest, and the power source and motor drive from off the floor. It is possible to buy this house, though it costs 300,000 gil. The only thing that happens if you do buy it is that you can sleep here for free. After this, go stock up on some softs at the store, and go talk to your party. It doesn’t seem to matter what you say to them in this area, so say what you like. Be sure to stay at the Inn before leaving town.

Head west from Costa del Sol to reach Mt. Corel. You’ll go past a Mako Reactor, but there’s nothing to do here at the moment. Just pass by to the next area. Be careful on Mt. Corel – you will encounter Bombs here, and they are notorious for blowing themselves up at your characters if you don’t kill them in a certain number of turns (about three).

After the reactor, you will be walking on some train tracks. You will occasionally step on a rotted section, and they will break causing you to fall. When this happens, press the direction (either left or right) and the O button as fast as you can. You can get the Wizard Staff on the left and a star pendant on the right. You can only get these items once, but you can fall up to three times. At the first fork in the tracks, head up and get the W Machine Gun. Go back and take the low road. At the next cross, go up to the left and get the Turbo Ether and Transform materia. Continue to the right and you will find that the drawbridge is up. You have to return to the tracks (if you took the low road) and go across. This leads to a dead end but you find the bridge controls over here. After you’ve put the bridge down, walk a little farther along the tracks you are on until you hear birds chirping. Press X to climb the side of the mountain and you will find some cute baby birds. You have the option to take the treasure or leave it. If you take it, you have to fight a cockatolis. Not a boss, just a regular monster. This doesn’t affect your relationship with anyone and you get ten pheonix downs. Once you’re done here, head back and cross the bridge. Shortly after crossing the bridge, you will come to another fork in the tracks. Head left and down into a little cave. There will be a tent in the box and a mind source and a power source sitting on the floor. Go back and continue along the tracks. After closing a large, shaky suspension bridge, you will be in North Corel.

North Corel is Barret’s home town, though the people here don’t seem to like him much. Stay at the Inn, buy whatever supplies you need and head to the Gold Saucer. Note: Make sure you have at least 3100 gil before you enter the Gold Saucer. If you don’t have this much, you will not be able to get inside.

The Gold Saucer and Prison

The Gold Saucer is a giant arcade. There are plenty of fun games to entertain you here, and for the gambler in you, you can bet on chocobo races. In the lobby of the Gold Saucer, you will see a save point. It costs 5 gp (game points) to save. It also costs five gp to stay at the Inn. Buy your day pass (unless you have the 30,000 for a lifetime pass) and head inside. You will have to choose someone to explore the Saucer with. Who you choose affects your relationship points positively if it's one of the girls (the others don't do anything).

Here is a list of the different sections of the Gold Saucer and what you can find there:

Chocobo Square: This is where all the chocobo racing is going on. It’s fun to do and sometimes you can get cool items if you choose the winning combo. You can get gp here.

Event Square: This is where the plays take place, or would if the actors were performing right now. Not much to do here at this time.

Round Square: I believe this is where you can take a gondola ride. It’s a cool little date type thing to do, even though it doesn’t affect your relationship with who you take at all.

Speed Square: A nifty little interactive rollercoaster ride. It costs gp to play, though, so you have to get some of that first.

Battle Square: This is the battle arena. DO NOT go here until you are done playing in the Gold Saucer. You will not be able to return to the Saucer for a little while, so have your fun now.

Ghost Square: This is the Inn. There is a Turtle’s Paradise poster inside the lobby and it costs 5 gp to stay here.

Wonder Square: You get Cait Sith as soon as you enter this square. Once the scene with him ends, go on to the arcade and play the Mog game. You can get 30 gp for doing well!

Mog Game:
Feed him 5 the first time
Feed him 3 the second time

Station Square: Where you came into the Saucer and the Save point is also here (5gp to use)

The Gold Saucer is a great place to just relax and play around. Once you can come here anytime, I suggest coming after you get to the Icicle Inn. You can snowboard to your heart’s content after that.

Battle Square: When you are finished playing, head here. It seems someone is having a bad day and shooting people. Investigate the scene, and Dio, owner of the Gold Saucer, will ask you if you did it. Cait Sith will run off, causing you to get thrown into prison! Thanks a lot, Cait!

Desert Prison (Corel Prison)

Once you get to the Prison, follow Barret (don’t worry about the guy following you) to the house and talk to him. You will be asked to form a party.

Who you chose:

Aeris = lots of points
Tifa = gain points
Yuffie = gain points
Red XIII = --

Even though you can change your party around as much as you want, you only get points for the first choice. I suggest taking Yuffie with you to boost her levels. If you don’t want to gain points for Yuffie, take someone else and then change to her. You will need to boost her levels if you want to get the Leviathan materia.

In this area, there isn’t much to do except say “hi” to Mr. Coats and go shopping at the bar. After you are stocked up, save and go after Dyne. Go back to where you first saw Barret and head through the gate to the desert. You will see a guy walking in the desert, so go through the gap in the fence and follow him. You have a choice: wander the desert or go straight to Dyne. If you want to wander the desert, go ahead. Just make sure you have a good stock of items. If you are tired or lost, look for a chocobo wagon and it will take you back to the town. To go directly to Dyne and not gain any levels, just follow the rift in the ground to the pile of junk. You are close to Dyne. Head north to find him.

Boss: Dyne
HP: 1200
MP: 20
EXP: 600
AP: 55
Gil: 750
Attacks: Needle Gun, S-Bomb, Molotov Cocktail

Dyne can hit you pretty hard, but if you have Barret’s Grenade Bomb limit break, you can do some serious damage to him. Dyne will use the attack Molotov Cocktail when his HP gets real low, so watch your own HP.

You get a Silver Armlet for defeating him. Cheese? After beating Dyne, you are taken back to see Mr. Coats. You enter in the chocobo race while your manager Ester talks to Dyne about the mix-up. Before the race starts, pick up the Ramuh materia on the floor. Winning the race is simple. Hold the R1 and R2 buttons the whole time (this replenishes your chocobo’s stamina) and press the circle button as much as possible without totally depleting your stamina. You should easily outdistance the other chocobos and win in no time.

Gongaga and Cosmo Canyon

Items in this area

Titan Materia
Deathblow Materia
White M Phone

Gongaga is a town that is partially destroyed by a Mako Reactor explosion. You have to cross the shallow water go get here. You can go to this town at any time really, but let’s do it now since we can steal from these people. When you enter the area, you will encounter Reno and Rude, who are talking about something silly.

Boss: Reno and Rude
HP: 2,000
EXP: Reno: 660, Rude: 720
AP: Reno: 60, Rude: 70
Gil: Reno: 1,500, Rude: 2,000
Attacks: Reno: Slap, Turk Light, Electropod; Rude: Punch, Fire, Cure

These guys are easy. Take out Rude first since he will heal himself and Reno. Take out Reno at your leisure.

You get an X-Potion and Fairy Tale. When that’s over, take the first right and go to the Mako Reactor. Scarlet will show up and reveal Shinra’s plans and then leave. Take the Titan materia from the reactor and head back to the first crossroads. Now head up to the next screen and make sure you get the Deathblow materia sitting in the road before taking a right again into Gongaga village. There’s shopping you can do here, and you can also change your relationship points with Tifa and Aeris. Go into the house directly across from the Item Shop and talk to the people there (make sure you have either Tifa or Aeris or both in your party). When the girls leave, choose accordingly:

Ignore Aeris = lose points
Talk to Aeris
Poor guy = gain point
(... Jealous... envious...) = gain points
Ignore Tifa = lose points
Talk to Tifa = gain points no matter what you say to her

After this, go to the house on the northeast side of town. Inside will be a chest with a White M Phone inside. Go next door to the Inn and take the X-potion. Stay if you like, hop back in your buggy and head for Cosmo Canyon.

Note: You can get Yuffie now if you haven’t already.

Cross the ford southwest of Gongaga and travel through the mountain path until your buggy breaks down. You are now right outside of Cosmo Canyon. Once inside, you learn Red XIII’s real name. Calling him by his real name does not affect what they say when you get here. Check out the materia shop. When you are done shopping, head up the stairs directly across from the entrance and follow Red up to see his grandpa. Don’t miss the Turtle’s Paradise poster tacked onto the post next to the weapon’s shop. Buy some weapons for your people and head up the stairs. Go in every room before you go up and you will find Barret. Talk to him as much or little as you like, it doesn’t affect your relationship.

When you finally get to the top, go inside the house and talk with Bugenhagen and Red. Nifty little contraption he’s go there. He agrees to show it to you, but you have to find two other people to take with you. It doesn’t matter which two, and you can’t take Red. He’s already seen it and is willing to let someone else have a try. Isn’t that sweet?

Once you’ve got your two people, go back up and see Bugenhagen. You will get a far more pressing reason to stop Shinra. Now go back down to the big fire in the center of town and talk to everyone, then Red. Bugenhagen will ask Cloud and one more person to go with him. Take whoever you like, but make sure you are well equipped. If it’s someone you don’t normally use, or you don’t usually use Red, stop by the armor shop and get him something. Now go to the room where the little boy was jumping up and down by the barrel. Bugenhagen will be there to open the door.

Gi Cave

Items in this area

Added Effect Materia
Black M Phone
Fairy Ring
Turbo Ether
Gravity Materia

After going down ladders and ropes for a ways, you get to the actual cave floor. Inside the first room of the cave there will be what look like cave entrances. Once you go inside, you will walk into a rock and have the option to break it open or leave it. Opening the wrong one will cause you to fight an enemy. They aren’t hard, but like most monsters in this cave, they can cast death sentence. The one you want to open is in the third cave you encounter (in the upper left). Go into the next area. You will see oil slicks on the ground. Don’t run on them or you will slide into a wall of spikes. Take your time and walk over them. Go all the way to the left and back down into the first area to get the added effect materia. Now go back to the room with the oil slicks and go over the slick, to the right and up. Go down the stairs and north for an ether. Go back to the stairs and down for a black m phone. Go back up the stairs and up to the left.

In the next room there are five caves. From left to right I’ve numbered them 1-5.

Cave -> Connected to

1 -> 5

2 -> fight stinger

3 ---

4 -> fight stinger

5 -> 1

First, go through the 4th cave and fight the stinger, then continue on to get the x-potion. Head back through and then to the 2nd cave. Fight the stinger. Now go to the left and down into the cave. Go to the right and get the fairy ring. Go back to the area where the stinger was and head towards the next spider web. Beat the stinger and go to the left and down to get the turbo ether. Continue on to the next area.

Caution: Take a moment to heal your party, HP and MP alike. You’re about to fight a boss.

Boss: Gi Nattak, Soul Fires
HP: Gi Nattak: 5,500, Soul Fires: 1,300
MP: Gi Nattak: 200, Soul Fires: 220
EXP: Gi Nattak: 1,400, Soul Fires: 200
AP: Gi Nattak: 150, Soul Fires: 80
Gil: Gi Nattak: 3,000, Soul Fires: 100
Attacks: Gi Nattak: Take Over, Apsil, Hit; Soul Fires: Fire 2

Since the Soul Fires will most likely spend much of their time possessing you, don’t worry about killing them. Just attack Gi Nattak with Ice 2 and Shiva. Keep an eye on your HP. None of his attacks are very powerful, but having Soul Fires cast Fire 2 on you is not healthy. It will build up your limit breaks quicker, though so that’s good. At this point I have Climhazzard for Cloud, but it’s not necessary. I once didn’t get that limit break until much later in the game.

After beating Gi Nattak, pick up the gravity materia and go through the final doorway. Leave Red and his grandpa, and you will have to form your party again. I suggest taking Yuffie once again just to build her up some more. When you leave Cosmo Canyon, hop into your buggy and go southwest, then north to reach Neibelheim.

Nibelheim and its Mountain

Items in this area

Luck Source
Turbo Ether
Platinum Fist

Go to Tifa’s house first. Talk to the shadow guy in the kitchen for a turbo ether and then the shadow in the master bedroom for the platinum fist. Now, go into Tifa’s room. Remember that tune you played in Kalm during the flashback? Play it again for Tifa’s Final Heaven.

Now, go to the item shop and talk to the shadow by the forge. He will give you an elixir. After talking to the other guy in here, go to the Inn and talk to the shadow in the kitchen for a luck source.

Shinra Mansion, the Return

Items in this area

Silver M-phone
Enemy Launcher
Twin Viper
Odin Materia
Cosmo Memory

You can get Vincent now, or anytime in the future. Go directly to the left after entering the mansion and read the letter (just hit X near the wall on the left and you’ll find it) and then read more. Now go straight back and to the right. In the north room you get the twin viper. Go back to the lobby and into the door next to the stairs and get the silver m-phone in the room. Now go up the stairs and to the left. Get the enemy launcher from the chest and examine it again. (This is the chest with the most oxygen) and it will give you the first number. Now go to the first floor and to the right and find the piano. (The Ivory’s short of tea and ray) Search the floor near it for the second number. Now go upstairs yet again and go to the room with the false wall and inspect the floor in front of the chair. Now go left five steps, up nine, left two and up six steps. Inspect the floor again for the third number. Go into the room with the chest and get the twin viper. The fourth is in the letter, just move to the space where it would be on the hints page.

After getting all the numbers, you should have this code: Right 36, left 10, right 59, RIGHT 97

The safe is on the second floor, above the round room. You have twenty seconds to put the code in right, and you can’t go past any of the numbers. Meaning, if you get to 37, you lose. You must press the “accept” button (whether it be circle, x, or whatever) when you get to the numbers. With the safe open, you are attacked.

Boss: Lost Number
HP: 7,000
MP: 300
EXP: 2,000
AP: 80
Gil: 2,000
Attacks: Bolt 2, Fire 2, Quake 2

Simple. Use the Choco/Mog summon, and he should get paralyzed. Use your other summons and attacks until he starts moving again. If you used primarily physical attacks, eventually the red (magic) side will die leaving the blue/purple (physical attack) side. The physical attacks are kind of powerful, so be careful.

You get Cosmo Memory. When he dies, pick up the Odin materia and don’t forget to inspect the safe again for the basement key. Now go down to the basement. In the second area, there is a door (but you have the key). Inside is Vincent. Talk to him twice. Now go into the library for a brief scene. When it’s over, pick up the destruct materia and leave. On your way out, Vincent will join you. Huzzah!

Now that that’s over, go rest in the Inn and stock up on whatever items you need. We’re going to Mt. Nibel.

Mt. Nibel

Items in this area

Rune Blade
Plus Barrette
Counter Attack Materia
Elemental Materia
Sniper CR
All Materia

Follow the path until you get past the second little curve in the road. You will see what looks a little like a path going up. Go up it and get the rune blade. Go back to the main path. Just before the bridge, you will see a path diverging from the road. Follow it up to the plus barrette and then go back and cross the bridge. Once inside, you will see a lineup of five pipes. The pipe closest to you will take you to the ground near the scorpion looking thing. The second one will take you to the powersoul. The middle one will take you to the second level. The fourth will take you to a chest with an all materia and the fifth one also takes you to the second level. After you’ve gotten the items, go save your game and talk to the monster.

Boss: Materia Keeper
HP: 8,400
MP: 300
EXP: 3,000
AP: 200
Gil: 2,400
Attacks: Big Horn, Hell Combo, Trine

The Materia Keeper’s Trine attack is pretty powerful – doing 500 points of damage to each character. (You can learn this enemy skill) So hopefully you have a good amount of HP. Fire heals him, so if Vincent is in your party, don’t let him use his limit break. The Beast Flare attack will heal the monster. Bolt 2 and Ice 2 work well, as do, again, your summons. You may have a little trouble keeping your HP high, but if you have someone designated as your healer, you should be fine.

You get a Jem Ring. When the Materia Keeper is dust, pick up the counter attack materia it drops. Now go down between the two glowing rocks and you will come out on a ledge. Jump down and go into the cave. Go up the right wall and then into the cave near the doorway. Go down to get an elixir. Go into the next room and pick up the elemental materia by the Mako fountain. In the next room, go to the right, up and left to get the sniper cr from the chest. Now go out the door and then to the left. You will see the Mako Reactor, but there’s nothing to do here. Go through the door behind it and to the right. Now run past where the Materia Keeper was and off the mountain.


Part I