there are two versions of this walkthrough. One made by me (KC, the webmaster), and the other made by my sister Steff

Final Fantasy VII

By 2000, Squaresoft (Square Enix, Ltd.) had already become well-known for making great video games, such as Chrono Trigger and the rest of the Final Fantasy games. This time around, they were gonna try something new: "Screw itty bitty sprites of DOOM, we're going POLYGONIC! Also... SCREW SNES! GYAHAHAHAHAHA!" ... sure, that's muchly paraphrazed, but you get the idea. Enter Final Fantasy VII and its funky-looking characters (Cloud: ... I LOOK LIKE A BALLOON ANIMAL!!). Most people say this is the best Final Fantasy game ever (even though to date there are 12 Final Fantasy games (also none of which I've played... ^>__>^;; )), but I have yet to confirm this. From what I have seen, it's pretty good. So... go play the game already!

[Walkthrough Version Steff 1.0]
(up to Mt. Nibel)
[Walkthrough Version KC 1.0]
(Coming Soon-ish)

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